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Published by: DoxCak3 on Jan 01, 2012
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a. Commanders, staffs, and Soldiers must be educated to understand cyberspace and
CyberOps. Doctrine will provide the intellectual foundation to prepare leaders for how to think
CyberOps in the context of the future OE. Leader development and education will provide
leaders with the understanding of how to integrate CyberOps into FSO.

b. Leader development questions include, but are not limited to, the following.

(1) How does the Army develop adaptive leaders that understand cyberspace and
CyberOps; know how to integrate and employ CyberOps as part of FSO; and are able to
recognize and adapt advance technologies into operational advantage?

(2) How do we provide collaborative, distributed training aids that support commanders,
as well as staffs during planning, preparation, rehearsal, and execution of cyberspace exercises
and integration?

(3) How can CyberOps be incorporated into training exercises and leader development to
develop CyberOps planning and operations?

(4) How does the Army best educate leaders and Soldiers to understand the complex and

ever-changing future OE?

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