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Vegan Focus Veganism eBook v2

Vegan Focus Veganism eBook v2

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veganfocus.com Living the Vegan Life It’s More Than Just a Menu Choice 1 .Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www.

........................ 6 Food Tips for New Vegans ………......................................................... 13 Disclaimer ………………………..com Table of Contents Introduction to Veganism ……........... 7 Nutritious Vegan Food Sources …......................................................veganfocus....................................................................….................................................. 4 Why Vegan? The Vegan Ethos.................. 9 Dining Out as a Vegan …………………………........................................................... 5 Vegan Recipes: Investigating a Healthy Vegan Plan ............................. 14 2 ...........Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www........... 11 Vegan Checklist: Is Veganism for Me? ........................................................................................... 12 Conclusion ……………............... 3 Vegan 101: From the Beginning …..........................

Being a vegan does not equal perfection. often an accelerated growth is experienced. they are simply bred for veal or other by-products. leather or any animal product. Vegans are not being judgemental of others. The fact that millions of male chicks and calves are killed simply as a waste product of the dairy production system is considered non ethical by vegans. For years. Realistically. many people have not been consciously aware or may have deliberately shut their minds to the reality of how these animals are kept. Many are kept in cramped environments and may be unable to move or to act naturally as a result of their confines. it is merely a personal choice and a matter of conscience. they are typically sold as meat and of course. and a way of announcing their concerns is to abstain from eating meat. 3 .veganfocus. Once dairy cows become too old to be productive. The whole vegan ethos is to eat nothing that has come from an animal at all and this includes milk.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. Most vegans make the decision to adopt whole lifestyle changes through their concerns at farming practices. as male calves are unable to produce milk. this can be deemed as cruelty and because modern farming has opted over the years for selective breeding with the purpose of breeding finer stock. This might seem strange to a meat eater as wool of course is a by-product and the animal has not been killed for this but to a vegan this is still unacceptable. meat and eggs. It is merely making a personal stand against practices that they feel are cruel and without justification. Vegans avoid these food types to make a stand against the meat industry. Vegans also avoid wearing wool.com Introduction to Veganism Vegans are typically conscientious supporters of life and they prefer to live their lives through the non-exploitation of animals. and many animals destined for the slaughter house grow at a rate far quicker than their bodies should be able to cope with.

many more crops and water go to feed animals than would be consumed if a plant based diet were consumed by people in the first place. Farming animals also requires a sufficient amount of land and therefore contributes to other environmental concerns such as water pollution and deforestation. On a global scale. there are many benefits to adopting a vegan lifestyle. milk. As a result. Becoming a vegan meant often drastic lifestyle changes to those who followed this path but for those that were committed to the non-abuse of animals. according to a study done by the University of Chicago. other benefits are that any plant based diet requires substantially less land or water which would be typically required to support a meat based western diet and this is because farmed animals will eat much more by way of protein and water than they actually produce.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. Donald Watson who co-founded the Vegan Society introduced the word ‘vegan’ as a new word which enabled people to differentiate from those who followed a vegetarian lifestyle. 4 . eggs. just as importantly. materials such as leather and silk should also be avoided and the more that one looks into the vegan ethos.5 tonnes more carbon dioxide per meat eater than those who are on a vegan diet. Veganism as a way of life means that it’s important to understand just what is deemed a ‘no go’ product and this means. it was important to differentiate from the two because he felt that vegetarianism -which stipulated the avoidance of eating any meat flesh. did not fully cover the commitment of those who wished to abstain from any type of animal products. It has been stipulated that a vegan diet produces much fewer greenhouse gas emissions than any diet that is largely meat-based. so much research is required to be deemed a ‘true vegan’. So the term vegan took vegetarianism to its natural conclusion which meant the deliberate and conscious avoidance of any meat products including abstaining from using any product that came from an animal or had caused harm to animals. fur and honey has to be eliminated from use. For Watson. Of course.veganfocus. the more animal by-products can be determined.com Vegan 101: From the Beginning In 1944. With land becoming less available. In fact. this was a natural and deliberate choice. a typical US diet generates nearly 1.

People often ask the question ‘why vegan?’ When actually. Many meat-eaters feel that living a vegan lifestyle must be difficult to endure and see it as so restrictive. By return. Becoming a vegan is all about making an active choice to take a kinder path that will not hurt animals. a vegan would say that although the lifestyle change is comprehensive. and they wonder how vegans can stay healthy with such a limited dietary range. Everyone must do what feels right for them ultimately but ignorance is not an option.com Why Vegan? The Vegan Ethos Explored Many people feel that the whole vegan ethos is about caring only for animals and that a vegan typically has much less regard for a fellow human. Vegans in general care about life per se and would never wish to see any living creature hurt including their fellow man. no-one should make or enter into any major lifestyle change without serious consideration but the fact that so many people become vegans can only show the strength of mind. If everyone was aware of the terrible conditions that some animals have to endure all in the name of meat for human consumption.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. there could be serious uproar. Of course. The thought process behind veganism is to look at the whole picture and to adopt a lifestyle that has a much less aggressive footprint. dedication and purpose behind these caring and conscientious groups of people. 5 . ‘why not vegan?’ Having compassion for animals is important and fortunately there is less ignorance of farming processes and more knowledge which in turn affords people the opportunity to make an informed choice. it is up to the individual to determine whether they are comfortable with these facts. a better question may be termed. This is not the case at all. Sentient.veganfocus. people or the environment. body and spirit. facing it with a positive attitude and relishing the changes towards a healthy and conscientious direction ensures many benefits including financial savings as well as those benefits to the whole mind. intelligent animals are often treated with complete disregard and cruelty.

but these products can become an integral and healthy part of a vegan diet. poor health could follow. creating and cooking from scratch. It does call for a little creativity. Learning about meat alternatives is vital and if tempted to try Tofu and Soya products. be aware that there is a distinctive taste difference although it is easy to adapt but there is a need to know how to bring out the best of these meat alternative products. 6 . There is a strong thread of care into animal welfare it is true but concern for the environment is also an issue. Tofu and Soya products provide an excellent source of protein and calcium and can be prepared in many different ways. A vegan diet may be healthy when undertaken with due care and attention but it’s good to instinctively listen to the body and learn how to properly substitute certain elements before becoming a fully fledged and full-time vegan.com Vegan Recipes: Investigating a Healthy Vegan Plan Investigating how to ensure a healthy diet is important if anyone is considering becoming a vegan. There is an abundance of information available online which can help to steer those interested in the right direction and this is essential even for those who do not wish to embrace the whole vegan concept. This will enable a subtle conversion towards veganism without rushing into it with very little knowledge. In truth. the vegan approach is about much more than cutting meat out of the diet. This is why having a vegan day each week makes sense because it allows for a ‘taster’ into the preparation and planning needed if a full change is going to occur at some point. This slow transition allows the body to become used to the dietary changes too. The benefits of cooking a meal from scratch of course is that it can give a much greater connection with the food and make it much more rewarding. One of the main disadvantages (if not keen on cooking) is that there will be very few pre-packaged and prepared meals available that are suitable for a vegan so this means.veganfocus. There is no point cutting out all animal products if there is a lack of homework into how the relevant nutritional needs can be met and without this homework. as good nutrition is a must.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. It’s a good idea to investigate possible vegan recipes and to slowly embrace the concept by having one vegan day each week.

5. Add lots of greens into the diet and include vegetable soups. 4. Start with about four recipes and make enough to last for a few days. Have lots of quick and easy snack foods ready for those unexpected hunger pangs when temptation for a quick and easy fry-up might strike. Organisation is paramount. don’t plan any extensive meal preparations as this will be difficult.com Food Tips for New Vegans 1. therefore saving cooking time and money. 3. This won’t be boring as the food will be so tasty that it will be a pleasure to eat. Consider the time required to cook and the ease of obtaining the ingredients. 6.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. On those days where time is plentiful. plan a few hours to ensure that there are some frozen ready-made meals stacked up. it’s relatively easy to cook a little bit more and to then freeze for when time is short. If time is short. 7 .veganfocus. Write down any recipe ideas or even a seven day menu plan. If cooking anyway. Plan meals in advance. Keep a food journal and rate any culinary successes so that these recipes can be used again. smoothies and salads. 2. Add lots of variety to the diet but don’t make the mistake of planning lots of different recipes.

Many proteins come from nuts. Understanding how the body works and just what minerals and vitamins are needed is important for all. Green liquids will provide lots of energy so if an energy boost is required. Juices and smoothies are excellent to give the digestive system a break too. 8 . This is not true at all. even those who eat meat should understand the basics and all of this information is readily available to those who require it. have concerns that proteins are difficult to match in comparison to those who eat meat. start creating some exciting green smoothies. There are so many wonderful juice options that will promote different health benefits as required or can be consumed just for the wonderful tastes. spinach and broccoli with the all-important iron intake coming from chickpeas and spinach.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. Some misconceptions by those with little knowledge of the vegan diet. a vegan diet can be surprisingly healthy as it is incredibly low in fat and contains no cholesterol. Vegans often start with a home-made vegetable or fruit juice.veganfocus.com Starting the day healthily is important. In terms of health. beans or grains and calcium can be obtained from soya milk.

Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. it’s important to understand exactly what nutrients are needed and from which food sources they can be obtained so this quick list will highlight the essentials required: Vitamin B12 Often found to be lacking in vegetarians or vegans who have not done their appropriate research. soybeans and broccoli. coconut or margarines. Calcium There are many good sources of calcium within the vegan diet such as soya milk. avocado. tofu and rice to name but a few. spinach. Zinc There are often high levels of zinc within a vegan diet and potential sources include: Legumes. It is important to use those high fat foods sparingly however such as: Nuts. lentils. Easily found in soya milk. Proteins Protein is available from many ingredients within the vegan diet but specifically can be found in: Potatoes. kelp and also green leafy vegetables. Vitamin D Much of the required vitamin D is absorbed through the skin from exposure to the sun but a supplement can be taken or foods such as soya milk or margarine should provide sufficient amounts. margarines and even breakfast cereals.e. Fats Vegan diets are low in saturated fat and generally free of cholesterol. soy milk. nuts and grains. Note that D3 is not suitable usually for those on a vegan diet.com Nutritious Vegan Food Sources If considering becoming a vegan. Iodine Iodine plays an important part in the body’s health and can be obtained from seaweed i. chickpeas. 9 . It is possible to take a supplement to ensure that this vitamin is absorbed. tofu.veganfocus. Omega 3 Two tablespoons of rapeseed oil will provide the required amount of Omega 3 but it is also obtainable by taking one heaped tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

prune juice.com Iron It’s important to increase vitamin C content to help with iron absorption and foods that contain a healthy supply of iron are any dark green leafy vegetables. Omega 3 Fatty Acids Always include sources of alpha-linolenic acid and this can be found in tofu. 10 . children and pregnant or lactating women do need to have vitamin B12. lentils. soybeans and blackstrap molasses. Essentially. Some vitamin B12 can be found in fortified soya milk although this should be doublechecked prior to purchase as it varies due to the type of processing undertaken.veganfocus. flaxseed or flaxseed oil and walnuts. tahini. black beans. chick peas. kidney beans. soybeans.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. Vitamin B12 There is minimal requirement for vitamin B12 and it’s important to take advice from a doctor or health food shop regarding this vitamin if not sure whether required.

Fast food restaurants may not be as accommodating because they offer a very limited menu and a lot of the ingredients may just not be vegan friendly.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. 11 . Quite often however.veganfocus. it may seem fairly difficult unless a convenient vegan restaurant is in the area. so don’t just disregard a restaurant because it doesn’t mention a vegan option. local restaurants can be much more accommodating than people think. going forward and at first. Investigating those food places that will be flexible in their approach towards offering vegan options is important and always provide time and notice where possible to the restaurant so that they can be prepared. A good chef will be able to provide a vegan dish fairly readily because generally restaurants do cater for those with different dietary needs as they are used to tweaking their recipes for those with nut allergies or on low fat diets or reduced carbohydrate meals.com Dining Out as a Vegan Many new vegans worry about how they will be able to socialise and eat out at restaurants or cafes. Vegetarian meals have become increasingly popular over the years and it is not overly difficult to change a vegetarian meal into one suitable for a vegan customer.

Are you concerned about farming practices? 5. Do you care about the environment? 4.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. Are you prepared to investigate the meaning of veganism and learn the vegan options? Having a compassionate view to animals and how they are treated is a good thing.veganfocus. taking a look at harmful farming processes and questioning the reasoning behind them is also a productive thing to do. Does having compassion as to how animals are treated matter? 2. 12 . it is worth asking the following questions first: 1. For anyone who is considering making the change from eating meat to veganism.com Vegan Checklist: Is Veganism for Me? Becoming a vegan is a personal choice and it is one that must be made on an individual level and not through any type of coercion. Do you feel guilty for eating meat or for wearing animal products? 3.

Whatever the viewpoint.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www.veganfocus. 13 . eating less meat and eating more natural fruit and vegetables has to be a much better option for the individual and bears far less consequences for the environment as a result.com Conclusion Having a compassionate view to animals and how they are treated is a good thing. taking a look at harmful farming processes and questioning the reasoning behind them is also a productive thing to do.

www.veganfocus.Vegan Focus – Information for both the established and aspiring modern-day vegan www. For additional information on Veganism visit .com Disclaimer Disclaimer: The information in this report is intended as an introduction into veganism only and offers up information that is available for all through careful research. It is advisable to always investigate all nutritional needs and health concerns before making any drastic dietary alterations.com 14 .veganfocus.

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