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Black and White Analysis-PART6

Black and White Analysis-PART6

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Published by: anislagan on Jan 02, 2012
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Black And White Analysis

Adding just a bit of black to a white-themed bedroom provides a focal point. Everyone will see promptly and be captivated to the bit of black. It draws the eye to anything you want scrutinized - that memorable photograph or art widget, for example. A bit of black in a white-themed bedroom, or a bit of white in a black-themed bedroom, can be very expressive. Place a black rug in a white walled and light study room or the opposite, and the impact will be, well, expressive. Include black embellishment, paint one wall black, draw on a piece of black furniture or supplement with black art, wall sconces or light and see what happens to a pale bedroom. Black and white, used strongly alongside, play off each other's strengths. The juxtaposition of their arrangement alongside creates an elegant and state-of-the-art look. It is fresh and expressive, elegant and intricate. Black and white can be the awesome color synthesis. There are a mixture of methods to win the black and white decorating theme in your abode. Start off by considering the floor area. Try varying your floor tiles to a easy "checked" theme of black and white. There are a selection of methods to carry through this. Buy and furnish complete black and complete white tiles in an recurrent arrangement, buy black tiles with a white border or black tiles encased by black, or attempt with patterned black and white tiles. As discussed above, attach black-framed or frame black poster pieces against a white wall. Integrate the two colors inside the wall and painting, photograph or print pattern by placing the dark painting or other work, on a white matte encircled by a black frame and overhanging it on a white wall. This will not only connote the art work and emphasize your walls, but give a sagacity to the work so visible. In a bedroom or living room, draw on the black white theme in the coverings. Bedspreads, linens, pillows, bolsters, seat covers and afghans or other coverings can be white or black or both. In any bedroom, the table tops or floor coverings can manifest this decorating idea with chic. For idyllic or a medieval bit place black metal sconces against a white wall or black candlesticks on a white desk or table. Both also add a bit of complexity. Black and white prints cubicle-tops in the kitchen or lavatory can give a sense of complexity. The usage of iron or wicker furniture in black or white in the living room, sunroom or outdoor patio, add a sense of old fashioned allure. Top an iron table with glass. Set on it white pottery carrying beautiful flowers or black metal containers comprising plants of assorted shades of color. The comparison between the black and white will be increased by the bit of color. If you now want to add drama, chic and a touch of complexity to your world consider working in the two best colors of all - black and white prints.

black and white prints

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