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Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training

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Published by: genom2007 on Jan 01, 2012
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Progressive overloadrefersto the fact that strength, endurance, and size of a muscle

will increase only when stimulated at workloads above those normally experienced
by the muscle tissue. In other words, you need to change your routine every four to
eight weeks to continue to challenge your muscles to improve. Your body will adapt
to the stress of a strength training program over the course of several weeks. You will
know when your body has adapted because the exercises will become “easy” to com-
plete. When you realize that the exercises are no longer challenging, you need to



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either aim for more repetitions within a set of a specific exercise, or increase the
weight and attempt to complete the same number of repetitions. Without progres-
sively overloading your muscles, you will not improve and you will be wasting your
time in the gym. You do not need to wait until the four to eight week mark before
changing the number of repetitions or sets for a specific exercise—do that whenever
an exercise becomes “easy.” When you do reach four to eight weeks, change your
program to incorporate 8 to 10 new exercises, aswell as potentially a different
number of sets and repetitions.

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