Boost has been one of the fastest growing brands in the Indian GSK Consumer portfolio. Realising that the energy segment had a huge potential, GSK India launched the brand as the 'Vitaminised Energy Fuel' with a unique chocomalt taste. The brand was launched nationally in the early 80s and has always been targetted at 8-14 year old boys. This is the section of population most enthusiastic about sports, and also with high-energy needs, in India. A ccording to GSK sources, Viva is based on the belief that a good start to the day ensures that rest of it goes well too. New Viva is Vitahelth, combination of nine essential vitamins (vitamin A, C, D, B1, B2, B6, B12, Niacin and Folic acid), Iron, Phosphorus and Calcium. Viva contains a natural goodness of milk, wheat and malted barley. Maltova, a chocolate health food drink, was acquired from Jagjit Industries in Feb 2000. According to GSK official sources, to kids Maltova is the fun health drink, which is extreamly tasty and makes nourishment truly enjoyable and exciting. It was relaunched in June 2002 with an enriched formulation and improved packaging. The relaunched Maltova had active rechargers, a combination of essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Maltova has again been restaged in November 2004, with an attractive new packaging that connotes an extreamely high taste appeal and a sense of fun and excitement.

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Boost is a chocolate-flavored health food drink manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. It was launched in 1977 in India. Brand ambassador for Boost in 1986 was the cricketer Kapil Dev. Sachin Tendulkar became the brand ambassador with his debut in 1989. Virender Sehwag joined in 2002. Later in 2008, Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the brand ambassador. The product's slogan "Boost is the secret of my energy" is ubiquitous in India.


The tagline "Boost is the secret of my energy" has remained a blockbuster all through these years. Market Boost is a part of Indian Health Food Drinks (HFD). the packaging became contemporary and stylish to reflect the changing consumer preferences. Boost is also the first HFD brand to be endorsed by a celebrity.[citation needed] Boost is one of the major players in the Rs 1400 crore Indian Health Food Drink (HFD) market. tasty. and health care company. It was launched in 1977 in India. The brand became national in the 1980s. Manufacture Boost is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. Glaxo rules the Indian HFD market with a share of around 64 %. In 2002. The market is ruled by Horlicks and the leader is flanked by flanker products Maltova and Viva.aspx Boost Health Drink Proven Increases Stamina by 3 Times. Horlicks. Over these years. Boost is positioned as an energy drink. Boost has a share of around 12% in the HFD market. and over-the-counter medicines. as a part of its repositioning. HFD is targeted at children aged 5±18. .gsk-ch. It was first of its kind in this segment. nutritional drinks. GlaxoSmithKline is a United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical. BOOST LAUNCHES BOOST CRICKET ACADEMY http://www. This was good enough to attract children.Boost is a nutritional health drink. It is one of the chocolate-flavored health food drinks made by GlaxoSmithKline. . especially for children. Boost is a malt-based milk additive with the flavor of chocolate. The HFD market has two segments: white powder segment and brown segment. healthy. the brand came out with Power Boosters: which contains Copper and Biotin. The market is huge since this is the age group that demands some kind of energy drink. Boost was innovative not only in the promotion front but also in product improvements. and nutritional energy drink. Boost also innovated in packaging.Boost with envita Nutrients Energy to do More Scientifically Did you know? New Boost increases stamina by 3 times+. It also has a Consumer Healthcare operation comprising leading oral healthcare products. The kids are active and playing during this age and the pressure is on the home maker to keep the energy level of the kids high using some drinks. the other being Horlicks. this brand had to attract the children and provide them with a better. biological. Complan. With competitors like Bournvita. The tagline has highest recall among the

the brand created history by relaunching Boost with ³Power Booster´ complety different product from any other HFD. Price: . BOOST MARKETING MIX PRODUCT Boost is a malt based drink in chocolate flavor. Hence. Two serves of New Boost (approximately 30gms) as per the CODEX Alimentarius Commission of the World Health Organization. Protein Isolate. new boost is scientifically proven not only to increase stamina by 3 times+ but also to nourish children from within to do more. Vitamins. In 2002. Wheat Flour. The vitamins and minerals not only provide the adequate energy for the consumer they also help in efficient working of body cells. Edible Fibre (INS 412).An independent scientific study conducted amongst 300 school going children over 120 days showed that children who consumed new Boost along with their daily diet performed 3 times better on the endurance test. Nature Identical Flavouring Substances. with the brand philosophy being to continuously innovate and pioneer changes in the category. The new boost contains copper and biotin. B2. Contains permitted natural colour and added nature identical flavouring substances. Cocoa Powder. Biotin. 500ii). Colour (INS 150c). provide 50% of the daily requirements of vitamin B1. B12. the color red and ³Boost is the secret of my energy have become synonymous with the brand. Sugar. Minerals. BRAND VALUES The personality of the Boost brand is distinctly sporty and energetic and everything ± from the tone of communication to packaging ± is done to reflect this vibrant energy. formulation of healthy blood and makes bones stronger. Milk Solids. Niacin. Glucose. Salt. Today. Acidity Regulator (INS 501 ii.C. Pantothenic acid. in addition to its extant composition of vitamins and minerals. B6. This re-launch has helped Boost capture the position of number one brown HFD in India. 1995. Copper and Iron and @%% of Calcium. A. Ingredients: Malted Barley (Extracted Solids) (63%).D. Folic acid. as compared to the control groups and also had higher levels of key micronutrients for energy metabolism.

Boost Weight(gm) 200 500 Price(Rs) Jars Refill pack 54 108 99 Consumer behavior: Energy drinks or milk drinks are perceived as a luxury. In markets like Chennai Boost has approximately 40 ± 45% household penetration. children. followed by Sachin in 1989 ± among the earliest brands that the master-blaster endorsed. are always looking for new products. Today the South zone contributes as much as 80% of the Boost sales and is a household name. Free gifts like crystal jars. The tendency behind this type of pricing is when you purchase in bulk you get at lesser price. Boost¶s growth as a brand is pretty much in line with the flowering of Sachin as a batsman. The advertising line ³Boost is the secret of my energy´ has become an ever-present line in every household today. Brand loyalties are not very strong as the key target. This explains the slow off-take. consumers look at browns as mere taste additives. While white beverages are hailed for their therapeutic offerings. and from a shy kid who way back . pet jars and sippers also attract consumers. Southern markets had contributed significantly towards the success of the brand. Place: South has been the major contributor in making boost one of the biggest brown powder brands in India. These campaigns are mainly targeted at children who force their parents to buy these products.We are charging you more if you are purchasing 200gm and comparatively lesser when you are purchasing 500gm. Â It was Kapil Dev who was first roped in by the brand to endorse Boost in 1986. Hence our company takes a good care that our each and every promotion strategy is pertaining to our target customer which is the children between the ages of (7-14). Distribution Network of Boost Promotion: Promotion campaigns such as freebies and contests also play an important role in influencing brand choice. Boost has grown from a market share of seven per cent in 1985 to 24 per cent in 2002.

The market is dominated by white powders. who will give a double boost to the brand along with Sachin. The brand was created in 1975 by the company R&D team and test marketed in 1976. Boost is one of the major players in the Rs 1400 crore Indian Health Food Drink ( HFD) market. After the initial growth. Boost is positioned as an energy drink. Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. the brand landed in the mature stage of PLC during 1980's with sales plateauing. Boost takes on Bournvita from Cadbury's which is the market leader in the brown powder 1989 first boyishly intoned ³Boost is the secret of my energy´ to a man who can face fiery pace bowlers and hostile questions hurled at him with equal aplomb ± to Sehwag now. The brand became national in in 1980's. Glaxo rules the Indian HFD market with a share of around 64 %. Boost is a malt milk additive with the flavour of chocolate. The market is huge since this is the age group that demands some kind of energy drink. The brand repositioned itself through a careful planned strategy backed by . The HFD market is having two segments : White powder segment and brown segment. HFD is targeted at children aged 5-18.Boost has a share of around 12% in the HFD market. The company also announced the launch of this year¶s Boost Cricket Cup. which it instituted in 1998 to promote cricket and identify talent at the grassroots level. but would be extended to the rest of the country in a year. The kids are active and playing during this age and the pressure is on the home maker to keep the energy level of the kids high using some drinks.The tagline has highest recall among the TG. The tagline " Boost is the secret of my energy" has remained a blockbuster all through these years. The market is ruled by Horlicks and the leader is flanked by flanker products Maltova and Viva. This is now restricted to Andhra Pradesh. Boost is also the first HFD brand to be endorsed by a celebrity.

brand loyalty can be assured. From 1990-present. GSK also identified cricket as the vehicle to Boost the Sale of Boost. Over these years. During those times. Sachin endorsed this brand when he was in his teens. as a part of its repositioning. Kapil was considered an Icon by many . Sewag and Sachin was at fire as the opening pair. the ads showed both Kapil and Sachin together endorsing the brand and thus ensured that the transition is smooth. Boost was innovative not only in the promotion front but also in product improvements. During 1980's Kapil dev was roped in as the brand ambassador for Boost and as a cricketer. the brand has been positioned and repositioned in tune with the consumer.It was first of its kind in this segment. A brand will become successful only if the owner invests in the brand for the long term. During the late nineties. During 1990's Kapil gave the baton to Sachin. the brand also roped in Sewag to endorse the brand.consumer insigh t. Sachin has been endorsing this brand. the brand came out with Power Boosters : which contains Copper and Biotin. At that time. Over these years. Realising this the brand changed its tagline to " Boost is the . they felt somewhat distant from the brand ( because Sachin was perceived to be extraordinary). the packaging became contemporary and stylish to reflect the changing consumer preferences. Boost got the energy from Kapil and GSK had found the success mantra.Boost also innovated in packaging. Boost is a testimony of that. (The kid who starred with Kapil for the ad was Nikhil Chopra who later played for India0 in 2000. in 2002. consumer insights showed that although the kids liked the promos involving Sachin. I think Boost and Sachin hold the record for longest association between a brand and celebrity at least in India. The brand realised that kids are strong influencers of the purchase process for such products and once kids get hooked onto such drinks.

sales appear to be flagging. it soon became the biggest market for Horlicks1. it has undergone numerous transformations. Women's Horlicks seemed to have all the elements necessary for success.G. Since its creation by the Horlicks brothers in 1873 (originally intended as an artificial infant food). In 2005. Ex-Faculty Student Contributors: Arunava Saha Dalal. the brand came with Choco Blast ( more chocolate) and Advanced Energy Boosters to counter the threat from Bournvita who now has the Chocolate taste of "Five Star" in it. or coming back exhausted from a hard evening's play only to be rejuvenated by it. Rohini Ramachandran. health conscious urban working women. . at present. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care (GSKCH). namely. watch the commercial here: Boost chocoblast Boost is a super brand with lots of lessons for a marketer to learn.. The ads increasingly gave importance to kids rather than the celebrity.of getting up in the mornings and gulping down a glass before running to school. It targets a hitherto untapped segment as identified by GSKCH (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare). Giridhar Rao B. which manufactures Horlicks.The brand continues to invest in it and has remained the favorite of marketers and kids.. RELATED TO HORLICKS HEALTH FOOD REVITALISING WOMEN'S HORLICKS IN INDIA Faculty Contributor: Moutusi Maity. Though the first factory in India was built only in 1960. a seeming contradiction that presents an intriguing case for analysis. in metros and mini-metros.secret of my energy' to " Boost is the secret of OUR energy". leading hectic lives balancing career and family. Navneet Chahal. Despite its popularity however. Suraj Holla Byndoor Women's Horlicks is India's first health drink designed specifically for women's nutritional needs. the name 'Horlicks' is entwined with memories of childhood . And yet. To many of us. has taken care to ensure that the product does not stagnate.

between the ages 19-50. however. is GSKCH's strategy to segment the Indian market and to produce variants to satisfy each segment's unique needs. Exhibit 1. GSKCH is promoting the product both through traditional print and TV media.It underwent a revamp in 2003 with the introduction of flavours like Vanilla. eschewing the current glamour dolls of Bollywood. leading hectic lives focusing on career and family and hence not able to take care of themselves in the bargain. The basic marketing mix of Women's Horlicks is shown in Exhibit 1. combined with the baseline. and C2. Konkana Sen Sharma was selected as the face of the urban Indian woman of today. Women's Horlicks is designed to specifically address the health needs of women providing 100% of the daily requirement of iron. The target segment therefore consists of health conscious urban working women. calcium. for preschoolers. B6. Women's Horlicks . B12. for health conscious adults and diabetics. What is perhaps more interesting. In a brilliant casting choice. Horlicks Lite. Toffee. and Mother's Horlicks. Elaichi and Chocolate to satisfy the discerning palate. In each case. Marketing Mix of Women's Horlicks In order to highlight its nutritional aspect. in metros and mini-metros.What is New About It? The latest case in point is the recently introduced Women's Horlicks. a choice sure to resonate with most women. GSKCH's latest offering is targeted specifically at the modern urban Indian woman who is historically known for putting everyone else ahead of herself. for pregnant and breast feeding women. This. GSKCH has striven to create a distinct and appealing image. and also by enlisting the support of professionals in the medical field. starkly elegant in its very simplicity. balancing career and home. "Because your body needs you too!". . This is exemplified by products like Junior Horlicks. folate and vitamins B2. captures the essence of the brand image GSK is trying to build.

dieticians and nutritionists to educate them about the product. Women's Horlicks is available in a 200 gm jar.GSKCH also introduced a Doctor Engagement Program wherein the company reaches out to physicians. They felt cheated and swindled. it has not been able to make an inroad into the Indian health drinks market. are shown in Exhibit 2. This translates to an expensive product and results in lower sales. The results. one of the most important facts discovered through the primary research was that when customers opened the container for the first time after purchase. rather than following the more traditional hard-sell route. unofficial. would hopefully lead to an official or at the very least. It can also be interpolated that at all stages of the value chain the margins might be in a similar range. In spite of these advantages. Exhibit 2. courtesy the other Horlicks variants and a well-established brand name. To get a better understanding. The fact that the retailer's margins for this product is higher compared to that of similar products seems to further validate this perception. Packaging Moreover. from 50 respondents. Is the price of Women's Horlicks justified? Price The product is perceived to be expensive by the customers surveyed. a double-edged promotional campaign. In other words. they were disappointed with the amount (volume) of Women's Horlicks in the container.a winning brand. an excellent distribution system already in place. the container for the product was disproportionately . Their core strategy lies in grabbing the mind space of the consumers. This in turn. This failure could be attributed to a number of strategic causes. This disparity in cost might be due to the special formula that is used to prepare Women's Horlicks but primary research showed that the consumers perceive the price difference negatively.124 for 500 gm3.100 while traditional Horlicks is priced at Rs. product endorsement by these professionals. we conducted a survey. Reasons Behind the Failure of Women's Horlicks Women's Horlicks appeared to have a hit combination . which costs Rs.

This only served to add to the existing perception that the product is over-priced and deterred future purchases of the product. Price Rationalization The sales of Women's Horlicks are lower compared to that of regular Horlicks and Junior Horlicks and consequently retailers hardly have an incentive to push the product. Women's Horlicks and regular Horlicks are fairly similar in taste. What Can Women's Horlicks do to Revive Itself? Based on our analysis we believe that GSKCH could consider adopting the following strategies to turn around the fate of Women's Horlicks. implying that lost sales aren't significant enough i.large for its actual content. retailers are not enthusiastic to carry the product at their stores. resulting in minimal visibility. Thus. This is despite the fact that retailer margins on Women's Horlicks are higher than the industry average. Women's Horlicks is not easily available in all supermarkets and retail stores. women inadvertently do not perceive a difference between the two products and hence do not find any justification to buy the more expensive product. especially in comparison with other Horlicks products. Women place an enormous amount of emphasis on taste even for health product as can be seen in Exhibit 3. Sales are low. Possibly due to this lack of demand. Now. they don't expect sales to increase significantly. Exhibit 3 Most Important Feature of Health Drinks Place The combined effect of all these factors has led to sales figures significantly lower than predicted and with no signs of improvement in the near future. despite its high retailer margins.e. therefore. Since our study indicates that there is a general perception about the product being . the primary research also brought to light another revealing fact4. it is usually relegated to the bottom shelf. Taste Finally. Even where available. further exacerbating the situation.

50 Gms) with two large jars of any other GSK product line health drink. a very small percentage of this has translated into actual sales. Push Marketing Strategy GSK did a fantastic job of TV advertisements to promote the Women's Horlicks brand. women in India generally consume health drinks when they are ill or during pregnancy. A completely new flavour. While the key emphasis appears to be the health aspect.pricey. substantial differentiation from other Horlicks products appears to be absent. Conclusion: Is Women's Horlicks Ahead of Its Time? There seems to be a disconnect between the intended core message of Women's Horlicks and the interpretations made by the target consumers. This would improve people's perceptions of the product's value-for-money. It is therefore . GSK could consider increasing the volume contained in each jar. This factor also results in cannibalization of Women's Horlicks sales. a strategy to reconsider the taste so as to introduce it as a differentiating factor is recommended. Therefore. as consumers perceive no significant taste difference between Regular Horlicks and Women's Horlicks. GSKCH should consider reducing retailer margin in order to bring down the MRP slightly and thus boost sales. Revamp Taste Consumers. should be developed which consumers should perceive positively. especially women consider the taste of health drinks as a primary determining factor while choosing one. more specifically. However. In this aspect Women's Horlicks has failed to create any differentiation. from a consumer perspective. Since Horlicks already has a product for pregnant women. As a result brand awareness and brand recognition among the sample target population is fairly high. associated only with Women's Horlicks. though at a cost of reduced profits per container. A change in packaging is therefore recommended. This calls for an aggressive push strategy. Alternatively. because although awareness is already very high due to extensive TV communications. reducing the container size to make it better aligned with the actual quantity inside it. Such a lucrative offer will stimulate purchases on the part of the consumers and would increase the probability of it entering their consideration set the next time they make a purchase. as the regular Horlicks is relatively cheaper. Aggressive Trade Promotions GSK being the market leader in the health drinks industry could pursue an aggressive promotional strategy to give a free small trial pack of Women's Horlicks (approx. This adds to the existing perception that the product is expensive and deters future purchases of the product. it is possible that it could cannibalize into Women's Horlicks' market. In addition. potential consumers have not experienced the product. Alternate Packaging One of the striking revelations of our study is that people perceive a mismatch between the size of the container and the volume of Women's Horlicks actually contained.

. There is possibly a latent need for the product but at present Women's Horlicks hasn't been able to expose that perceived need and satisfy to debate whether Women's Horlicks is ahead of its time in the Indian market.

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