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Harvest Moon Sprites

Harvest Moon Sprites

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Published by: Carl Johnave Manigbas Monzon on Jan 01, 2012
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How to Restore the Rainbows (with Rainbow Recipes

The Harvest Sprites are sleeping beneath their special trees. To wake them, water their flowers with your watering can. Each Sprite will ask you to collect five items to be used to restore their rainbow. Some of the items can only be obtained at certain times of year, so it's best to plan ahead.

Daren, The Green Harvest Sprite

Daren's tree is the large tree off the edge of the town square. Water the flower to wake him, and he'll give you the following recipe:

Apple Carp Grilled Yam Common Seashell Good Herb Fish

The apple you Carp is Grilled Find Good Herb

can a



Simon common



Spring river


Market. catch.

yam can







Spring beach


Market. combing.

the Common Fish is made using the

Seashell by oven, a green






After you talk to him with all of these in your backpack, there will be several changes involving the Island. A rainbow bridge will appear allowing you to visit another island. The captain who brought you to the island can now take you to another nearby island. New people will start moving into town.

Colin, The Yellow Harvest Sprite

Keep all weeds cleared away and use fertilizer for better chances of higher quality. He will give you the following recipe: . Wake him by watering the flower. Water the flower to wake him and he'll give you this recipe: Saury Banana Perfect Spinach Red Wool Yarn Blue Wonderful Saury is a fall/winter ocean fish. Alternatively. Bananas can be found by foraging on Toucan Island. His Rainbow Bridge connects West Gull Island with East Gull Island. The Blue Harvest Sprite Ben's sleeping under the large tree by Maple Lake. you can buy a wool yarn at the Animal Festival and dye it yourself or buy a red wool yarn from Blue Simon Wonderfuls can at the mined from Spring blue or crystal Summer rocks in Flea Ganache Market. mine. and they will gift you with one. Perfect Spinach can be grown in the fall. or purchased from Samson at Toucan Island's Inn. Ben. Red Wool Yarn can be dyed using the dye pot and a red herb. An alternate way to get one is to befriend any of the game's cats to 4 friendship.Colin's sleeping under the large tree on West Gull Island. You can process your own from wool from your sheep.

then light the firewood stack. using matches you buy from the general store. or around town. talk to Colin (finish his rainbow if you haven't). the fields at Brownie Ranch. Green Herbs can be foraged in Praline Forest. Now you can use his bridge. using egg and butter. but you won't be able to use the bridge until you recover his lost badge. walk up to it for a cutscene.Char Green Herb Plain Omelet Good Tomato Grilled Eggplant Char is a common fish caught in the pool at Caramel Falls. Gelato. Ben's Rainbow Bridge goes to a meadow below Mt. Go beach comb on East Gull Island. or bought at the fall Harvest Festival. you can either grow it or buy one from Souffle Farm. When you see a shining spot. then talk to Ben again. A Good Tomato can be grown in summer. To find Ben's badge. Alan. Water the flower to wake him. Ben will remember he lost it in the river. Take the badge back to Ben. Plain Omelet can be bought from Simon at the Spring and Summer Flea Markets. Eggplant is a fall crop. Butter can be made milk in a butter maker or bought at Brownie Ranch. Grilled Eggplant can be grilled on the beach. The Red Harvest Sprite Alan's tree is on the hill at Brownie Ranch. You can make your own with the frying pan. and he'll give you the following recipe: .

using the oven. It can also be purchased from Maya at the Spring and Summer Flea Markets. Gelato. or from Craig at the Fall Harvest Festival. Edge. milk. Ostonnaise is made by putting an ostrich egg in the mayonnaise maker. Water the flower to wake him.Toadstool Wood Fish Carrot Cake Ostonnaise Green Bell Flower Toadstools can be picked up in Ganache mine. You can also get the seeds from Taylor. Green Bell Flowers can be grown in winter using seeds bought from Sampson at Toucan Island's Inn. Alan's Rainbow Bridge connects to the top of Mt. The Purple Harvest Sprite Edge's tree is on Mt. Gelato. and he'll give you the following recipe: Tuna Red Honey Lapis Lazuli Snowflake Flower Perfect Honeydew . if he's on the Island. Wood Fish is a rare night catch from the Goddess Spring. and carrot. requiring skill 3 and a gold pole. Carrot Cake can be made with breadfruit. egg. or it can be purchased from Elli at the Fall and Winter Flea Markets. butter.

Tuna is a rare fish you can catch in the ocean in spring. or winter. Snowflake Flower can be grown in winter or bought from Candace at the Spring or Summer Flea Markets. Perfect Honeydew can be grown in summer. fall. Talk to Edge again . or purchased from Souffle Farm. or appraised from a blue wonderful with one shine from Ganache Mine. Lapis Lazuli can be found in the present behind Mayor Hamilton's house. Red Honey has a chance to be harvested if bees appear over any red flower you grow. but it dead ends. Edge's Rainbow opens the top of the Goddess Tree. with a silver or gold pole.

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