R-SAT Exam Schedule ± January 2012

What is R-SAT?
R-SAT is designed to assess the Entry-Level Job seeker¶s skill set to ensure that the candidate is the best applicant for hiring. R-SAT Score Card is the Standard for Employers to filter the candidates for their recruitments. Based on the Employer¶s criteria and Candidate¶s R-SAT Score Card , Job Selection Procedure will be performed.

R-SAT Exam Schedule

Test Location / Venue Online Online Online

Test Date 10-Jan-2012 19-Jan-2012 31-Jan-2012

Last Date To Apply** 8-Jan-2012 17-Jan-2012 29-Jan-2012

Apply Test

** If the Online Time Slots Are Unavailable, Last Date To Apply can be Advanced. Apply The Test ASAP to avoid this.

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