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Musical Craftings

Musical Craftings

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Published by william e justin

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Published by: william e justin on Jan 01, 2012
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Swa ray Swa ra

Here is an opportunity to work on your craft of songwriting, singing, playing and musical production skills free-of-charge. The offer is open to anyone.


At: http://www.myspace.com/wej7 I have 8 sound recordings of my original music. I’ve produced all of it with computer software such as Cakewalk and Magix Music Maker and also on an old Aki Multi-track analog machine from the 1990’s.

The song will retain that title—it has to be used. The Break or Chorus for the song also must be retained. The three versus are open to change—you can re-write all of them or part of them as you wish. You can also add to the music if you wish. The vocals-free version of the track is available through the non-profit Internet Archive website (I’ll post all of the pertinent websites at the end of this). You won’t be able to edit out any of the sub-tracks (such as the drum track) that make up the downloadable vocals-free edition of “Swa ray Swa ra” as they have been combined for the .aif file. But if you get involved, I can send you (for free) an .aif or .mp3 file without…say the drum or base sub-tracks. What you’ll need is a basic sound recording program— your computer might already have something on it. There are a few basic “shareware” programs available if you search for them.

I’m not a performer or music industry professional but an artist. The opportunity I present here is designed to encourage art in pop music apart from whatever current music industry business schemes are in effect— this isn’t any direct or indirect attempt to furnish or promote any business product. While I have a few items up for sale on Amazon, it’s become clear there’s minimal value for non-performers in the “down load music for 99 cents” market. So I’m just going to offer “some share of the copyright” to anybody who wants to sing or rap or alter the parts of these songs I approve of. Alright, below are lyrics to the song I’m featuring as an opportunity. The song is entitled

Lyrics to Swa ray Swa ra

Swa ray Swa ra.

VERSE 2: (CAN BE CHANGED) At times I dream about sweet dreams Of movin’ through the world so happily Other times I walk the street with weary bones/Like I’ve turned to stone & everything is cold /Most the time I’m in between the highs and lows Passin’ through each moment of truth As the river winds so do I/going to & fro on an endless curve

VERSE 3: (CAN BE CHANGED) What it all comes down to is my girl & me Dancin’ on the universe in love & peace We cut through the clutter & skip past the puddles Pushin’ forward, never befuddled Problems come to the moment of death We shake it off with a balance of breath Obstacles brings questions of why and how Just keep dancin’ in the here & now

Sometimes I sit and think about the wonder of it all Flying through the air/with my beautiful girl/ Other days it’s not the same we’re stuck in the mud Complain’ of the very things we laughed about Other times she’ll be square & I’ll be round Like a cat & a dog all tooth & claw

CHROUS: (MUST USE) Swa ray Swa ra Sun & Moon go in & out Swa ray Swa ra Here today/ tomorrow gone

CHROUS: (MUST USE) Swa ray Swa ra Sun & Moon go in & out Swa ray Swa ra Here today/ tomorrow gone

CHROUS: (MUST USE) Swa ray Swa ra Sun & Moon go in & out Swa ray Swa ra Here today/ tomorrow gone

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wej7/271749546198534?sk=wall https://sites.google.com/site/wejustin/home

The original version without vocals is available for free download at: http://www.archive.org/details/Music4swaray

Swa ray Swa ra (the original version with my vocals) is available for listening at: http://www.myspace.com/wej7

my email at: wejustin@gmail.com, hbeachbilly@yahoo.com, billjustin@gadball.com

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