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Promotion and distribution Management Internal Assessment Questions UNIT 1 The marketing communication process

Fill in the blanks 1. __________ occurs when the message that was sent reaches its destination in a form that is understood by the intended audience (Communication) 2. ___________ is taking the idea and transforming it into an attention getting form through an advertisement or some other verbal or non-verbal medium(Encoding) 3. Messages travel to the audiences through __________ (transmission devices) 4. ________ occurs when the message touches the receivers senses in some way(Decoding) 5. ___________ is all about how to create, deliver, manage and evaluate brand messages(Marketing communication) 6. __________ functions have little value without media(MC) 7. The vehicles through which marketing communication messages are carried to target audience is called ________(Media) 8. A ____________ is the selection of MC functions used at given time as a part of marketing program(MC Mix) 9. The 4As definition of IMC focuses on using all fo0rms of ________ to achieve maximum communication impact 10. Each element of Promotional mix has a distinctive role in _________ 11. Traditional Promotional mix included ________ number of elements 12. ___________ is defined as any paid form of non personal communication about an organization , product, service, idea by an identified sponsored 13. Their is no opportunity of immediate ________ in advertising 14. __________ is a form of promotion mix in which organizations directly communicate to its target customers 15. One of the tools of direct marketing is _________ 16. The primary medium for direct response advertising is _________ 17. Interactive marketing is __________ in nature 18. The Interactive medium which has greatest impact on marketing is _________ 19. _________ can be viewed as promotional medium and as well as IMC tool 20. Marketing activities that provide incentives to sales force, distributor, or ultimate customer and can stimulate immediate sale is called ____________ 21. _____________ sales promotion is targeted to ultimate customer 22. _______________ sales promotion is targeted to Market intermediaries 23. _________ involves more precise and immediate feed back 24. In developing an IMC strategy a company combines the ________ elements. balancing the strengths an d weakness of each to produce an effective promotional campaign 25. The first step in __________ is to review the marketing plan and objectives

26. A news paper smaller than the size of a standard broad sheet news paper is known as ------------------------------27. ------------------------Term is used to describe the illustration of a news paper when the copy is printed close to the edge of the page to lessen the border of the news paper 28. The no of copy sold or distributed by a publication is known as ----------------29. The use of remote control to flick through the channel during commercial breaks is called as ----------------------30. The people who purchase the news paper or magazines are called as primary readers 31. A folded advertising page which when unfolded is bigger in dimension than the regular news paper is known as ------------------32. The use of video remote control to fast forward the advertisement content are known as ------------------33. The marketing communication can also takes place through use of interpersonal media such as -----------------------------34. The example of an outdoor media is -------------------------35. The flying balloon and telephone advertising are the example of an -------------------------36. Brand appeal plays an important role in communicating the messages to the audience. One of the appeal which changes fast and therefore last for a very short period is described as -------------------37. The father of internet is Mr. ------------------------38. Price off, quantity off, sampling , in package premium are some of the example of ------------------39. The design of the public face or distinctive visual appearance of an organization or brand is known as ---------------40. The process by which people access a website, find the information they want and move around within the site and to other related sites is known as -------------------41. A button or other sensitive areas on the page that when clicked on, move the viewer to another page of site is referred in computer language as ----------------42. The shared values and belief that structure the way an organizations employees work and interact with each other and with other stakeholder is refereed in corporate jargons as -----------------------43. ------------------- are small space words only ads presented in a clearly labeled section with no surrounding editorial content. 44. In media communication SAU is referred to as ----------------------45. ---------------are the advertisements that are bound on glued into the magazines but are printed on heavier paper than the rest of the magazines. 46. Post size cards that are slipped between the pages(So that they easily fall out when the magazine is read ) or tipped into the binding so they are easily seen but held in place are BRC i.e. ---------------------------47. The Situation analysis includes issues analysis, programme analysis and -------------------------48. Human right, child right and dowry are the example of --------------------issues to be handled by society. 49. Effective communication solution originate from the audience themselves. The key trait that the communication must possess to be able to theses solution is -------------------------------------

50. Some of the subjects of social issues are -------------------------

Key: Unit 1 Fill in the Blanks:

1. Communication 2. Encoding 3. transmission devices 4. decoding 5. marketing communication 6. marketing communication 7. media 8. MC Mix 9. Promotion 10. IMC Program 11. 4 12. Advertising 13. Feed back 14. Direct Marketing 15. Direct response advertising 16. Direct mail 17. Two way 18. Internet 19. Internet 20. Sales promotion 21. Consumer oriented 22. Trade oriented 23. personal selling 24. promotional mix 25. IMC Planning process 26. Tabloid 27. Bleed 28. ciculation 29. Zapping 30. Primary Reader 31. Gatefold 32. Zipping 33. Public meetings & lecture 34. Hoarding 35. Of the wall media 36. Sensory appeal 37. Tim berner 38. Promotion 39. Brand identity 40. Navigation 41. Hyperlinked 42. Corporate culture 43. Classified 44. Standard adv. unit 45. Tip-ins 46. Business reply cards 47. Audience analysis 48. Social 49. Sophisticated methodological tools 50. Aida, dowry, Child right

Multiple choice Questions Unit 1

1. a) b) c) d) 2. a) b) c) d) 3. a) b) c) d) 4. a) b) c) d) _______ is defined as transmitting, receiving, and processing information. Promotion Advertising IMC Communication The second step in the communication of marketing idea is ________ Sending Encoding Decoding Feed Back The third step in the communication of marketing idea is ________ Sending Transmission Decoding Feed back The third step in the communication of marketing idea is ________ Sending Transmission Decoding Feed back

5. _________ indicates that the message has been received and the receiver is now responding a) Feed back b) Communication c) Marketing d) All the above 6. _________ is a collective term for all the various types of planned messages used to build a brand a) Marketing Communication b) Brand Building c) Brand Positioning d) None of the above 7. a) b) c) d) of the following _________ is a function of MC Advertising Branding Packaging All d above

8. a) b) c) d)

MC Mix is also known as __________ Promotion Mix Advertising Sales Promotion None of the above

9. __________ objectives refer to what is to be accomplished by the overall marketing program a) Marketing b) Communication c) Both d) None of the above 10. __________ objectives refer to what the firm seeks to accomplish with its promotional program a) Marketing b) Communication c) Both d) None of the above 11. IMC involves coordinating the various promotional elements and other marketing activities that communicate with the firms _________ a) Employees b) Suppliers c) Customers d) Management 12. A task force from the American Association of advertising agencies developed one of the first definition of ________ a) Advertising b) Marketing c) Promotion d) IMC 13. _________ has been defined as the coordination of all seller initiated efforts to set up channels of information and persuasion in order to sell goods and services and promote an idea a) Marketing b) IMC c) Promotion d) None of the above 14. The basic tools used to accomplish an organizations communication objectives are often referred to as ___________ a) Marketing Mix b) Promotional Mix

c) IMC d) All the above 15. Advertising is one of the important promotional tool because of its __________ a) Glamour b) Cost Effectiveness c) Feed back d) None of the above 16. Advertising is more important for products and services targeted to ________ consumer markets a) Local b) Micro c) Mass d) Niche 17. The nature and scope of advertising ________ from one industry to other a) same b) Differ c) Not influenced d) None of the above 18. Initially ________ was not considered as a part of promotional mix a) Advertising b) Personal selling c) Direct marketing d) Public relations 19. Direct marketing had become very popular over the past 2 decades because of a) Changing life styles b) Increase in two-income households c) Rapid growth of internet d) All the above 20. Internet marketing is also known as ___________ a) Interactive b) Direct c) Tele d) All the above 21. __________ is the medium that can be used to execute all the elements of promotional mix a) TV b) Print c) Radio d) Internet

22. Following is the sales promotion for consumers a) Trade shows b) Sales contests c) Price deals d) Samples 23. _________ has a broader objective then publicity a) Advertising b) Public Relations c) Sales promotion d) Personal selling 24. A form of person-to-person communication is called _______ a) advertising b) Public Relations c) Personal Selling d) Publicity 25. ________ is a written document that describes the overall marketing strategy and programs developed for an organization, a particular product line or brand a) IMC b) Marketing plan c) Marketing Strategy d) Marketing program 26. Which of the following is NOT a participant in the integrated marketing communications process? a) the client b) the human resources manager c) sales promotion agencies d) None 27. What are the primary duties of any advertising manager in a centralized system? the client a) The primary duties of any advertising manager depend on the importance the firm places on promotion and vary from organization to organization. b) The duties include only creation and production of ads. c) The primary duty of the advertising manager varies with the size of the target market(s). d) None 28. An advantage of the _____ system for organizing is that each brand receives concentrated managerial attention, resulting in faster response to both problems and opportunities. a) Tactical b) Hierarchical c) Decentralized d) None

29. According to the text, the main reason outside advertising agencies are used is because: a) the Federal Trade Commission recommends outside firms in order to avoid accusations of insider trading b) Both a & c c) they allow for more top management involvement in advertising decisions d) they provide the client with the services of highly skilled individuals who are specialists in their fields 30. In advertising agencies, copywriters would be a part of: a) b) c) d) Research department creative services Marketing services None

31. Creative boutiques: a) b) c) d) only provide creative services to their clients coordinate IMC campaigns so that the campaigns have consistent messages Both a & b None

32. Which of the following statements about how advertising agencies are compensated for their services is true? a) The traditional method of compensating agencies is the payment of a flat-rate plus Percentage of sales. b) Agencies receive a 20 percent commission from each client. c) The commission paid to agencies is the same no matter what media is used. d) None 33. The advertising agency's evaluation process involves two types of assessments. They are the financial audit and the: a) qualitative audit b) Social audit c) Quantitative audit d) None 34. Why do agencies lose clients? a) Personality conflict b) Poor performance or service c) Change in corporate strategy d) All the above 35. Speculative presentations are:

a) b) c) d)

what creative boutiques call storyboards One technique agencies uses for gaining new client All a,b,c One technique agencies use for gaining new clients

36. In terms of the participants in the integrated marketing communication process, printers, video production houses, and package design firms would all be characterized as: a) Creative boutiques b) Clients c) Collateral services d) None 37. A typical direct-response agency is divided into three main departments. They are: a) research, account relations, and creative b) research, list management, and creative c) account management, creative, and media d) None 38. Which of the following statements about integrated marketing communications services is true? a) Proponents of integrated marketing communications services contend maintaining control of the entire promotional process achieves greater synergy. b) The use of an integrated marketing communications service makes it easy for the client to coordinate all of its marketing efforts A client that hires an integrated marketing communications service can create a single image for its product and address everyone, from wholesalers to consumers, with one voice. d) All of the above 39. A client that hires an integrated marketing communications service can create a single image for its product and address everyone, from wholesalers to consumers, with one voice. a) Census information available on the Internet. b) The local Better Business Bureau. c) Interviews with neighborhood leaders. d) None 40. The greatest satisfaction comes from which utility a) Possession. b) Purchase c) Gift d) None 41. psychogenetic needs are a) Belonging, b) Recognition

c) Both a & b d) None 42. Products which moves thorough short channels are a) Bread b) Egg c) Vegetables d) All 43. The areas which become active after promotion budgets have been set and funds are allocated to promotion mix elements. a) Sales management b) Advertising c) Both a & b d) None 44. A Superior product is priced at a) Above market level b) Equal to market level c) Below market level d) None 45. The organization focuses attention on one market segment and develops one marketing mix for that segment. This is known as : a) Concentration b) Focus c) Targeting d) None 46. Major reason for success for a new product launched in the market is a) Superiority in quality? b) Superiority in advertisement c) Superiority in channel d) None 47. What is the purpose of using advertising for public relations? a) To reach audiences other than the customers targeted by marketing. b) Is creating newsworthy stories and events to attract media attraction and to gain public notice. c) Uses to public relations efforts related to public policy and corporate citizenship. d) Many governmental agencies and some corporations use the public affairs title in place of public relations.

48. Favorable, unfavorable or neutral to respond in a given way to a given issue or situation. The statement is refer to a) Public b) Opinion c) Attitude d) Manner 49. The view should not held by significant minority but by the general publics. This statement can be defined as a) b) c) d) Public opinion Public information Public entertainment Public attitude

50. The success or failure of the organization depends on a sound and mutually beneficial relationship between the _______ and its ________. a) b) c) d) Key Multiple Choice Questions: 1. d 2. b 3. b 4. c 5. a 6. a 7. a 8. a 9. a 10. b 11. c 12. d 13. c 14. b 15. b 16. c 17. b 18. c 19. d 20. a 26. b 27. a 28. c 29. d 30. b 31. a 32. d 33.a 34. d 35. d 36. c 37. c 38. d 39. c 40. a 41. c 42. d 43. c 44. a 45. a Staff and employer Employer and manager Employees and employer Organization and employees

21. d 22. d 23. b 24. c 25. b

46. a 47. a 48. a 49. a 50.c

Short Answer Question

1. What is promotion mix? 2. What are the elements of promotion mix? 3. Explain Advertising? 4. Explain direct marketing? 5. What do you mean by personal selling? 6. Differentiate advertising and publicity. 7. What do you mean by publicity? 8. Explain public relations in corporate world. 9. What do you mean by corporate governance? 10. Define ethics in business. 11. What do you mean by corporate social responsibility? 12. What do you mean by media mix? 13. What is the element of media mix? 14. What is sales promotion? 15. Why it has become important on the part of marketers to indulge in sales promotion. 16. Eureka Forbes is a consumer durable company whos water filters are house hold name. What mode of marketing is employed by Eureka to market water filters and why? 17. Explain the marketing mix for marketing a local snacks productMURKUL in 18. What do you mean by Integrated brand promotion? 19. Explain IMC and its importance in todays world of media clutter? 20. What is guerilla marketing?

Unit II Advertising
Fill in the blanks 1. The IBP stands for ----------------------------------2. The IMC is known as --------------------------------------------------------3. Do not call registry and anti spam legislative moment is ----------------------------------------

4. Though water is suppose to be freely available worldwide, but it has attained phenomenal growth for marketers. One of the reasons for water being 10 billion dollar industry in America is because of ---------------------------------------------5. The effective use of advertisement and marketing of water has made a very basic and generic product in to a branded products, it is purely the magic of ----------------------------------------6. Why we pay more for a product so generic as water just because, we simply -----------------------------------------------------------------7. One of the fundamental accepted theories in marketing is that if any brands which does not meet the customers needs or is not advertised properly will -----------------------in the market 8. As there are many school of thought, one says it deceives others, i.e. customers but not themselves some things it is a glamorous profession, some say it is a hype unfair capitalistic manipulation, basically this school of thought refers to ---------------------------9. ----------------------- is a paid mass mediated attempt to persuade. 10. In advertising language the company or organization that pays for advertising is called as --------------------11. The basic difference between publicity and advertisement is that publicity is ----------------------------------for. 12. Mr. Shahrukh Khan appears in a late TV show and talks about his forthcoming movies. The act of Shahrukh Khan can be described as ------------------------------------------------------------------------------13. An important public messages on Radio which tells public to stop smoking or say no to drugs can be described as --------------------------------------------------------14. The basic requirement for a comparing to be known as advertisement is that it should be -------------------------15. ------------------------------------is a series of coordinated advertisement and other promotional efforts that communicates a reasonably cohesive and integrated Theme 16. ----------------------------is the use of many promotional tools, including advertisement in coordinated manners to build & then maintain brand awareness identity, & preferences 17. Jagan malhotra is incharge of marketing division. He combines contest, a website, an event sponsorship & point of purchase displays with advertising. He is basically doing an --------------------------------------------------18. Advertising is a communication which does not occurs face to face but through a medium ( such as radio TV or magazines). This characteristics requirement for any advertisements proves that any advertisement has to be -------------------------19. -------------------------------is a process where people, institution and messages interact. 20. In the language of adverting, an -----------------------is a group of individuals who receives and interpret messages sent from advertisers through mass medi. 21. In the language of advertising ----------------------is a particular group of customers singled out by an organization for an advertisement or advertising campaign. 22. ----------------------are magazines published specifically for members of a trade and carry highly technical articles. 23. An advertisement which is used worldwide with only minor changes is called as ---------------------------------

24. Mr. Mahesh is a vice president south Asia for OMEGA watches. He plans to campaign across SOUTH ASIA to enhance his sales. The type of advertising he shall be doing is called as ----------------------------------------------25. When a firms prepares and places different advertisement in different national market out -side their home market, it is known as -------------------------------26. When advertisers uses mass media in the domestic market of a country it is called as ----------------------------------------27. If the advertising is directed at an audience in a single trading area, it is called as --------------------------------28. In a particular situation & special circumstances national advertisers will share advertising expenses in a market with local dealers to achieve specific advertising objectives. This methods of advertising share is known as co-operative advertising. 29. ------------------- is defined as a name, term, sign, symbol, or any other features that identifies one sellers, goods or services as distinct from other sellers. 30. The four P or the area of responsibility & decision making in marketing are referred to as marketing mix. 31. -------------------------- is the process of planning & executing the concept, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchange that satisfies individual and organizational objectives. 32. An adaptation of an existing brand to a new product area is known as ----------------------33. Sunitha, a house wife by profession is a very choosy women. She repeatedly purchases the same brand of groceries and apparel items overlooking the competitors in the market. Her behavior as consumer shows her -------------------------------------------34. When firms creates and maintains positive association with the brands in the mind of the consumers the firms is said to have developed ----------------------------35. ------------------------------is the process of breaking down a large, widely varied(Heterogeneous) market into submarket or segment that are more similar (Homogenous) then dissimilar in terms of what the customers is looking for or is presumed to be looking for. 36. Gotham Singhania a business in mobile business, is trying to create a perceived difference in the mind of the consumers between an organization brand and the competitors. This process is known as ------------------------------------37. When an advertisement campaign is trying to create demand for an entire product category, the advertisement campaign is known as ------------------------------------38. The true power of advertisement is shown when it functions to stimulate demand for a particular companies brands. This stimulation is known as -----------------39. The purpose of ----------------------------- is to point out a brands unique benefits compared to its competitors. 40. A Type of advertisement which wants consumers to act immediately on its messages is known as --------------------------41. In a type of advertisement which attempts to develop awareness and preference for a particular brand over time and it also attempts to create brand awareness, reinforces the benefits of using a brand, develops a general liking for the brand and create an image for the brand is known as --------------------------- advertising. 42. When an advertisement is designed not to promote a specific brand but is meant to create a favorable attitude towards a company as a whole, it is known as ------------------------------------------

43. ---------------------------------------Communicates specific features, values and benefits of a particular brand offered for sale by a particular organization 44. When a corporate advertisement takes place in trade channel, it is referred to as ------------------------45. The highest valued team in terms of brand value in recently concluded IPL in South Africa was ----------------------------------46. The consumer decision making process is a multi stage process and at first stage comes the ------------------------------47. The classical theory of human motivation popularized by Mr. Abraham Maslow has -------------------basic needs. 48. The classical theory of human motivation popularized by Mr. Abraham Maslow has a need which talks about a need for self fulfillment and the desire to realize ones own potential is known as---------------------------------49. An agency which provides only creative service towards advertisement formulation is well known in modern times as -------------------------50. --------------------------------has been defined as the art and science of fitting the product or service to one or more segments of the broad market in such a way a as to set it meaningfully apart from competition

KEY: Unit 2 Fill in the blanks

1. Integrated brand promotion 2. Integrated market communication 3. Regulatory aspect 4. Advertising and branding 5. Advertising 6. We do not trust any other source of water 7. Will not succeed in the market 8. Advertising 9. Advertising 10. Client or sponsors 11. Not paid for 12. Public relation exercise 13. Public service announcement 14. It must be paid for 15. An advertisement campaign 16. IBP 17. Integrated brand promotion 18. Mass mediated 19. Mass communication 20. Audience 21. A target audience 22. Trade journal 23. Global advertising 26. National adverting 27. Local advertising 28. Cooperative adverting 29. Brand 30. Marketing Mix 31. Marketing 32. Brand extension 33 Brand loyalty 34. Brand equity 35. Market segmentation 36. Differentiations 37. Primary demand stimulation 38. Selective demand stimulation 39. Selective demand stimulation 40. Direct response advertising 41. Delayed response advertising 42. Corporate advertising 43. Value advertising 44. Institutional adverting 45. KKR 46. Problem recognition 47. Five 48. Self actualization

24. Global advertising 25. International advertising

49. Creative boutiques 50. Positioning

Unit II Advertising Multiple Choice Questions

1. A communication can be an advertisement only if the communication is a) Paid for b) is delivered to audience via mass media c) must be attempting persuasion d) All of the above 2. The process of using promotional tools in a unified way so that a systematic communication effect is created, it is the concept of mixing various promotional tools and was started in 1990. It is referred to as a) Integrative brand promotion b) Integrated marketing communication c) Integrated communication of marketing d) Integrated promotion & branding 3. The oldest classified advertisements were published in journals and periodicals that proliferated in the 17th century. Advertisement became a profession with the first advertisement agency Reynell and sons founded in a) 1812 b) 1821 c) 1822 d) None 4. Promotion mix do not include a) Advertising b) Personal selling

c) Publicity



5. Promotion mix include which of the following a) Sales promotion b) Sales expansion c) PRM



6. Any form of non paid commercially significant news or editorial comments about ideas, products and institution are defined as a) Sales promotion b) Public relation c) Advertising d) Publicity

7. The various elements i.e. advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales promotion and packaging together are called as a) Advertising mix b) Promotion mix c) media mix d) None

8. It is one to one relationship with a customer, it is an oral presentation of a tangible and intangible product by a seller to a prospect for the purpose of completing an exchange, it is called as a) Direct marketing b) Personal selling c) Sales promotion d) None

9. The process in which messages are formulated (Rechristened) in understandable terms is known as a) Formatting b) Coding c) Decoding d) Both b & c 10. As per the greatest psychologist Maslows theory of human needs, the first need of a human being is a) Safety and security needs b) Social needs c) Ego needs d) None 11. An adverting strategies which increases the likelihood of retention of information received by individuals, reinforcing learning and slowing the process of decay or forgetting is known as a) Safety and security needs b) Social needs c) Ego needs d) None 12. It is a process by which consumer select and assign a word or visual image to represent an object, this process is kwon as a) Encoding b) Understanding c) Comprehension d) None 13. It is defined as the silent mental repletion of material or information , it determines, how much information would be available for delivery from the short term memory to long term memory store for use in future decision making. It is called a) Repetition b) Rehearsal c) Stimulus determination d) None 14. Which of the following is not an example of mass media a) TV b) Radio c) News Paper d) None 15. TV, Radio, and news paper is an example of a) Entertainment source b) Mass media c) Urban media



16. A Strategy on the part of marketers to influence customers to find an answer to their question, that What a product is and what he thinks about a product in its totality can be termed as a) Branding of the products b) Positioning of the product c) Image building of the product d) None 17. When an advertisers advertises only the good things or points about their product, the their messages board of the advertisement, the messages is known as a) Single messages b) One side messages c) positive messages d) None

18. Photograph is widely used in any advertisement as it score high on readership. Which of the following are the other good reasons for using photographs in advertisement a) Realism b) Immediacy c) Intrinsic beauty and believability d) All 19. The idea connected with advertisement should be unique for the product and the advertisers must ensure that newness and relevance be given importance in his own idea generating process. This concept is known as a) VSP of the product b) USP of the product c) SP of the product d) None 20. The advertisement should be unique for the product and the advertisers must ensure that newness and relevance be given importance in his own idea generating process. This concept known as Unique selling point was coined by a) Rosser reeves in 1961 b) Rosser reeves in 1962 c) Rosser reeves in 1963 d) None 21. steady pulse, seasonal pulse, period pulse, and erratic pulse are some of the example of a) Media scheduling b) Advertising planning c) creative scheduling d) None 22. Media scheduling is a part of media strategy. When scheduling of media is done at regular intervals, but not related to the seasons of the year, the scheduling is called as a) Erratic pulse b) Period pulse c) Steady pulse d) Periodic pulse 23. When a product is seasonal in nature and dictates the use of season as base mark for media scheduling, this media scheduling strategy is known as a) Erratic pulse b) Steady pulse c) Periodic pulse d) None 24. Mahima an advertising executive is tasked to do media scheduling for a ponds cream , ceiling fans and AC. Which of the following media scheduling she should be using a) Erratic pulse b) Period pulse c) Steady pulse d) Seasonal pulse 25. Suman Agnihotri, is a fashion designer by profession has created a new range of designs and wants to launch aggressively in coming months. She wants to advertise it in different media. Since designs are new and first of its kind, the media scheduling she should be preferring a) Erratic pulse b) Start up pulse c) Steady pulse d) Seasonal pulse 26. The methods by which the communication travels from the source or sender to the receiver is known as a) Medium b) Channel c) Process d) None 27. Non personal channels of communication are those that carry messages without interpersonal contact between sender and receiver. These non personal channels are generally referred to as a) Mass Media b) multiple channel c) media d) None

28. Transforming the senders messages back into thought and is heavily influenced by the receiver frame of reference is known as a) Encoding b) Decoding c) Comprehending d) None 29. Throughout the communication process, the messages are subject to extraneous factors that can distort or interfere with its reception. This unplanned distortion or interference is known as a) disturbance b) Noise c) Distraction d) None 30. The process and activities people engage in when searching for, selecting, purchasing , using, evaluating and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy their needs and desire is called as a) Consumer behavior b) Consumer activities c) consumer buying process d) None 31. The new smaller Volvo estate car, the S70, has a shape which differs considerably from the well-established 'square' lines of the redoubtable Volvo estate. Tellingly, Volvo marketed the new product with advertisements showing its sleek new shape, but alongside the slogan: 'Underneath it's a Volvo' (i.e., with the same motor, safety features, etc.). This is an example of which advertising techniques a) Comparative advertising b) Brand extension c) Evaluative conditioning d) None 32. Television advertising that suggests that consumers take a proactive role in family health care by requesting that their physicians prescribe specific medications they see advertised raises issues of ethics in a) Promotion strategy b) Product strategy c) Distribution strategy d) None 33. Showroom retailers are able to offer low prices as a result of a) Larger physical location. b) Quick purchase process because of a large number of service representatives c) high volumes of perishable items. d) None 34. Examples of products having target markets differentiated by age group are a) Headache and cold remedies. b) Nostalgic products and retro toys like Sock Monkey. c) cookies, candies, and baking goods d) None 35. The idea that a large percent of a product's sales revenues come from a relatively small, loyal group of its purchasers is the a) 80/20 principles b) cohort effects c) purchase aggregation basis. d)


36. A product which has achieved the status of brand insistence a. moves from the unknown to the known category, increasing its probability of purchase. a) Has achieved a monopoly position with its consumers. b) Must be price competitive if it is to keep its status.

c) Has the advantage of being preferred to other products, but only if it is available. d) d) None 37. The gap between what customers expect and what they dealing with a firm is a) One of the traditional methods of testing new products. b) Impossible to measure because it's subjective, not objective. c) One measure of their satisfaction with a firm and its products. d) None receive when

38. In an integrated marketing communications program, which of the following is not one of the ways in which a customer may have contact with the organization? a) b) c) d) direct mail Personal letters from competitors. personal selling None

39. Which public strategy might try to influence health behavior by imposing tax increases on cigarettes or implementing laws enforcing the use of seatbelts? a) Persuasion b) Fear appeals. C) Modification of the incentive structure. b) None 40. When Mohan and John rate current movies for times of India newspaper using a possible one to four star rating, it is an example of: a) b) c) d) Publicity Direct selling Advertising None

41. Personal selling is: a) A non-personal, indirectly paid presentation of an organization, service, or product b) The two-way flow of communication between a buyer and a seller, designed to influence a person's or group's purchase decision. c) A short-term inducement of value offered to arouse interest in buying a good or service. d) None

42. Which of the following statements about sales promotion is true? a) Sales promotions are offered to both intermediaries and ultimate consumers. b) Sales promotion is the only promotional element that is not regulated by a federal agency. c) To be most effective, sales promotions should be conducted continuously.

d) None 43. Which of the following about advertising is true? a) b) c) d) There are no fees paid. Advertising costs are low relative to all other forms of promotion. Advertising is an efficient means for reaching large numbers of people. None

44. The Hair Cuttery, a hair salon chain, is opening a new store in an area where there are already five independently owned hair salons operating. To draw people into the store for its grand opening, the Hair Cuttery can use: a) b) c) d) Some form of advertising. Some form of publicity. Some form of sales promotion. None

45. Like many consumer products manufacturers, Frito-Lay gives its resellers discounts to encourage them to carry and promote its products. When doing so, Frito-Lay uses a __________ strategy. a) b) c) d) Inertia Push Intensity Pull

46. Integrated marketing communication should be used in which of the following situations? a) A business school wants to increase enrollment by changing its image. b) A theme park wants to be known as a fun place to spend the day with the kids. c) An author needs to decide which marketing channel(s) to use to distribute her new book. d) Integrated marketing communication should be used in all of the above situations 47. The first step in the hierarchy of effects in which the consumer learns to recognize the product or brand name is: a) b) c) d) Trial Evaluation Interest Awareness

48. -------------Is the outcome of an offer designed to motivate people to visit a business. a) Traffic generation b) Lead generation c) Indirect order fulfillment d) None

49. Which of the following is a strength of direct marketing? a) b) c) d) The seller obtains immediate feedback. It is effective at changing behavior in the short run. Messages can be prepared quickly. None

50. Which method of setting a promotion budget takes into account what the company wants to accomplish? a) b) c) d) objective and task budgeting all-you can-afford budgeting competitive parity budgeting None

Key : Unit 2 Multi choice question 1. 3. a 5. a 7. b 9. d 11. d 13. b 15. b 17. b 19. b 21 a 23. d 25. b 27. a 29. b 31. b 33. b 35. a 37. c 39. c d 4. a 6. d 8. b 10. d 12. a 14. d 16. d 18. d 20. a 22. b 24. d 26. B 28. B 30. D 32. A 34. A 36. A 38. B 40. A 2. b

41. b 43. c 45. b 47. d 49. c

42. A 44. C 46. D 48. A 50. A Short Answer Question

How would you explain the IMC concept to a lay man, explain with an example. What is IMC process? Why integration so important I marketing communication? The creative process has many stages before an idea takes physical shape. What are the various stages of creative process? 5. Preparation is the first stage of creative process. Explain. 6. What do you mean by incubation & illumination stages of creative process? 7. What do you mean by creative personality? What are the essentials of a creative personality? 8. There are two types of advertisements, a creative advertisement and run of the mill advertisement. Give two examples of both. 9. Realism and Immediacy are the two good reasons for using photograph in advertisement. Define realism. 10. India is one of the most populous countries. Govt. of India has tried to promote family planning but failed. Create a promotional strategies for India so that it succeeds 11. What major changes have taken place in Indian media scenario, during the past decade? 12. It is being said that growth in mass media made it possible for the marketers to target their products to new segments like house wives and children. Comment with an example. 13. There is a distinct difference in media vehicle available. What are the media vehicle you can identify to reach out to various segments like children, house wife, and senior citizens 14. In which year the color television was introduced in India? 15. In which year in India the Television was introduced in India? 16. Give some example of mass media used for advertisement. 17. What do you mean by, of the wall media? Give two examples of the same. 18. How personality factors/variables of a customers affect the purchase decisions. Discuss in relation to the consumer product. 19. What are the various levels of human needs defined by Maslow theory of needs? 20. What do you mean by self actualizations

1. 2. 3. 4.

UNIT 3 Personnel selling and sales management

Fill in the blanks

1. In a broader perspective Sales management is the addition no of __________ to personal selling 2. _______ is the planning direction & control of sales personnel including recruiting, selecting, equipping, assigning, routing, supervising, paying & motivating the sales force 3. outside the company, the sales manager is responsible for building and maintaining an effective _______________ 4. _________ is responsible for the of fulfilling both sales objectives 5. ________ is the art of persuading the customers to buy products or services 6. _________ is one of the skill used in personal selling 7. __________ reservoir is a file of individuals who might be recruited when the need arises 8. one approach of evaluating the sources of recruits is to study those used in the ______ 9. _________ the right kind and right number of sales personnel is an important responsibility of sales management 10. _________ influence the the sources of recruits and recruiting methods 11. _______ offers are extended to applicants surviving all the steps of selecting system 12. _________ screening is for the purpose of eliminating unqualified applicants 13. _________ is the most widely used selection step 14. using a prepared outline of questions designed to elicit a basic core information is __________ interview 15. _________ interview simulates the stresses the applicant would meet in actual selling 16. one shortcoming of personal interview is lack of __________ 17. Applicants tend to name as __________ those on whom they can rely to speak on favor 18. ________ tests are more appropriate as moral measuring techniques than as selection aids 19. The validity of ________ tests is questionable, Since people generally profess the socially acceptable attitudes which they do not posses 20. In absence of training job performance improves with ______ 21. Sales personnel are given __________ to reach high job performance earlier 22. The qualifications required to perform the job are detailed in job _______ 23. to determine initial training needs sales related _______ policies must be analyzed 24. The _______ of sales training program derives from specific aims 25. Initial training programs are _______ in scope and coverage then continuous programs 26. Sales management directs the personal selling effort which in turn, is implemented largely through -------------------------------------------------27. The art of successfully persuading prospect or customers to buy products or services from which, they can derive suitable benefits, resulting in total satisfaction is called -----------------------------------------------------------28. -------------------------------------- is seller initiated effort that provide prospective buyers with information & other benefits, motivating or persuading them to decide in favor of the sellers product or service 29. ----------------------- is sometimes also called salesmanship in print 30. Salesmanship involves buyers sellers interaction, a situation where two people interact. This process of interaction between seller and buyers has been referred by sociologist as -----------------------31. Advertising is supplementing to personal selling and both support each other in achieving the sales. Usually a buyer reacts to -------------- of personal selling and advertisement.

32. If the sales person and their prospect or more alike, there is ---------------likely-hood that sales would materialize. 33. AC Murray and Arnold classify sales position into three mutually exclusive group i.e. service selling, developmental selling and developmental selling requires creativity. An inside order taker and delivery salesperson falls in the category of ----------------------------34. AC Murray and Arnold classify sales position into three mutually exclusive group i.e. service selling, developmental selling and developmental selling requires creativity. A sales person selling Vacuum cleaner and automobiles falls in the category of -----------------------------------35. There are four theories of selling which analyses selling from different perspective; these theories are AIDAS, right set of circumstances theory, buying formula theory & -----------------------------------------------theory. 36. One of the most popular theory of selling is AIDAS which is expressed as attention, ---------------------- desire ----------------------- and -------------------. 37. AIDAS is a popular theory of selling. The AIDAS is an acronym for ------------------------------- interest, desire ------------------ and satisfaction. 38. The focus is on the thinking process i.e. what goes on in the mind that causes the decision to buy or not to buy. This process is basically known as ---------------------------------------------------39. The buying formula, a name given to a theories which emphasizes on buyers side of the buyer seller dyad was propounded by ----------------------40. In the simplest element the mutual process involved in a purchases are, Need ----------------- and purchase. 41. The buying formula theory, the step by step approach to purchase was taken from the teaching and writing of Mr. ------------------. 42. Personal selling always involves ---------------------------------------------------------43. The role of the sales personal varies depending upon the nature of product/service and ------------------------------

44. The length of sales process varies, based on many factors including the complexity of the ------------------- and size of the opportunity.

45. It is important for a marketing/sales manager to understand and account for the forces impacting personal selling and sales management. These forces can be categorized into ------------------------ technological and -------------------------46. The effectiveness of international sales management decisions has a direct impact on the success (and profitability) of an organization seeking to operate in foreign markets. In general, these decisions can be categorized into -------------------------, industrial factors and environmental factors. 47. The four major cultural elements generally affect sales force recruitment in a foreign market are -------------------, ethnic composition, religious orientation and ------------------------.

48. The salesperson is the key person in establishing relationships with customers. A 'happy' salesperson will be motivated to build long term lasting relationships with customers. To achieve this, organizations should adopt a 'three E's' approach. They are --------------------------- Empowerment and Ethical sales practice 49. When a sales person's values are consistent with those of the organization, he/she is more likely to perceive membership in the organization as conducive to the attainment of -----------------------------------. 50. There are no simple guidelines that can be applied universally when it comes to matching salespersons' characteristics with the job specification. A good international sales force should be highly adaptable to new situations, ----------------------- to different cultures, and has the required language skills and ability to work in international teams

KEY: Unit 3 Fill In the blanks

1. Management 2. Sales Management 3. distribution network 4. Top management 5. Salesmanship 6. Salesmanship 7. Prerecruiting 8. Past 9. Recruiting 10. selling styles 11. Employment 12. Preinterview 13. Interview 14. Patterned 15. Interactive/stress 16. Objectivity 17. Reference 18. Attitude 19. Attitude 20. Experience 21. Training 22. Specification 23. Marketing 24. Content 26. Salesmanship 27. Personal selling 28. Salesmanship 29. Advertising 30. Dyads 31. Combine impact 32. More 33. Service selling 34. Developmental selling 35. The behavioral equation 36. Interest action and satisfaction 37. Attention, action 38. Buying formula 39. E.K. Strong 40. Solution 41. E K Strong 42. Third party to extol virtue of product 43. Customer needs 44 Product 45. Behavioral , managerial 46. Sales force adm. and envrn factors 47. Education and social class 48. Encouragement 49. Personal goal

25. Broader

50. Sensitive

Multiple choice Questions Unit 3

1. a) b) c) d) Sales management usually reffered to the direction of the __________ Customer Management Sales Force All the above

2. Sales Managers are responsible for organizing the sales effort ________ in their companies a) Inside b) Outsied c) Both d) None of the above 3. Inside the organization the _________ ensures effective communication not only in sales department but in relation with other departments a) Marketing Manager b) Sales Manager c) Advertising Manager d) All the ABOVE 4. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 6. a) b) c) d) From the company point of view there are ________ objectives of sales management 4 6 5 3 Following is a sales objective of sales management Sales volume Contribution to profit Continuing growth All the above sales management directs the ________ Advertising Promotion Personal selling Branding

7. Salesmanship is one aspect of _________ a) Sales management b) Personal selling

c) A & B d) None 8. a) b) c) d) 9. a) b) c) d) Apart from personal sellimg ________ also uses salesmanship Public Relations Publicity Advertising None _________ is an important part of implementing personal selling strategy recruiting selecting Both None

10. Of the following _______ is a source of sales force withing the company a) Company sales personnel b) Company executives c) Internal transfers d) All 11. __________ is a set of successive screens at any of which an applicant may be dropped from further considerations a) Recruiting b) Selecting c) Motivating d) Supervising 12. the formal application form serves as acentral record for all pertinent information collected during the ________ process a) Motivating b) Selelcting c) Supervising d) None 13. The decisions as to the items to be placed in the application form is based on analyzing the ________ a) Management b) Company c) Existing sales force d) All the above 14. Interaction interview is also known as ________ interview a) Patterned b) Stress c) Non directive d) Rating scales

15. there are _______ types of references in sales force selection a) 4 b) 3 c) 5 d) 6 16. _______ types of psychological ntest are used in selection systems for sales personnel a) 7 b) 3 c) 2 d) 6 17. Ability tests include _________ a) Intelligence Tests b) Aptitude tests c) Both d) None 18. Habitual characteristics test include ________ a) Attitude b) Personality c) Interest d) All 19. The purpose of ________ is to achieve improved job performance a) selecting b) recruiting c) motivating d) training 20. The overall efficiency of a companys _________ is influenced by the state of relations with customers a) Advertising b) Personal selling c) Sales promotion d) Publicity 21. sales ____________ contributes through accelerating the process of learning through experience a) Motivation b) Selection c) Training d) All 22. The m0ost comprehensive and longest is the training for ________sales personnel a) existing

b) newly recruited c) both d) none 23. Intensive and short programs on specialized topics are presented for ______ sales personnel a) Newly recruited b) Existing c) Both d) None 24. Defining the training aims is the first step ________ sales training a) Planning b) Controlling c) Monitoring d) All 25. Identifying initial sales training programs requires the following factors a) Job specification b) Trainees background and experience c) Sales related marketing policies d) All 26. After painting his living room, Henry Clark decided that the world needed a no drip paint tray. After developing a prototype of such a product, he had to convince a manufacturer to make the product and retailers like The Home Depot to carry the product. What promotion method did Clark most likely use to convince the manufacturer and retailers that his product would appeal to consumers? a) Sales promotion b) Mass advertising c) Personnel selling d) None 27. Which of the following is an example of an individual engaged in selling? a) A child asking her mother for a cookie b) a telemarketer asking you to subscribe to Sports Illustrated c) a student asking a teacher to postpone a test d) All of the above 28. Which of the following is NOT one of the major reasons for choosing a career in sales? a) character building as a result of rejection b) the challenge of selling c) the opportunity for advancement in a company d) the freedom of being on your own 29. Deborah invited a group of people who liked to cook to her home so that she could show them Pampered Chef kitchen products. Each attendee was handed a catalog and an order form. Then Deborah demonstrated how various Pampered Chef products made cooking

easier. As the attendees left, they gave their filled-in order forms to Deborah who submitted them to the Pampered Chef Company. A month later she delivered their orders to their homes. Deborah is an example of a(n): a) b) c) d) retail salesperson merchandiser order winner order taker

30. Alan is a salesperson for a company that sells health and beauty products. Alan's job requires him to interact with corporate buyers that work at the head office to obtain listings. Alan makes presentations to the head office buyers for all new product launches. Alan works as a(n): a) b) c) d) key account representative order winner order winner retail salesperson

31. Which of the following is NOT an example of a type of manufacturer's sales representative? a) order taker b) service salesperson c) retail salesperson d) None 32. Order-takers: a) use various types of sales presentations b) do not have a sales strategy c) have an infinitely more difficult sales job than order-getters d) None 33. Which of the following is the BEST example of a nonfinancial reward that might be given to a salesperson who had made a million-dollar sale? a) b) c) d) the feeling of accomplishment the unlimited use of a company car a customer entertainment allowance None

34. Which of the following statements about sales jobs is true? a) Prospects judge a company by its products-not the salespeople the company hires. b) Salespeople need to have above-average levels of diplomacy, tact, and social poise because of the amount of time they spent interacting with the public. c) People with health problems make excellent salespeople because sales jobs require less physical stamina than other types of jobs.

d) All of the above statements about sales jobs are true. 35. A professional salesperson: a) b) c) d) provides his or her company with market information builds long-term relationships with customers creates new customers does all of the above

36. Relationship Marketing is a) creation of customer loyalty b) a committed relationship c) a long-term collaborative process d) does all of the above 37. The three general levels of selling relationships with customers are: a) transaction selling, relationship selling, and partnering b) relationship selling, relationship marketing, and partnering c) transaction selling, relationship selling, and transformation selling d) does all of the above 38. Mohan lives in Hyderabad. His car had a flat tire on his way to visit the Salarjung museum . He had to stop in King Koti and buy a tire from a dealer that he never expects to buy from again. In terms of selling relationships with customers, the king Koti tire dealer engaged in _________ with Megan. a) b) c) d) transformation selling partnering customer-oriented selling transaction selling

39. The company Ree-bookaa works to renovates sports arenas i.e. gymnasiums, and other sports venues that attract 20,000 or more people to each event. Ree-bookaas job is to locate venues in need of renovation and sell the venue owner, her company's renovation plan. When Ree-bookaa asks people to whom she has successfully sold her company's services to recommend potential customers, she is engaging in: a) performing a trial b) a pre-approach c) handling customer objections d) prospecting 40. Which of the following statements about the steps in the customer relationship selling process is true? a) The trial close always occurs after the sales presentation b) The pre-approach should be done before prospecting begins

c) The presentation comes after the approach. d) The last step in the customer relationship selling process is the close 41. Sales performance evaluation are necessary a) As a way for management to obtain their bonuses b) To supplement training c) To provide feed-back to sales people d) None 42. Which of the following communication strategies does not require direct communication between sales manager and sales people a) Manipulation b) Threat c) Persuasion d) Promise 43. Which of the following areas of training for sales managers is most frequently neglected a) Forecasting and budgeting principal b) Accounting principal c) Marketing principal d) Management principal 44. Matching the capability of sales recruits with to the need of the organization is called a) Congruence b)Realism c)Socialism d)Selection 45. Projection on the basis of past records is known as a) Value analysis b) Sales forecasting c) MBO d) Standard appraisal 46. Which of the following topic is not usually part of sales training course? a) Sales techniques b) Customer buying habit c) Company financial information d) Accounting techniques 47. All of the following are appropriate means for selecting sales people except Except a) Interview b) Aptitudes test score c) Political connection d) Previous experience

48. What aspect of an employment application should be scrutinized by the sales manger a) Physical impairment b) Ethnic background

c) Personal characteristics d) None 49. To determine which customer account to call ON, companies need to evaluate a) Geographic closeness to other account b) Territory allocation c) Commission schedule d) Reference check 50. The selling process for cold canvassing includes all of the following except a) Beginning with blind prospecting b) Using a pre-approach c) Following a lead from an enquiry d) Utilizing close and follow up

Key: Unit 3 Multiple Choice Questions

1. C 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. D 6. D 7. B 8. C 9. C 10. D 11. B 12. B 13. C 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. C 18. D 19. D 20. B 21. C 22. B 23. B 24. A 25. D 26.C 27.D 28.A 29.A 30.A 31.C 32.B 33.A 34.B 35.D 36.C 37.A 38.D 39.D 40.C 41.C 42.A 43.D 44.A 45.B 46.D 47.C 48.B 49.A 50.C

Short Answer Question

1. Define personal selling. 2. You are area sells manager for a small scale industry, manufacturing washing detergent for rural customers. What would be your strategy to sale the product? Defend your answer with two examples. 3. Differentiate between direct selling & personal selling. 4. Define the AIDAS, theory of selling. 5. What are the steps in prospecting ? 6. What is sales resistance? 7. Define sales objections. 8. What do you mean by closing the sale? 9. Explain Delphi technique for sales forecasting. 10. What do you mean by jury of executive opinion for sales forecast? 11. What is full cost pricing? 12. What is the contribution pricing of the product? 13. Explain trade discount. 14. What do you mean by quantity discount? 15. What is FOB pricing? 16. Explain delivered pricing. 17. What is oligopolistic competition? 18. What is monopolistic competition. 19. If you have to market flavored milk in village which is produced in a village, what marketing mix will you use and why. 20. Define sales management.