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Facial Routine

Facial Routine

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Published by: Tamicks R on Jan 01, 2012
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1. Determine your skin type and buy skin care products for your skin type.

This is an incredibly important step because if you buy products that aren't meant for your skin type, they will be incredibly ineffective. 2. If you don't already have them, you will need to buy a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliant, cotton wool pads & a face mask. 3. Cleanse tone and moisturize twice a day - once in the morning before you put on makeup, and once at night before you go to bed. 4. Cleanse your skin with a face cleanser, warm water, clean towel, and damp cotton pads.
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First, wash your hands so you won't be transferring bacteria to your face. Splash your skin with warm water. Apply the cleanser, and leave it for a minute or so to allow it to dissolve dirt and makeup. During this time, rub the cleanser in. Then remove, either with damp cotton pads or by splashing with warm water, gently wiping until ALL the cleanser is removed. Never leave any cleanser on your face, as this encourages spots and imperfections.

5. Dry your face gently by dabbing it with a clean towel. 6. Tone your face with toner and a cotton wool pad.
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Apply a small amount of toner to a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face. This will make sure all the cleanser is removed. Do not rinse off! The toner will remove dead skin cells from your face and extra oils and dirt, as well as removing the last bit of cleanser. This step is incredibly important for those with oily skin.

7. Moisturize with a face moisturizer for your skin type.

When the toner dries, apply a small blob of moisturizer, gently massaging into your face.

8. If you haven't applied enough moisturizer and your skin still feels a little tight, then apply a bit more. If you apply too much & it feels too oily, then gently blot with tissue. 9. Exfoliate with an exfoliator or a wet washcloth. (This only needs to be done twice a week.) y Remove makeup first, then gently massage the exfoliator in for half a minute. Take care of your skin as usual.

If using a washcloth, soak the washcloth in warm water and rub the washcloth in small circles on your face.

10. Apply a face mask regularly.

Apply the facial. Always make sure your skin is squeaky clean before applying the mask. Shower or have a hot bath whilst the mask is on to make it more effective.

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