Street - Night

A newsstand with headline “mystery disappearances continue” in foreground right. Streetlight blinks off in midground O.S. “Scream”

Shadow moves in alley. INT. Laboratory – Day

A SCIENTIST and a GENERAL are standing round a table. Scientist: If these new reports are accurate, then there were 3 more attacks last night… General: Of course they’re accurate, I’ve already had my men examine the scenes. All the evidence matches the previous attacks. INT. Subway Station – Night

Giant centipede shadow moves on tunnel wall INT. Laboratory - Day

Close up of map on table with small flags scattered over it. Scientist: Looking at the pattern of attacks, and the increase in frequencies, there’s only one conclusion. General: Scientist: General. General: What’s that? The island of Manhattan is under attack, Attack!? From What?

Scientist: I don’t know, but you’d better tell your men to get ready for war… EXT. Street – Day

A convoy of Trucks and Tanks roll down street. background have boarded up windows. INT. Laboratory – Day

Shops in

General: My men have the City under lockdown. Whatever those things are, they won’t get away with it this time! General slams fist down on map, causing little model tanks and flags to bounce and fall over. Scientist: Ext. I hope you’re right General…

Street – Night

Street is empty, but windows are not boarded up. O.S. Roar and rumbling sound

Giant Centipede erupts from Subway Station Cut to another angle – a Tank in foreground Tank fires at centipede, which doesn’t seem affected. INT. Laboratory - Day General: We’re facing a full scale invasion out there, doctor! What are those things? Scientist: I don’t know, General. These creatures are unlike anything known to science. I need more time to study them… General: We don’t have time! I’m calling in the airforce to bomb them back to wherever they came from! EXT. City – Day

A pair of Jet fighters swoop towards the empire state building. A centipede is climbing the tower. The jets release bombs, which the camera tracks towards the ground before fading to black. O.S. Title. ROAR INVASION FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH

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