My Spo ok y Neig hb orh oo d

By: The Egypti an Rul ers

It was Halloween Night….

I (Jimmy) was alone trick-ortreating by myself. It was very dark and not many kids were trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. I was thinking about the rumor of how three kids my age, died last year from poisonous candy. I was very scared to trick-or-treat in my spooky neighborhood.

Soon after I went to my first house. They gave me a fruit bar, a broken crayon, and a doll! I went to my second house, rang the doorbell, and an old lady with only one leg, opened the door and gave me a Canadian dollar.

I started

to get scared…

And I didn’t want to go to another house. Suddenly I saw shadow behind me. It was a big and weird shadow. I turned around and saw with my own eyes, a big two headed creature. It stared at me, and I gasped and started to run. I heard the footsteps of the creature running faster behind me. I started to run faster.

I tripped and the creature was coming closer and was trying to grab my arm. I started crawling. He caught up to me, grabbed my leg. I turned back and……


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