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Brief of Apple

Brief of Apple

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Published by Hamza Ahmad
Brief of case study of Apple Inc.
Brief of case study of Apple Inc.

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Published by: Hamza Ahmad on Jan 02, 2012
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Brief of Apple Inc.

BY: HAMZA AHMAD REG # 5055-FMS/MBA/S11 Opinion: Apple Inc. will be successful in coming years as its history gives us a complete picture of its technical elegance and products quality. They produced products with perfection that brings a brand image for users. Their main users from my point of view are two types of people: 1. Brand conscious people 2. For media sector Apple main target market is brand conscious people and people who interested in designing and media. Problem: Apple Inc. makes both software and hardware their major concern in the starting of the company is PC. Bur later on they have changed their name of Apple computers to Apple Inc. This shows their main business is disturbed by other competitors in the market. If we generally see the history of Apple Inc. they produced classic products in Personal Computers but their prices are very high that was out of reach to user of PC. The main reason to buy PC is to do our work efficiently and effectively as the computer/laptops manufactured by other competitors also fulfill the same need therefore it is very difficult for Apple Inc. penetrate in the market. Defense: I will support that Apple Inc. success is not temporary they will move up in coming years. Now every product has some peak like cars. Now the behavior of people regarding cars is to purchase best that is more reliable and brand conscious. As Apple Inc. products are very elegantly designed that will target the brand conscious people. The target market is small as compared to other competitors but the profit margin which Apple gets from a small market is high. So, I am sure about the success of Apple in Future years.

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