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Sarvatobhadra Chakra

Contents Sarvatobhadra Chakra Introduction to Sarvatobhadra chakra Using the Sarvatobhadra chakra Other uses 1 2 5 12 Charts Chart 1: Female - Suicide case Chart 2: Adolpf Hitler Chart 3: Milosevic’s fall 6 8 10


Beneficence of this particular chakra is seen from many gurave namaù Introduction to Sarvatobhadra chakra ’Sarva’ means all. In four squares which form a perfect pyramid. It is believed that the use of the Sarvatobadra chakra in muhurta grants success! 1 2 Hari. the One who sustain us all! Reference: Sarvatobadra chakra by Sanjay Rath. day. astrologer (beside nakshatra) can see all consonants. thus it is the most auspicious chakra which takes’s all into account. This is the primary chakra which take’s into account 28 nakshatras. and ‘bhadra’ means auspicious. the God sits here. tithi and other points will benefit astrologer in various aspects of this divine knowledge! It is one of the best tools for judging effects of graha gochara but it is also very useful in judging natal chart positions and in muhurta carts. tithis and days. 2 . Figure 1: Sarvatobadra chakra 2 Thus right interpretation of janma nakshatra. (so Abhijit nakshatra also1). rashis.

considered as specially important in case of planet in direct motion. misunderstandings. which causes vedha. whilst retrograde malefic is extremely unfavourable. considered as specially important when planet is in stationary motion. 3 . is lower diagonal vedha. There are four types of vedha: 1) Hind vedha. etc. to put some field of life under his influence. Mars – gurave namaù Main tool for judging the results in this chakra is called Vedha. hence retrograde benefic is three times stronger benefic then in direct motion. d) Beneficence/bad effects are in correlation with the basic karakatvas of planets3. 4) Corner vedha. That also mean that vedha has good and bad aspect which depends from the fact is it caused by malefic or benefic planet. Asresha. Vishaka and Shravana) and in first pada of starting nakshatra in new line (Krittika. Rahu and Ketu – all kinds of troubles and accidents. 2) Across vedha. (Bharani. and it refers on the ability of graha. Anurada and Dhanishta). Vedha means piercing. is upper diagonal vedha. This raises the first main principle in this chakra: a) soumya graha cause favourable vedha. considered as specially important (strong) when it’s caused by retrograde (retrograde) planet. loss of welth. etc. 3) Fore vedha. b) krura graham cause unfavourable vedha. c) motion of planet is very important. is formed when planet is placed in last pada of last nakshatra in line i. 3 Sun – ego problems. is horizontal vedha. Magha.e. pious.

4 .om gurave namaù Figure 2: Vedha illustration. Sanjay Rath. 4 4 Reference: Sarvatobadra chakra paper by Pt.

These sensitive points and there meaning is: (1) Janma nakshatra – it refer on quality of though and good judgment/confusion and worries in the case of krura vedha. Under the malefic vedha brings diseases and bead health. 5 . hence on health matters. (3) Janma rashi – it refer on happenings in the area which is seen from bhava where janma rashi is placed. which can affect the native in an auspicious or inauspicious manner. under the malefic vedha bring losses. (4) Consonants – janma consonant show the state of physical body. under malefic vedha show problem in that area and vice versa. (5) Vowels – refer on living prana which connects gurave namaù Using the Sarvatobhadra chakra In the sarvatobhadra chakra. bad reputation. (2) Janma tithi – it refer on relationships. the focus is on sensitive points. under the malefic vedha it brings problems in relationships. quarrels and fights. An analysis of these points and case studies is given below.

Table 1: Sensitive points Sensitive point Janma nakshatra Janma tithi Janma rashi Consonant Vowel Nakshatra Anurada K. Saturn 6 . Mars and Merkury gurave namaù Chart 1: Female . Merkury Sun Mars. Mercury. Saturn. Mars.00 PM IST at Lat: 15 E 51’ & Long: 44 N 18’.Suicide case Female born on March 14th 1955 at 2. Shashti Vrischika ‘Ja’ - Transit Vedha Rahu.

7 . Janma rashi is placed in the fifth bhava. and affliction shows problem related to chita or gurave namaù Principle: If all given parameters are under the krura vedha. we see that the Sarvatobadra chakra clearly shows that four of five sensitive points are under strong malefic influence. Mercury and Saturn. Janma rashi has one krura vedha from the Sun and no benefic vedha. This major affliction confirms that physical the body is damaged. In the given example we can see that Janma nakshatra is badly afflicted by Rahu (which is placed in the nakshatra). Janma tithi has malefic vedha from three malefics: Mars. Person was going trout very difficult period which resulted in suicide. confused and proud to make wrong decisions. It confirms that person was going trough some relationship problems. The consonant is receiving krura vedha from three planets: Mars. It confirms that person was worried. and no benefic vedha. Based on these observations. Effects could be graded in correlation with the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the transit vedha. Mercury. Vowels are not under any vedha in this chart. death can be predicted. Saturn and one benefic Moon. Mars and Mercury (in this chart Mercury is malefic because of conjunction with Mars) which is also retrograde (hence making Mercury three times stronger malefic).

Shada K. Venus Ketu. Rahu. Table 2: Sensitive points Sensitive point Janma nakshatra Janma tithi Janma rashi Consonant Vowel Nakshatra P. Jupiter Sun. Saturn. Saturn. Mercury. Shashthi Dhanu ‘A’ - Transit Vedha gurave namaù Chart 2: Adolpf Hitler Born on 20th April 1889 at 6.30’ PM IST at Lat: 13E03’ & Long 48N15’. Venus 8 . Mercury. Saturn. Rahu. Mars. Rahu Ketu. Moon.

that all malefic are in middle or centre. Rahu and Ketu as krura vedhas and Mercury as benefic vedha. Another interesting point in this chart is. Both suicidal cases have this as the most afflicted sensitive point. Mars and Saturn give vedha). Janma rashi Sagittarius again receives vedha from Ketu. Janma Nakshatra is badly afflicted from all malefics (Ketu is joined. Consonant ‘A’ is under Sun. Venus is retrograde but hind vedha will be more predominant. Janma tithi has Saturn. Moon is the only hope and the weak influence of Jupiter (Jupiter is retrograde hence his influence will mostly be seen in his hind vedha). and this afflictions connects his death and historical fall of his own country. Sagittarius is the 3rd house in his chart. Mercury and Venus (retrograde) have Vedas. just like in previous case. showing the state of mind and way of thinking. Rahu and Saturn. and in this case it will not protect this gurave namaù In the punya chart of Adolph Hitler. In this chart it is clearly seen that all malefic influences are coming on the Janma nakshatra. whilst Rahu. Germany! 9 . It shows the persons state of mind having confusion and being prone to wrong decisions.

Table 3: Sensitive points Sensitive point Janma nakshatra Janma tithi Janma rashi Consonant Vowel Nakshatra Pusyami K.00’ PM IST at Lat: 21E12’ & Long: 44N38’.om gurave namaù Chart 3: Milosevic’s fall Born on 20th August 1941 at 10. Ketu and Saturn (retrograde) 10 . Chartudashi Kark ‘S’ - Transit Vedha Mars Sun Mars and Rahu Moon.

sarvatobadra chakra shows very inauspicious transits i. 11 . fame. position.e. While the first two cases did end with death of a person. Milosevic at that day finally admits his loss of elections after more then 10 years of being president of Yugoslavia. And the most afflicted point is ‘consonant’ which is related to his name. malefic vedhas on his sensitive gurave namaù At the day of Milosevic’s fall. and reputation. Janma rashi is also under krura vedha from Mars and Rahu which prove loss of support from the 3rd house area. which result very soon in his resting under accusing that he made a crime against the humanity. this case ended with loss of power.

show how our intelligence or dhi works. Nature of vedha on Lagna sign during particular transit. 10th nakshatra from Janma nakshatra is called Karma nakshatra and it is related to profession. For example. 7th and 12th). this chakra gives vital information about the effects of current transit. Next box contains consonants and it is very important because of all us are identified by our own name. Nothing important is supposed to be start on Rikta tithi. 8th and 13th). consonant. Nanda (1st. Each of four given boxes in Sarvatobadra chakra carries his own energy and significance. And finally tithi box. Next box is reserved for twelve signs and the Lagna sign is the most important point. om tat sat 5 6 For more details on this refer on Sarvatobhadra chakra by Sanjay Rath. 10th and 15th). 12 . Benefics or malefics which cause vedha on these constellations in their transit bring good or bad results related to the area covered by the nakshatra5. Like in the case of gurave namaù Other uses There are four types of boxes in the sarvatobhadra chakra. Different constellations from the constellation of natal Moon stand for different things. Krura vedha cause losses and afflict physical body. while vedhas on Janma nakshatra play the important role in judging of quality of decisions and state of mind. 6th and 11th thiti). Purna6 group specially Poornima tithi is concerned as the most auspicious one. other nakshatras plays a vital role and cover different segments of person’s life. etc. Samudajaka is the 18th nakshatra from Moons nakshatra and it is related to the prosperity of our spouse. Bhadra (2nd. in natal and gochara charts as well. Thus. While some of the most important points in natal chart are given in previous pages. etc. 9th and 14th) and Purna thitis are (5th. These are: nakshatra. Five groups of tithes have a major role in choosing right muhurta chart. Rikta (4th. sign and tithi box. Jaya (3rd. malefic influences on our name show changes in out reputation and it is especially interesting in cases of presidents and other well known persons. But these rules should be intelligently applied after observation of Rashi chart. For example.

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