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HRM Project

Section C, Group 10
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Apple Computer Inc.

Organisational structure

Company is organised along functional lines People are grouped on the basis of common expertise/experience and resources

 Learn from another and to become more specialised and productive  Effective monitoring Enables the company to avoid becoming too bureaucratic  Decentralisation enhances the company s planning, decision making, and control processes


Operating Structure

 Geographic structure for managing its business  Corporation s reportable operating segments are the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Retail

Allows the company to be responsive to the needs of regional customers  Reduces transportation costs Apple can leverage its skills across all the regions


Corporate culture and Values

Culture which focuses on innovation and creativity

Company can adopt to rapid changes in the fast-moving technology industry

Strict policy in terms of organisational socialisationSustained Competitive advantage


Human Resource Management

Apple would be nothing without its wonderfully dedicated, diverse, and talented staff. Human Resources is responsible for recruiting and developing the best and brightest employees in every division, and supporting them throughout their careers.

Objectives and strategies

Apple meets this need of creating a favourable image Human resource of a company by implementing equality of employment and promotion opportunities through partnership policies arrangements around the world


Employee Training and Development

Offer or efficiency programme e.g: training in various software packages

General Awareness education-employees are able to see the big picture

Skills and knowledge

Business driven training needs e.g: training in the e commerce area

Personal development category e.g: development of employee soft skills

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Staff appraisals


Recruitment Guidelines

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Equal Pay Act (1963)

Civil Rights Act (1991)

Congressio nal Accountabi lity Act (1995)

Other legislations laid down by the US governmen t


Induction Program Appointment of Candidate Compliance Review Reference Check Committee/Face to Face Interviews Resume Review Process Advertisements Announcement of Positions Commence Recruitment



The Director of Human Resources at Apple completes the following documents before an announcement for a position:  Recruitment request form Job description Job classification and suggested salary range Interview questions  Test/Skill evaluation tools Criteria for evaluating candidates Human resource department announces the open position and draft advertisements The job descriptions are circulated to about 340 agencies, universities and organizations

Commence Recruitment

Announcement of Positions



Print Media Other Media Applicants are accepted or rejected on the basis of their qualifications and experience in the field of engineering management

Resume Review Process

Committee/Face The interview includes questions that are relevant to the to Face job under focus. Questions consists of: General questions Interviews
Technical questions



Reference Check
Hiring Manager does the reference check and it includes: Academic references Prior work references Financial references Law enforcement records Personal reference Human resource department announces the open position and draft advertisements The job descriptions are circulated to about 340 agencies, universities and organizations Provides a planned introduction of the job, organization and the environment Contributes to improved socialization and to increase organizational commitment Reduces new employees stress levels

Compliance Review and Appointment of Candidates

Induction Program


Remuneration Management
Direct remuneration Consists of monetary rewards such as a pay packet or other value add-ons Indirect remuneration Non-monetary rewards such as reimbursements

Trust and Few classifications


Pay-forperformance (PFP)

Principles on which remuneration is based



Remuneration Management
Engage and absorb the coveted class and combination of staff workers Strengthen the establishment s strategic standards and principals and the coveted system of operating within the establishment Encourage their staff to enhance their efficiency and efforts in a steady manner To be just and unbiased towards its staff members and Offer customary and periodic reimbursement and efficiency audits

Rationale behind Apple`s Compensation Program

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Competitive advantage

Corporate strategy

Harmony:Sustained Competitive advantage

HRM strategy

HRM is able to create incentives for key employees to maintain a fruitful and competitive relationship and boost creativity HRM is able to design and deliver effective programs such as the local partnership agreements and adapting itself to the changing needs of a fast paced business
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