COMMENTARY Name of the poem: Mirror Author: Sylvia Plath The theme of this poem is: Facing the truth

and ageing Examples of Metaphor or Similes: Metaphors: I am sliver and exact Similes: Like a terrible fish What is happening in this poem: Plath is reflecting her emotions and feelings towards aging and getting older. The first stanza she is rather appreciative towards the mirror, when she reaches the second stanza her attitude has changed in to a disliking of the reflected image. Other literary devices I found: Use of language and connotation towards the sea and ocean. Personification: The speaker of the poem is: Sylvia Plath I think the author was thinking / I think what the author wants to readers to think about is: Examples of interesting structure in this poem is: The fact that the poem Is written in two stanzas, this suggests how a mirror reflects. Images I picture:

Now I am a lake

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