PREFACE HOW THIS MATERIAL WAS DISCOVERED. In the fall of 1987 I was at wits end as far as my life and my search for the truth of existence. I had spent over $50,000.00 and twenty years of my life studying Scientology and the various take offs of Sylvia Mind control (Mind Dynamics, EST, ect.) I was a Scientology OT7, the highest available Scientology state at that time, and a wretched mess. I was an alcoholic, doper, highly obsessed with sex and money, and afraid to go to sleep at night. I was also wrapped up in the arrogance of my OTness. In fact I wasn’t even a “well and happy human”, let alone some kind of a super being. I had been rich, Ferrari rich, but that didn’t bring any real satisfaction, only further arrogance. I saw no happiness in my future, only continued despair. It was at that point I promised myself I would do anything to get free. Go live in the woods with a hundred pounds of rice, sacrifice my body in any way necessary, do or be anything that need be. I was dead serious. As a friend of mine said, “As serious as a heart attack”. I surrendered. It was just after my surrender that things started to click. Much of the effort came off my existence, I started to free flow physically, emotionally and bodily. Previously all had been exhaustive effort. . One of my sanctuaries was, Powells Book Store, in Portland, which I can highly recommend, over one million books in one location. I bought a book on Tibetan Buddhism. In the book was a phrase which mentioned 84,000 plus aspects of life, each one a possible entity. Bingo!! The light went off. I was able to observe that my thoughts were these entities. And, even more amazing, these entities had cloned themselves many times over. I also observed these entities are subservient to us, thus they will come when beckoned, answer any question we might pose and leave, along with their clones, at our command. I latter observed we created these entities. It was the conscious mind. The rest is history. You can now be spiritually pure. Congratulations. The human, in his or her current configuration, is spiritually dead, cannot exercise free will, is totally habitual and is in severe (mostly unknown) pain and- suffering. His or her current condition is total pollution and habitual behavior. There is a way to remove mans pollution and false personalities, and the removal is real simple. All of mans defects can be cleansed from him quite easily. As these false personalities and pollution are removed the naturally pure person, the real you, will emerge. The natural true human, once he or she is cleansed, is pure and spontaneous: . . . . You will be spiritually re-born. You will be naturally spontaneous. You will be a creator of light. You will naturally regain your integrity.

pure joy. You will be able. 1 996 . Alaska Autumn. Michael Mourer Wrangell. to manifest as loving kindness. true compassion and perfect equanimity.. if you wish. I and others pray you have the strength to remove your pollution and once again become your true frisky self.

..............................26 WHAT DREAMS ARE..............................WHY FOLKS HAVE TROUBLE GETTING CLEAN...........................................5 HOW TO RID YOURSELF OF YOUR ANIMAL MIND POLLUTION..................................25 ELIMINATING BOTHERSOME REPETITIVE THOUGHTS HABITS AND HEARTACHES................... AND THE CLEANSING OF THE HUMAN MIND................TABLE OF CONTENTS THIS MANUAL IS MADE UP OF A SERIES OF ESSAYS WHICH EXLAIN THE CREATION................12 THEMATIC MENTATION ..10 THE SPIRITUAL DEATH OF SENTIENT BEINGS ............YOUR HABITUAL LIFE THEME .18 WHY HUMANS AND OTHER SENTIENT BEINGS HAVE NO FREE WILL............................................................HOW THE DEAD ARE GETTING DEADER ..........16 THE FEAR OF PURITY ......... The titles of the essays and their sequence: YOUR CURRENT CONDITION.....WHAT IT IS AND HOW WE CREATED IT ..........................................................................................8 THINGS ALONG THE WAY .............................................3 THE VARIOUS ASPECTS OF YOUR CURRENT POLLUTED CONDITION.......................................................................21 CLEANSING THE HEART INTELLIGENCE..............................................................1 THE CORE CASE ...........27 ...... MAKE UP.................................................................24 FIRE FIGHTS AND ATTACK PROTECTION....14 YOUR CURRENT EMOTIONAL AND THOUGHT STRUCTURE .....

the messenger. You have no free will. Until then there are ways to neutralize the attacks.1 YOUR CURRENT CONDITION We are in a far worse condition than anyone has ever told us about. thus they were unable to separate from it. Simply sit and try to think of nothing. emotions. It is easy for a person to prove to themselves their thoughts are automatic and not of their own spontaneous origination. They are convinced this highly polluted material is the true them. has run many thousands of hours of this core material with excellent results and daily perminate improvement toward spiritual purity. . You are totally habitual and are on automatic. This can be proven to your satisfaction to be i ncorrect. on phobias.These are your normal every day thoughts. (This does not count what I have run off on others with good result. In both tests you will note other thoughts flood in. well rounded and perhaps spiritual folks. talk. conflicts and such. They were unable to conceive of themselves not being this material. think these thought patterns are you. not the true person. The various aspects of your human wretchedness. many with intent to kill. and how they are killing you are also covered later. that is impossible) They all have rejected this core material out of hand. One may think to themselves my using the term wretchedness is a bit strong. This is true for you and every other sentient being who has not done this core material. total habitualness and lack of free will. from all walks of life. Your core condition is that of total and complete wretchedness. many of whom think they are in advanced states of spiritual development. All the attacks have been telepathic. You automatically accept or reject or ignore anything that comes onto your screen. These thoughts are not originated by you. sit and try to silently repeat your name and where you are from for two minutes. They were unaware the material was rejecting the material. . This is covered later. These prior thought patterns fire off in context with your thematic mentition (life theme. Vested interests have attacked me. illnesses. Anything coming into your consciousness activates prior thought patterns.) Two of those only ran off a little bit and then were tricked by the core material to quit One person. incorrectly. (Sorry. Fortunately one eventually becomes immune from attack as one rids oneself of this pollution. This is one of the pitfalls of human existence. However. We try to compare ourselves to other humans and our current ideas of what spiritual existence is all about. myself. particularly when you think of yourself and others you know as nice. Another test is. all of your decisions are preset and automatic. sensations and efforts. It is my observation only three people who are currently running a body on planet earth have run off any of this core material on their own. I have presented this material to over 60 people. You think you have free will because you make decisions. You. more on this later) and create all of your thoughts.

I pray you are up to it.2 It is not my intent to bum you out. It is my intent for you to get real about yourself and others so you may become your or frisky self. spontaneity and a creator of pure brilliant light. One must know their true condition before they may return to their true self of essential purity. .

you thought you were all of the thoughts. This is how you were blindsided and lost your spiritual consciousness.3 THE CORE CASE . energy. you were separate. Each AM and it’s clones contain: 1. It was a time when you were still almost pure and pretty much spontaneous. This will not be the beginning of time or the beginning of you. energy. This was the end. Your spiritual death. emotions. emotion. Additionally. 3.WHAT IT IS AND HOW WE CREATED IT It is easiest to understand how we got into the mess if we go to before the mess. effort and such emanated by your thought/energy structures. all of your self-created thought/energy structures were created from an egoistic. talk. In your natural primordial state you can create enough energy to light up all the cities in all the universes within the blink of an eye. “I am separate” viewpoint. Each of these thought. You went from being a knowing observer of these thought. 2. So did the other guy. emotion structures became like a life of it’s own. 5. The reason I say almost pure and pretty much spontaneous is you were living within the context of your first lie to yourself. Anyway. As you off-load your structures (they only answer when referred to as Animal Minds or AM’s) your energy returns. It is shortly thereafter. Currently one can’t even light up a light bulb. Thought (limited to subject) Energy (sucked from you) Emotion (singular) Sensation (singular) Effort (singular) Pain (general and specific) Unconsciousness (general) . again mistakenly. mistakenly. Each clone also sucks all of it’s energy from you. After this went on for a few eons you got tired of fooling with it and so you created a thought and energy structure to handle it automatically. there you sat and then somebody created a creation you decided you didn’t like so you created their creation anew. They saw this and created their creation back to what it was. Much later. each one sucks all of ifs energy from you. 7. 4. Even more detrimental to your spiritual (true) life. You then created it back to what your creation was. 6. You thought. you began to think all the emanations from your self created thought. structures were originating from you. Then for many trillions of eons you continued to create these thought/energy structures to handle anything you didn’t want to fool with. The reason beirig. This was the beginning of the end. Each of these structures is capable of constructing duplicates or clones of itself. energy. emotion structures to incorrectly thinking they are your originations.

it is him. If you can imagine yourself not being this.” Sad and true. fear. “Forgive them Father. you will think this is you. you can be free. The person thinks. junky pollution. There is a AM running your life for everything that could possibly occur in the realm of human experience. murder and general mayhem. . pain and confusion. Totally pure. This is your heavy load that keeps getting heavier. Once the AM’s are removed you are a well and happy human. and every other term used to describe the human mind. These clones are being created as we speak. conscious. They know not what they are doing. full of brilliant light. have a lot of general. reactive. drug and alcohol use. seven days a week. each of these Animal Minds receives all of their energy from you. Until the AM’s are eliminated. ego. There currently is no area of your existence not dominated by your AM’s.the AM will automatically think.the same AM group will take over your consciousness again and the AM’s will have exactly the same opinion and feelings and talk about broccoli. Each AM is set up to automatically become your consciousness whenever it is triggered by a preconceived set of circumstanced Example: If a person sees a can of broccoli. As Christ said when on the cross. id. lie. no longer appropriate. Their is no limit to the number of duplicates each AM creates. They are the reason people get divorced. spontaneous. each AM is programmed to make duplicates (clones) of itself. say. beneath their social happy face. This is the reason you are not as frisky as you would like to be. Again. Alan cannot help his destructive behavior towards himself and others. The AM’s are the only cause of all of Mans troubles. These AM’s are the cause of wars. worry. in error. minute by minute. feel those things the AM is programmed with.4 Again. and. The AM’s are what the human mind is composed of in all of if aspects. 24 hours a day. unconscious. fight and fuss with each other. I and others pray you can. certain and having fun. Additionally. The riext time you see a can of broccoli.

Most folks never notice them. what they think will make others like them. they must notice them if they wish to be free. lack of knowledge of what life is all about. They are not. The seven aspects are: 1. It’s a hideous trap. One is always running their life with reference to “What will others think of me?”. You are placed in a continual state of hope for something better.5 THE VARIOUS ASPECTS OF YOUR CURRENT POLLUTED CONDITION Your current condition is pain and suffering. So we have a lot of. You incorrectly think you are originating this stuff thus. others admire their new stuff. almost countless. He does this by forcing his pictures and emotions into your consciousness. This state of hope pulls you out of your present dissatisfaction and puts you into future hope.” This stifles true communication because one is always lying rather than saying what they really think. 2.e. “go along to get along. Because of this you have a pervading sense of continual apprehension. It’s kinda like some guy who is continually out in front of you. This general ignorance is held in place by your automatic predilection and an all pervading apprehension. However. The automatic predilection determines how you think and feel about everything that appears on any of your thought levels. This unremitting desire pulls people into a “get and spend” way of life. Both of the above states have been with you for many. You cannot help being your egoism until you have removed a large amount of your core case material. and at the same time feeding you his take of what it is. This egoism enhancer never allows one to be themselves. Your pain and suffering are caused by selfishness (egoism per dictionary). General ignorance. Your desire is unremitting. Currently this core case material manifests as seven aspects plus your thematic mentition (habitual thoughts and emotions). This set of thought constructs (AM’s) cause you to be dissatisfied and irritable. incorrectly. Desire. thus you have little joy in your present time frame. . You are never satisfied with things as they are. blocking your view of what’s going on. One is in a constant state of compromising their reality to make themselves fit in with the reality of others. Most folks think predilection and apprehension are natural. Many people think. and it gives them something to talk about. 3. i. Pride. this get and spend sequence is their only true happiness because it makes them feel good. you never get the right scoop. eons.

He has tried to fix what he isn’t . Just in case this is incomprehensible to you there are also some exercises you can do to show yourself this is your true condition. It is hard to see because it has been going on for many eons. Wars to protect stuff O. Ignorance with predilection and apprehension has 27. None of this stuff is him. Must protect and keep others from getting my stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jealousy. The exact procedures follow latter in this manual. This stuff is not who or what you really are. Once you are aware of this you can separate your true self from all this stuff that isn’t you. his sensations. In fact. to kill others to protect stuff. killing and such.000+ different aspects of pollution with the resultant human goofiness and sorrow. one no longer must carry this heavy and painful load of pollution . what it is. wanting friends.000 plus aspects of anger. his thoughts. Many feel anger is necessary to keep others on their toes and in line. so much of it seems every day natural. and on and on. So each human has 111. It makes us feel bad. You are. mild piss off. Me. Jealousy is a great egoism expander. You also are not your current thoughts. This is very basic insanity passed off as being normal. Our single greatest problem in life is we think this material is us.000+ aspects. Most people are in a continual mire of the less volatile forms of the anger band. and such. the very words that come from your mouth are not your words.K.K. He has tried to fix what comes out of his mouth. Each human also has the potential of 111.000+ different personalities. There are 21. and how to be rid of it. aggravated disapproval. irritation. They are a heavy and ‘ extremely painful burden. wanting to be popular. Me. Desire. 5. It is much used as a justification and/or righteous distraction for poor behavior. 4. wife-beating. This seems to be a favorite.6 There are all sorts of excuses given for this “go along to get along” behavior. emotions or feelings. Envious of others’ stuff. pride and jealousy also have 21. O. such as white lies to not hurt feelings or lying to make me not look bad. Anger. unaware of the above being particularly rampant with yourself. It also sells the lie that stuff is more important than life. Fortunately. Me. I have had many people tell me parts of the above insanity are necessary and good. This awakening is the first step in getting yourself out of your current morass. (see “Your Current Condition”) One of the reasons man has not made it out of his morass and confusion is he has tried to fix the wrong thing. his feelings.000+ aspects. with the discovery of the core case. for the most part. Anger is in fact rather silly and childish and knee-jerk. This continual lying is also hard on ones physical and emotional health. both the lies and the truth. These prideful thought and emotion constructs (AM’s) cause one to be in a continual state of untruth and this make one stupid because one has to remember twice as much.

7 I pray you are still spiritually alive enough to separate yourself from this false you so you may once again be your pure and spontaneous self. .

4. thinking. 1. Then you ask its name and title and how many duplicates it has made. in the beginning. Ask Animal Mind how many duplicates they have created of the _____. . Since. This brings up one of the problems the practitioners of exorcism have had over the years. This may have to be done a few times but after a while the word gets out and they leave willingly. Even if the exorcist got lucky and removed the Animal Mind and its duplicates. The Animal Minds become very docile once they are spotted and called.8 HOW TO RID YOURSELF OF YOUR ANIMAL MIND POLLUTION Fortunately you can dissolve your pollution. 3. much like a child is devotedly attached to his parent. it might be easiest to go after the negative and critical stuff. Initially there may be some reluctance on the part of the Animal Mind to leave as they are fond of you. More on this layering later.33. Example if their are 33 duplicates plus the original AM you would count. even if it is mean. this is almost everything. They were not aware the Animal Minds create duplicates of themselves. All of this is done telepathically. All you have to do is recognize the pollution is not you. and seemingly overpowering. vicious. The Animal Minds are layered. 2. You may explain to them you are grateful for their work and service but it is for the greater good if they leave. start your count (off-load) with zero and end it with plus. Count them off. In most cases. Then you count it and it’s duplicates off with the intention they leave. Even if they got rid of the Animal Mind(demon) the duplicates rarely left the afflicted person... a new Animal Mind plus its duplicates would move in. Ask for name and title of the Animal Minds and their duplicates. Any questions you have about what the AM material is up to can be answered by each individual AM. In order to get a clean sweep. This gets all the bits and pieces.. They realize you are their creator and will do anything you command them to do. The Animal Mind will always give you its name and title. when they did their demon removal they were given a duplicate and the real demon (Animal Mind) would lay low for a while. Recognize what you are saying. feeling. the individual Animal Minds are very docile once you have spotted them and asked for their name and title. You can also use this procedure to remove AM’s from others if you wish.”0123456789. nasty.... How to off-load your Animal Mind pollution. Again. is not you.34 plus”.

The reason you are becoming worse with each passing minute is your original Animal Minds continue to make duplicates of themselves and each duplicate sucks additional energy from you. by removing only a few anger related Animal Minds. One may say. One must just keep at it. I and others pray you will have the strength to do so. It makes no sense to put off getting rid of your pollution. of the AM layers.9 The removal of the Animal Minds and their duplicates is much like peeling an onion. predeliction) are layered. Each of the basic trouble areas (Anger. perhaps more. This business of getting sane and pure is no weekender. There is nothing rinore important than you becoming your true and pure self . They also radiate paintsadness and general unconsciousness back on you. If you can not do this material you will become worse and worse. pgige. as an example. It’s like digging a ditch. Do it now. more and more polluted. There is nothing more important than you arising from your spiritual death. If you spend some time every day removing Animal Minds. You are looking at thousands of hours of Animal Mind pollution removal. . You will have to remove the rest of the basic trouble areas in that layer until that layer is finished. Then anger will appear again. “Gee that’s a lot of workl” I can think of nothing more important or rewarding one can do. You will probably experience strong urges to put off getting rid of your pollution. You will not be able to eliminate your anger. apprehension. If you put it off you will probably never do it. desire. you’ll be able to look back on each day and see you are cleaner and more sane than you were the day before. There are hundreds or sometimes thousands. This Animal Mind material is self protecting. Nothing. jealousy.

anger and the other aspects of every day life caused by egoism. greed. My AM’s of that sort came to the fore. lying. “I lost it”. This will be not only intellectually cleaner but also physically cleaner. In the monastic environment there was no restimulation of anything other than monastic beliefs. It was like somebody turned out the light. even your goodness is habitual at this time) Outside of the monastery there was restimulation of secular beliefs. They will always survive to the best of their ability. 2. As you off-load your Animal Minds you will notice your vision of the physical world becomes more accurate. and your predelictive AM’s feed you only what they want you to know. The reasons for this are the AM’s are plugged into you as a energy source. openness. i. more: three dimensional. Some of them are: 1. These actions on the part of your AM’s are currently-making things look flat and drab.. They didn’t last. as they say. Your Animal Minds will adapt to any environment. I then left the monastery to spread the word. to a piece of egoistic wretchedness in less than one lifetime. truthfulness and such. What happened was real simple. or religious highs. equanimity. My AM’s of that kind came to the fore. (Again. One might say we created our own destruction. You currently think this drabness is natural. A NOTE ON BEING FED BY YOUR PREDILECTION AM’S: The predilection AM’s are the heart and core of your current thematic mentation. I was clean as a whistle for hundreds of years as I went directly from body to body in the same monastery. brighter colors. sadness. Each AM clouds your vision and other physical perceptions. open being who based his life on altruism. pride.10 THINGS ALONG THE WAY As you remove your AM’s things will happen along the way. In this aspect we were really dumb when you created your AM’s. loving kindness. If you remove your AMs daily you will be able to look back each day and see you are cleaner than you were the day before.e. jealousy. pain.. . i. sucking off your energy. compassion. This has always been the problem with other forms of revelation or therapies.e. joy. I went from being a truly beautiful glowing. more vivid. As you remove your AM’s the naturally brilliant colors of life will return and things will go from flat to vividly three dimensional. desire. It wasn’t long before. altruism. Sometimes stronger than before. I once spent many lifetimes in a monastery. Plus it lasts. The AM’s would flood back in.

guts. The impostors will have stuff on their communication lines. They are easy to spot. Their communication to you will have nothing on it.11 The predilection AM’s can and will alter what you currently see and hear. electronics. or Hell or any other spiritually dissenting state. sensations. The Gnostics disdain egoism and encourage openness. they will guide you only if you are being genuine. no force. they are not clean. Once your sincerity has been established. not the phony you have been. One of the reasons we think it is us is we created our Animal Minds. and opinion is real life and the real us. other than to tell you they don’t communicate with folks who are being egoistic. reject. It’s interesting to jnote the Gnostics are accepted by the majority of all religions and spiritual thinkers as the highest order of spiritual existence. You incorrectly think this is your opinion. no emotion. ignore. The Gnostics are Primordial purity. by this is meant you really wish to emerge as what you truly are. The impostors encourage secrecy and egoistic activities. They are the truth and the light. We mistakenly think all of this AM alteration. be able to perceive life as it truly is. It is not. thought patterns. It is only the opinion of your Animal Minds. THE GNOSTICS: You will be greeted by the Gnostics. usually a heaviness. pictures in 3-D and even automatic talk. sorrow. the AM’s flood us with a tremendous amount of stuff like. for the first time. Another is. just pure communication. The Gnostics are beings who haven’t descended into Samsara. emotions. If you are engaged in egoistic activities. I mention this because there are impostors who widget in touch with you and try to sell you on their agenda. Again. You will. The Gnostics speak as one. not even a speck of pollution. When one off-loads’the AM’s life gets very real. after you know better. pain. The Gnostics will welcome you when altruism emerges as a viable way of life. the in Gnostics will not communicate with you. You will recognise the Gnostics by their purity. you will be greeted by the Gnostics. when egoism is understood as a spirit killer and a killer of all life. They alter what you see and hear so what is presented to you will fit within your current thematic mentation. feathers and all. After they alter what you see and hear they will comment on the altered material with an automatic accept. .

This separation began the era of fear and hope. He or she cannot help being egoistic and subsequently selfish. We. The ethical doctrine that morality has it’s foundations irt self-interest. constant. me. This locks in our hard core egoistic nature. . Fear for self and stuff. our true nature Is not habituated emotion and behavior.12 THE SPIRITUAL DEATH OF SENTIENT BEINGS . We will remain spiritually dead until we awaken. Yet a person cannot help being this way. and the pain and suffering we cause others and the rest of life. We are spirituatly dead and this is why we can’t change our egoistic behavior. Egotism. This selfishness is the cause of all our pain and suffering. Although every truly enlightened being who has come down the pike has told his or her following this selfishness is killing you. usually accompanied by an inflated sense of self-importance. We currently are trying to protect ourselves and trying to get better. think this egoistic behavior is our true nature. This trying to protect and trying to get better has been on automatic for millions upon millions of eons. The spiritually dead. We will continue to arise from the_spiritually dead as we kill off what we thought we were. the ethical belief that self-interest is the just and proper motive for all human conduct. As we emerge from our pollution we will begin to come to our senses and more clearly see that egoism is the cause of spiritual death. the killing of real life is the most popular sport on the planet. 3. All of our subsequent decisions have been egoistic. unremitting desire. and hope for better future(never satisfied). and polluted(AM) thought. is the cause of all your unhappiness. Our egoism is firmly held in place by our habitual. From the moment of this separation it has been me them. ME ME ME ME. jealousy and anger. When we awaken and realize~ we are not being our true selves we will begin to arise from the dead. Our true nature is spontaneity and essential purity. me it. Way before the beginning of time the beings who are currently listed as sentient beings mistakenly considered themselves separate. heavy on the me.HOW THE DEAD ARE GETTING DEADER Egoism (noun) 1a. we never think of our relationships with other people or other life forms. other than how will this benefit me. me. It is not. pride. These are the emanations of our animal minds. At this point in time this egoism is the way life is. It is interesting to note. 2. This separation caused individuation. life has only gotten worse and worse on planet earth. With rare exception. along with everybody else. As we off load our Animal Minds we will begin to emerge from our pollution. pain and misery. Excessive preoccupation with onels own well-being and interests. conceit. b.

After our rebirth it is easy to see why our constant manipulation of others and the rest of life towards our benefit (egoism) is the root cause of our lying. pervading sadness. Again. faking. In some cases we even thought we were advanced spiritual beings. One of the truly sad aspects of all this is we did in fact think we were being nice people while wracking our havoc. tiredness. continual apprehension. if we wish. I’m not talking here about our “must pretend” happy face social personalities we try to maintain for self and others. emptiness.13 When we become aware egoism is the cause of spiritual death we will experience rebirth. despair and all of our pain. not the social facade. We can. off load our pollution and get on with real life. We no longer have to operate under this delusion. So. . I’m talking about our when we are alone and trying to take a look at our life’s self. as we are re born we begin to comprehend the damage and the harm we have brought forth while pretending to self and others we were being a “Nice” person. The trying tube truthful with self self. Ask any child. Everybody knows our social facade is lightly sweetened 100% pure bullshit. The trying to figure out what life is all about self.

Scientology counseling might be compared to poking a pin into a marshmallow the size of New York City and pulling it out. Some folks get a double dose of passion addiction. much like a runners high or snorting coke. Spirits. At the end of a properly done. Simply put the Scientology (and Dianetic) counseling stir up a lot of stuff on a person and thus increase his pollution load. Animals. Most human have an overlay of one of the other five. Each of these six forms has a thematic mentation. Hell beings.00 worth of Scientology counseling. the worse it is for the client. Mankind.000. Demigods. So I was going through life horny with a passionate addiction to drugs/booze/sex/money.Scientology counseling session the client feels good. If this is true. the better the scientology counselor is. Perhaps early death.YOUR HABITUAL LIFE THEME Each person has a theme which totally controls their life. These conditions got worse after I had purchased over $50. 2. With sex it was get the girl (passion/addiction) and after getting the girl it was be irritated with her and wanting her out of my life (irritation aversion) With money it was.14 THEMATIC MENTATION . Each human wraps their life around the mentation of passion addiction. 6. 5. Until I came across the core case material I thought this was a pretty normal life. 3. This theme is unrelenting and automatic. get the money get rid of the money. My overlay was irritation aversion. theme is arrogance. get get rid. They are: 1. 4. theme is dullness and infatuation. The Buddhist’s refer to the affective mentations as the affective poisonings. theme is deprivation based avarice. This manifested in some truly weird ways. The sentient being will take one of six forms as long as he is trapped in samsara. The better counselors have the ability to stir up more stuff. theme is envy. . The reason for it’s popularity is it makes a person feel good for a little while. This stirred up stuff will cause the client more pain and anguish after the “feel good” fades. Gods. Sadly. The reason the Scientology counseling makes one worse is it brings a lot of the Animal Minds to the fore is by asking questions which take the customer out of his normal thematic mentation. It eliminates the person having any free will. theme is irritation and aversion. one may wonder why Scientology counselling has been such a big seller. theme is passion and addiction. It only aggravates. What a wonderful life it was ??!!. This. cycle applied to all aspects of my life. Each of these six life theme segments has a continues energy flow of a specific affective (mood/feeling) mentation. Tragically it is considered a normal way of life for a large segment of society. Included was a lot of unrecognised pain and sadness. while at the same time having an aversion to everything and always being irritated.

. All of the Scientology and Dianetic counseling sessions are based on chitchat and emotions which emanate from the persons Animal Minds. This is also true of other therapies. The counseling does not eliminate the root cause of the persons difficulties. To keep feeling’good one must keep buying more counseling.15 Unfortunately the feel good goes away and one must buy some more counseling to feel good again. The root cause of the persons difficulties are his Animal Minds and the AM duplicates.

(dullness infatuation) Spirits. General ignorance. 7. You have a potential for 111. If there are more than 14 animal minds in a category there will be sub directors. They are: 1. There are seven basic mind files. children. Procreated and Protected by: Apprehension. 2. 3. with an overlay of continual irritation aversion . have thought this above structure to be the real you and thought of yourself as singular entity. (arrogance) Demi gods. You. The file system is much like that of a computer. Nothing could be further from the truth. a person who is addicted to passions of several types.000 categories of animal minds. 2. Example. This covers all of the activity since the creation (you the creator) of sentient (read polluted) beings. 5. (21. 6. 5.000+ categories) Anger. Each facade has a basic affective (feeling emotion.000+ categories) Pride. All current human plans and moves try to satisfy theirpassionaddiction . (27. (envy) Human. 6. (21. 4. They are: 1. Predilection. 4. for many eons. (21. 3. (21. Each category has directors. The sentient being operates in one of six facades.16 YOUR CURRENT EMOTIONAL AND THOUGHT STRUCTURE We have already reviewed the first creation of your animal minds. (deprivation based avarice) Hell beings. art. Your file system is how your mind is arranged. A director controls the movements of about 12 to 14 animal minds. perhaps sex. . (irritation aversion) All humans have as an operating base passion addiction. money. As time went on your animal minds became so numerous you developed a file system. They probably also have a thematic mentition(life theme) based on one of the six facades.000+ categories) Jealously. (passion addiction) Animal.000+ categories) Desire. poisonous) energy theme.000+ different personalities.000+ categories) There are a total of over 111. Gods.

your fears and your destructive behavior. help others to do the same. insaneness. Some even become self satisfied with projects. As long as a person allows themselves to remain polluted they are out of hand. You may once again emerge as essential purity. crimes. it’s habitual and automatic. what you currently mistakenly think you are is an abomination. jealousies. Now you can do. It is with great joy I relay this information to you. From a spiritual perspective you are a true horror’show made up of pain. meditate. without knowing it. while of protesting his own innocence. go to church. You no longer. if you wish. contributing to the death of life. and you should say. get counseling. “I am to blame”. You can for the first time rid yourself of your pain. As long as we continue to promote egoism in self and others. found the source of Mans troubles. at last. at last. he becomes aware of his individual destructive qualities (his angers. do good works. spontaneity and a creator of light.17 Added to this.” I would say. killings. Surely I can’t be blamed for the wars. as long as you continue to go along with being the false you. desires. can do something of a positive nature. All of gangs troubles are your creations (animal minds). Check it out. hug a tree. something to create life and light. I would also say and you should say. be reborn as your true spiritual purity and. prides. predilections) and now can no longer point to others as being the cause of the worldis pain. suffering. Ours and others. As long as the person continues to be polluted by her or his Animal Minds they will. You. They can’t help being more harmful. One only needs to look around and see this is happening. All this stuff does little to no good as long as they continue to be polluted with their Animal Minds. Many speak of leading a spiritual life. “Rejoice !!!”. You can rid yourself of your pollution. This horror show called the human (and all other sentient beings) is the cause of all that is wrong with life on earth and anywhere else you’d care to look. have to Point your finger at anybody else. try to be a good person. be a priest. Now you know the reason why. “That’s a bit heavy. starvation. in ignorance. . rapes. be more harmful than beneficial. You have. permeating sadness and continual apprehension. Once one is aware of his false make up and temperament. we individually are contributing to the unhappiness and pains of life. sufferings and insaneness. as long as we go along to get along. or not do. One may say. Save the whales.

What is doing the emanation must be eliminated in order for any pollution procedure to be valid. then one reverts back to old habitual behavior. getting involved in high priced cults. 2. None of the dabbling I am aware of impinges upon ones core case. 4. sensations. They are doing something. Ron Hubbard came the closest to the true core case when he devised ways to run off entities.” This love will go on for a little while. makes most humans feel better.18 THE FEAR OF PURITY . These animal minds are separate little units of thought (then talk). 3. It is all automatic. in and of itself. thoughts. emotions. gurus. It is all of the persons talk. He wasn’t aware of the self created aspects (animal minds) of the mind entire. The revert comes sooner if one is pressed. and so on. His life and promotional activities give evidence to this lack of awareness. The old pollution soon floods back in. The dabbling can consist of new age and established religions. mediation. One might flash back with anger in order to prove lovey dovey is correct behavior. The human (you) watches these animal minds run his life and. meditation and Scientology/Dianetic auditing (counseling) gives temporary relief. his(your) Animal Minds collectively make up all aspects of the mind. Again. Where he went wrong was he ran off wadd-on and “sucked-on” entities. Fear of the unknown. This makes these procedures seem valid even though they are not. The core case is what runs the person. This automaticity was inadivertently preset by the individual when he/she created their animal minds. Mans fear of changing all of this. The human. at this point in his/her career. thinks it is he(you) who is originating all these thoughts (and talk)/emotions/efforts. counseling. the true primordial self. They are trying. All of his talk.WHY FOLKS HAVE TROUBLE GETTING CLEAN. very mistakenly. And so it goes. One simply tries to override old habits with new habits. Thus the emanator will emanate again. lead laudable lives and generally feel good about themselves and their circumstance. . The reason it floods back in is only what is emanated is handled. is point A. Most of the dabble does a person no good from a true spiritual viewpoint because the dabbling creates no change of a spiritual nature. even though the changing is dirt simple. They make up the entire conscious and unconscious mind. reading pop psychology books. Fear of pain. Example: “From now on I’m going to love everyone no matter what. Some of the dabble. therapy. The dabbling. not what is emanating it. is a composite of fears such as: 1. Example: One is being lovey dovey and someone says this lovey dovey stuff is just a bunch of BS. is simply an observer of his thoughts (talk)/emotions/efforts yet he doesn’t realize those thoughts (talk)/emotions/efforts are not him. Fear of being ostracised by others. efforts emanate from point B (his Animal Minds). thoughts. like counseling. it has become popular for more and more people to dabble in this and that while trying to improve their lives. Towards this end. emotion and efforts. He. Some of the stuff brings temporary relief but no real spiritual change. Fear of being different from others. emotions and efforts. The majority of people on planet earth would like to get clean (purify themselves of mental and emotional pollution).

“maybe a new cult or guru”. power. This manifests as such old bromides as. of everything presented or viewed. Fear of giving up passions and addictions. Stuff more important than integrity (wholeness) or being sane. and all the other correctnesst. Fear of giving up pride (vanity) and all the time-consuming games it creates (correct makeup. Could never do that. fine clothes. 6. The don’t confuse me with the facts my mind is made up syndrome. marketable education. a wretched piece of junk and is laying waste their fives and all lives they come into contact with. is in fact. money. accept/reject/ignore. nperhaps some new data will fix me up”. “just need a little tune up now and then”. proper cars. Pure egoism. Fear of giving up egoism. right friends. He(his Animal minds) creates his life to satisfy and fulfill his addictions and passions. 8. Particularly protective jealousy. showboat house.. 10.his continual permeating. Even though the pollution was created after you incorrectly considered yourself separate. the giving up protecting belongings and relationships against being taken over by others. So.” Stuff more important than life. sex. Most never want to see or be in communication with me for the next hundred or so life times. Every bit of this core material is creating clones of itself in the here and now. the pollution is self protecting and will pull every trick in the book to throw you off the track and continue to survive. i. In many cases they are one and the same.19 5. It seems the only pollutants one wants to get rid of are pain. defense and snivel. I have seen people (their animal minds) go nuts when presented with this material.. Nearly all take it as a personal affront that anyone might suggest their “near perfect life”. the cause of egoism. 7.e. unless you can think of separating yourself from your pollution. “All blondes are dumb”. Fear things will get worse. 9. you will remain polluted and spiritually dead. Hope things will get better. thus it is held dear. during times of laziness. “All men are stupid”. He (you) created every speck of this pollution (the animal minds). 13. . on and on. Actually more and more spiritually dead with each passing minute. 12. stress. This manifests as. is held dearly to one/s bosom. even the general ignorance of real life. from a spiritual view. drugs. “Gee. are we having fun yet. I’d have to give all my stuff away. One/s passions and addictions are totally controlling his life. Fear of having to give up jealousy. Fear of giving up fear and hope. “all (pick your race) are inferior”. unless you can conceive of your junk (animal minds) not being the real you. 11. Fear of having to give up unremitting desire and the.) Fear of giving up predilection. Ones automatic thematic existence (life theme) caused by pre set. Fear of discomfort. sadness and apprehensions. This is understandable. The rest. “get and spend” game. Fear of having to give up control qualities of anger. Unfortunately. it was thought to be a correct creation at the time. little time for enjoyment of the now.

. Continued spiritual death or life. Thank the goodness this core’case material (Animal Minds) has presented itself for removal after all these eons upon eons. Praise be to all who have helped along the way. We now have a choice. free from pain. essential purity and the creators of light. We can once again be spontaneous. free from ignorance and free of pollution. To continue to just play with what is emanated from this core case material is a fools errand.20 This includes everyone who is not removing this core case material. We can be free and once again be our primordial self.

try reversing all your decisions. A real test is to do nothing for three days. We can die so we may be born again. And additionally. Just sit and do absolutely nothing. full of unremitting desire. reject o’r ignore everything presented to you. jealousy and anger. At this point in our careers we cannot help being ignorant. disagree with yourself. “thematic mentation”. we will remain spiritually dead. Until we awaken to the fact we have mistakenly thought we are our creations (animal minds) we will continue to be spiritually dead. i.e. To check out’your habitual thinking notice how you automatically accept. Certainly as long as one can remember. For most this is a wrenching experience. begin to kill off what we are not. as we speak. Most equate human free will with the ability to make decisions. All of our current decisions are based on old decisions (in many cases millions of eons ago) that were turned into animal minds which now automatically come to the fore of our consciousness. in one’s current condition of extreme pollution. Re-birth is impossible until we kill off what we think we are. if we make decisions we have free will. Until we awaken to the fact this junk and pollution is the cause of our current wretchedness. Now that you have a working knowledge of your animal minds. Within a very narrow band we automatically accept. To really startle yourself. We need only to look-around to see each human is playing out a life theme. The rationale goes. creating clones of itself. Until we awaken to the fact this life we have been living is not truly us. Everybody has had their current “thematic mentation” for several eons. since each animal mind is. and chat and emotionalize about their area of expertise. predelictive.21 WHY HUMANS AND OTHER SENTIENT BEINGS HAVE NO FREE WILL Gods will? Free will? No wills A lot of debate over the centuries on the subject of human volition. reject or ignore everything. we will remain spiritually dead. Most of these old decisions were goofy at the time and are still foolish. . Millions upon millions of lifetimes. Once we AWAKEN to the fact that the above is truly true we can begin to off-load our animal minds. Everybody’s got one. even for those who are living quiet lives. The Buddhists call this the.. we can expand on the humans lack of free will. presented to us. Less and less able to awaken to the truth of our condition. repeat everything. pride. This inability to be spontaneous is why we are now unable to be truly spiritual. These folks fail to take into account all of the humans decisions are totally habitual and automatic and are just plays upon ones life theme. “we be getting deader with each passing moment”. apprehensive.

Over 2. why has mankind been unable to truly comprehend pain and suffering are caused by selfishness and thus end selfishness? Why has mankind be unable to follow the teachings of Christ? i.22 We can naturally emerge from our filth and pollution and once again become our true pure and spontaneous.500 years or rnore. 3. Alertness. Proper conduct. b. 2. become aware of and are applying the Animal Mind material. even the sentient beings who are being channeled.e. and none of them have been able to overcome their Animal Minds enough to work towards getting themselves clean. a. One can end their pain and suffering by ending their selfishness. Life is pain and suffering. Man is spiritually dead. One can end selfishness by devoting oneself to the eight fold path. g. pain free selves. By awakened mean. child and all sentient beings. This includes every man. Perhaps you will be different. from many different walks of life and supposed levels of spiritual enlightenment. it does no good to be aware of the Animal Mind material and not apply it. 4. Correct vocation. . Purpose rather than response. h. Man has no free will. f. 1. 2. Correct speech. 1. d. c. Understanding replacing ignorance. I tnust caution. Pain and suffering are caused by selfishness (egoism). Appropriate effort.500 years ago the Buddha observed the four noble truths. I mention this obvious bit of information because I have explained this material to over seventy folks. on and on? The answer is twofold. “love your enemies “turn the other cheek” nthe meek shall inherit the earth” “if a man asks for one coat give him two”. who have not awakened. e. Concentration on the four noble truths. woman. The question is. The above has been obvious for the last 2.

In darkness and in pain. talk.23 If you apply the Animal Mind material you can raise yourself from the darkness of spiritual death and become a creator of light. which is your current thoughts. For you to emerge from your current pollution you must rid yourself of your Animal Minds. Egoistic. This has been tried for thousands of years it is obvious it didn’t and doesn’t work. If you do not apply this material you will continue to be spiritually dead. efforts. You cannot simply overcome your Animal Minds in your current condition of polluted weakness. You must rid yourself of them. I and others pray you have the courage to do so. emotion. It does no good to play with the material the Animal Minds emit. Ignorant. Polluted. .

Ideally many of one’s thoughts will originate from the heart area. off-load the Animal Mind that answers and repeat until clean.24 CLEANSING THE HEART INTELLIGENCE As you remove your Animal Mind pollution and the real you starts to emerge your heart intelligence will want to be freed. Most folks panic when it is suggested they lead an altruistic life. The area of your physical heart is very sacred. while regarding one’s own defense or improvement only in terms of assisting life. It is simply making one’s decisions based on. “Will this benefit others?”. . me) and the emergence of altruism (what can I do to assist others). It manifests as a dissipation of egoism (me. Your heart intelligence is your true nature. If one is doing sacred thoughts one channels them through the heart area. They are of the mistaken belief that altruism has something to do with their. and in order for them to be altruistic they would have to give away all their stuff to the poor and needy. To cleanse one simply asks. This blends well with the elimination of ego (fear and hope). Cleansing the heart area will not only make the heart intelligence more available. me. But first the heart must be cleansed. Thus arranging one’s life so one does the best one can to enhance life and create sanity. but will also eliminate a lot of pain and anguish currently emanating from the heart area. True altruism has little to do with one’s stuff. Let us take a look at altruism. Back to heart cleansing. physical stuff. “What or who is blocking the heart area?”. Although giving away most of one’s stuff is an excellent idea it is not necessary in becoming naturally altruistic.

When you are doing your own AM pollution removal it is a good idea to do a daily look for possible attackers. There may be more than one. In most cases the person whose AMs are attacking you will be unaware they are doing so. It’s sometimes kind of interesting. All AMs consider you to be their superior and will comply to your wishes. Your personal AM removal is disturbing to others’ AMs because it upsets the status quo. This stirring up is also true when you have a mood shift or a personality change when around another person. It will also allow you to be more your true self around others. Again there may be more than one. Spot your Animal Mind that is making you feel upset or different and off load it and its duplicates. . When you are attacked by others AMs you simply spot who is attacking you and off-load the AMs they have allowed to attack you. The attacking AM will answer. ask. This will let others be more themselves when they are in your space. “Who is attacking me?” or “What AM is attacking me?”. To smooth things out you simply: 1. have a difficult time spotting attackers.25 FIRE FIGHTS AND ATTACK PROTECTION All heated arguments are one persons Animal Minds stirring up another persons Animal Minds. If you. at first. 2. You can ask the attacking AM why it is attacking you. This procedure is quite wonderful for smoothing out long term discomforts and hassles you have had with others. Spot the other persons Animal Mind that has been shoved off on to you by the other person and off-load it.

3. title and how many duplicates. our money situation. It can be the old boy/girifriend. “do I have”. Another AM is primarily emotion with sub AMs of thought and effort. “do I have”. As you off-load the layers of Animal Minds contributing to each of your repetitive thought and emotional patterns more and more of the true and natural you will emerge. 1. “do you have”. and over.. old loves. allow the Animal Mind to chat a bit and then ask for it’s name. and over. work . If you pose the question as. You probably avid have to repeat questions. Just keep repeating the questions until no more Animal Minds come to the fore. houses. angry Alice and the angry ones. cars. The entire subject area may not come clean even after you have done the above. In most cases you will have a female and a male AM pair. And the last AM is primal with sub AMs of thought and emotion. 3. To eliminate the repetitive Thought or Emotional patterns one calls up each Animal Mind as follows: Ask. and angry Alphonse and the most angry. 1. example. . Their duplicates will usually be the same quantity. After you have asked the question. you will get only a singular Animal Mind set giving ibis opinion. 2.. If you ask. and count them off. I have observed you will find the results of this action quite refreshing. yourself. a few times to get the subject area clean. friends. “do you have”. We will think about the same person or situation over. and over. and over.2. There are three Animal Minds coming into play on each repetitive subject area. and over. This tells you there are more Animal Minds coming up as you get to new layers of your core case onion peel. rather than. Your entire mind will be called to the fore and you will get a dissertation trying to justify your actions within the context of your experience and thematic mentation. What thoughts do you have concerning (____ )? What emotion do you have relative to (____ )? What efforts do you have regarding (____ )? Be sure you pose the question. and over.26 ELIMINATING BOTHERSOME REPETITIVE THOUGHTS HABITS AND HEARTACHES Many of our thoughts and feelings are repeaters. On these repeat thoughts we are being triple whammed. One Animal Mind is predominately thought in content with sub Animal Minds of emotion and effort. old hates.

This can be kind of fun. Anything else is pollution. that I’m aware of. . Much like changing channels on your TV. is correct. All dreams are simply emanations from your Animal Minds and your agreements with your AM’s. you will again sleep more soundly. until you dream no more.27 WHAT DREAMS ARE There has been much speculation on what dreams are and why they occur. None of it. As your AM’s become fewer. As you remove your AM’s your sleep will change. after several thousand hours of off-loading. You will go into an awake sleep where you will be able to off-load AM’s while you sleep. Your natural state when you close your eyes is pure white light. All you have to do to change your dreams is off-load the AM doing the emanating of the dream. You writ notice your dreams become more vivid and more real as you remove your AM’s.

ARGUMENTS. I will not be needing your assistance any longer and you are free to go when I call your nurnber. If you have a difficult time spotting attackers ask WHO IS ATTACKING ME? or WHAT AM IS ATTACKING ME? The attacking AM will answer as they consider you to be their supenor and will comply to your wishes. OFF LOAD IT AND ITS DUPLICATES . . Arguments are one persons Animal Minds stirring up another persons Animal Minds.. THEY HAVE ALLOMED TO ATTACK YOU. (in most cases the person still be unaware their AMs were attackng you. 2. These are not the same ones they are just another layer of the same old stuff with perhaps a new shift on it.There may be more than one. Clean it out again till you fed refreshed. Count them off: staring with zero 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . on up and including about 5 more numbers beyond the amount of duplicates that was given. SPOT THE OTHER PERSONS ANIMAL MAID THAT HAD BEEN SHOVED OFF ON TO YOU BY THE OTHER PERSON.. ATTACKED BY OTHERS AMs. So ask the attacking AMs WHY ARE YOU ATTACKNG ME? then make sure you offload them all.28 TECHNIQUE ANIMAL MINDS WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW TO HANDLE THEM When you think about the same PERSON FRIEND MONEY SlTUATION OLD HATES OLD LOVES HOUSES CARS WORK the same SlTUATION over and over WHAT AREA OF LIFE IS UPSETTING TO YOU? there are 3 animal minds to erase . They will come off in layers so clean up one then go to the next and the next and repeat your procedure leaving it when it feels clean. OFFLOAD THE AMs. OFF LOAD IT AND ITS DUPLICATES There may be more than one. 2.LONG TERM HASSLES AND DISCOMFORTS WITH OTHERS. FIGHTS & DISAGREEMENTS . 3. Bleep in mind there will be others that will surface. SPOT YOUR ANNAL MIND THAT IS MAKING YOU FEEL UPSET/ DIFFERENT. What thoughts to you have concerning ____? What emotions do you have relative to ____? What efforts do you have regarding ____? After each question asked. Watch for shifts of mood or personality and run them off. 1.etc. 3. allow the AM to chat a bit and then ask What is your name?____ title?____ whatever it says accept it and continue.THOUGHTS EMOTIONS EFFORTS 1... SPOT WHO IS ATTACKING YOU..Thank you for all of your help. How many duplicates have you made?____ made of yourself?____ ACK THEM .

thinking. it was get-get rid of cycles to all aspects of my life.BASED AVARICE HELL BEINGS = IRRITATION .29 CLEANSING THE HEART INTELLIGENCE Your heart intelligence is your true nature.INFATUATION SPIRITS = DEPRIVATION . conceit. or force. Ask the Animal Mind how many duplicates they have created of the____. just pure communication.True altruism is making ones deasions based on “Will this benefit others?” 1. SENTIENT BEINGS OPERATE IN ONE OF 6 FACADES.. ANIMAL MIND R/D 1. .. money.. BUT IT IS FOR THE GREATER GOOD IF THEY LEAVE.AVERSION All humans = passion addiction. art. WHO OR WHAT IS BLOCKING THE AREA? OFF LOAD THE AMs THAT ANSWER AND REPEAT TILL CLEAN. Gnostics speak as one and will guide you if you are genuine.. separateness. 3. preoccupation with ones own well being and interests. DATA: There are a tittle of over 111. while at the same time having an aversion to everything and always being irritated . So I was going through life horsy with a passionate addiction to drugs/booze/sex/money. EGOISM: self interest. with an overlay of continual irritation-aversion.etc.. They are still pure. children. jealousy and anger emanating from our Animal Minds. WHAT OR WIO IS BLOCKING THE HEART AREA? OFF LOAD THE ANIMAL MIND THAT ANSWERS AND REPEAT TILL CLEAN. A person who is addicted to passions of several types.. A Director controls the movements of about 12 to 14 animal minds. Their communication will have nothing on it.000 categones of animal minds. 2. no emotion. TRY FOR CLEANSING OTHER AREAS THAT ARE PROBLEMATIC OR DISEASED 1. It rnanifests as a dissipation of egoism (me me me) and the emergence of altruism (what can I do to assist others) . My overlay was irritation-aversion.. Each category has DIRECTORS. sex. Eliminate a lot of pain and anguish currently emanating from the heart area. Impostors encourage secrecy and egoistic activities. feeling is not you. usually accompanied by an inflated sense of self-importance.. Gnostics encourage openness. Ask for the name and title of the Animal Minds and their duplicates. THEY ARE: GODS = ARROGANCE DEMI-GODS = ENVY HUMAN = PASSION ADDICTION ANIMAL = DULLNESS . If there are more than 14 AMs IN A CATEGORY THERE WILL BE SUB DIRECTORS. or hell or any other spiritually dissenting state. . GNOSTICS: beings who haven’t descended into Samsara. Ack them telepathically FOR THEIR SERVICE AND EXPLAIN TO THEM YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR THEIR WORK AND SERVICE..egoism is held in place by our constant desire.. LOCATE AN AM IN WHAT AREA OF LIFE IS UPSETTING TO YOU? ASK ITS NAME & TITLE AND HOW MANY DUPLICATES IT HAS MADE. Recognize what you are saying. pride.

MURDER & MAYHEM. PREDILECTION.. THOUGHT SENSATION UNCONSCIOUSNESS ENERGY eFtORT EMOTION PAIN AMs ARE THE CAUSE OF WARS. WAR OK to protect stuff. PRIDE. 2. + this gets all the bits and pieces. GENERAL IGNORANCE = lack of knowledge of what life is all about held in place by pridilection and apprehension.. WHAT AREA OF LIFE IS UPSETTING TO YOU? . DESIRE APPREHENSION.. GET RID OF THEM. OK to kill others to protect my stuff. usually done by an AM out in front of you forcing his pictures and emotions into your consciousness DESIRE = You are never satisfied with things as they are the get and spend syndrome. ANGER = justifications or righteous distraction for poor behavior.30 4. As you off load them your energy returns... but there is no back sliding . Count them off: 01234567 etc.33 34. DRUG & ALCOHOL USE. Spells the lie that stuff is more important than life. JEALOUSY.. 3. Each of them is capable of constructing duplicates or clones of itself. JEALOUSY = Envious of others stuff & must protect and keep others from getting my stuff. PREDILECTION = a preference. Each clone sucks all of its energy off you. wife beating/ killing/ etc. YOU CREATED THE AMs. Clear each of the basic trouble areas: ANGER. rather then from objective knowledge a to chose without examining all of the data thus bringng about an an pervading apprehension. often formed as a result of personal takes thousands of hours to clean up. PRIDE = What will others think of me. just get cleaner and cleaner. Each AM and its clones contain: 1.

31 .

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