Ohnesorge/Warf Wedding Thusday, July 28th 9:00 am- Meet at NHC to decorate (Ashlee, bridesmaids, Jen) Ashlee bringing dress

/ bridesmaids also do if you wish Friday, July 29th 5:00 pm Ashlee arrive early with CD of music for soloist 5:30-6:30 Wedding Rehearsal 6:30 pm Rehearsal dinner off-site at Joe’s Pizza for all invited guests

Saturday, July 30th Wedding Day 8:00 am- Ashlee and bridesmaids to meet at Foxy Styles for hair appointments Photographer there for pictures as well 10:00 am Jen arrive at the church to be there to open it up and ready for anyone coming early to finish getting ready 11:30 Bride/ Bridesmaids be at the church and ready 12:00 Pictures of bride finishing getting ready (getting dressed) Groom/ Groomsmen be at church and dressed Food delivered for wedding party/Flowers delivered as well 12:30 Ashlee and Dustin Special Moment/Bride and Groom Pictures 1:00 Bride/Bridesmaids Pictures 1:30 Groom/Groomsmen Pictures Ushers Arrive dressed and ready 2:00- 2:45 Remainder of pictures, Couple, Wedding party and immediate family Pictures 2:45 Pictures must be completed and wedding party back to designated rooms until ceremony 3:00 Grandparents Arrive and meet Jen in Grandparent room to get flowers, and ceremony info Ushers and Guest Book Attendant assume position at ceremony entrance door *Pre-Ceremony Music begins and guests may enter sanctuary At ceremony end, couple will dismiss guests row by row They will be exiting with guests ringing bells Quick Extended family pictures will immediately follow exit

Ashlee’s aunts to help with teardown after ceremony .

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