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Idea Virus Read and Share

Idea Virus Read and Share

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Published by Henry Moline

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Published by: Henry Moline on Jan 01, 2012
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Turns out there’s been a battle going on for a few years—the battle to make the hottest hot

sauce in the world.

At the beginning, you made a hot sauce by using peppers. Hotter peppers made hotter sauce.

And a sauce made from Scotch Bonnet Peppers (the hottest peppers on Earth) was the

hottest sauce on Earth.

Then, some nutty scientist figured out how to extract just the essence of hotness from Scotch

Bonnet Pepper puree. By using gas chromotagraphy or some other evil technology, he was

able to create a sauce more than 1,000,000 times spicier than your basic pepper.

Why does this matter? Because being the hottest hot sauce ever made is like being the Mona

Lisa. Because if I’ve managed to eat chili with the hottest hot sauce ever made in it, I’m

going to tell my friends. I’m going to spread your hot-sauce virus. If it’s the second or third

hottest, who cares?

There’s always room in any list for the world record holder. The greatest basketball player

who ever lived, or the nastiest restaurant owner, or the fastest computer. It’s noteworthy. It’s

news. It’s worth sharing.

My dad’s hospital crib company dominates the market, making most of the cribs that are

used in hospitals around the world. Their standard models cost $700 to $2,000 each, and

they last forever. How to grow the business? How to get more attention and more sales?

His engineers found a leading hospital, and together they designed the best (and the most

expensive) hospital crib in the world. With all the options, it costs about $7,000. Yet it’s

selling like crazy, from the Philippines to Tuscon. Why? Because it’s worth talking about.

Because it embodies an idea, and it’s an idea worth sharing.

Google.com has plenty of traffic, yet they’ve never spent a nickel on advertising. How?

Because it’s the fastest and most complete search engine ever built. Electronically amplified

Unleashing the Ideavirus



voices—from nerds to magazines—are happy to trumpet the idea that there is a faster, better

way to search than using the tried and true favorites.

As you think about a corporate virus or a personal one, consider: What you are the best or

the most at? How can you refine and amplify those traits to create a Wow! product…a

world’s record holder that is worth mentioning?

And by the way, if you’re not facing a vacuum (and most of us aren’t lucky enough to be in

that position) you’ve got to be ten times better than what’s already there, if you’re going to

start your own virus.

Unleashing the Ideavirus



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