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Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training

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NIFS conducts an annual half-marathon training program for walkers and runners
in central Indiana. The NIFS program, in its 15th year, has been developed by exer-
cise physiologists, fitness specialists, and registered dietitians to help participants
maximize their safety, performance, and enjoyment of training for a half-marathon.
The program runs January through May to help locals prepare for the 500 Festival
Mini Marathon, which is the largest half-marathon in the nation. Five hundred to
six hundred people join the NIFS half-marathon training program every year.
Participants successfully complete the 13.1 mile journey from downtown
Indianapolis to the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (the location of the
Indianapolis 500) and back downtown.



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With the educational background of the NIFS staff, the knowledge and experience of
how to empower people to achieve their health and fitness goals, and the successful
history of helping walkers and runners train for and complete 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-
marathons, you are in good hands!


“I wanted tothank you for all your help and encouragement…I cut 10 minutes off my time

from last year and I know I couldn’t have done it without your help!”–Tim

“My experience can be summed up in one word—Professionalism, with a capital P. From

the staff leaders to the volunteers, and your state-of-the-art facility at NIFS. Thanks for your

great program!”–Brian

“We have participated in other training programs in the past and in my opinion the NIFS

program beats theirs hands down.”–Jennifer

“This was the first time I completed training for a half-marathon injury-free and the first

time I reached my goal to break two hours hours for the race. It’s great to be reaching my

40th birthday having done somethingphysical I couldn’t do at my 30th.”–Eric

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