Multiple Choice, Question 37 Which one of the following is primarily interested in the liquidity of a company?

Short-term creditors

Multiple Choice, Question 43 A stockholder is interested in the ability of a firm to all of these.

Multiple Choice, Question 53

Horizontal analysis evaluates financial statement data

over a period of time.

Multiple Choice, Question 58 Under which of the following cases may a percentage change be computed?

The trend of the balances is decreasing but all balances are positive.

Multiple Choice, Question 64

Vertical analysis is a technique which expresses each item within a financial statement

in terms of a percent of a base amount. Multiple Choice. Question 81 Asset turnover measures how efficiently a company uses its assets to generate sales Multiple Choice. Multiple Choice. Question 70 Each of the following is a liquidity ratio except the debt to total assets ratio. short-term investments. Multiple Choice. and net receivables to current liabilities. Question 74 The acid-test (quick) ratio relates cash. Multiple Choice. Question 106 A successful grocery store would probably have . Question 90 A weakness of the current ratio is that it doesn't take into account the composition of the current assets.

Question 109 Earnings per share is calculated only for common stock." ultiple Choice. . Multiple Choice. Question 141 The disposal of a significant segment of a business is called discontinued operations. Multiple Choice. Question 148 If an item meets one (but not both) of the criteria for an extraordinary item. it is reported at its gross amount as an "other revenue or gain" or "other expense or loss. Multiple Choice. the base amount for each income statement item is net sales. Question 144 Each of the following is an extraordinary item except the losses attributable to labor strikes.a high inventory turnover. Question 154 In vertical analysis. Multiple Choice.