Hi Chu Phi, I attached the color I want for the leaves.

It is called mustard yellow, but I'm not sure you can open it because I can't open it on our computer. If you can't, go to google.com and search "mustard yellow". Click on the word "images" at the top and you will see what it looks like.Thanks chu Phi.................Hello Phi, nhu da noi tren phone, sau day la 1,2 diem can sua: 1. THIEP CUOI: sau hang chu: Reception to follow at .... thi add them : seven o'clock in the evening .....The Bolger Conference Center.....to the end. 2. THIEP PHUC DAP : khong can canh la tren thiep co hang chu: The favour of a creative reply, such as a drawing....ONLY. 3. KHONG CAN GLITTER(kim cuong) tren cac hang chu. Rieng ve mau cho cac canh la, Tram muon mau vang "mustard" mu tat? Hi vong Phi se mo duoc website ma Tram gui. Co gi truc trac goi hay text cho anh biet nghe. Rang lo ASAP gium, cam on rat nhieu. KLONG M.D

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