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PWM Newsletter 01022012

PWM Newsletter 01022012

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Published by: Power Women Magazine & Radio Show on Jan 02, 2012
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Power Women Magazine & Radio Show

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Welcome to Power Women Magazine Newsletter

GOOD MORNING Welcome everyone. Good Monday Morning.Praying everyone has had a safe New Year's Eve and we are now back in the work mode? I know I am, 2012 will be Power Women Magazine & Radio Show's year to shine! We will be starting a TV Show Soon so stay tuned for that exciting announcement!! I had a great New Year's Eve, spent it with hubby and son and on phone with daughter! Ladies On Friday 12/2 I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr Kathleen Ruddy and she was also the guest on my radio show. She informed me that there is a VACCINE and CURE for BREAST CANCER! But the hold up is the all might dollar. People in the higher ups, aka congress and drug companies, do not want a cure they want to make money. Dr Ruddy and Power Women Magazine want to help put the vaccine on the list of things for congress to pay attention to. In order to do that we must all chip in! I lost my mother to breast cancer, so this hits home to me big time! WE NOW HAVE AN ONLINE PETITION SIGN PETITION HERE If we can get 135 million women to each donate one dollar to BHHF for the vaccine and research on the virus, we can be testing it in no time! http://www.breasthealthandhealing.org/donations/ Thanks so much!


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