Haunted Bathroom

Gr oup Name : P ur ple Chowder

Best friends, Sam and Trish, always visited the restroom before, during, after class. One day, after their last class, as usual , they went to the restroom

Sam went inside the cubicle nearest to the window Trish on the other hand was combing her hair in front of the mirror. She was with two other girls whom she couldn’t remember seeing in school

After a while, the two girls prepared to leave. Surprisingly, instead of walking towards the door, they passed through the wall and disappeared from view.

Trish, horrified from what she saw, screamed and ran out of the restroom. Forgetting that her friend was still inside.

Months passed and Trish never saw Sam again after the incident. Trish thought that maybe Sam was furious at her for leaving her alone that day in the restroom and decided to avoid Trish.

Meanwhile, Trish had been evading that particular restroom since that spooky incident. One day, Trish decided to give it a visit.

Although she was alone, everything seemed normal and she didn’t see the girls who went through the wall. However, as she was about to leave, she saw Sam coming out of the same cubicle she was in when Trish had a spooky encounter with the two girls.

Sam came out of the cubicle as if nothing happened. She walked near Trish and past the door. Trish couldn’t move.

She stared at her reflection as words began to appear on the mirror. It said: WHY DID U LEAVE ME HERE?!

Sam was reported missing after the incident, and Trish was sent to a hospital, and died that very day!

The End