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o The marketing
A The Ps

devejepment 1

B Marketing a new product

.. ..

The marketing




A The four Cs, As and Os



A Idea generation

B Idea screening C Concept development and resting 0 Marketing strategy and business analysis

New product
development 2


A Workflow

SWOT analysis


A SWOT analysis

B SWOT and marketing strategy

B Product development and optimization C Test marketing 0 Commercialization

Marketing strategy and the marketing plan




A The brainstorming session

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Marketing strategy vs. marketing plan B Developing the marketing plan

II Marketinq II Tile

1m Product and service types

B Brainstorming techniques C Suggesting and building on ideas



A Social marketing

B Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Product types B Word combinations with 'goods' and 'products' C Types of service

market environment

A The micro environment

III Product Im~cycles
A The seller


a Legal aspeets of marketing
A Legal definitions

B The macro environment: STEP analysis

A The Boston Consulting Group Matrix B Inside the Boston Box


III SeHing products and
B The purchaser C Selling a service


B Legal problems C The Consumer Protection Act


II Research 1
A Types of research B Research methodology




Branding 1


II Research 2
A Describing survey results

A What is a brand?

B Branding C Word combinations with 'brand'

B Understanding trends and changes

Professional English in Use Marketing


. Salles promotions and displays A Sales promotions B Point of purchase (POP) or point of sale (POS) displays 8:8 lOti' C:pwporate Appendices Answer key ~ndex b~og9 In'g tool 1106 below and through the line A Blogging basics B Blogs as a marketing PRICE A Above-the-line B Below-the-line C Through-rhe-linc o Advertising techniques ID.fill Logistics 42 lIB and the distribution chain A Advertising on TV or radio B The audience C Dayparts III 80 Corporate communications 98 A What is market segmentation? B How does market segmentation C Common market segments t.JI Clustomer needs and behaviour A Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs B Consumer Life Cycle (CLC) C Purchasing behaviour 46 em A Why use trade shows? B Organizing an event III Printed documents Telemarketing 64 A What is telemarketing? B Outbound telemarketing C Inbound telemarketing D Telemarketing scripts m Branded content A History of branded content B Types of branded content C Efficiency A Design B Preparing to print C The print job A The goals of corporate communications B Corporate values and identity C Tools of corporate communications lID 82 Public relations and lobbying 100 A Public relations B Media relations C Lobbying o Inside lobbying ml Loyalty A Customer programmes loyalty 48 III Online shopping and mail order 66 am Ihe lID Buzz internet 84 E Outside lobbying B Loyalty programmes C Talking about loyalty programmes A The online shopping experience B Mail order and the ordering process A Internet advertising B Search engines _ C Search engine marketing lID Event and spoets spo nsorsh ip 102 III Motivation fJJ marketing marketing? 50 .ogos 76 A Types of logo B Logo design C Typeface 94 Ilml Brand values A Common brand values B Describing brand values A Moving goods B Direct distribution C Indirect distribution iii 60 Outdoor advertising A Out-of-home advertising formats B Effectiveness of OOH III Matenials 78 and containers 96 Merchandising A Merchandise and merchandising B Promotional merchandise C Sports merchandising D Film. book and music merchandising Ie.CUSTOMEIRS AND STAFF Iml Market segmentation work? 44 A Newspapers B Magazines C Choosing titles ~ Choosing a position PUBLIC RELATIONS . 70 III Above. Personal selling A The sales force IB Personal selling C The sales process o Marketing support 68 A What is motivation rnarketinq 86 A Sponsorship B Types of sponsorsh ip C Word combinations with 'sponsor' B Staff incentive schemes C [ncentives: travel and events A Word of mouth B Buzz marketing and stealth marketing C Electronic buzz o Generating a buzz 111 Crisis eammuntcation A What is crisis communication? B A crisis communication case study 104- Customer Relationship Mana:9Iem!ent 52 A One-to-one marketing B CRM technology C Privacy P.liIlrade shows 62 l4..2 A Brand B Brand C Brand o More platform management strategy word combinations with 'brand' 40 PLACE III-TV and 58 radio 74 PACKAG"I'NO .uIBUCITYAND PROMOTION .IIDi Branding. Direct 72 mail and email 90 108 120 132 143 OIlh_e marketinq budget 54 A The marketing budget B Budgeting approaches C Return on investment (ROO III Media 56 strategy A The advantages of direct mail B Organizing a direct mail or email campaign C Describing a mails hot A Media strategy B Media planning C Media buying IlL' III Street Price marketing and sampling 92 Acknowl edqements A Pricing strategies B Pricing considerations C The price test A History of street marketing B Aims of street marketing C Successful street marketing tactics 4 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 5 . A Describing packaging The press PEOPLE.

Marketing basics. and tables to complete. dialogues. the Over to you sections can be used as a starting point for role plays. Many vocabulary items are illustrated.·fesslhj~i. indirect distribution methods. If you meet words which you consider important and which are not explained in the text. Pro. introduces essential marketing vocabulary and concepts which you will need to tackle the more specialized units later in the book. types of magazine. including the Over to you activities at the end of each unit (see opposite). How is the book organized? The book has 50 two-page thematic units. Do the Over to You section and make sure that you use as many new words as possible. This is your opportunity to put into practice the words and expressions in the unit by relating it to your professional situation. covering examples of confusing words. Every unit uses authentic sources. through a series of exercises. Have you seen some of the other titles available in the series? The left-hand page This page presents the key vocabulary in bold typeface for each theme or skills area. matching exercises. for example where a particular grammatical form is associated with a word. gap fills. In addition to vocabulary explanations. the vocabulary and expressions required is designed to help those who work in help marketing students preparing for their for exams in English. The index gives help with pronunciation. and case studies. talking about numbers. The units are divided into ten sections which cover topics such as Product. to help you develop your vocabulary. Most of the exercises have questions with only one correct answer. You should present your ideas out loud and ideally record yourself. We hope you enjoy using this book. including marketing forums. The your understanding of the new language There is cross-referencing between units new words and expressions and shows how the right-hand page allows you to check and develop and how it is used. or where the same word may have different uses. preparing a marketing plan. oneto-one or in groups. describing brand values. In the classroom. If you find you have made mistakes. The level of the page The exercises on the right-hand page allow you to check your understanding and give you practice in using the words and expressions presented on the left-hand page. types of out-of-home advertising.usually A. There is also an index. market segments. Do the exercises on the right-hand page and check your answers in the key. The left-hand page of each unit explains vocabulary is used in real contexts. go back to the left-hand page and read through the texts again. which lists all the new words and expressions presented in the book and gives the unit numbers where they appear. B and C . 6 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 7 . It also indicates how the terms are pronounced. It will also first contacts with English speakers or studying book is intermediate to upper-intermediate.Introduction The right-hand Who is this book for? Professional English in Use Marketing presents to speak about marketing and related fields. This book assumes you know. There is an answer key at the back of the book. or with a teacher in the classroom.and a clear title. TV and radio dayparts and programmes. and mailshot items. common marketing and communication concepts (such as the marketing mix and targeting). discussions and presentation activities. company websites. But some of the exercises. the left-hand page may be used as the basis for a presentation. are designed for writing and / or discussion. marketing blogs. These books offer vocabulary reference and practice for specialist areas of professional English.all Efii'gHSII1 in Use Professional English in Use Marketing is part of a new series of Professional English in Use titles from Cambridge University Press. Learners can do the exercises individually or in small groups. Price and Place. Learners can then work systematically through the book or pick topics that interest them from the contents page. It marketing and need to use English. Teachers can use this book as a framework for an 'English for Marketing' course or to supplement more general course books. this page includes information about typical collocations (word combinations) and register (formal and informal language). The first section. You can use the book on your own for self-study. studies or opinions. either by the teacher or the learners. short texts. Sometimes. There are a variety of exercises including crosswords. They can compare answers in the groups or as a whole class feedback session. Our focus is on the words that are often used by professionals when talking and writing about marketing (such as core target and focus groups) and on English words which are given a special meaning in marketing (such as buzz and loyalty). a newspaper rate card. How to use the book ~n ·al classrnorn There are twelve appendices. How to use t~e book for self-study We suggest all learners start with the Marketing basics section. Read through the texts on the left-hand page. look at the index to see if they are explained in another unit. marketing presentations. advertising techniques. The illustrations can often be used as a warm-up activity or as a talking point during the class. There are also notes on language points. articles from the trade press. Each unit has sections indicated by a letter . or adapted to out-ofclass projects. diagrams and tables. or are in the process of learning from your marketing course. 'Over to you' sections An important feature of Professional English in Use Marketing is the Over to you section at the end of each unit. The language is introduced in a series of short texts.

Physical evidence: how your service becomes tangible. Co.. Stylish handbags at a (4) of £10 are attractive to younger customers. are different from those in a competitor's organization. The promotional mix is a blend of the promotional tools used to communicate about the product or service . or how your service is sold. Place: where you sell the product or service. accessibility branding competitors Prnduct customers delivery direct marketing Price discounts distribution launch Place location quality reputation Promotion sales force special deals support People o • o :. Marie Curie Cancer Care is expanding its online shop.. Television (2) and face-to-face marketing are both being tested in a bid to supplement the charity'S typical over-60s donor base with younger supporters. or outlet. People: how your staff (or employees). Physical presence: how your shop or website looks. seeUnit 41. 8 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 9 . 1. In addition.s and loco.. city-dwellers with pre-teen we o.-s) o. Price: how much the product or service costs. and the variety or range of products you sell. support for the client after the purchase is important. Process: how your product is built and delivered.. The (t. • • o PROOUC1: I.3 Do the following words and expressions refer to product.. delivered and accessed. Marie Curie Cancer Care says it is responding to customers' needs and wants by selling elegant fashionwear (5) .iOns).i shops.n ~nd the br-o.tion / expensive) than oUr. and reputation (the opinion the consumers have) of the product. It will stop using (1) techniques. Look at A opposite to help easy it is to access...ted.(staff f mix I Outlets) is impOrto. eput.n-l.s':) to fnd. I.nd. of / o.. Marie Curie Cancer Care is reviewing its marketing strategy in an attempt to attract a wider audience...-mo.t.npvativeway to !ea.-eputo. For example... Promotion: how you tell consumers about the product or service. Ou. we do. place. and then match each speech bubble with one of the Ps.hd we somettmes f suppodJ. lI'he Turnover Game '!t.-e alwa':)s t . SO tho.. Dominic Dangerfield..1 The Ps The marketing mix is the combination of techniques used to market a brand. This means the location of your shop. advertising price products promotional . or people? Look at A and B opposite to help YOLl.. branding (see Units 16-18).r-k. FOr" 1 example. promotion. For example.. If tests prove successful.-e hi~hl'j motivo. or the accessibility of your service ... TV advertising. edit t.-s / emplo'jees / CustOmers) a.(competitcr-s r.. price.n. policies and brochures create something the customers can touch and hold..t Today some marketers talk about an additional four Ps: • • • We o. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the text. \Je r"ea\l':) believe ih Our bro.d. The marketing manager.1.1 1. of 5 '101. 'jin~ to impr-ove who. eo.m new vocabulary Laul.1 Marketing a new prod. and how your clients are different from your competitor's clients. The techniques are often called the Ps.1cp:how we are plalltlil'lg to introduce the product onto the market PLAGJ~ ~istrib"diflin~ ~igh street retailers and mail order via website and catalogues Delivelo/: fiv@days by mail order or straightaway in shops RR0MOTION Advertising: in children's magazines Direct marketing: Insert catalogue in Parent magazine PEOPLE Customers: educated. This includes the quality (how good it is).2 Complete the text using words from the box. o !II Note: For more information on salespromotion.ff f ...un speCial (deals I processes f staff / sales) but ~ood c. oUr" (consume.. 2 3 4 I.eJ"'"mSo. For a service. I. is making a presentation using PowerPoint slides. Originally there were four Ps: • product (or service): what you sell. tickets.. they will become part of Marie Curie's marketing (3) . \Je need to be in a 10-1.for example.nd in supe.1iOn / cOmpetltO. such as mailings and events. e our.Cslo.ccessibilFt'j (lowUons f process) I I supports distr-i6ut. travel insurance is often sold with access to a telephone helpline in case of emergency. A marketing manager is talking about the marketing mix for a brand of cleaning products..tUft A small educational games company is launching a new game to teach English vocabulary to beginner learners. Look at A opposrte to help you. school teachers Competitors: they have a larger sales force to sell their products PRICE Premium pricing: 20% above market average for a CD-ROM Special deals: 15 % discount for schools 1.o.-e mCr-e (accessibilit':l we offer- / .

Finally.we offer the solution of frozen dinners.3 Replace the underlined words and expressions with alternative words and expressions from the box. it legally acceptable? Afforda bility Does the customer have enough money to buy the product . or the 40s. 2 We have a reputation for providing good standard mobile phones. The Ps. customers buy mobile phones online because it is more accessible. Organization How should you organize the sale and distribution of your product? Which distribution methods (see Unit 26) will work best? Operations Which kind of promotional operations. marketing must create an interest in the product. marketing must prompt action to purchase. or does the customer have to make an effort? Accessibility Is the product easy to access? Is the product accessible for people with disabilities? Awareness How many people know about. Cs. from fresh produce through to grocery and health care lines. Look I I awareness Objectives Revenue objectives concern the income you want to generate. AIDA AIDA is an acronym which represents the steps a marketer takes in order to persuade customers to buy a product or service. 1 Mobile phones are fashionable and attractive to the youth marker. or is it bottom end? Complete the article about a supermarket at A opposite to help you. afford convenient high quality pnce revenue objectives socially acceptable Communication How should you communicate with your customers? Note: Customer or client? See Appendix I on page 108.4 Put the words in each sentence in the correct order. the 01 ~.ark~ting: mix LI~in91the 4Cs. 3 The cost to user of mobile phones is kept down because they are subsidized by the network providers. A ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing English in Use Marketing II . Customers will develop an interest in the product. As and Os can be combined when looking at the marketing mix. Tesco launches its helping (1) lead (2) " health as an (3) the needs of biggest ever 'Health Event' . People steps take it to try will. people don't have time to cook .fashionable and attractive? Does the product respect the laws of the country . Look at B opposite to help attention attract must product the to We.Ihu~rl the most r~·~'r:IIU product ymd tJ. Customer needs What does the customer need to solve a problem? For example. or are aware of. OVGr 1-0 lj'OlJ: <~l ~!~ Think .The marketing mix2 The four CS. Price objectives concern the price you want to sell at.for example. a desire develop must our own product to We. As and as Some marketers have supplemented the four Ps (see Unit 1) with new ways of thinking about marketing. 5 More and more. How convenient is it to find your product? Is it easy. acceptability accessibility affordability awareness communication convenience price cost to user customer needs objectives objects operations organization promotion . such as direct mail. action buy must prompt it to We. made? or Is it a high quality (or excellent) product. The company must identify customer needs so that products that meet these needs can be developed (see Units 10-11). :l)esc:rlln~ the I'11I. 2. Look at A opposite to help you. Customers become aware of a product and know it is available. Then.can he I she afford the product? How is it manufactured.(}l. the product? Is awareness high? 2. or is it too expensive? Acceptability How acceptable is the product.lght. to Hundreds of (4) operations for healthy products will run all over the store. ~ Put the words and expressions from the box into the correct columns. YOLl. 10 Professional 2 aware become of People brand the will.. an customers develop in interest product the to want We. Tesco hopes that (5) of its initiative will be high. so that customers take steps to buy the product . marketing must develop a desire to own or have the product so that customers actively want the product. 3 an create in interest need product 4 5 6 7 the to We. The supermarket has important customer concern and is working to its customers. and do people approve of the product? Is it socially acceptable . Marketing must first attract the customers' attention to the product. will work best for the product? (See Units 32-43) customers identified meet promotional II This week. 4 This means more people can have the money to buy the product. in-store event using words from the box. 2.illustrating its commitment a healthy and active lifestyle. 6 Expected earnings from 3G phones were not met when the products were first launched. by going to the shop or ordering it online. Does the customer perceive the cost of the product as fair. Look at A opposite to help you.

Then complete the sentences below using words from the table. The strategy was shaped by the SWOT analysis above.f-Olj'OU·.w MArke. 1 The brand is very strengthened. The extracts below are from a SWOT analysis. It was one of the first online retailers and today it has an enormous customer base.rYJ C<1. THREAT~ OlAr MAiJ\ cOMpetitor is stroM' Price.we.uJldl ever w<trd io V'mrk lnr.IL lJ\fe. For example. a company which runs motorway service stations. uck of I\e.. A-re.ctlve.2 Complete the table with words from A and B opposite and related forms. of the. ~e. tA> WEAKNE~~E~ .trol is the. we.rie. COl rry [10m<11 swm <L (omr. - . We need to anticipate the threat of new hybrid cars and seize the new opportunities this will bring in terms of providing service points for these cars.0RENCiTH~ i:lApe. A ~lob<1.e_He. S~Me. operating in over ten countries.r 3. The potential price war in the fuel market poses a serious threat and we will need to minimize the weaknesses this may create. which should maximize purchases from the existing client base. such as increased 3. c. UI\d iHe. h~ve.plAt~tioJ\ for [>etrol AM {'oHil .r. . food and more.jl\i1.rM> of bMic [>roolAct . WAr il\ the I.. referring to the marketplace. M [>roolActs) Due to increased competition. CoJ\:>IAI·~ersSee.>t.our S[>e.we.~p il\ the. 4 To remain ahead of the competition we will need to anticipate raw material costs. the. A pro{]~ble MAkiJ\'j MO!\ey.1> the. 3. Ol\e.CiAlist i~e we.J\t ~M I strengthen threaten weaken Currently. . CoJ\:>tAMe. competitor fears about health are one of the biggest threats to the processed food sector..J\ti~l for ~rowth ."). are opportunities and threats.d'le. lJ\J\ov~tive. thre. dOJ\'t lASe.I\d electric c~rS. re.rloy~lty is Are.t: hybrid CArs Md electric c~rS will I\e.trol Me.fectioJ\e. of s[>edAIi>t iM~e. toys and games. Our sector is also under threat from the trend towards greater consumer concerns about the environment.r~iM tre. 6 A war of prices has weakened our profitability. which could lead to a price war. We. 2 In order to grow.dre. Verb - 1N00m - AdJc~tf'IJe opportune I OPPORlUNrTlE~ J)e.3 Correct the mistakes using words and expressions from A and B opposite. opportunities or threats? Look at A opposite to help you.rke.rA'je. !\ee.y h~ve. AmazonPrime. th~t 's lAI\i'llAeil\ the. Amazon is a global brand but in some local markets the main competitor could be stronger and preferred by consumers. mtti"'l [>rices. J)A-M~~e.velopiJ\~ M<1..d MOre.there is A lot of rOOM to e.. The external factors. 'We need to exploit our strengths by making the most of our distribution network and loyalty programme.C()o..I\ tide.AAJ\Ce. 3 An undifferentiated offer will weakness the company in the short term. toWArdS hybrid CArS AM AbOlAt e. Strengths and weaknesses refer to the product itself and are considered as internal factors. In 2005 Amazon launched a new loyalty programme. B - SW01 and marketing strategy Pat Albright is the senior marketing manager for PetraServe. This identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a product. MArke. then it'll be easier to address.x[>e.' over .dS for lorry ~J\d trlAck drive. [lo the same fur or one YOlO wou Id Ii ke to wo rk for. 2 Today. the company is under from its main competitors. Hi'lhly re. It has built on early successes with books. COM[>AJ\y we. M~rket.In:OlI~V'S~S of the: cumpany. It has an innovative Customer Relationship Management programme. There is huge potential here.~teJ\iM . EMe.. AM >ki II. ~ bM iMA'le." Th in k abo U t the C~)m pOIn y yo U wor k for. H~e r>Ote.1MArket is becoMiJ\'j il\ IOJ\'jdist~J\ce.. offering automobiles may be confusing for customers. There are now a lor of sites that offer the same service and product categories as Amazon. weaknesses. service or company. She's presenting her marketing strategy to the board. n 12 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 13 . COJ\:>lAMer. and now has product categories that include jewellery.Able.rior d istri blAtiol\ I'\etwork h~ve. or deal with.lJ wG. the offer is undifferentiated .f~rs [>olllAtioJ\. be.tte. br~l\d.w [>roolAct> .1 br<1. le. but this may damage the brand.[>e. . [>e.r the. In 2004 Amazon moved into the Chinese market. This is a SWOT analysis of PetraServe.1 SWOT a na lysis Before entering the marketplace it is essential to carry out a SWOT analysis.rior COMMIAI\icA-tioJ\ we cOlAld cOl'ulMlAJ\icA-te. and the opportunities and threats facing it.J\ce) kJ\owle. weaknesses such as the lack of new products. loyA-lty [>rD'jmMMl!.1.x[>AM iJ\to I\e. If we can also build on strengths such as our brand image and current profitability. Amazon is a global brand. Do they describe strengths.we. br~M. e.r i 1\ te.ed yUD.tS. but I believe we can create an opportunity by strengthening our communication and informing consumers about what we're doing to preserve the environment. 5 We may be threated by the emerging trend towards online shopping. We.All olAr cOM[>e. 2 Amazon has added a lot of new categories. be. the company will have to create new .J\viroJ\Me.tfor sarvice stAtioJ\ sho[> (coJ\. Spe. wh~te.f1Ae. 4 A clear opportunity is a gape in the market. not just exploit existing 3 We need to minimize and .d 3 4 M ~ <l1A~lity brA-M.r ~il\te. Competition is growing in this market.

1 • • • Product • Price _.1 Timed . 14 Professionol English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 15 . such as an increase in sales or a successful product launch. '. marketing plan A company's marketing strategy describes how it will position itself and the products it sells or the services it provides in the competitive marketplace. For a list of questions to ask when preparing a marketing plan..that is. Achievable . and your Unique Selling Point (USP) . methods nux plan segments strategy target ~ . etc.1 Make word combinations with market and marketing using words from the box. teenagers or business people (see Unit 19). see Appendix ri on page 109. Specific. price promotions. a concept developed by Rosser Reeves in the 1940s. Then match the word combinations with the definitions they control the way the customers see the products or services.When will you achieve the objective? (Within a month? By February 2015?) Which market segment? How will we target the segment? How should we position within the segment? • 3 2 The approach to meeting the objectives Convert your strategy into the marketing mix. product and pricing policies. minutes)? 1... r •••••••••••• Developing the marketing plan You can develop a marketing plan using the stages known as AOSTC (Analysis. 4. materials.- --~ > 4 Marketing strategy and the marketing plan Marketing strategy vs. The strategy includes a discussion of target markets. Look at B opposite to help you. I Competitor Analysis Target Market USP I Target market Your customer groups or segments .Do you have the resources to make the objective happen (manpower. The company's marketing plan is the written document which details the marketing methods selected (advertising.. look at the page opposite and Appendix II on page 109 to help you... money. over a given period of time. known as the executive summary... including the 4 Ps . What you want to achieve.. in terms of image and sales. Originally USP stood for Unique Selling Proposition.Are you attempting too much? . • Measurable . Tactics and Control).) and specific marketing actions or marketing activities (for example.1 Realistic . what distinguishes your product or service from others on the market. a back-to-school promotional offer).. machines. clients or customers you want to attract 3 a definition of the company.Quantify your objectives. the combination of different elements used to market a product or service Product / service What you sell or provide. Objectives.for example.Be precise about what you are going to achieve.. is included at the beginning of the document. A summary of the marketing plan. 4.. I groups of consumers with similar needs or purchasing desires 2 the consumers... Choose a title from the box for each image. Place • Promotion How the success of the marketing plan will be measured (see Unit 24).2 You are preparing some slides for a presentation of next year's marketing plan... The competition in the marketplace. the product / service and the competition 4 detailed information about how to fulfil the marketing strategy 5 the techniques you can use to communicate with your consumers 6 Current market situation Information on the competitors and the marketplace. It also examines the resources needed (both financial and human) to achieve specified marketing objectives.. How each marketing activity will be assessed. Strategies.. and proposed marketing and promotional initiatives (see Units 1-2 for more about the marketing mix). You will also need to include information on their positioning .

~. goods .ca is a Canadian protection: --- ~~-------~-- ---------. with a minimum We are looking for a corporate (4) responsible. a In 2008. 5. ~m ~ beneficial GJ. (7) problems l1I(i)W affecting cauntries worldwide. I' I By carefully designing its product to be eco(8) and of hign quality.include enhanced brand image.000. The aim of social marketing is to minimize social problems such as crime or poverty. and act to protect the environment. and greater ease in attracting staff. a company can implement a policy of sustainable purchasing and only buy products that come from renewable sources. The campaign aimed to limit tlie twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes.for example. it is mutually (9) for the environment and the consumer. We need financial able to afford to make our good work more effective. 6 degrees. with the in our stores and we Arlette Foundation. We are . en'virorunent Responsible purchasing is another way that a company can build or maintain a . Companies can refuse to buy materials or goods made using child labour or that have been tested on animals.good reputation. I Big Cat Rescue is looking for the right corporate cause related marketing for a mutually donations partner that to be campaign. and its pens are designed to be r. animal donate environmental mutually responsible social socially beneficial money problems purchasing responsible sustainability testing Corporate social responsibility (CSR) 5. Put a stress mark in front of the stressed syllable in each word.'. We win promote the r-~~'"'~-~--'---"-"~-~~'---~'-----"'~--'--"'~-'~~ I The Push Play campaign in New Zealand has successfully (6) New Zealanders to do more exercise.Marketing ethics 5. or environmentally friendly.:2 The advantages for a company of being socially responsible . Responsible citizens are aware of environmental' concems such as global warming.. For example. green marketing or social marketing. we are proud to continue our ma rketing (l) (2) will . The brand is then associated with the charity.~. such as UNICEF or Oxfam. Today most of this funding Foundation. Two words can be used twice. Look at A and B opposite to help you. Note: The abbreviation CRM also refers to Customer Relationship Management . responsibly society socially sustainably ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 17 .1 Social marketing Social marketing is the use of marketing techniques to convince people to change their behaviour for their own good or for the benefit of society. Make word combinations using a word from each box. in the process. enjoys a high level of satisfaction from environmentally conscious consumers and companies with a responsible (10) """ " partner sell a range of products displaying "'::'Q.see Unit 23. For each product sold.:-"--- .bjgCatresc~e. a US non-profit wild cat sanctuary. comes from private individuals. • Cause related marketing (CRM) is when a company donates money to a charity. wants to create a marketing partnership with another organization: Complete the texts describing examples of CSR. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.G§iV7Ww. a non-profit organization or a good cause.efiiliable. Goodkind embraces environmental (1 1) " . b '~.3 iii Complete the table with words from A and B opposite and related believes that if a business is behaving in an ethical or moral way then they will contribute to environmental sustainability. Encouraging smokers to stop smoking or persuading people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables are examples. 6 • . Look at A and B opposite to help you. The first one has been done for you.~- the charity's distinctive logo. Big Cat Rescue. we will (3) money to the Arlette of £250. web-based forum that promotes green marketing and environmental committed to being (5) tnstead of making its pens from plastic. Goodkind has made a product with a super-green profile arid. washing powder that is not harmful to the environment. taking positive actions for the benefit of its staff and society as a whole . Then decide whether the companies are involved in CRlvI. • Green marketing is the development and distribution of ceo-friendly.that is. shares our principles and values. Goodkind Pen Company uses wood scraps from local furniture makers. As well as showing concern for human rights and animal testing. There are different ways for a company to show corporate social responsibility (CSR). I_i. degrees.

6 The staff for the telephone hotline of an internet bank are trained to be polite and friendly. except at Christmas and Easter time when the demand for Christmas trees and chocolate increases dramatically. ~ 0:.. Average life expectancy: This is increasing so we should think about products for older customers. Employing the right people and keeping them motivated is essential.. The company has an influence over these factors. and marketing channels.often looking at a particular country or region.. The relationship between the company and these factors is indirect.. provides information following about the micro environment: for marketing students. Men are almost as likely as women to do the shopping for the family and take care of the children. or metals ... MJe'l"IJ L'" ~~~. Its website says the Decide whether the following marker environment characteristics macro factors. FACTORS Political stability: Very good.ordering by mobile phone. soctallzmg. Distribution: Online ordering has changed the way supermarkets operate. Look at A opposite to help you. - are micro factors or Mucro in a region reduces spending on leisure activities..2 Complete the action plans (1-6) and then match them with the micro factors (a-f). This is a STEP analysis for an online supermarket in Britain. Positive or adverse (negative) media attention can seriously affect an organization. employees.~~:fu . The macro environment: SIEP' analysis A STEP analysis (also known as a PEST analysis) looks at sociological. Training and development playa key role in the service sector. •• 6.. We could even think about adding video..The market environment 6.@':10' ~:f/VIWl'\'.. technological. shareholders' needs without harming the in front of I shareholders suppliers the TV set. Opinions on environmental issues:We should useonly recyclable packaging and hybrid-fuel delivery vans. 5 Positive reports in the national press about a brand. Prepare a press release for a magazine about the launch of a new product. with fewer babies born every year. France is a member of the European Union and as such has trade (1) the other members. with significant minorities in some regions. Implement a training and plan to motivate and keep good members. cooking. Birth rates: Birth rates are continuing to decline.. Leisure activities: Watching TV. we need to target both sexesequally. c employees d media e shareholders f suppliers Changes in the price or quality of raw materials . Look at B opposite to help you. Consumersteel relaxed about the political Situation and ready to use consumer credit. We no longer need actual shops. The religious beliefs do not significantly affect the marketplace. Convince shareholders that the best way to . Build and maintain good by always paying on time.1 The micro environment Learnmarketing.?LlTICAl. 2 3 4 5 6 a competitors b consumers r S~CIOLOGICAL FACTORS Dominant religions: Mainly Christian. Marketing campaigns are beginning to exploit this line of (7) by sending SMS messages to their audience. more snack food is consumed your brand from your competitors'. It has one of the worst unemployment (2) and the government is keen to bring this down. Carry out market research to better needs and desires. France has one of the highest (3) rates in Europe (1. Communication with consumers: Broadband internet connections make it possibleto include more product photos on our site. Look at A and B opposite to help you.. 7 During the FIFA World Cup. Good relations with suppJiers will make business easier. The first one has been done for you.-- ~ i. 4 Legislation in European countries is restricting the right to smoke in public places. with in Europe TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS Innovation and technological advances: Production: New product lines and product types are continually coming onto the market. economic and political factors in the market environment on a macro level..will affect the marketing mix. ECONOMIC FACTORS The economic forecast is good: Interest rates: stable at 5% Unemployment rate: lessthan 9% of people are out work GQP (Gross Domestic Product): growing steadily P. consumers competitors employees media A company must understand You must differentiate consumer needs and meet them. Do a SWOT analysis to assess how to your brand from your competitors'.. It is important to satisfy brand in the long term.their needs in the long term is to invest in research and development. This has opened up new channels of (6) and there are now several internet grocery stores. Gender roles: Now that younger men shop as much as women. reflecting changes in (4) roles. Consumer programmes on TV and consumer magazines that people read have a powerful effect on the marketplace. Specialdiets in some areas.jearnmarketing:net -n 1 -High unemployment .j f i 2 The internet has opened up new distribution r --~he follo~ing fa~tors have a direct impact on the company and its stakeholders: consu~ers. Nearly all teenagers own a mobile phone and they are increasingly using SMS messages to keep in touch with their peers. International trade agreements: We can import products fri'J[T1 the EU without paying extra imp0rt duties.on: No changes to the law for our businesssector in the near future. Attitudes to foreign products: Consumers like to experiment with foreign food and drink. but there is a large Muslim community.for example wood. shareholders and suppliers.3 Complete the STEP analysis of France.9 children per woman) and a large proportion of French mothers go back to work. 3 Good relations between a supplier and a company mean that goods are always delivered on time. Offer: We now offer a new service. The dominant (5) is Catholicism.. 6. Nl}w tax I busiA~sS legislati. 18 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 19 . Internet penetration is high: most households own a computer and have high speed internet access.

f"o ~OU Thi 11k abou t in teHt'~1 w. The UK Patent Office says: 'Intellectual property (IP) crimes include counterfeiting and piracy.. must read and agree to the terms protection exclusive gives a company the renewed regularly. Infringement means reproducing copyrighted work without permission from the IP owner.the products they sell. perrrussron. may have to pay damages or compensation to the trademark holder. We have teamed up wieh consumer watchdog Which? to offer some help. or carrying out. Businesses need to monitor and control their produce to make sure they are fulfilling. The terms and conditions usually contain what a visitor may download or take from the web page and post or upload to the web page. photographs. films. Look at A and B . If a trademark or copyright holder believes that another person has made unauthorized use of a trademark or copyright. Death. Who is responsible.for this? The Consumer Protection Act The Consumer Protection Act is a law in the UK that protects the consumer from faulty or defective products. right to market a product.involving physical damage to a person . and industrial designs. trademarks (words or symbols that differentiate a company)..c: WWF 7. Producers. The infringer. however. VIi'b:ll ls it. Which? answers: As you did not buy the machine yourself. jj. A granted patent gives patent protection for 20 years in the UK. you have no contract with the shop. Look at A and B opposite to help you. Enforcement of the act . A central part of the law is product liability. Counterfeiting is deliberate or wilful trademark infringement and piracy is wilful copyright infringement. Intellectual property is divided into two categories: Industrial property includes patents. It must not be used or reproduced without (3) trademark and is subject to ..u siness. images and designs used in commerce. at fault . is defective. Consumers are legally entitled to goods of a satisfactory quality. all safety regulations. Note: The copyright symbol: © The trademark symbol: ™ The registered trademark symbol: f 7. Make sentences using one part from each column. or register your trademark. you will need to complete a registration process. After that time you must renew the patent. but they are not always as friendly if a (J) .is the job of the trading standards officer. Copyright protected work is said to be subject to copyright. or taking the manufacturer to court. The smoke and fire damage is extensive. from the WWF-UK web page. but that also stopped working after a week. sd'u:m:1 or fa m Hy. literary and artistic works. or products that are not as safe as they are generally expected to be. then this may lead to a lawsuit.that is.that is. Intellectual Property Organization gives the following definitions: Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions. Visitors to the site must agree to the terms and conditions. The Panda symbol The WWF panda symbol is a (1) (2) .2 1 Patent . Is this correct? My parents bought us a washing machine as a present but it exploded when we were out. jii No.that is. making sure the act is respected .J Complete the copyright information opposite to help you.. b Try contacting the trading (4) . Copyright protected work includes novels.I r tn. YOl1 are legally (6) of a (7) " quality. Look at C opposite to help you. the person who has broken the copyright. p rnpe r ty ow ned by Y(H. normally financial.and damage to private property are covered under the act.~~ injury. responsible for . and a disclaimer to say the company is not legally responsible for the misuse of its web pages. Most company websites include a page called terms and conditions or copyright information. plays. I still don't have a satisfactory response. which means that any person who is injured or physicalJy hurt by a defective product does not have to prove a manufacturer negligent . a The iron I bought was faulty and I was given a replacement.3 Complete the newspaper report and then match the problems (a-c) with the offered solutions (i-iii). names. fl:fld how is ~t prukdL:dI? ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 20 Professional English in Use Marketing 21 . Your parents. to goods c I have written many letters to a local supermarket after having found bits of glass in their fresh J aspects of marketirng LegaJ definltions The WorM. artistic works such as drawings. to a lawsuit. where one company takes another to court to enforce the trademark or copyright. He J she is responsible for (5) of the Consumer Protection Act. musical works. suppliers and importers are liable for . FIGHT FOR YOUR RI'GHTS WIHEN A DIEAl GOES WRONIG By Ruki Sayid Stores do their best to part us from our cash. can claim for the machine from tlie retailer. and conditions. saying the second iron was a gift.91. In order to trademark. 2 Copyright protects literary and artistic works. and symbols. But you can claim against the manufacturer under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 fOT (2) " to your house and any (3) _F_ ~_.r.' 7. and architectural designs. personal injury .before suing. which give the exclusive right to make. officer. The shop has refused to exchange it. use and sell an invention in a given geographical area. Ove. 2 A granted 3 Wilful trademark copyright cannot be used without patent must be infringement may lead ® 4 Visitors to the website S Material that is subject to Legal problems Legal problems may arise if another person has used copyright protected work without the copyright owner's (or holder's) permission.

' test is to find out what they think about the flavour of a product.examining.. who asks questions to get detailed and qualitative information.. b We must collect the data quickly. Out (or. c We collected the research last week. the seSSiOh.f){lA F"ocus ~r-cups.he leVel Of service and h':1~ierie o... filled in a questionnaire. or gathering.e. fories ch k"ei r-esear-ch lnstJtute A IOh5sunte'j is 5iveh to r-espOhllet. Consumer research . newspapers. " questionnaires)..erv:ewe -adW)ihister-ed qUestionhaire is fi'led ih Oh behalf of t. email address.ih a r-eal sH:.The Wloder-~tor pr-epar-es questrOns for. fie.used to discover behaviour patterns (how people act) and customer needs (see Unit 20) . team want to have a lot of data on thelf consumers. c We are running three focus groups.- 8' Research 1 Types of research Marketing research is the process of gathering information about a market. her competitors and the economy in general. ".:~ . . --.:.==-.. a We carried out the research last week. test is designed to find out what consumers think about packaging.. 5 .-ve'j maned to the r-espohdeht J who completes it dhd posts it is ar-e adWlihis1ered Oh the iht. A l'I1ad Su." surveys.r-he1. I /1 1 • desk (desktop) research or secondary research: an analysis of the information you can find easily without leaving your desk. self-adl'l1ihiste . have apC\n~l... and the plural is analyses. used to test ideus for. There are two main methods of consumer research: 8. I Consumer research can be either qualitative or quantitative..of exlsl. Look at A and B opposite to help an essential eIe~en~ ~f marketing research.hew packp:Jih:J. ba. 4 The marketing I. b It can take a long time to carry out data. books. used to test what COhSUWler-s thihk_ about. Quantitative research involves collecting.the session. The dato show interesting trends... pmCtIl~rou.he r-esp. surveys are usually carried out in-store to assess the levels of service quality and cleanliness.. Professional Engfish in Use Marketing III i I ~------------. Motivation research investigates the psychological reasons why individuals buy specific types of merchandise.. completed a questionnaire. analysed a questionnaire. analysing it and interpreting it. "" (self-administered questionnaires) and some are completed by the interviewer ( -. 3 A marketing research institute may prepare a lengthy " ". c We must gather the data quickly. the same time...2 Complete the sentences. etc.s sur-ve'js... COh.. and an eJ J ~ht. large samples of data (for example.ck_. or analysing.lh5:e~pohdehis__:~_ --=--:=:=:-:~~~~-------:=. Although the term market research is often used to mean the same thing. qUestiCr.. the data. HOWletest.cou.ld research or primary research: involves talking to people and finding out what they think about a market. small group discussions or in-depth interviews with consumers are used to understand a problem better. on how many people use different products).. Look at B opposite to help you. and government statistics. COnSUmer's trt) the prodl!\d.... 11 2 a The respondents b The respondents c The respondents 3 I I I Taste test..ed (0.. b We conducted the research last fr0m th~ tar-~~t 5r-cuP plus Ohe Wlod~r-(\tor-to Wlediate or. " ". followed by statistical analysis ." " " 'Packp5e ar-eo. 4 a It can take a long time to mine data. 5 a We are filling in three focus groups. Look at A and B opposite to help you. " .1Jbe ih a focus 5rouP' Cross out the incorrect sentence in each group. a product. desktop + secondary motivation + primary qualitative + field quantitative + primary 1 The R&D department want to know why people buy mobile phones so that they can develop a new model that answers all the major needs. a business sector. 2 A" " . technically it only refers to research into a specific market. They ring people at home and ask them questions. etc..J.' is a small discussion group.cOhduct5) 'esea . Ihtervlewe r .in:J westiohs. - .ohdeht 6':1 ah . hotel Or.. shoppmg habits. The data is interesting. The singular noun is (an) analysis.~~~~=:===-~-~ " Professional English in Use Marketing 23 22 . b We are mediating three focus groups. A a We must run the data quickly. 2 The design team want to know how consumers feel about the new layout of the company website before they finalize and launch the new homepage. Data is used as both an uncountable noun and as a plural noun. hew ~avour-s. or why they respond to specific advertising appeals. 1 A lot of marketing research institutes carry out ". c It can take a long time to analyse data.-estClu.nair-e is coWiplei. These . 6A ".. Sever'ell COWtfa~ies.SOmeihsld:. .... Note.'j shoppin:J: a per-SOhposes ~s ih 0.SlJiWler check_st. and a . a mo..... 8:..s at hOWie.c(i:ustQme~ to answerih:J HIe sur-ve':)s. ~ r I ~." survey which it posts to consumers at their homes.uatioh.. .. Telephone sw-ve~s are carried Out 6':1telephohih5 the respohdeht and o.. led by a " . surveys have questions from several different companies on them. age.3 (.hd ih) b'j the r"espondeht. Quantitative research is often used to investigate the findings from qualitative research. 4 Some questionnaires are completed by the .1 Match the types of research in the box with the research problems below. Ohline sllrvejS Mjste. It is usually carried out by market research institutes.. In qualitative research.. B _ Researtih methodology 8. magazines.. 3 A manager wants to have financial data on her company. The activity of analysing data can also be referred to as mining data. .. Examples include the internet. 0.

. Complete the description of the graph.b.. the mtennon to buy (2) ~harply~ A (3) higher number of consumers expressed a strong interest in t~e policy. 70 9... five-year period . a significantly higher number of consumers have a low opinion of the product and the brand image.. One out of two respondents has spent more than $50 online on books. _ than we expected.~ . 3 A mere 79% of respondents are male. Q « 100 0 Years ~ e > 0 30 Ci.. and correct any mistakes in the:sentences below. consumption isonline.+o ijoa .• i!li~ 9. This upward trend was (4) for a two-year ~5) : In 2003 t e company started to suffer from a damaged reputation.. Although this seems to be very negative..o!:og~~CO[!1 r::. Q « 20 10 0 Years . They are also far more male . Compared to the same period last year. And. . 4 Note: The key findings are the most important findings. The percentage of dissatisfied respondents has trebled.7% 22.-. 'The graph shows consumer ratings of the product over a ten-year period. 1 Three quarters of the respondents earn more than $45. indicate(s) that the trend is upward t / downward reveal(s) satisfaction with the service . rated the new taste better than the old one..' ==--~=~======·::C. 5 The survey suggests that all bloggers are over 30.. 2 Almost half of their news consumption is online. Percent '-. suggest(s) that our consumers would prefer to see •.::~~~~~~~~~~i. . - --~--"'11 I ~I ~tQ. However.. MoreOver. of the respondents said taste was very important.. Look at A opposite and Appendix III on page 110 to help you.. 9. .-t' I + .. This led to a slight fall in approval ratings. the ratings doubled. show(s) dissatisfaction with the product range . your initial guesstimates.Research 2 Describing survey results There are number of different ways to talk about survey results. koo k <I t ~il.. in the last six months. 21% are themselves bloggers and 46% dssrribe ~hemse\ves as oplnlo~ makers.7910. After the launch.2 600 !I 60 V1 'z: 01 <: 50 40 .. Thanks to the 17..000 a 'Year. Have you clicked on a bloq ad? Hesponse Can't recall _ yes.r. reports in the national press have had a negative effect on the brand image and approval ratings have plummeted. versus 56% of NYTimes. 15% to Newsweek and 1<1% to the AtlantiC Monthly. which (6) Just before the company name was changed and the policy dropped.. blog readers:are even more cvber-active than we'd hoped: 5<\% of their news .. The relaunch of the brand invigorated the product and so you can see ratings rising to 60%.159 blog readers who responded to our survey! . 400 '" ro 300 > e 200 a. Thi~ survey shows tnat blog readers are older and more affluent t~an most optimistic guesstimates: .e.' OV. .-. Look at B opposite to help you. You can see that after the launch of the product the ratings rose to 33%..uS extra ct fi1HII1I the b'h'}~ read!er ~UlrV(Y 1m entioned re s Lj ~~s of the sUirv<:ya s if to vour team ~~f ma na ge r. highlight(s) that the respondents feel strongly about . were much worse. 5% to the 0 I 1 Economist..000 a year. following allegatlOnSof Illegal trading ~n the stock market. :.people are happy with it. We use mere when we want to emphasize that the amount is not large. 10161 3412 1661 l' a !nOVII:. 50% have spent more than $50 online on books.1 R d the extract from a survey of blog readers by Blogads.people don't like it... and . policy was launched in 2000. cited taste as an important part of the decision to buy. . or not important.4% I 10. For more information on talking about figures see Appendix Ilion page 110. Recent research The survey The latest figures The key findings A mere 5% Ten percent Over half Almost 60% Nearly two thirds the need to .9% Total Respondents (Skipped question) this 24 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 25 . ~ n<:"l(P == L0~~~li'Iw.. This is reflected in the number of intentions to buy.. thought the taste was much better. a The graph represents mrennons to buy (1) .6i:% of blog readers responding to the survey are over 30. The trend was stable until the arrival of a major competitor in the market. The new insurance . 01 '" 500 c Understanding trends and changes Maggie Potters has just completed a survey of consumer ratings for a brand of mobile phones and is making a presentation to the phone manufacturers.q7Yo have spent more than $500 online for plane tickets. Describe ttw No I 66. your predictions before you had the figures. and 75Yo earn more than $45. claimed taste influenced their purchase.. Blog readers are big media consumers: 21% subscrib~ to the New Yorker's readers.:1_~~:t':.

For example. The distribution network and marketing communications action plan must be ready by the launch date or commercialization date . The R&D team creates a prototype. At the end of the product development and optimization stage. 1 PS3 spent a long time in the development pipe. the marketing plan (see Unit 4).3 Correct the mistakes in the sentences about the launch of PS3. car makers prepare clay models of new car designs. Band D opposite. Prototyping helps cut costs and allows for market testing. B. This allows the company to forecast or predict sales.h. or bugs.. research. get to market first with a successful product launch. is the final stage in the new product development process. used to (9) sales. Then the software is sent for external testing. 1 We should carry date and now need to prepare the distribution rollout across tune our marketing our some sensory plan. to test its functionality and to eliminate product flaws. tastes or feels. using words from A. For software. The company tests the product and its marketing plan on a small test market before a full launch. is defined. Look at A. In the last project we worked on. date flaws I forecast launch manage product prototype representations resources success time B·. I 3 The results will allow us to fine. Product modelling uses CAD (computer aided design) to turn ideas into 3D representations. and to fine-tune. 12 We have completed the alpha Workflow Companies need to organize their workflow efficiently to move quickly through the new product development process and beat the competitors to market . successfully we hope. network.that is. Note: For more on distribution. The amount of time a new product or service spends in the development pipeline . Then match the sentences (1-5) with the stages of the development process (a--c). Sony's gaming console. Product optimization studies are carried out to improve the product or service as it is being developed. The amount and type of testing depends on the costs and risks of introducing the product. made up of a project leader and the people needed to complete the project. testing. C and D opposite to help you. .a drawing. 3 The original launch day for PS3 was in the spring. the project team. to make decisions that will reduce the risk of failure in the future.test and are now ready for beta 4 We have planned the market 5 We have set a launch a test marketing b commercialization c product development and optimization 11. OVer. They may include sensory research to evaluate how a product smells. is set and the product is launched. Europe. For more on publicity and referred to as time to market. During the process.or how long it takes to develop . 5 The launch event in France was a failure because the marketing communications test plan was poorly prepared.the date the product goes on sale. /" II Clay model of a newcar design After we get the OK for the product concept we need to allocate (1) to the next stage: product development. 2 The marketing introduction stage did not go smoothly for PS3. a commercialization (11) . completes key activities (for example. The company may launch the product simultaneously in all markets or prepare a step-by-step market rollout in different cities and countries.2 Complete the description of product development using words from the box. Product development and optimization Many product concepts exist only as a description .Look at B. D Commercialization Commercialization. also known as market introduction.11 1 New product development 2 f 11. we carried out a test of the market before the full (10) _ At the end.. Test marketing The next step is to collect information on how the proposed product or service will perform in the marketplace. where the program is tested by company employees to remove any errors. Efficient product development processes increase the chance of doing well. We have to create a (3) which we use to identify and eliminate product (4) in order to increase the likelihood of (5) We use CAD to create 3D (6) . or a very basic model known as a mock-up. carrying out market research) to advance the project and collects information to manage risk . a fCetional or real pwui. uncover problems with the product. see Units 32-43. 6 Sony is also launching an international e-distribution net to provide online content.•·1 stages -1[3r Present the different product deve'lolO'm{:U"lt IiJSt. or likelihood of success. a list of what needs to be done next. the project moves into test marketing. C and D opposite to help you.~ W 28 ProfesSional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 29 . this is known as beta testing. see Unit 26. or adjust. a first example of the product.. An action plan. the first stage is an alpha test.1 Make sentences using one part from each 4 The action rollout in Europe for PS3 was m ustrate ym~r nOlA ~J taM. Although there is always pressure to reduce our (7) . I think it is important to (8) risk well so that the product launch is a success. Prioritization decisions are made to identify the most important things to do next and resources are allocated to the best projects. 11. We start by (2) modelling.

. 7 So. What the other word? 5 Just a . They can be modified later. a the leader b the scribe c a team member .ldn'{ tr-~ a diffe.! I have 30 the per-feci solution .1. Random words are listed and then put together.esme.hink.:4- USih~ an animal l1avne fo. or build '1O-U . out of / over) the box thinking and fantastic ideas. the random f thinking for a new product name. Complete the sentences. and then match eac~ sentence with the participant who says it in a brainstorming session (a-c).. of white teeth. 'how to sell more of our biscuits'. 2 Please don't (criticize / define / diagnose) or judge the quality of other people's Ideas.-? 'Blue per-haps? ove. 6 Thanks for a very productive brainstorming A company called Speechmark is brainstorming ideas for the title of their internal newsletter. There is no ownership of ideas ._s.:r market (see AppendHx V on pagie lli:n Use a r ranuom wordgc'i1er<!ltor from the ijv". rules ~ let's get started. 0. for example: 'Which noises do you associate with pencils?' or 'What other uses do people have for pencils?' 12.?.. 3 we use the company name in the tide? 4 Good suggestion. 3 We're looking for quantity. scribe and team members. 4 2 The scribe needs to write down. where all the team members can see them. Michael Michalko is a creative thinking expert.he p{.de? 'Cool White' is It's a 0. t. we'll have 'Speechmark Inside'. During brainstorming sessions..he ideas. Do not criticize ideas. leader. et tor the ~idl\l'u. If we Brain:storm <J n1wW prodi . and encourage people to think out of the box . 2 Here's a list of keywords to get your creative ' . You play with the combinations until you find a promising new combination. Let's ~o to " me think about being at home. One final technique is to ask novel questions (new or different questions) that will stimulate creative answers. There are three roles for participants in a brainstorming team. I've pt it. 2 I hope you've been thinking about the problem c word is 'butter'. so it's important to be open to original ideas. we bit. 1 I'd like to remind you all of the ground b session.2 Complete the sentences (1-4). 4 Don't be afraid to take e rules before we start. ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 31 .isn't.1\ t. Do not evaluate ideas... The problem statement needs to focus on the aim of the session.Brainstorming The brainstorming session Brainstorming is a technique used by marketers during product naming to find new names for products.• combine ~ ide. You may need to get the creative juices flowing (get people thinking more creatively). LOQkat A and B opposite to help you. Look at A and B opposite to help you.-ent colou.~) bu. eve'-~one.I\~'s. . The purpose is to (generate / evaluate / generalize) ideas. but it must be open enough to allow innovative thinking.. John. .'s idea abolJ:t one will criticize you. The leader must also set the ground rules for brainstorming: • • • All ideas are welcome. 3 Today we need innovative d statement I emailed you.h :jQ. 0. Before the session. 3 \-\e~.. ~ooJ One common technique is to use a random word as a starting point for possible solutions. 1 It's a (brainstormer / brainstorming / brainstorm) session. 12.for example. rather than quality. Change involves risk-taking. Of during product development (see Unit 10) to find new products and to generate ideas.4 Suggesting and building on ideas During a brainstorming session for the name of a new toothpaste. it? Just sut\~stiOh - coo.-~ to sta~ focused .t. Look at C opposite to help you. :.-oblem.the ideas belong to the group.-~one) t. We can (modernize / moderate / modify) Ideas 4 Build (up / over / on) each other's ideas. 1 Today we're looking for a two-word title for the newsletter.clearly. flowing. The quantity of ideas (how many there are) is more important than the quality (how good they are).3 Match the two parts of the sentences from a brainstorming session.r-. 01( eve. For example. the leader needs to define a problem statement . no judgements or criticisms should be made of ideas.couldn't we try 'inside'? 6 I like that .t~rnet to :11l:~P' you get YOUircreative jnn. suntan lotion and insect repellent combine to form a new product .601.t. l'hank.WIO. we'll have' Cool 'Olue'.he .. I've it! I've nO't?d 0. It . the brainstorming team say the following things: Th1s is probabl~ cra. He uses a technique called combinatory play. Thank. Look at C opposite to help you. if 1 those two ideas. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the brainstorming rules.i~'~'$ flowirlg. . 12.look at a problem from a new or different angle. or note down. a risks . what. ... You all know the . the p... There are many random word generators on the internet.. obViOUS. wit. Participants should 'hitchhike' on. every idea . other people's creative ideas.o. Brainstorming techniques II. 5 lotion that protects against both the sun and insects. It is this building of ideas that leads to (outer / later.

A product type is a group of products offered by different companies which are technically similar. This new (3. such as table salt or shampoo 13. Complete the magazine article. kindergartens) financial (banking.ary Price Quantity Brand Item description good. furniture and white goods supplies such as = goods that are used up or last for less than three years for example. other products. washing machines and dishwashers Make word combinations with goods and products using words from the box.) """ .pes 13. such as cars. consumable CD RO Ms. However. Then match the word combinations with the pictures (1-7) below. education and training (private schools.. brown convenience hard healthcare nondurable perishable white = major = goods = goods household electrical goods that are not usually white. real estate) consulting (business and financial advisors) risk management (insurance and security) cleaning and maintenance gardeners) (office cleaners. Look at A opposite to help you.". vitamins and plasters Note: The expressions fast moving consumer goods and consumer packaged goods are often abbreviated to FMCG and ePG. of De Beers. Faber-Castell produce writing instruments. artificial diamonds with equipment that replicates the high . There is usually a logical grouping of products ." " as natural diamonds. Christian Dior is the same product type but not in the same class."" " . usually in a supermarket or in a pharmacy as alternatives to brand name drugs (see Unit 16) products that are beneficial for your health and well-being . Artificial diamonds may outsparkle genuine articles Diamonds. Apollo Diamonds. such as fresh fruit. or ink for a printer 3 5 ~ ~ 2 4 6 7 green generic products health care = products that are not harmful for the environment (see Unit 5) = products = sold without a brand name. and Word combinations con veruence fast moving consumer consumer packaged white brown perishable durable / hard nondurable / soft with 'goods' and 'products' be Beers Diamond Trading Company denies claims that the artificial diamonds are in. televisions and DVD players that have a limited shelf life and must be consumed relatively quickly. healthcare hairdressing (doctors. A good example is cosmetics and make-up. such as camcorders. the same (5) ".p Product and' service ty. both high quality pencils for children and adults.11 Product types Raw materials . is attracting (4) """ interest from jewellers ". Perishable products and goods can also be calied perishables. H&M and Zara clothes are in the same class.they cannot be easily worn out or used up. Natural gems 'have a mystique and an emotional value to them with which synthetics can never compete'. said Gareth Penny. of semi-conductors. theatres) tourism (hotels. Durable goods can also be called durables. gold and oil .. Types of service A service is a non-material Common service types are: childcare (childminders. appearance and marketing.2 household electrical goods which are usually white. one of the world's most beautiful and sought-after (1) "" .pressure and temperatures found within the earth. are now facing stiff competition from artificial gems. Look at B opposite to help you. perishable goods.for example. or manufacture. and also high quality pens.. adult colleges) 32 Professional English in Use Marketing telecommunications (mobile phones. and Floridabased Gemesis both (2) """.are used to make. fixed lines) entertainment (cinemas. "" "" ". A product class is a group of products that may be considered as substitutes for one another. based in Boston. provided by a company or an individual. A group of related products made and marketed by a manufacturer is a product line. hospitals) (small salons and large groups) Purchasing Date di.for example. there will be variations in terms of price. = products = major goods with a high turnover and relatively low price. fresh meat and eggs that last for a long time . airlines) marketing and advertising (consultancies and agencies) Professional English in Use Marketing 33 . One word can be used twice. such as freezers.such as cotton...

trust and consume. they make a loss. They will consume resources . Join the fastest growing safe online high low relative market share Staqe of PlC Product launch ---- Pesitlon i n ~hll::matrix - - Problem children are products or services that are not yet established. 7 It may be necessary to line the drop.2 Decide where the following services can be placed on the Boston matrix: as question mark / problem child. In some cases these products or services may never be profitable .3 Find nouns and expressions in A and B opposite that can be used to make word combinations with the words below. the speed at which the market is expanding.that is. Professional English in Use Marketing 35 . before finally dropping the line . Put the words in italics in the correct order to complete the sentences. ·stars . They generate high cash flows. Introduction Growth Maturity Decline OVe.p Product life cycles 14. but are not always profitable. Profitability depends on the amount invested in the star. . Decline 114.• . Products or services have either high or low market growth rates or relative market shares. 5 Stars may cash high flows generate but are not always profitable. rk .1 Search 001 rbe in IIernet m leo kin a su perm Bcston Box.the percentage of consumers in the market that buy your service or product..make the company money especially if they are in a slow-growing business sector or a saturated market. 3 A product with a market relative high share and market growth rate low is a cash cow. 2 It concerns the cycle life product. cash cow or dog. products or services are divided into four different types. Stars have both high market growth rate and high relative market share. a Ipfohkm ehild. Dogs are products or services that have [ow relative market share and low market growth.for example.. They may generate a negative cash flow . known as harvesting.. Try it today and tell your friends. They can be used to feed research and development for other products.jJMnple ~rket for p.r .C'SIG·everytime you search on tile web. Inside the Boston Box In the matrix. Look at B opposite to help you.f-o Time 34 Professional English in Use Marketing The product life cycle J40lJ. Cash cows have high relative market share.rI Protect your netvvork from hackers and viruses.e CtiCI.. 6 Dogs may cash negative flow generate. 3 . They generate profit as they don't need much investment.. The best course of action is to raise prices to maximize income. Nletm :£1. star. Look at A and B opposite to help you. in the market.rod ucts Hn~ scrvires toea m ril~:t· a I of a .All you need to do isusa . T~y ro flml at least [JIJ1'~' e. These products or services are probably in a fast-growing business sector. but little market growth.. They consume resources and do not create profit.<.taking the product or service off the market. time or money .000 happy clients. such as diet drinks or the mobile phone market. They are products or services that consumers know. j I. and we will donate half our profit to your selected charley. Contact us today for the latest in netvvork protection. Note: Problem children are also known as question 4 You Offer ends October 31st Join The Diet Club Lose weight quickly and safely Growth Maturity Millions of slimmer clients Read their testimonials The Diet Club: trusted nutritionists delivering sound advice for generations your favourite charities ·by using' c~n~W:is~:~:::e '[ ! CliIarnySe<\r~h~~cl{.1 The 'Boston Consulting Group Matrix The Boston Consulting Group Matrix was devised in the 1970s as a planning tool for marketers to help them analyse their product lines and decide where to allocate money.FrI. They relate to four stages in the product life cycle (PLC). is plotted against relative market share . Now over or well known. 1 Boston Consulting Matrix The Group is used as a planning tool. 2 I~I Visit our oniine store to find reductions on weekend breaks In North Wales Hurr~: some of our hotels are heina converted into private apartments community --------------~. stars are also known as rising stars.. 4 Cash cows can be used to fund development research and for new products. <I cash t:[JW anda ·dug..before giving a return on investment (ROI). Market growth rate. cash cows t!JQ§S I problem children 14. 8 Question marks will consume resources before a return investment on giving.

c offering. shares. Equipment checked and aJ/chemicals included for £B5 a month.oLd togetltier tlctUtlL WVI5lA. f end packages? 9 to their individual budgets and needs. Match the two parts of the sentences. see Appendix I on page 108.he just talked and talked and didn't listen to what I was saying. display the product in the store.3 Two marketers are talking about how to market their investment services. sure how? The first step is to secure (2) (a listing! an outlet). Cheinical only service £35 per month. 36 seyy&c. A high-end package for a car maintenance plan may include picking up the car for service and cleaning the interior. Retail buyers work for supermarkets or other types of retail outlet.1 Complete the sentences. d intangible so it might be an interesting approach for our clients. levels of Levels servLce. several other variations of the job title exist. The supplier needs to secure a listing or get the products listed or the outlet will not give shelf space to the product . They negotiate retail listings or supermarket listings with suppliers. b levels for differing budgets.W-eV c:ieL~\1el'".eof tVie ~VcdLv~dL{ClLserviczs LV\. L. Iknow if I am going to a sale. 3 I'm a sales I work for an insurance company in Geneva. space is always at a premium and success will depend on a number of factors. Individual people sell to other individuals. we could think about different service Do you mean high and low Yes.. at all 15. such as business consulting or healthcare. came to the office yesterday. Look at C opposite to help you. arguments against their sales pitch (how they try to sell to you). Look at A opposite and Appendix I on page 108 to help you. The general term for a person who sells for a living is salesperson. (retail buyers! shelf space) to grow the business but not A purchaser (or buyer) in the procurement department is employed by a company to get the best deal from their suppliers (the lowest price or best payment terms). ~. you could join forces with a copywriter and a graphic desiqner to create a 'Business Startup Success' package. Call Phil on 07785 2.. __ .. They sell a lot of products. A service. prepaid package could include a reminder phone call for service and an oil change. Our investment services are Yes. meaning that the retailer agrees to list the product as something they sell. we could try to create I don't know. meaning it can be touched. However." (retail buyer! procurement department) that your product is worth more space by showing him or her what other retail (4) " (listings! outlets) in the local area are doing. I didn't like his sales __ " . is very effective. lOur sales 2 A sales . Ci" dwV\. For instance. 4 As soon as a customer walks in.11 5 Sellinq products and services The seller The sales force (see Unit 31) are the people who sell a product or sell a service. C2C has become more common thanks to internet sites such as eBay. A marketing student is making notes from an article offering advice on selling services: Package your different service levels. then you can target growth through increased shelf space.e. totaL vaLue = the Sc{VIA.54872 . Say. However. as a marketing consultant. and we could combine different services to provide a new business to consumer consumer to consumer B2C C2C Individual clients or customers buy from a shop or an online store (see Units 26 and 30). real estate.of the ')ClLlA. A low-end. depending on the job itself. These people are trained to push back.that is. life insurance. The purchaser ------ Type of selllnq business to business B2B Description of purchaser and supplier - Need to increase (1) . e packages. savings accounts combined into one easy to manage portfolio. is intangible and does not have a physical presence. or counter. • Combine services to create a new offering. our business is really too complicated for prepaid OUf clients really need us to cater Well. Look at B opposite to help you.2 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the advice for food and drink companies on the Scottish Food and Drink website.e Levels = IiLffereV\. ~ Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 37 . Convince the (3) . 1 5. The classified ads in local newspapers are a good example. Packaging your service to make it look like a product is a frequently used marketing technique. Selling a service A product is tangible. Their goal is to close a deal and make a sale. bonds. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Let's start by looking at turning the service into a product.cps tlti&lt Clre bl!t~Les = strvbces s. For more information. Create bundles that are easily sellable and that cater to your customers' varying needs and budgets. &It ctLffet'tl'vt qUClLLtu LV\. 15.t~Le Weekly or monthly cleaning. Fully trained pump repair staff.bLes = VA1C1t tVie CClr vee6ves..ecl a bundles of different investment services.tltie b.gmt.Utl pr~('. These levels are differences in the actual deliverables and the total value.

::pare <I presentation infnrm<l":iUfl from the '~OI'lllIP<JJQ1Iy'$ w~hs:i['~·.'s o.he choco\o.he fner'"" thtn5s in Itfe..t. maintaining brand.. One core concept which defines the brand.he'j' etll0'J ahd t. It. ILlXltr"ljp.eht.. A - What is a brand? Most companies decide to brand their products or services by using a name. pu.goods of a similar type that are marketed together. how much ..e. Intel Corporation and Apple Computers Inc. cocoo. (8) 4 This type of brand is luxurious and more expensive than some similar products. (13) This type of brand is produced for and sold in supermarkets: A . its logo (see Unit 44) and its brand name. bed fo. Look at B opposite to help you.ewas upmC\(".atement in ~Ioss~ mo. 7 The best-selling brand in a product category is the brand (6) (7) 16.. OU.'Iou Can sl1o. A brand name is the name given to a product or a range of products . The explicit promise the organization makes to its target audiences.1 - Complete the crossword..what it stands for (see Unit 18).. r"ecent su. also known as an own-label brand or a private label brand the best-selling brand in a particular market 3 a product that doesn't have a brand associated with it..-k_ pack_o. its omnG! ~1!1Il. 1 a high quality'"lj.r.<r -1-0' qau '. more expensive than its competitors a brand that is cheaper than its competitors a brand that is made exclusively for the retailer that sells it. rival brands. (8) A set of products grouped under the same brand....rtist.d C ocol(). It's 0.he COnSUmers 6l\~ Our chocolate the'") are makJn9 0..ea\th and bodlj. BRITISH AIRWAYS !IlIJ Branding A brand manager is responsible for branding . and which represents its image most appropriately two brands working together to create a new product .'j0u...[1:~ie.Ja3[he£"sUCh as Vo5ue.bOLlt pleo. mOment. The brand vision communicates where the brand is and where the brand can go.150be ')ood.ive.o:rl~ '6G. abou:t t .. We heed . In 0. (3) How the consumers see the brand: the values they associate with it.. This may be the same name as the company (for example...e with sOmeOneclose. to cOhvince OU. oduct) so we w(\\ wo. CQht. 1t s full of m0. Co.h.sur'""e. (7) A well-known product that best represents the brand. 4 Note: We can also talk about a flagship store or a flagship shop. Consumers can easily recognize the brand and the brand values .. (5) 9 A type of brand that is Jess expensive than some similar products.I:50e 38 ~Professi0nal English in Use Marketing Pro(essional English in Use Marketing 39' .. Irs In's Iuxl.l. (7) Down 1 Using a name. velj L. about the quality and use of the brand. It is normally expressed in a short phrase or just one word. 2 H's fne conl.) c1o. pfi.-edto be.. 'v:Jhent.. He or she works on all aspects of the brand: the brand image the brand essence the brand promise the brand vision and building a Across To make your brand different from other brands. Look at A and C opposite to help you.r" hi' So. Word combinations a premium brand an economy brand an own brand a brand leader a no brand the flagship brand co-branding with 'brand' Read what the brand manager says about the brand and identify whether she is talking about the brand image. A good example is 'Volvo equals safety'. eritln5 'Jourself to 0. also known as a generic brand the brand for which a business is best known..creating.5Msium ahd it s ne.1.-e. logo or design to identify a product.-COnSUI'l')er"S that it.hd mO. including employees. a symbol or a design to identify it and differentiate it from the competitive set .Jih3 . of Think about YQ)Q.-al is conside... promise or vision.ic m\our o.-en~~and modern. 1" COhSUWler"S . It talks about the values the brand has today and the values it will need in the future. st.empo. OVe. 2 3 5 6 8 -label.n0. essence..Qh o.. Apple's iPod).2.._e1.Ir favourlte brand.for example. I ( .t.16..that is. but it's a1s9 realllj t. Coca-Cola) or it may be a different name (for example..'jbe do SOme D. Chocolate in 5ehe. Of in&1k15ence.-arlj chocoiat. symbol. brand is also known as a no brand. as well as the communication tools needed to achieve this. sure. The trademark is the legal protection for the brand (see Unit 7).

Cinema advertising.3 Brand strategy A marketing manager writes an email about brand srrategy to his contact in a communications agency. Coca-Cola created new products (Diet Coke. They started to market it. This brand extension will help us to market the brand to new consumers. etc... The brand became established.2 Match the examples (1-4) with the summaries 1 2 3 4 a b c d (a-d). • Brand management Brand management. and consistent brand experience . Aml1Sih~ ol1iihe 'ads MOderl'l the brand vision (see Ul'ltt 16) the brand linissi0n FWtleV'vt CCwefl. Total branding refers to a consistent approach to brand behaviour and brand experiences across all possible touchpoints . A brand that uses the same style in all its communications is doing total branding.. The brand strategy is a statement of the human characteristics of a brand. etc. Our brand positioning of reliable holidays allows us to enhance the brand. brand vision and brand personality are all part of the brand platform. They stretched the brand. typeface.1 _ Brand platform Read the n~tes made during a brainstorming session on an online supermarket's brand platform.) website COlOLl. BlaK.4 Label the sections of the purchase funnel. !lum0rous. Branding 2 17. and say which part of the brand platform they refer to.liable..I1" 13'ijhi. Look at D opposite to help you. etc. the application of marketing techniques to a brand. etc. Beaner's coffee changed the company name to Biggby Coffee at the beginning of 200S. out-of-home.change the name . Look at A opposite to help you. Look at A. It's too early to rebrand . You stretch a brand when you start communicating in a new advertising channel.I increasing the number of consumers who consider buying your brand building brand awareness building : brand consideration 40 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 41 .. improving it in this way. After a successful launch. New. ~oLlthfcd J)e. at a friend's house.?!F Good quali+tj 'Qe.lop reie. Brand management.{l .fLlh~.) using the same brand. look. Google got more and more market share. It influences the overall business strategy of a company to ensure consistent brand Apple invented the iPod.. The brand strategy (see C below) shows how the brand will meet its objectives.h@wto take action on the brand vision ~hebrand tone of voice .wherever the consumer has a brand experience: TV.ct e.----'F~---Consumersthink about buying the product.the exposure and interaction a consumer has with the brand. --------2 3 More word combinations using brand leverage maintaining brand equity building brand preference building brand loyalty I with 'brand' using the power of a brand name or part of a brand identity (colour. similar name.ild co0\5id"'r~tiD" by dire. meaning what the brand does and how it acts in all advertising media. packaging and website design are all examples of touchpoints. and correct the false sentences. 1 2 3 4 5 6 An advertising campaign is an example of brand values. 1 FVleV'vdlu 234 cl\e. Consumersknow about the product . '" 17. Band C opposite to help you. . The new name appears on signs and marketing material.but we could stretch the brand to include holiday reservations as well as holiday insurance.tI. 11 7.5 desi~h Ew.the language the brand uses to wnvey its values (serious.M~ili"1 C~Mp.Me~sa-=-ge_~_ E::l' Decide if the sentences below are true or false. T---Consumerslike the product more than other products ."tio" with >peci~1 Dffer> - 117..) to build or launch another brand protecting the value of the brand name increasing the number of consumers who prefer the brand over another making sure your consumers want to buy your brand again and again (also known as increasing brand retention) increasing the number of consumers who know about your brand . this year we need to establish the brand and make it stronger. was first used by Proctor and Gamble in the 1930s. They rebranded.. '" Last year we launched the brand in a new market. They launched the brand. Look at C opposite to help you.

authentic and original. They are trustworthy and dependable brands. which includes educational as one of its values. Read what they say on their website about their brand values. to Customer satisfaction is key for brands that offer values like great taste. lasting values over many years. Other brands demonstrate their leadership qualities . This leadership is the result of a powerful brand identity built around clearly defined values: (1) The production chain is kept as short as possible. Brands often mirror their consumers' values with their own. which can be divided into subsets: \r-ust me. 3 Our product is (easy to be / easy to use / easy to cost). (2) packs. often with an international outlook . ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 43 . Educational I 2 International 3 Innovation 4 Pleasure Dynamic Modernity Naturalness Fun Freshness Value for money Honesty Knowledgea ble good understanding of. Look Companies can use experiences and qualities as brand values: discovery: the brand helps you discover or find out about things pleasure: the brand gives you an enjoyable experience passionate: the consumer and the brand share the same passions or strong feelings inspirational: the brand can inspire the consumer to think about new things vibrant or fun: the brand offers amusing experiences active or dynamic: the brand is enthusiastic and has a lot of energy. or has a very I !!II ill Florette produce a range of ready-to-eat salads and salad dressings.their integrity. s We are a low cost. fresh and natural. Florette products are fresh and crunchy! u .reporting news from other countries.18. Many quality national newspapers have a strong heritage . Healthy products. honesty and responsibility . innovative Inspira tianal Luxury Respected 1 Technology: we are and creative from product concept to packaging and delivery. but there are some common brand values. low cost. Some brands focus on a healthy lifestyle and are nutritional. ready to eat or cook: eat well and be good to yourself at the same time. and choose the correct heading from the box for each section. Together we build a more vibrant world.. Look at A and B opposite and Appendix IVan page 111 to help you. : we believe that beautiful things have a high value and are worth the investment. our collections cover all situations: from everyday meals to special 1-' I.) Products are adapted to new trends and behaviour (snacks. The Linux operating system and some open source software organizations allow consumers to contribute to their brand values: being accessible. see Appendix IV on page 111.and act in ways that are fair for the consumer and the environment.2 Choose the correct word from the brackets at A and B opposite to help you. We can say 'We are a modern and innovative brand' or 'Our values are modernity and innovation'. inclusive and independent. 2 3 4 : we have a strong heritage in our area and we are knowledgeable. Young and modern brands will [ist in their brand values qualities like modern.they have built strong. 2 We value (fresh / simplicity / inspirational) and we design our products with this in mind. creative and technologicaL More traditional brands will give their values as classic. innovative. : we value creativity. simplicity and practicality. Being easy to use is a positive value. ours and yours.the skills and knowledge to lead others. diverse. value for money or good quality.1 Common brand values Brand values are the code by which the brand lives and operates. Florette is the undisputed European leader. etc. Brands speak about flexibility. value for (lifestyle / fun / money) brand.':lOU. 18. heritage. Look at A opposite to help you. computing or finance) or its consumers. A good example is the toy retailer Toys "R" Us. Every brand has its own values. Describinq brand values When describing brand values we can use both adjectives and nouns.. 18. 4 We are (knowledgeable / luxury / heritage) about food. Some brands show they are caring and want to look after their consumers. l!!li (3) . it is constantly changing and adapting to the consumer luxury: the brand promises high levels of comfort and beauty at a high price lOur (trustworthiness / outlook / flexibility) means you can easily adapt the service to your needs.3 Complete the brand value statements using words from the box. A brand may be respected because it shows it is knowledgeable about. complete each brand value statement. its area of expertise (for example. lunch- III I Glm :'j00d for. Some brands speak about their trustworthiness . For a list ofadjecrives and nouns 42 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing to describe brand values. (4) occasions. They express how the brand wants to be seen by its consumers.

such as a diploma or a degree Attitudes and opinions: how a person feels or thinks about issues. Look at the page opposite and at Appendix V on page 112 to help you.JrkL:'1 st:g:memtsJ are \IOU in? 1:5it tile '5"'IW~ fur your friends and C(~H~·'i'9un"? Us~ Smnt· ~. Laggards are the last group of people to buy a product or brand: indeed they may never buy it. For a list. 2 The is getting bigger as people live longer. Marketers use the ABC socio-economic categories to target groups.that is. Demographics Psychographies 1 2 3 4 combinations to complete the sentences below..' said Walgreens' spokesperson Yvette Anne Venable.. In the UK this is known as ACORN. they are Life cycle: single. lifestyles or age groups. Asian. c· Common market seqments ·~9.people who live in a city or a large conurbation or metropolis . for example 21-25 Sex: male I female split . 19.2 Complete the text describing market segmentation for children's art supplies.IirE:. a customer segment b customer household c customer profile a early adopters b early majority c early market a market adopters b silver market c market segment a married majority b late majority c early majority • • • I.. 3 The _ . American._ 19 _ Market seqmentation 19.. Marketing messages that appeal to singles (unmarried people) will not be the same as the messages that appeal to the specific tastes of people married with kids.[lfgtCh:o-di<'I~ yUQiI. etc.. Band C opposite and Appendix V on page 112 to help you.1 Delete the incorrect word combination in each group. Look at A. mcome ~~J life cycle lifestyle Innovators mate something new and start a new trend. like to tryout new trends and products. Then use the correct word What is market segmentation? Market segmentation identifies groups of buyers within a market who share similar needs and demonstrate similar purchasing behaviour. There are a lot of different factors. they have money to spend. Jewish. health insurance that covers the needs of people late in the . Muslim. Late majority follow the trends that have been tested by the early majority. also known as urbanites . kids ageo12 years and Demographics and psychographies are used to target a segment by using data to build up a customer profile . Grandparents are a customer segment with strong economic (3) It is relatively easy to (4) to them using positive images of their grandchildren._ _ _. Housewives who stay at home and look after the family are often the main shoppers for a household and are frequently targeted by marketers for certain types of products. Then match the products with the market segments (a~). there are some common terms.IroLlIh. 44 Professional English in Use Marketing Think about yU~~f~df. Commuters travel to their place of work from the country or suburbs and F. with children • • III Education: the highest qualification that a person has. Market segments are described by demographies and psychographies. which stands for A Classification Of Residential" lbt. An increasing number of products are (2) at parents and grandparents who want their kids to be smart and creative.!~tsor brands ibid <I. People can be targeted as individuals or as a family group that lives together and makes up a household. as they have a high disposable income and strong economic power . Wh. Income: how much money a person earns.the image of a typical consumer. We're seeing a larger population of young kids entering school than in previous years and creating a great opportunity. 'This (1) . __ .ic ! . Lifestyle: a way of life that reflects a person's values and attitudes . people. In 1962 Everett Rogers described five market segments in his book Diffusion of Innovations: (1-5) using words from the box. SBOPA's president.['~ l. say many retailers. roadsides (see Unit 35). see Appendix V on page 112. Early majority follow the trends set by the early adopters. the way they are raising their children and their tendency to make everything a [earning experience. How does market segmentation work? Kids' arts and crafts is brighter than ever. Steven Jacober.segment 2 a hair care range for men with a modern 3 a new TV channel broadcasting programmes that _ _ a gay and lesbian market b the silver market c teenagers d metrosexuals e C-level executives Over +0 i1o.3 Complete the descriptions affluent appeal Although every marketing department has its own definitions and names for the market segments they target. married. etc. • Age group or age bracket: their age. 75% of Eile readers are women Religion or ethnicity: Hispanic. segment is growing without question. This ties into the baby (5) _ generation.. not just television junkies. 45 Ptc}fessional English in Use Marketing . how affluent. black.try products that are well established in the marketplace. For a list of categories.for example. ABs are a prized customer segment. 4 Companies can build up a using market research.will have different preferences from country dwellers. brands. see Appendix V on page 112. and a self-indulgent attitude to homosexuals 4 a luxury range of executive stationery for an market segment 5 cheap to produce but fashionable sports shoes for a low __ ..t!Jml!"b~tion: can be targeted on public transport or on out-of-home advertising along ArnE: ml:'t~rIOUs. Look at Appendix Von page 112 to help you. white. or rich. and!the demographics support continuing growth of the marketplace: Arts and crafts are targeted at households with ('6) under. City dwellers. Early adopters identify trends early and like to be associated with the start of a trend.• Market segments may also be divided according to professions. . agrees: 'Art supplies and crafts continue to grow.

ame CustOW\ers spend thr-ee ~eo.3 Customers like to maintain a certain style for life. 1\t.exo. for. . 06Vious\~..\wC\~s~d Po.. 1 2 3 4 5 physiological needs safety needs social needs esteem needs self-fulfilment needs a A consumer buys a smoke alarm for her house because she wants to be warned if there is social needs a fire. Iho.\ at Offer-s o.W\ to cho.he ConSWY1er-. bu~. 0. c A consumer buys popcorn and drinks because he has invited his friends round to watch an important football match on the television. We think about social needs: will he still be able to afford membership of the golf club? Then there is the Porsche that he drives to the golf club.. e A consumer buys the latest fashion accessory so that she can look and feel good.nd pr-omOttOhs.. of in ~eo.e them 01"1 the \ist and 1 o.nd her'e we Cnn r-e~I1~. 'Imagine that Mr Singh comes to see us about his pension plan. by physiological needs this we mean how he will pay for his food and housing .t .. Buying food and drink is an example of satisfying a physiological lifestyle.houf)ht.when ':lOllsee it. The Consumer Cycle shows how consumer needs change over a period of time.. uses the model in a talk to the management team: r 20. 2 3 .-mo.the Consumer Matt Robinson talks about this: Life Cycle.bit is ver~ dlffCl(\t fo . 'Of course.' Purchasing behaviour Purchasing behaviour or purchasing patterns refer to what a consumer buys.2 Correct the mistakes using words and expressions from A and B opposite.-k. or CLC. W\Or-e e~ensive produ..hQ~ht the~ o..W\ple. we talk about his hopes safety needs and desires for his retirement. 46 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 47 . A marketing specialist is talking about purchasing behaviour.. The consumer forms purchase intentions . 20.n~custoW\e.service.dililj teo. The first step is usually awareness of the brand (see Unit 17).he r-Owof 'jo~hurts. With ~O~hUrl. the banking sector is highly attuned to consumer life cycles . 1 2 3 4 5 20. Then ther-e are those (4) _ellr"~ses withol(t o. . from their first savings account as a child. to be able to travel the world when he retires. lot.~ cha".r'ch shows tho..these t. We exploit this by offering different services as our clients age. W\o. Some service sectors are highly attuned with customer needs.(2.we're able to understand how a customer's needs change over time.. 0.n~ t.~e t. W\o.. Matt Robinson. the 6Wjint) some~hint) ~Ol( \ike.6ol(t t.r-eseo. His pyramid of basic needs is one of the most cited models in maintain his lifestyle and social status. We talk a lot about golf ill fact! There are also self-fulfilment needs: here we consider all Mr Singh's personal projects and dreams.llnvestme_txt. or satisfy. b A consumer buys a yearly subscription to a swimming pool because she would like to train and win a gold medal at the next Olympic Games. Our.r the~ w(\\. Consumer Life Cycle (CLC) Just as products have a life cycle. 1 The fj) actual decision to bu':] 0.. and when and how they make their final purchasing decision.~slook. is Cr-eo.k.bit that. e55s o.. Of course..-ont. Over.r-s the (3) plo.nd WllIk. C(. we 0. wit. beCause the~ o..he hext t~pe of depends 01"1 the t~pe of produ.' -- Marketers are interested in customer needs as these can explain customer wants or desires for a specific product or service. Younger customers do not have the same desires as retired people. for making people believe they need products that they don't. One question has two possible answers. . Major investments (such as buying a car) or impulse purchasing (such as buying some new shoes or a CD on the way home) have higher levels of personal involvement. .. But I really think we try to so) never' w.h hi~~er.. We will also talk about safety needs..nsto 6u~ W\o.-ein the su.ted b~ differ-wI..plans to buy things _ which they mayor may not act on.1 Match the needs from Maslow's pyramid (1-5) with the reasons for buying certain products (a-e). differ-ence. Some people criticize us for creating needs.cil 0. Routine purchases of the same products on a repetitive basis (for example. We usually start with how to meet his physiological needs. life insurance and retirement plans.-k. H:OvJever. This kind of (5) shoppinf) ho. f. . 4 5 6 A major customer's concern is how to provide for the immediate family. lon~ i(W\e before the purchaSe. CustOW\er needs.0. Some consumers have very high levels of loyalty to a brand or product and they will always buy the same brand. to mortgages. before ih&~ deCide..Ol(t for.W\ak_e 0.Customer needs and behaviour Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow was a twentieth-century social psychologist..'lwo. produ. customer needs as they change over the l(nt.~tDlI(e plo. how our client will protect himself and his family when he is retired. This is an exam~Ie of an esteem need . a senior marketer for a high street bank. It.1" 0. Replace the underlined expressions with alternative expressions from C opposite. Look at A opposite to help you.this is a major customer concern. so do consumers .\\ W\ak_e wt1:hout thinkin~. pS':lcholD5ico. We have to work out how much money he will need to invest today in order. if!O.hand.d.. fo.d Or.-s wa. for example. On the oH.stQ.r-s thinkin~ a.. coffee from the coffee machine at the office) have low levels of personal involvement. d A consumer buys a chocolate bar because he is hungry. to a first current account.

..yaltYPlro'grrammes ---Customer loyalty Customer loyalty is critical to business success and profitability.? ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 49 +0 ljOU '" 48 Professional English in Use Marketing . 5 Customers (earn / burn) points when they pay using their credit fo..he':1 Choose 0..h be used online.wn\ o. Complete the newspaper article using words and expressions from the box. The programme enables the members to (7) and spend privilege points at any of these stores. preferred customers and to reward them with discounts and special offers.i!. The purpose of a loyalty programme is to allow marketers to identify and retain.lClr"a pur-chOoses e with e.r1d. diswml:. 8 9 10 Loyalty programmes Marketers implement loyalty programmes.hy eanls lin: you tarrvi!r9'~? W~la~ auvonraqes do I h cse cards g~3\teyo I:_l..! new po. a company. relationships with customers across categories. customers are becoming increasingly fickle or disloyal . to maximize customer loyalty and to minimize customer defection. customers complete the (application form / demographic data)..\oI.\t. loyal /'Ior..--.customer 'loyalty now! [U] (loyalty / loyal) customer.. 's Just..-df~ht. VJe ope...ome.for.:~ (Ii!fpurse..1 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the an ' eo. it.h ou. Electronic goods are popular (reward purchases / redemption options).-s eo.j\e.m points eo.0.-. One mO. and secondly to reward them with vouchers..-voucher-s t..-:.. mo. A stand-alone loyalty programme would need huge investments...h thel. 3 Loyalty programmes (reward / revisit) preferred customers.-s COmpo...... points or coupons. . or keep.h':1will use t-\0':1o.. to get gifts or money off future purchases..::. industry.-o.\me t... Ansal Plaza is among the first few Indian malls to offer a loyalty programme.ol/ adjective fum and not - _-_ -- 21.its Eo.. Band C opposite to help you. I meo.-edit._.. Customers can (redeem / reward) their points at any of our partner stores. customer. To get a loyalty card.nd 6t.r1ne. 0.walle.n~) ho.a\b~ue . Look at organizationor a brand . Over Open YOUir W2l1:lc. 2 All retailers want customers to (repurchase / reward). ser. B and C opposite to help you.wn t.\±\J' online 10000li. ~ .hem when t.~... must have been on top of the world to be treated as a (2) .':1wit... 7 (Transaction records I Special offers) track what customers buy. or change.they no longer hesitate to switch.-Om f§:ltl~.1 pr~o...t spo.."'-Ket... 0.t.. You looked for opportunities to shop only in that particular store to redeem your (3) discounts and (4) and take advantage of Talking about loyalty programmes With customer relationship management (CRM) becoming the buzzword of Indian Ou.. (6-) . such as frequent flyer programmes.~ Io .m atJ bum' scheme wit.... Note: A loyalty card can also be called a rewards card. 1 Market research shows that a satisfied customer does not automatically become a changing in your support for a person.Cust.ho. retailers and brands. from a retail store? You popular among retail stores..\0':1o.. build card earn points preferred programmes retain special offers I Remember the first (1) ~~y::o:~~~:(y ca:~I~~OY::? . Most supermarkets and department stores have a retail loyalty programme in the form of a store card Of loyalty card... Look at A. It is a cost-efficient and cost-effective way for the programme partners to (8) customers..~:~- ~. How manv Inva.. the tendency to repurchase a: particular product.. CO. a points card... Loyal customers buy more.. loyalty programmes are considered an effective tool to (5) .. or a dub card.he~ po..exo. and so improve sales and profit t. However.. Loyalty programmes are also known as loyalty schemes.. Called the Ansal Plaza Privileges Program. CQ.~l~ fr-om our co.ce... the trend which is catching up is mall loyalty programmes. Customers complete an application form with demographic data and receive a plastic card which is used firstly to record information about what the customer buys on their transaction record. or website 4 Loyalty cards should maximize customer (defection / loyalty).-e co.t. it has more than 18 stores as programme partners.. or redeemed. ~j\ft. optt~ E-\o~o. which can all be used.n. 6 A great number of retailers (identify / implement) loyalty programmes..-dis suffednr.\t':1 co. Of revisit a particular company..s sljned up sever-o..iceor brand.

Ml1otivation marketinq
_ What ~s motivat~on marketing?
For most organizations, staff are the key to success - the most important tool for the organization's success - and they can be motivated to promote their company's product or service. Motivation marketing engages staff and gets them interested by using events or incentives (see below). It also aims to recognize and reward staff efforts by offering prizes or rewards for good performance - for example, with a monthly incentive. Other benefits of motivation


Complete the sentences using words from the box. Look at A, Band C opposite to help you. build internal reaction recogmzmg sales turnover


• 1

marketing include: happier people at work ~2.2 new work practices more work done in less time the work is done better changes: for example, introducing


increased job satisfaction: improved productivity: improved performance: encouraging behaviour

Motivation marketing is a good way to .." " , staff loyalty. 2 It can increase motivation levels by staff efforts. 3 A good incentive scheme means that people want to stay with the company, there is lower staff ",." . 4 Travel is an effective "" incentive. 5 People working inside the company, the ", staff, benefit from incentive schemes . 6 A good incentive scheme measures staff " to make sure everything is going well. The following lines (1-6) are from an article about incentive programmes. Put them in the correct order, then say if the sentences (a-c) below are true or false. Look at B opposite to help you . 1 2 3 4 5 6 and flowers. Up For It! reinforces the agency's dynamic culture. Staff incentive for individuals and teams which rewards and The programme, Up For It!, was launched at the start of last year. There is a monthly absenteeism decreased significantly during the year. recognizes those who represent the company's values. Employees can be nominated by colleagues for rewards including perfume, free parking at the office,

increased sales force effectiveness: for example, to achieve higher sales figures improved product launches: boost market penetration and gain market share more quickly.

Staff incentwve schemes
Staff incentive schemes, also known as incentive programmes - formal schemes designed to encourage staff to act in a certain way - are used by a wide range of companies in order to improve staff and distributor performance. Incentives such as prizes, rewards or gifts can boost morale (make staff feel more positive about their job and their employer). Building staff loyalty will result in lower staff turnover or churn - that is, fewer people leaving the company. Another benefit is reduced staff absenteeism, a reduction in the number of days when employees are not at work through sickness. Measuring staff reaction and getting feedback - finding out what staff think about the programme - are essential to getting it right. Ipoints, a company that runs trade and staff incentive programmes, developed a prizewinning staff loyalty programme for Healthcare Staffers, an agency that places temporary medical staff in clinics and hospitals.

a Absenteeism went up while the incentive scheme was running. b Points were awarded to staff. c Employees cannot nominate themselves for rewards.


Complete the descriptions opposite to help you. collected earned encourage force

of incentive schemes using words from the box. Look at A, Band C

membership qualifying

scheme welcome

Best Staff Loyalty Programme WlN NfR: VIPpoiintsi, devek!ped fair Hea'lthCafe
Staffl'l'fS I-I~,alth(~re StafFer'S wanted to attract and retain temporary medical staff for placement in hospitals, The .agency developed VIPpoints. A welcome pack (containing valuable information for new members) and membership card (used to identify the worker and to collect points) were sent to temporary medical staff. Members earned points eVery time they worked for He-altnC1lI"<e: Stilfu:r& H~ilil~re.S\af{er~·lnternal from, the points catalogue. Note: staff were also included in the points scheme and could also choose rewards


Incentivise is a knowledge-based staff training and incentive that rewards staff for learning. Every member of staff receives a ""."" card and a " pack. When enough points have been "." , staff can exchange their points for gifts. 2 A large employer is concerned when absenteeism climbs above the national average. The company launches an incentive scheme to """"" behaviour changes. All employees who have taken no days off each quarter are entered into a draw to win prizes including holidays. During the .." period staff attendance rose dramatically. ' 3 The Australian Tourist Commission has launched an incentive scheme to increase sales """ effectiveness. Sales staff who sell a luxury holiday can enter to win a new car. Initial reactions suggest that it will really help to energize the team and make them more dynamic.

Loyalty schemes are used to motivate customers - see

Unit 21.

lneerrtlves: travel and events
In order to motivate staff, a company may choose to use cash substitutes or noncash awards such as a travel incentive - sending staff on a short trip or holiday. Big ticket giveaways, such as cars or very expensive holidays, are effective sales incentives - they can help motivate staff to sell more. During the qualifying period for an award or prize, teams are usually more motivated. Nominations for awards can come from colleagues. Sometimes an employee may be nominated by a manager, perhaps because of high sales figures. Events, such as parties, weekends away, games and competitions, can be very successful for team



Think <Ih~w~;MlI nrg<ll1klJtinel or company yQQJ1 know w~~H.What kind of te.3JU11 huolc:l3!i191 event wOlLldLi work best for the staff? Prepare some notes ro present vour idea to the ~bt:-;ltl of the

building - increasing effective teamwork within a company or department. 50
Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 51

2:3.1 One-to-one
\Jf)o.,t is

Find verbs and prepositions in A, Band C opposite that can be used combinations from the opposite page with the nouns below.


make word

o.rJ do~s it diHer- f.--ofl'\




Don Peppers, a marketing guru, answers questions in an online interview.
WlQ.~tlh~') ~GW


t roo.dltiono.\ fl'\o.r'k.etinfj?

'In a nutshell, one-to-one marketing, also known as Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is based on the idea of treating different customers differently. Companies in all industries today are faced with the double problems of declining customer loyalty and shrinking profit margins. One-to-one marketing strategies enable companies to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. These result in greater customer loyalty and improved margins.'

Don Peppers, the one-toone marketing guru

Complete the sentences using word combinations from 23.1 above. Then decide if the statements were made by CRM marketers, consumers, or representatives of a consumer watchdog. lOur privacy policy guarantees that we will not data or share customer records with other companies. 2 Purchasing records can be used against consumers. In one recent divorce case a woman used the data when her husband used a loyalty card to prove he had a high income. 3 I like to receive discounts and vouchers. To be honest, I don't mind if someone . data on how much coffee and tea I buy. 4 We can, for example, between customers who have small children and those with teenagers.

'One-to-one organizations create a customer feedback loop in which they say, '1 know you. You tell me what you want. I'll make it - and I'll remember next time.' We call this process a learning relationship, and it has four basic implementation steps (IDIC):



IDENTIFY your customers at all points of contact. DIFFERENTIATE between your customers based on their individual needs and value to your organization. .INTERACT with your customers in a two-way dialogue. CUSTOMIZE or TAILOR some aspect of your products or services based on what you learn from your customers.'

Patricia Clement is in charge of CRM for an online cosmetics boutique. She is explaining their marketing strategy to potential investors. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the presentation. Look at A and B opposite to help you. ' ... At, we believe that customer loyalty is key. We concentrate on building long-term (1) (needs / relationships I feedback loops) with our customers. How do we do it? Like many successful dotcom companies, we have implemented a oneto-one or (2) (CRM / data warehousing / data mining) approach. The first step is to (3) (gather / identify / analyse) our customers - before buying cosmetics from our website, customers register their personal details and preferences. We (4) (differentiate I store I customize) this information in a (5) .. (database / front office system I watchdog) so the next time the customer visits, we know who they are. Over time we build up a customer (6) (value / record I pattern). We can (7) (differentiate / customize I implement) between our customers based on their needs - what they buy, and on their value - how much they spend. People often ask me about our communication strategy. At we prefer to talk about (8) (learning / interacting I treating) with our customers in a two-way (9) " (loop I data warehouse / dialogue). Let me give you an example. Last year we launched an e-rnagazine called the BigChoiceCosmetics Guide. We emailed over 500 versions of the Guide! This is what the CRM expert, Don Peppers, calls mass (10) (customizarion I marketing / data mining). Take, for instance, Miss Brown: she is 17, and recently bought lipstick from our Fashion range. She received articles about top models and a competition to win free samples of a new lipstick. We didn't send her discount 'vouchers for anti-ageing cream, but we did send them to her grandmother! As I said, we have (11) " " (gathered I tailored I revealed) a huge amount of information. Today, our major challenge is to exploit the data stored in our (12) (database / pattern / front office system). We need your help to invest in sophisticated (13) " (data mining / learning I relationship) software '

t. .1

eRM {iech:no~[I'gy
CRM technology supports a CRM strategy by gathering, storing and analysin? custom~r data. Front office systems, such as call centres or loyalty cards (see Unit 21), gather information directly from clients, which is then stored and processed in a back office system called a database or data warehouse. (A data warehouse contains information from different databases.) Back office systems make it possible for a company to follow sales and fulfill orders. The marketing department can use software tools to mine the data (analyse the data) stored in the data warehouse. Data mining reveals patterns in customer behaviour. For example, fathers have a tendency to buy branded food product~, whilst moth~rs pr~fer private labels (see Unit 16). Relationship marketers can then tailor or custom~e t~elr. marketing efforts towards the customer. With CRM technology, mass custonuzatl?n IS possible. This means that each customer will receive slightly different offers and discounts.

Consumer protection groups or watchdogs are concerned about the gathering and storing of large quantities of customer information. A company should protect its customers' privacy. Customers may wish to keep their purchases confidential, or secret. Most . companies have a privacy policy. They promise not to disclose customer data by revealing it to other people, or to share customer records with other companies. Companies encrypt the information, changing it into a secret code. This ensures that it is not available to people outside the company, and so prevents accidental disclosure of information.
Note: To find out more about privacy laws in the UK, search online for information about the Data Protection Act. 52 Professional English in Use Marketing

Over -to



Find three Ilfhor~ thal

have received from companies


email or post, Were


otters tailored to Y()il.d? if so, hDw didt the company obtain


fltrSOOll<l,l unlFormatdon?

ProfesSional English in Use Marketing


The marketing budget
Marketing must contribute to the profitability of a business - how much profit it makes. The marketing budget presents the cost of the marketing plan (see Unit 4). It can include the cost of distribution and different marketing actions, such as advertising or market research. The annual marketing budget shows what the marketing department is planning to spend over the year. Management may ask the marketing team to justify or modify the budget before giving approval.

Match the two parts of the sentences. Look at A and B opposite to help you. 1 Marketing should contribute 2 The marketing budget sets 3 The marketing director may need to 4 Companies track 5 Marketers should respect
a justify the marketing

budget. b the budget. c competitor spending. d to the profitability of a firm. e out the cost of the marketing plan.


Complete the postings from a marketing website using words from the box. Then say which budgeting approaches are mentioned in the posts. Look at B opposite to help you. afford allocate cost cut match objectives percent respect setting task thumb

Budgeting approaches
There are several approaches to setting the marketing budget - that is, fixing spending on marketing - for example, investment in research or advertising; • the affordable approach The company forecasts revenues (predicts the amount of money it expects from sales), deducts costs, and allocates a part of the remaining funds to promotion. Marketing is considered as a cost that can be cut (reduced), depending on what the company can afford - that is, how much money it has left. the percentage of sales approach A percentage of current or anticipated sales (what a company expects to sell) is allocated to marketing actions. Typically, ten percent of net sales is spent on promotion.




a MarketiingBudg,et
" .." for settiril9 a marl{eting buegel?

Posted By


Are·tf.lere aFlYrules at (2)

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the objective-and-task approach The company costs out, or calculates, the cost of reaching its marketing objectives. For example, new products will need large advertising budgets to build awareness. competitive parity Competitor investment is tracked, or monitored, and used as a rule of thumb (a guideline) to set the promotion budget. The objective is to beat (spend more than) or match (spend the same as) the investment of competitors.

I suggest using a mix of objectiv-e-and- (3) , and affordability metHods . DSGrae oil your marketing (4) Then determine and (5) out the marketing tactlcsyou need to implement. Finally, compare those costs with what you can '(6) to spend. You have to (7) your budget. If yQU EIreover budget, you will need to (8) costs.

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Whichever approach is chosen, marketers need to respect the budget - that is, not go over budget (spend more than planned) or be under budget (invest less than planned).
Note: Another way of saying respect the budget is be on budget. For information for presenting a budget, see Unit 9 and Appendix 'ilion page 110. on language

lit depends on what your competitors spending of the market leader.

are sp-ending. You need to (9) .


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There are guidelines by iodustr,y. What industry are ·~QU servicing? Many companies (10) a percentage of expected sales to marketing support. h-ligntecR companies can spend up to fifty (1~) of net: sales on prometion.

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Marketers are accountable for - that is, responsible for - their budget. They must demonstrate that their marketing actions are cost-effective (productive relative to the cost) and not a waste of money. The marketing plan establishes John Wanamaker, how to measure the return on investment (ROI) or the cost-effectiveness 19th century of different marketing actions - the amount of profit made based on the American department amount of resources needed to make it. Monthly, quarterly and annual store owner reviews of performance against budget measure projected, or forecast, results against real performance - how the company actually performed. Many companies use statistics called marketing metrics to quantify the performance of their marketing activities. They can include items such as market share, advertising spend or response rates for direct marketing. To talk about the cost-effectiveness
1_ lead,

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.

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Thanks to you; all for your nespemses. I can see it depends-a lot on tbe tYf2!.e business of al;ld its objectives. Thanks again - I appraciate your help.

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actions, marketers say: way of spending our marketing budget

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tjO'lJ preparinq a J'i1mrkding bj;H.I~~W~ for a rMMiI-pmfH o[}b"!I;:J:!i1J~~ahnn. Exp,~a,u~ to s,etttrng the marketlnq budqet to the org:OiIlJ~.z;ill:.ioFii's

-lisa If we analyse ~cl~ie-n':""t-, ---I we can see If------<I cost-effective the cost per If---------'-----+ that this isn't a L-~~ -L_r_es~p_o_n_s~e'L=~==== __ ~==L_--~-~---------=~~-----'==------~ I 54
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conditioner and hair gel from the same hair care product line together. bu-r -rhe.a cOl'I. A (9) price is a low price that may be used during special offers or for promotional pricing. bMe. 1 2 3 4 charging a high amount for bottles of water inside a football stadium during the World Cup charging $2. bl-t-r di++fcul-r -It tAl'tique.rsare.e. 56 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 57 .Price Pricing strategies Marketing Teacher is a website for marketing students..l1...+I.11. often have economy brands for soups. .s il'l. '" Price. '" COlU. . ~denUfy Ute pruc.Yt. -It -It 25. our Mid: packtUJil't£3 is unique.. IAlke. bu-r Sale.rive.a..-rke. ttOne.for Read the descriptions and name the pricing strategies that are being used.f-ick +0r1'U?!-r MOM.. The following extract looks at some strategies to consider when fixing a price. This also serves to move old stock. the high price attracts new competitors into the market. Pricing considerations The marketing team for Stick Tea are preparing for a meeting about the price of a new range of tea that comes in a stick instead of a bag.£3 has a hiqh s-rable. 01\ -the.95 instead of $3 charging a low price to win sales in a new market packaging shampoo. Videos and CDs are often sold using the bundle approach. Captive product pricing: Companies will charge a premium choose a competitive product..f-o cOMpare. 0+ cOMparison. competitive advantage . ~ Sale.SuMe.l doe. price..f-arB coG-rs.. and how price (5) the consumers are to these and the product or the service cost.e.Me.Vttn Il.j: COI'I.nique.. For example. spe..!/ a The price test Stick Tea decide to carry out a price test for their range of tea..e..rS / f).cre. and the price falls due to increased supply.. Se.: -re. Sdu-riol\s: ease..)-t e. rccenl 1:1[. s. They make notes on pricing considerations.ilitg $trJl~e. For a luxury brand it is essential to follow a (6) pricing strategy in order to maintain the brand image..'I.rartJ Siql1. Look Penetration pricing: The price charged for products and services is set artificially low in order to gain market share. iMova-rive. to find out what customers consider to be the full price and the bargain price for a box of 250 sticks. -re... cus-rOttle. does it have (1) benefits? Does the consumer have any alternative (2) ? What is the monetary (3) of the product or service? You also have to think about the possibility of complementary (4) ... the price is increased.c. bargain costs fair points premium sensitive significance solutions umque Al.ase. For 1 What is the value of the product or service for the consumer? or service? 3 Is it difficult to compare the price and quality of similar products or services? 4 How many people want to buy the product or service? 5 How many similar products or services are there on the market? 6 What else does the consumer need to pay for in order to use the product or service? 7 How much does a change in price affect consumer demand for the product or service? a alternative solutions b ease of comparison c unique benefits d monetary significance e demand f price sensitivity 9 complementary costs price where the consumer cannot Product bundle pricing: Sellers combine several products in the same package. e.ap. charging 99 cents instead of 1 dollar... rooms in Savoy hotels. Psychological pricing: The consumer responds on an emotional.2 Match the questions about pricing strategy (1-7) to the pricing considerations at B opposite to help you..i+rcance. Premium pricing: Use a high price where there is a substantial example.S de..l\si-tivi-rl. The (8) price is the amount that the consumer is prepared to pay for the product or service. price:s ill.raS-re.f-e.ciari-r'1 shops are.yV.suMp-f-iol1..f-e. Supermarkets 25. A no-frills low price would not be suitable for a brand such as Cartier. you need to carry out a price test to check the price (7) you are considering. They want to know what customers think is a fair price for a box of 50 sticks.. quali-rtj . DVD players were launched with this strategy. 0+ * * When deciding on the price of a product or service you have to consider the product or service itself.aStj +o h De. example. 2 What is special or different about the product Price skimming: Charge a high price because you have a new product type. Look at A opposite to help you. They are also interested in comparing different possible retail price points (€12. spaghetti.d Grool1. rather than rational.a is dte. packa£3il1. Look at A. Then you need to think about the pricing strategy and how this relates to the brand..pII". etc..mase. se.-rs (USPs).3 Complete the text using words from the box.Uil'tq Poil'l. Finally. . ve.MaI1J. Band C opposite to help you.. over -to tjOtc ~ n~iu11k: about three PWdlqicts yOlO have ~mQJI'9lht . Once this is achieved.. rise. €14 and €16). and charging one price for the lot (a~g). basis.. Economy pricing: Marketing and manufacturing costs are kept to a minimum.r'1 pnc.

Another possible source of high costs has been the length of the (2) for our product. Dell has grown to be a company with average daily earnings of $40 million. ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 chain in the correct order. It can take orders directly from the customer. shops or businesses that sell to the public. Secondly.. The goods arrive and can be sold to the consumer. . The franchise sends the order to the warehouse in South America. Look at A opposite to Moving goods Logistics is the management of the transport and storage of goods... I say 'ship' but we don't always use a boat to do it.-~~.' .~r_-2 4 C . 26.000. J I __. Band C opposite that can be used to make word combinations with to complete the cost controller's report. 'I . Marcus: After completion. but slowest. Indirect distribution Unlike Dell. We will reduce our costs...I. The container ship is loaded with the parts._ ~:-: . ~. distribution. so we use air freight. Over -+"0 lj'OtA ~ fJIHI'Iers Q. The cheapest. the logistics manager for a plastic packaging company...that is.. are beginning to deal directly with retailers and in the long run this . Rail freight is cheap but not always reliable. or deliver. '- .. We store them there until we are ready to ship. although it depends on the weight of the load . it's much more expensive. from Fedex? We try only to use delivery services when we need to send something small. which really depend on where the goods land -I mean. direct distribution allows Dell to eliminate wholesalers. '.. ... where some kind of distributor or distribution intermediary is used. most of our products get to market through an (4 ) channel. Dell was able to gain a competitive advantage for several reasons: • First of all. 6 Assistant: Marcus: . which was through I direct distribution.2 Direct distribution This website extract describes how Dell. We have been seeking ways to cut down the number of wholesalers and other types of (5) ...that is... Am E: tmtl'i. How did he do it? A new concept: eliminate the middlemen and sell directly to the consumer. This is an advantage because Dell does not have to deal with wholesalers or spend time keeping track of inventory in the wholesalers' warehouses . .-s : -.. '.. ... Marcus Bridgestone.="j:=" Michael Dell started Dell Computers in 1984 with only $1. 'erE: lorry.. Dell has eliminated retailers . '-----__. depending on the country. monitoring what the wholesaler has in stock. where they arrive . but it takes around five weeks to sail from Asia to Europe.. • '.. Look at A and C opposite to distributes .as well as distribution costs..the goods being carried..... is talking to a new assistant about the distribution chain.. air freight container ship chain using words from the box.1 0 Label the parts of the distribution help you. shipping method is by container ship. its products: .' delivery service a load 3 I rail freight road haulage 5 warehouse 7 ~ .'. Dell figured out a new way to sell computers to the consumer... items get sent from the factory to the warehouse.the people. most manufacturers or service providers use an indirect distribution channel to connect the product and the consumer.. Road haulage is used to ship the goods from Southampton to Brighton ... or very urgently... Dell has been able to maintain complete control over stock levels .. When the shipment gets to Europe we have a number of shipping options. (1) "" were very high last year so this year we have advised all project managers to use air freight as little as possible. What about the man from the delivery service? George. Then use some of the combinations Find six words from A.. This is effective because Dell does not have to receive customer orders from thousands of different retailers. Although we have been trying to develop (3) by attracting more customers to our website and encouraging them to order from us. The goods land in Southampton. '. A franchisee in Brighton places an order for car accessories.. to the client.and where we have to deliver them.- Put the steps in the distribution help you. the computer manufacturer. - !~ Note: Stock or inventory? See Appendix I on page 108. However.l'S~ What d~si1rihUJI1c)nhannels can c for thejr products? Professional English in Use Marketing 58 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 59 ..-~----. who buy and sell goods in large amounts to shops and businesses... Road haulage is more expensive but the advantage is that lorries can go right up to the doors of shops or factories.2 5. For illustrations and descriptions of intermediaries see Appendix VI on page 113. how much stock it holds at anyone time .. .. Sometimes we need to move the shipments or freight much faster.

It's important to create something that will sell (2) (core brands ( corporate gifts / merchandise) that parents are happy to buy.3 Make word combinations using words from the at a premium price. The goal is to increase retail sales. 60 Professionar English in Use Marketing Professionar English in Use Marketing 61 .~I)~)p'l. bands and pop stars. given to special clients or VIPs. including money-off offers and competitions. such as shirts and memora bilia. as the sale _ of Harry Potter merchandise helps promote the Harry Potter books. --. Bob the Builder items have also been used as promotional (3) " (gifts / successes / brands) in connection with other brands. such as free perfume samples or sun hats with the company logo corporate gifts -Tuxury items with a company logo.27 11 Merchandisinq 27. . solution to a promoftonal'rnerchandise ~ individually manufactured. Promotional • 1 merchandise such as a toy in a box of breakfast cereal Gifts with purchase can increase sales. 1 II on-pack offers . For example. There is a small freebie inside the An international merchandising promotional gifts: 3 ~~~~--~~~---------~-~'.~tar personalltv UF character [fllm star. gift include: Other types of promotional . book and music merchandising Merchandising is often used in the promotion of films.that is. including supermarket listings (see Unit 15) and pas (see Unit 41). The club authorizes.y there is no off-the-shelf. ete. T>hiskind of promotional Sports rrrerchandisinq Sports clubs can develop additional revenues by selling team products. They can also sign merchandising deals or licensing deals with sponsors or other commercial partners (see Unit 48 on sponsorship). discusses how to select • pack. For example. The increasing requirement is for a promotional gift ..promotional items which are given away. Event Merchandising. 27. which are promoted on the packaging and can be obtained by following the instructions given. look at B opposite to help you. Examples include: in-pack offers .1 offer really captures the 2 gift is ideal for freebies or goodies . . or standard. or licenses.• Think uf . Lego bought the right to use the NBA league logo on their figurines. figurines. pop ~t'llr. an umbrell-a wiU\ the company's lagoon it I that captures the ~rit of the prol\loted brand . The (1) (merchant ( deal I core brand) has been used to create pyjamas. over +0 tjOU . and vice versa.. sales of (3) football shirts rose rapidly. This extract is from an article about the marketing of Harry Potter products: Harry Potter has become a marketing and merchandising phenomenon with spin-offs and David Beckham started his career as a fcotballer.--~-~~~~~~ Usuall. This rype of (4) (spin-offs / sponsors I cross-marketing) has generated profit for all the brands involved.Ii(.. Bob the Builder's enormous financial success is due only in part to the TV programme. a famous character such as Mickey Mouse is used to sell Disney merchandise such as bags and clothes.2' Put the descriptions (1-3) in the correct order and then match them to the pictures (a-c) .w. Look at A. Hundreds of mil!ions of dollars have been agreed in licensing deals ~ the right for another company to use the Harry Potter characters on their merchandise." project.]. such as tie-ins in the shape of games.1 I I Merchandise and merchandising Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the report on Bob the Builder merchandising. party hats and plates. C and D opposite to help you.items inside the packaging. ehitdren's character. company. Look at B. books. perfectly represents what the brand stands for. clothing and even food. the partner to use the club's logo on their products. is used to sell another product. Merchandising is used to describe a marketing practice in which the brand image of one product. fm them? m' Onv{:'rcasoes for Y(JQJ:f dmGct~. 27.. . Then use the word combinations complete the text below. What kind) uf i]ll[~I'('hamlJisin9! wt]olU1lrJ \I~(wid not iaJeaiPpmr. $f9mts ~rJ{'rr!im'l1C/11il~l. Note: The noun merchandising is also used by the retail sector to describe a range of activities designed to promote in-store sales.. the core brand. commercial deals licensing partners products team to Film. He has signed (1) all over the world and has made a fortune for himself and his (2) When he started playing for Real Madrid. Band D opposite to help you.say.. solution 'tor your corporate a c Tine best way is to have the promotional item . This is known as cross-marketing.

• 11\1 L'l:R.. Note: Trade show. services or expertise. that anyone can go to. Calculate the floor space you need.. . or trade fair? Seminar."Ii. book a stand. what your customers think about your brand.. • iii Lobbysquatting 11~'.. from last year. If you decide to Prepare your booth and customize it with design will to acquaint media and trade representatives with California • trade show displays.. We'll have to reuse the . venue.... Look at A and B opposite to help you.3 Complete the article using words from the box. event profile and how successful previous check that the visitor profile matches your ~1]J G h~~~!~.. • Train booth staffers. W11it. venue.. Remember that bigger stands cost more. b The event is a good place to meet buyers and journalists. vac form producers..".. Think 62 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional EngHsh in Use Marketing 63 ..1 Make word combinations with trade show using words from A and B opposite.. shows and and visitor programs a record 128 9' participate in the event. please use a stand. lIli:illl ~ is not I.. ill'.. California vintners will (3) The (4) (5) . Trade shows help to generate leads (create opportu~lt1es for future business) and can offer great opportunities to network .J<tUend? Dcsignl your stand. conferences or congresses are business events where talks or presentations are given... or display. She gives advice to potential exhibitors on her website: 28. !I'. For more information on trade show displays... iii .. 1I!'. Note: The nouns booth and stand are interchangeable. France.. Most organizers allocate stand placement on a 'first come first served' basis.'lI!iI!"'I!!I'!-iI!~ ~"I!'E I'!I! 'I' III !I jj... One phrase can be used twice..000 buyers. .'10. network "..... We should find out about a ...1f'I' i!<iIi'.etc. This human contact is crucial for maintaining or improving current client perception - that is. products. !I '. Companies attend the events so that they can showcase.iIi •• II!.. - B. l I 'I I think we should try to interact directly with our customers.ij . trade exhibition or trade fair is an industry-specific business event"..' I·!I! .. If the trade show is only open to people who work in a specific business sector.. over -rO .~1Ii ~.. .. A horizontal trade show is for a certain industry. A stand at a trade show 28. audience. etc.'''''!'...'I!!I!~I!iO! Make your • stand or booth a marketing success by using this checklist: years have been. tolerated and you will be asked to leave ... 4 OK.. I(I! V... like the Home and House Show. see Unit 41. -.!. for VINEXPO is always Bordeaux. Find out about the Most importantly.. .'''t.u i!Jbaunt. Look at A and B opposite to help you.!!j t~'~'ilioi iI. . etc. Make sure the people who are representing your company and your brand know how to win clients. packaging. The organizers are often medical or pharmaceutical companies.. I' i! !!J. . (SeeUnit 45) Seminars." 1f....'. it is referred to as trade only. 28..(In.... Then use the combinations to complete the sentences below.. If you are coming to our venue. A good booth California wine brands at the world's largest wine trade show. .!!II!I.. Please remember that nobody likes cuisine and California wines while conductlnq major business.!I.~i~~itut~~~ _ The Wine Institute organizes wine (1) conducts educational (2) . with important clients and show them California industry trade representatives and journalists from 120 countries. c Californian vintners don't have stands at this event. trade exhibition page 108._....I Select a product o-r service to pmmcJ· chat and socialize with attendees (people visiting the show) and other exhibitors... the best of their ..iIl ...!!' 'I! ' •• !I! "!I. Make sure your visitors know how to get to the from our site... In addition to preparing their own California wineries use the grill to (6) increase booth traffic and attract more visitors. and how about a where we can meet other people in the candle-making sector? Last year's Candle-makers' Fair was very useful... But it looks expensive.. For a packaging fair this might include cardboard manufacturers.lf(n~. wines.Trade shows Why use trade shows? A trade show. Download the colour map lobbysquatters sitting in the entrance to the a Vinexpo is a relatively small public trade show. iIi!i'. n:lhrila'r'!>. Organizing an event Helen Jackson works for a conference centre in the UK that hosts many international fairs. ~ t"I"".I1".... 'ij !i!. A public trade show is open to everyone. semmars showcase stands trade venue r I ~ 'i_!"".. cosmetics.~~~~~n.for example.1!i ~ it'll ". VINEXPO attracts 50. conference or congress? See Appendix I on allocate attend book increase participate trade shows stand placement booth traffic a stand in . .1i trade f:llor ~l. Then decide if the statements (a-c) below are true or false. which will showcase fragrances.. california vintners will sponsor a restaurant at VI N EXPO:the california Grill. _ "'' ' ' oiI_'··J _ - ..2 Make word combinations using a word or phrase from each box. A vertical trade show specializes in everything for a specific sector ._ ---~--Ii --!II"'. 2 You mean a that has everything for the house and home decoration? 3 Yes..

.. (5) 9 You need to write a script for a operator... 29. (7) 9 We plan to use telemarketing for " . ~OLl Choose a IProduct or service wtmld like to promote. target at an acceptable cost per (objection / acquisition). Telemarketing scripts list the questions that must be asked and what must be said to reassure the potential client. (5) 7 We decided to use . The success of telemarketing campaigns is measured in the cost per acquisition. Use (immediate / direct) marketing to increase the number of subscribers to the newspaper. (4) . I'm calling of behalf on Jupiter Software. Here are some extracts from his presentation of a direct marketing campaign. clients call the telemarketing firm. Thank you for your I. cost per inquiry (CPI) or cost per order. te1emarketers (also known as telemarketing operators) call prospects (potential clients) from a list. 64 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 65 .the person who answers the phone usually stays to listen for a few can find out what a potential customer thinks straight away... I'm caUing on behalf of Paper Express. (6) 4 By -calling we generated enough leads to keep us busy for months. perhaps in response to an advert.. ". an actual person .that is. 1 We decided to use (outbound 2 We met our subscription lnbound telemarketing With inbound telemarketing..29. It provides a company with immediate feedback . (4) 6 In just two days we made a lot of sales. It's a maB order company that provlaes-dtscounted (then to YES) paper and office supplies...1 Complete the crossword. May I speak with Mr I Mrs Mandeville please? Hello. carefully so that our team know exactly what to say. Do you aware of the company at all? Are you the person charged with this? My call reason is to find out if you are interested in our latest products. Write a brief for 'l telemarketluq flrrn..1me.... Instead of having a live operator .. Are you the person in charge of purchasing office supplies? May I·ask for the name of that person? (take d'etails) The reason for my call is to see whether you are interested in meeting one of our sales team.a recorded message is played to the prospect or left on their answering machine.2 George House is the marketing manager of a local newspaper. (end call) Would youl be available for a meeting on f.. Are you aware of the'compa. Tellemarketing scripts Telemarketing operators are trained to deal with objections (reasons people give for not buying).ridav morning? (take details. It requires an immediate response ...... make a reservation or contact customer services.. This is called lead conversion. I afternoon. B.0 tJOU .making an appointment for a sales rep to meet the prospect.S: That's OK.ny at alii? No: YES: NO: YES: NO: Yf. It also provides a captive audience . generation. 3 4 S 6 / prospect) telemarketing. (7) 8 Our " telemarketing operators handle calls from clients.contacting cold prospects (people who don't yet have a relationship with the company) to create hot contacts (people who are ready to buy) phone sales .. (4) 10 A message is cheaper than a live operator.. A cold list is a list of people who have had no prior contact with the company. opposite to help you. to place an order. Now say if the sentences refer to the objective. end Gall) over -+.-up calls.3 Correct the mistakes in the telemarketing 1 2 3 4 5 script using words and expressions from D opposite. Common reasons for cold calling include: • lead generation .. (8) Down 2 telemarketing will help us to generate leads. Lists can be bought from list brokers. my name is John.selling services over the telephone appointment setting . Across 1 After a mailshot we always make .. Look at A.. Do you available for an appointment? My name is Julie. Telemarketers try to convert these leads into sales. Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the sentences.1 • Follow-up calls may take place after a mailshot (see Unit 42) or a trade show (see Unit 28).when the phone rings. 29. We created a new (script / conversion) with our telemarketing firm. Telema rketi ng What is telemarketing? Telemarkering is a form of direct marketing: the messages are delivered individually to potential customers. Band D opposite to help you. Here is an example of a telemarketing script: Good morning 29. Telemarketing operators received special training to (contact / deal) with objections. 5 Telemarketing provides a " audience for the sales team. (6) ". A qualified telemarketing list includes the details about prospects who have the need or authority to purchase. C and D Outbound telemarketing With outbound telemarketing. Look at A.. (8) 3 We need to prepare the telemarketing . We bought a (qualified I captive) list from a (telemarketing I list) broker. Calling the people on the list for the first time is known as cold calling. the natural response is to answer it. the action plan or the results. Voice broadcasting is a cheaper form of outbound telemarketing. broadcasting because it is much less expensive than having a person there to make the call.

To attract clients to purchase. Once they are at the checkout you should give dear payment information. getting them quickly and easily from your home page. 1 2 3 4 What would you like for your birthday. I '1116-~O " Size people choose what to buy. You also have to think about ways to personalize the selection process . bundles of items delivery costs payment options 3 product categories The online shopping experience A virtual shopkeeper gives some advice: 'When designing an online store. Look at B opposite to help you.60 66 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 67 . where their shopping experience begins.5 Total price £ '1.' 2 i. ( Digitiil Photo Prints) . No n ed for already paid envelepes. We can qliicker. of ot!. ". Some visitors may search by product category. 5 6 ~-1fI The ordering form must be simplif-ied for. an online sports store could sell tennis rackets and tennis balls together as a single I I I ! I Subtotal Postage Total cost of goods t t £ ~'1 lJ. £7 t Aros :1 Customers can put a'1'lorder 24 hours a. r Standard (48 hours) = £1-. visiting the whole store just to see what there is.Online shopping and mail order 30. credit cards or cheques. and is p~esentmg the business case to her bank manager. You may want to give your customers the choice of next day delivery at a premium price. such as gift certificates. Calls are free on our Freephone number.00 Mail order and the ordering process Mail order is a system of buying and selling goods through the post. For example. you can cellour telephone hotline and place your order. still !lIve a hot telephone line.'®lder users. or set up a wedding list or baby registry to let other people know what gifts they want if they're getting married or having a child.1 Label the website extracts using words from the box. you can offer bundles of items.lering will be much The j:!ro~s 4'B. where they pay. Old~r customers may prefer usinq mailif)9 order to ordering online.era=s====::::) . Look at A opposite to help you.Y0U don't need a stamp.2 Which of t~e services offered by an online store would be useful in these situations? Look at A opposite to help you. Jimmy? 30. The instructions below tell customers how to order a product from a company's catalogue: Please complete the order form below and return it to us in the prepaid envelope provided .how customers pay for goods they are ordering online. Alternatively.=========::---i (~c::am::. Customers normally select their goods from a catalogue. which must include details about delivery costs and delivery options. You should also list the payment options for your customers.3 Item code 5'1Zb-B2.59 Pick up at store I II I = £1. while others will want to browse. Correct the mistakes in her PowerPoint slides. you need to think about how to move your shopper through the sales process. through to the checkout. L M I 1'1. eMIl plavers "} .60 3. It should be very easy for your clients to add items to the shopping cart or shopping basket when they've decided what they want to buy by clicking on the "add to basket" button or the "buy now" button.6 (4 The o~ner of a small business is thinking about putting her catalogue online. Some clients may want to create a wish list of the items they would like to receive as T-shirf Quantity I Price each £ '1. ~ II Description Trouse. 30. 4 Express (next da¥J = £2. It's important to simplify the purchasing process .50 ~.

Across 5 We have a small sales force but we mostly invest in sales techniques such as advertising. if they reach their target or sales quota .2 The sales process The sales process helps the sales force convert leads into signed deals (change prospective customers to actual customers). generating repeat business.potential customers .a geographical zone where they make their sales calls or visits.showing how the product will meet the customer's needs. All the answers make word combinations with sales. (4) 3 The marketing team have designed a new sales for the product launch. Salespeople normally receive incentives (see Unit 22). (8) II Down lOur sales includes product sheets and a new brochure with product information and testimonials. Then match some of the word combinations to the pictures below. • 68 ProfeSSional Engljsh in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 69 . such as financial bonuses or gifts. Marketers can design materials. who call on customers (visit them). sales literature and samples may support the presentation. C and D opposite to help you. 3 Closing deals When salespeople spot. and field salespeople or travelling salespeople. Testimonials from satisfied customers. to help the sales force present their sales arguments. buying signals from their customers. B. who conduct business from their offices. (5) Note: Sales rep or salesperson? See Appendix I on page 108. Make word combinations using a word or phrase from each box. or qualified. calling potential customers from a list (see Unit 29). leaflets and product sheets or sales sheets. and its unique selling points or USPs (what it has that its competitors don't). New leads are generated by making cold calls. They interact directly with customers or prospects . or selling to a customer face-to-face. (3) 4 There are 30 salespeople in our sales _ (5) 6 We have lost repeat business as we neglected our -sales service. 2 Presenting The sales presentation can focus on the product's USPs (see below). 31. Prospecting and qualifying Salespeople prospect (or look for) new clients.brochures. (10) 7 Our incentive plan encourages the sales force to reach their sales (5) 8 The sales force listen to the customers and customize their sales to the customer needs.1 I!!!!!I product samples (so customers get a better idea of what the product is) price lists (so they can see how much it costs) order forms (so they can place an order) sales literature . containing information about the product features (what it does) and product benefits (why the product is good). or detect.information about what the sales force are selling and the environment they're selling it in. ask close make place spot trade cold calls buying signals a deal concessions for referrals an order 3 2 Marketing support Marketing supports the sales force by providing product knowledge and market knowledge . they will try to close the deal by asking the customer to place an order. (10) 2 Each territory is quite large. is different from impersonal selling such as advertising and sales promotion. Look at A. The best leads are then make sales and build longterm relationships. The sales kit contains sales aids such as: I. or be customer-oriented . Sales forces are often organized with each salesperson having an exclusive territory . so our salespeople only make one sales per day.the amount of revenue they have to bring in during a given period. Look at A and C opposite to help you. .1 The sales force The sales representatives or salespeople make up a company's sales force. at the same time customizing the sales messages to what that specific customer needs to hear. Personal selling Personal selling. or marketing collateral. or by asking current customers for referrals. Complete the crossword.31. Satisfied customers will purchase again. The sales force can include inside salespeople. Salespeople can inform customers and demonstrate technical products. They may trade concessions or negotiate. 4 Following up Follow-up calls are part of the after-sales service which enables salespeople to check customer satisfaction with the service or product ~ how happy they are with it.

Ad avoiders change channels during advertising breaks. It uses multi-channel marketing.-:----~ Below-the-line Below-the-line (BTL) refers to any non-media advertising or promotion. also known as full services. For a list.1 Make sentences using one part from each column. Ford can promote its association using below-the-line (1'2) ATL 32. point-of-sale. or exploit. It is the role of the ad agency to develop an advertising strategy based on the client's advertising brief. TTL can be very effective at drawing attention to your brand .. and virtual worlds such as Second LIfe) must now find ways to tap into. Technology is affectltlg TV advertiSing.getting people to notice it. Ford's Champions League sponsorship is (8) tactics marketing. or more fragmented. During broadcasts of football matches. poster networks) and the media schedule (the times and dates when the.. People can now record programmes for viewing later and (7) media the adverts easily. BTL or 70 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional Engfish in Use Marketing 71 .Above.audiences are becoming smaller. Examples include commercials on television. 5 Ford has display Advertising techniques Advertising uses different techniques to appeal on page 114. power. such as direct mail. Ford uses (3) strategy promotions such as exhibiting vehicles and direct mailing of customers. a Ad b Blended 3 marketing avoiders uses zap during advertising TTL breaks. employs a pan-European advertising (1) attention to draw (2) below-the-line to its products and services.2 above. Typical objectives for an ATL campaign include making the customer aware of a product or service. media. 3 Throuqh-the-line Some agencies now offer through-the-line (TTL).r nlIDt1J:k +0 e= ahoil. For Ford. the underlined words and phrases are in the wrong place. see Appendix VII Ovtt. define t~e medi~ strategy. TV advertising used to be the dominant (5) avoid promotionsl tool. The media plan mcludes the selection of specific media vehicles (for example. The commission represents a perc~r:tage of th~ media investment . or run. or street marketing (see Units 41-43). in mainstream or mass media. media. Media buyers negotiate with advertising sales houses or advertising departments to get the best price for the media space selected in the media plan (see Unit 33). T~day this communication channel is becoming increasingly (6) above-the-line. . The first one has been done for you. b Interactive 4 TV advertisers IS an brief advertising emerging agencies. techniques. and display ads on billboards (see Unit 35 on outdoor advertising). Band C opposite to help you.that is. Marketing services agencies are experts in BTL tactics. how much is spent on media during the advertIsmg campaign. using both ATL and BTL communication channels to build brands (see Units 16-17). 32. Match the two parts of the sentences.TTL is also referred to as holistic marketing or 360 degree branding.what is to be communicated . Media planners.and the choice of media. or informs. Was AU. IfH p'mlnMD~ms yow have seen recentlv. 1 Ford is using the internet to tap 2 Ford is only using interruptive 3 Ford is using pester 4 Ford is using multi-channel. Press magazines are media vehicles. of visitors. by appealing to children. TV ~hanne~s. Then decide if the sentences are true or false. TV (11) BTLfor Ford products can be shown. this is sometimes known as zapping. advertising on the TV. b Media planners work in media agencies.2 In the description of Ford's promotional strategy. Look at A.'" ----~--. t( II ~~ - ~ J~m~'llw •• C"". (4) fragmented strstegy is changing. the advertising opportunities in the Long Tail. adverts at football stadiums. vehicles. ATL advertising is interruptive. editor-in-chief of Wired magazine. Emerging media (the internet. the advertising agency (also known as the ad agency) on the advertising objectives. working in the agency's media planning department or for a specialized media agency. The campaign contains both (9) blended and (10) adverts components. a Normally.~----. 32. exhibitions. or building the image of a brand. --. ATL campaigns appear.-. At the stadium as fans arrive for a match. -=-~-. Note: Advertisements are more often referred to as adverts or ads. Chris Anderson.o. types of press magazines.dvertlsmg WIll appear).consumers actively trying not to be exposed to advertising. as the choice of media grows. The advertiser (the client) briefs. Move them to the correct position.m"'~om.. A fun service marketing agency offers both ATL and BTL in blended marketing. Look at A. interactive TV. a Advertising b BTL campaigns agencies don't run in develop advertising mainstream strategy. identifying appropriate channels to reach the target audience. Band C opposite to help you. Look at the page opposite and Appendix VII on page 114 to help you. 2 Media fragmentation . Marketing services agencies point to two trends that indicate that BTL spend will continue to grow: 1 Ad avoidance . has invented the term the Long Tail to describe the growing number of sites on the internet with a small number. below and through the nne Above-the-line Above-the-line (ATL) is a form of media advertising where a commission or fee is paid to an agency working for its clients. a b c d e marketing. The advertising strategy defines the advertising messages . a Press b Media a 2 planners magazines are work in media media agencies. For example.dlseine udvertlsements TIL used? 'J. according to 32. into the Long Tail. to consumers.a. it is broadcast on TV in the advertising break in the middle of a programme and does not form part of the programme itself (see Unit 38 on branded content).

. Other brands have bursts of heavy media pressure . . Media objectives are defined in terms of impressions (the number of Urnes an ad 1S seen).WClXeness tI1e bro-. a detergent manufacturer airs commercials on TV every day for several months to keep the brand top of mind .""""""'" m~)( We Y1Q. in the national press.n • Hi9l1 mcome . reach or coverage (the percentage of the target audience exposed to an advertisement in a given time period). Look at A and B opposite to help you. : 32..) .v:etrQ. Med.1 Complete the notes on a media strategy using words from the box. The target audience is described in terms of lifestyle (the way peopl.. or time span and frequency (the average number of times a member of the target audience is exposed to an ad in a given time period). waiting for the film to start. surveys and measurement tools. into the viewing habits of our target audience.2.fresh in consumers' memories.e h~e) and demographics (their gender.dellver the messages. in the summer holidays or at Christmas. For example. to get information about the impact of the different media types..veL GuUie 8('( et.ernet • Very (9) 1\1 vi. so brands need to identify the best touchpoints . the media buyer makes the media bookings (reserves space in magazines or airtime on television) and produces a media schedule. 1 2 3 4 S The media plan must be approved We use media research to get insights The media buyer is accountable This campaign will run Airtime a b c d e to the client. (4) Men 2.rget's medi.BOO "" : seleceed.o. (11) • (12. We studied the competitors' flighting (patterns / audience / touchpoinrs) before selecting a drip (pattern / burst / strategy) to give constant media pressure throughout the year.. TV channels or other media vehicles to be used for the campaign.vy users of ixli.nd.they're sitting in the cinema. consumption (7) .. Ihink sbout <!Idvt'I'~~sin~ <Ina comrnunicatiun 'c. or understanding of. core demographics habits impressions lifestyle light media objectives plan reach research target CororMAni.places to reach their core~:u.R (&) "... A huge media (budget / buyer / mix) is necessary to keep our brand top of (booking / viewers / mind). The media planner recommends flighting patterns . Med. to make the best choice of channels and commercial breaks.000 people.ewers Medi.i..i. Some plans have continuity strategies or drip strategies.coJioYi(1) .press. by the client before we make any bookings. Cost per thousand (CPM) is a standard measure of media efficiency.. or compare. mt.ernet o-. It can be used to compare the cost effectiveness of different media (planners / pressure / vehicles).942. (10) m0-9GtZmes Cond.a..9 · (Arbo-..2 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the sentences. We invested in new software to help media buyers (approve / optimize I air) our media plan.. the media consumption habits of their target audience.. bas~d on interv~ews. The media s~lit gIves the breakdown of the media budget . ethnicity. list 72 Professional English in Use Marketing 73 . Big clients can organize media audits to benchmark.. outdoor or intern~t) which will be used to .. The media.o.o..000 (b) 33.d. it is difficult to stand out from [ivai advertising or be noticed. It is difficult to stand out with so many competitors airing (commercials / benchmarks / rouchpoints) on television. A cinema campaign may be more efficient to reach light TV viewers as the audience is captive and attentive . The media pian must respect the media budget and the media objecti~es for the campaign.n becau_se women wl~h children are heavy TV viewers .that is.for example. (Reach / Cost / Frequency) per thousand is the amount paid to reach 1. 33. It recommends how to deliver brand messages to the consumer in a way that best serves the brand's communication seLed:ed. TV media buyers now have software to optimize their plans .. 70% of investment on television and 30% in the press. Unfortunately. The advertiser organized a media (schedule / strategy / audit) to assess the effectiveness of our media buying and planning. Children's food brands often advertise on televis~o. G\'!-Ylero. Note: The singular noun is medium and the plural is media.. encouraging purchase or aiding brand recognition. Media planners and buyers are accountable to their clients.that is.i. education and income). such as building loyalty. of • Dri. Costs and results of campaigns are measured (see Unit 24). and to get insights into. it is the amount an advertiser pays for one thousand impressions.qW'lb"i(iI...the amount of money allocated to the campaign . four types of med." ----~--------------~ .. on television can be very expensive. .e.c to the websiXe (2.. the cost and results of their campaigns with those of their competitors. they watch a lot of television. One word can be used twice. Band C opposite to help you..or main audience. YW-rs Number of mserU. Professional English in Use Marketing - - - M'Edil~m TV (see Unit 34) radio (see Unit 34) outdoor (see Unit 35) press (see Unit 36) cinema internet (see Unit 39) - Atulnel1lC'e viewers listeners audience readers - 33.the periods when the brand is active or communicates in the media. Me. consumption: Hw.. In a media-saturated Media strategy Media strategy The media strategy is part of the marketing plan.. 1 Media plannrirlQ The media plan recommends communication channels with the names of specific publications.outcLoor.% : 4.ons 3 2.W. T nivcl.for example. Look at C opposite to help you. The plan includes a media schedule with the dates and times when the advertising will run in the press or the commercials will be aired on television or radio. where media is everywhere..) • (13) 8ud.: ci.~~clius tru-get • -Open to new experiences I" I I.3 Match the two parts of the sentences. age...get. N(tSc Sunset IASA T rQ. we were less efficient than our competitors. I 2 3 ~ 4 S Media buying When the plan is approved by the client. Media strategists use media research. Look at A.. strategy identifies the right target audience (the people the brand wants to talk to) and the media mIX (the combination of media types . Q.... ~5~r·~·~·~~t .nd. over +o l10U cinema-goers users or surfers You are orga6liizlrJig <I'll sward event to I!ew<llroi innovative and effective media 1)~o:m1iiIJ'l9.te.1-.'<lmr<1!igns you hiilV'V:seen recentty arid! malke J $ihm~ Q~l' n!~'irkrols fnr tilt: .ffi..between different media types .gec: *542." gwes msigl1ts mto tI1e to.

. The big channels for each country are caUed mainstream media.. (5) . and the number of digital television households (TVH or TVHH) is growing rapidly. They will come up with a communication strategy. programme) is financed by the 34. In 2005~a massive. daytime: 0900-1630 e the time during which ads are shown between programmes • : Interactive ads are becoming more popular on digital television._. Terrestrial TV.TV and radio 34.. The viewing or listening figures show how large the audience is for a certain programme or for a whole channel or station. BBCl BBC2 lTV -~---. 1 2 3 4 5 advertiser-funded programmes audience commercial break daypart free-to-air or an advertisement I.~. 1Band C opposite and Appendix VIII on page 115 to help you. which is broadcast via radio waves. this includes advertising copy for an advert (the text). This traditional format is shown in the commercial break between programmes. .000 highest-rating (2) _ were shown on lTV!. Companies can choose from different advertising formats: An advertisement that is broadcast on TV or radio is called a commercial or an ad.g. --- of the way Classic FM makes them ~eel. I.---. see Appendix VIII 74 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 7S . Television ratings (TVR) show the relative popularity of different TV programmes.. or tune in to.1 Advertising on TV or radio If a company wishes to advertise on TV or radio. Band C opposite to help the UK. . like the BBC. Ninety-nine percent of homes in the UK have TV. is usually free. Ratings differ from audience share. Channel 4 in the UK is an example of a terrestrial channel. A sponsored programme or AFP (advertiser-funded sponsor or brand (see Unit 38).. 34. I ~~) . without subscription b the population or target group viewing a television programme c shows which are fully or partly paid for by an advertiser d a broadcast time period. which all households with a TV set must pay. sex or income.. who will produce the ad. . _. Most of the station's are not connoisseurs of classical music and come to us because British lV channels: audience share The audience profile gives information about the listeners or viewers.3 Make word combinations using a word from each box. the same programmes every day or week. including age. e. • a TV channels offered free to users. channels listeners programmes reaching station at A The audience The second step is to make sure your commercial is heard or seen by your target audience. For example.'. . in addition to using the remote control to change channels. commercial game listening prime radio reality remote soap lV weather break channel control forecast habits opera show station time lV c Dayparts Dayparts are sections of the day during which programmes are broadcast or aired to appeal to the particular demographic group that will be watching or listening. 11VI continues to be the most watched. Local radio stations attract listeners from only one area. the first step is usually to contact an advertising agency. regardless of age.'2 Match the words and phrases (1-5) to the definitions (a-e). Complete the texts about TV and radio advertising using words from the box. Look at A. The GRP (gross rating points) show the percentage of the target audience reached by a television commercial. Most TV channels are national and viewers from all over the country can watch the programmes. Customers can pay to subscribe to cable TV and satellite TV.. providing what people want or need to see. viewers can press a button and respond to an ad.~-~ ~ '1 TV plays a huge role in our lives and even in thes_€ days of 200-plus (I) . or free-to-air. are funded by a TV licence fee. Look at A. They feature general programmes and cater for everyone. __ almost 6 million people every week. Most people have regular listening or viewing habits and will usually watch. an audience share of 65 % for a football match shows that 65% of people watching TV at that time were watching the football match. For names of dayparts and descriptions on page 115. Some words can be used more than once. 885. sex and possibly income. An ident is a short film with the brand name and logo shown before a programme. Companies can buy regional advertising for some TV channels (like lTV in the UK) or national advertising if they want to reach the whole country. look and B opposite to help you ._. of the 1. and perhaps a catchy jingle (memorable music for your ad) or a memorable slogan (for example. of audiences and programmes..__ __ . OTHER: Icrassi: FM is the largest commercial radio (3) . which refers to the percentage of total audience watching TV at any one moment who are viewing a given channel. Some national TV channels. Gillette's 'The best a man can get')..

taxis. one after the other). the word can be used as a noun and as a verb. opposite to help you. (7) 12 Advertising you can walk on: a graphic. or out-of-home (OOH) advertising can really grab your attention or get in your face... or catchment zone..' he added. (5) 4 An illuminated panel.. see :3 5. (5) 13 The latest technology for our-of-home advertising...Outdooradvertisinq _ Out-of-home advertising formats PaD1 e I size 4 sheet: 6 sheet: 12 sheet: r- 35..lit on streets Size (inches) 60 x40 72x48 120 x 60 120 x 80 120 x 240 480 x 120 16 sheet: 96 sheet 48 sheet: Across 2 Another name for a hoarding.. trams and trains can be wrapped in vinyl showing a company's adverts. or to reach people in Eye-carching .. good. is hung on a building.and normally located in town and city centres. (5) 8 A giant "..... Look at A and B Outdoor advertising.. A spokesperson for the new concert hall said that the public reaction had been. tri-face billboards (with rotating sections allowing three different advertisements to be displayed in sequence) and scrollers (signs displaying a number of posters. (7) 6 Transit advertising: Taxis. One commuter said that she had been pleasantly surprised to find herself walking on . sizes and formats from 4 sheets to 96 sheets (see table). Outdoor contractors also offer lightboxes (illuminated panels). were surprised by an invasion of out-of-home advertising last Tuesday. Effectiveness of DOH Advertisers can buy a network of sites to target their consumers their geographical area. Appendix IX on page 116. Consumers can interact directly with some interactive advertising sires.. to the point where is no longer readable because it has passed out 'of sight... Roadside panels: Billboards are large outdoor panels for displaying ads. 'smelly' posters (including smells or odours) and lenticular posters (showing different images as you walk past them) can be very memorable.. buses. Commuters in Bristol. (5) 11 Another word for 'out-of-home'. (6) 10 Advertising on buses. Look at A and B opposite to help you. (10) Down 1 Out-of-home advertising gets in your .. (7) 14 The image changes as you walk past this type of poster.. 'We got greater (5) than we had imagined.. catching coverage graphics hung shelters wrapped A wallscape and a wrapped vehicle Note: Paste is the adhesive used to attach posters to walls. Digital video billboards show short advertising spots ( such as sonic posters (which include 'sounds). (4) 3 To put up posters. Ambient media: Adverts can be displayed on non-traditional media such as the back of a receipt from a shop or a travel ticket.... on prominent sites around the city.. (9) 5 This type of furniture is found outside.2 Complete the news report using words from the box. Street furniture: In 1962 Jean-Claude introduced the concept of advertising shelters. etc. using their mobile phones. Pedestrian panels are backlit from behind .. Digital outdoor advertising: LED screens are used in similar sites to traditional billboards. Bus (3) were treated to new eye~ (4) interactive ads that lit up: and made noises as pedestrians walked past. Outdoor campaigns can be measured by opportunities to see (OTS) or coverage (see Unit 33). The opening of a new concert hallwas announced by huge banners (1) "'=" . (8) 9 You can wrap buses and taxis in this material. The use of floor graphics is common in supermarkets and shopping centres.floor (6) ~ instead of the ordinary floor. Advertisers have a wide choice of poster sites.... Billboards are sometimes called hoardings in India and the UK. Giant banners or wallscapes are hung on the front of buildings. A digital billboard 76 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing .. (6) 7 This type of advertising makes a noise.1 Complete the crossword. For illustrations of OOH advertising. Decaux on bus . such as bus shelters and poster panels. Ads can also be positioned inside or on the side or rear of a vehicle.attractive and noticeable . (8) 6 By the sides of streets and roads.. B uses were (2) -in the concert hall's logo and colours. 30 or 60 seconds).. The term approach specifies the distance between the point where the advertisement first become visible.

e CY . every month GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination. For descriptions page 117. See Appendix XI on page 118 for the rate card from a local British newspaper. These freesheets are funded entirely by the advertising they carry. There are two possible answers for each question. published every month. health. 1 daily local freesheet 2 fortnightly special interest 3 monthly children's magazine 4 monthly glossy men's magazine 5 regional daily press 6 weekly national press (a-f). The rate card shows the price of advertising and also gives technical data about the size. Some are weeklies.articles about a particular subject. However. cartoons and challenges to stimulate and stretch their minds. The national daily press includes titles like The Sun and The Times in the UK and is available all over the country. 1 I I 316. The regional press is only available in certain parts of the country . and illustrations of different categories of magazines. such as the Technology Quarterly from The Economist. Tabloids are newspapers with a smaller format than broadsheets. fortnightly. Look at Appendix XI on page 118 to help you. activities. slightly bigger than a tabloid. Choosing a position The price of an ad varies depending on the position in the newspaper or magazine. humour. facts. whether it's fashion. the term tabloid press is still used to refer to less serious newspapers which contain sensational stories. the Eastern Daily Press has been a source of authoritative comment for its readers in Norfolk. which contain information about: • The advertising rates. The copy deadline tells advertisers when they have to deliver the copy (the images and text for the ad) or the complete advert itself. features. 4 Before submitting an ad. printed every day. 36. Originally broadsheets carried more economic and political reports and were more serious. As part of the sales effort. or reviews of fashion shows in women's magazines. politics or music. national news features and cultured outlook. short articles or reports. Perfect for the railway enthusiast. which show how many people read the publication. and a lot of photographs. d RAIL is published twice a month in the UK. Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 79 . f Metro is designed to be read in about 20 minutes and contains bite-sized national and international news and local information . If you are a clothing brand it is a good idea to book space to coincide with reviews of fashion shows. ad salespeople work with the marketing team to prepare media packs. on what can be • 78 Details and dates about special features . listings. Circulation figures or distribution figures. It is renowned for its strong reporting. The readership figures. We're completely free and you can pick us up Monday to Friday in 15 cities across the country. One word can be used twice. 1870.entertainment previews. puzzles. Choosing titles The advertising sales department of a newspaper or magazine sells advertising space or advertising positions in their publications. 3 Please click here to download a PDF version of our (media pack / book space / rate card).3 Make word combinations using a word or phrase from each box. see Appendix X on a Since October 10. or format. Most UK newspapers today are tabloid or Berliner.1 Match the categories of newspapers and magazines (1-6) to the descriptions at A and B opposite and Appendix X on page 117 to help you.2 Choose the correct word combinations from the brackets to complete the sentences. may be higher than the circulation figures because one copy may be read by more than one person . showing the number of copies (single newspapers or magazines) sold per issue (the version of the newspaper or magazine published on a particular date). North Suffolk and East Cambridgeshire. and how to pay.A brilliant new intelligent and entertaining magazine for 7 to 12-year-old children. analysis and opinion. which formats are available. The local press is similar to the regional press but for a smaller geographical area . published every week. Our (copy deadline is / circulation figures are / readership is) growing year on year. printed once a week. or cost of advertising in the newspaper or magazine.for example. the South Wales Echo. weather and travel. sport. • centre facing front page full matter page solus spread half • The advertising policy of the publication. Some newspapers are not sold but given away free. Full of features. 2 You can book (advertising positions / advertising space / advertising policy) using our secure online booking system. b A leading quality magazine. published every two weeks. Look at C opposite to help you. or monthly. 12 issues a year. 36.for example. please make sure you have read and understood the (technical data / advertising space / advertising rates). which gives general information advertised. c The Sunday Review from The Independent is part of the 'world's best designed newspaper'. of the ad.- The press Newspapers Most newspapers are dailies. helping form opinion and encourage debate. Look Magazines Magazines can be weekly. It is Britain's number one modern rail magazine for news. the Basingstoke Gazette is only for sale in the town of Basingstoke.

all designed and produced by HOA. Spot colours. The initials of each of the first names being QMH. • • • Embossing: creating a raised mark on the material. yellow and black. and a dragon called Henry. like signs or CDs. and key / black). • rhecopv _ Professional English in Use Marketing 81 . or corrections. plastic or metal. Embossing Hot stampinq Perforating • • OV. pink. They work to graphic guidelines to ensure that all the marketing collateral (which includes sales aids such as brochures and magazine ad inserts) has the same look. This includes typesetting. We are currently working on a summer menu for the hotels. may include perfect binding (joining several pages together into a book. folding (bending the paper onto itself) or perforating (making small holes in the material. We will guide and assist you in all stages of the printing work. After the period of checking and amending the print job. printing sometimes uses black ink. The process starts with establishing an estimate. Moat Houses (1) for (2) for early spring. It is important to fix or set deadlines for job completion. It is also essential to respect Solution With no previous history in this sector a brand had to be created from scratch. You can trust our writing skills to create fantastic-sounding arguments. A press check is run: a few copies are printed and checked for colour correction. must also be decided.:'h\lt:. the price for the print job. Result All of the items that HOA produced were very much in demand. Marketers are often responsible for this 'proof OK'. Lithographic: used for large quantities of printed material such as brochures. involves transferring ink to a material such as paper. brochure or catalogue). silver or other foils and metallic papers. This print job will have a (7) " as the previous items have been so popular. known as printing or 'the press'. uses CMYKOG . the final stage. The copy (the text) is written directly by the marketing team. and posters to name but a few items . . 2 Final proofing.ilyoul tliil the <lrh' and green are added to make more vibrant colours. exclusively made inks. or Hexachrorne. covers all the work before printing happens. Wh<l. the client tells the printer to start printing. graphic job long press printed proof set Objective Hotel group Queen's Moat House Hotels UK wanted to attract more families with children in the three to ten years age group. Digital printing: specifically dedicated to short runs.must be followed. This process is known as copywriting. Find a printed document that y'n~ think is a nodwh·u isthe ta rgl' t? D.2 Replace the underlined words and expressions with alternative words and expressions from A and C opposite. Print specifications . from the initial contact with the printers to the final run when the finished material is printed.:~~rdbe: lilt: is lilt: purpose of the document the fihl!ish. the client will sign off the job and agree that no further amendments.1 Design Printed documents (or printed material) are usually prepared by a graphic studio.~ df~t. We print in blue. Some printers accept short runs of only ten documents. the paper. or number of documents to be printed. Look at A. the second stage. and crop marks. The trio have subsequently featured in other (4) : comics. or CMYK (cyan. representing those of Queen's Moat Houses. Make word combinations using a word from each box. the first stage. Our (3) .prepress guidelines including colour references and dimensions . or one colour. OK a deadline designer run check completion material r·~ J IPtrep. •. should also be included. or layout. The print run. created three mediaeval characters. Band C opposite to help tj'0tl: . to make sure the colours are right. 3 The third stage. At the end of this process. A long run prints a large number of documents. his servant Morris. After (5) from Queen's Moat House Hotels we launched a (6) to validate the colours. 1 2 3 4 5 Printed material that helps sell a product leaves a lasting impression on your clients. cannot be reproduced by the four colour process. Full colour can be achieved by the four colour process.r. 80 Professional English in Use Marketing I. mono. also known as composition. and prepare a dummy or a mock-up which shows how the finished job will look. or to print The graphic chain refers to the process of printing documents. There are several different printing techniques and colour options. Graphic designers design the page. • • Silk screen: used to produce multicoloured designs for flat surfaces. The six colour process. Sir Quintin Malpas Hump. Hot stamping: a more expensive technique used to print in gold. showing where to cut.l 4 finishing. The copy is proofread to find and correct mistakes. paper hats.37. which is arranging the text and artwork (photos and illustrations) on the page. Black and white (b/w) printing. Then use the combinations to complete the description of a print job. l. or by specialized copywriters working for a communications agency.e. Ii 31. fhe print job There are four stages to a print job: Prepress.for example. magenta. developed by Pantone. showing how to line up the colours on a page. Registration marks.. for money-off vouchers or response cards). yellow. involves checking the print job. deadlines so that each stage of the job is completed on time. or the print job. to the point that many of them became collector's items.. need to be made. data and images are printed directly from a computer file.

DC Comics is promoting their title as a place to (engage with I volunteer I share) young men in their 20s. written or video user-generated content (content developed by visitors to the site). Branded content can generate huge media exposure (reach a lot of people). Now it's coming to comic books .video games produced by advertisers . The brand sometimes barters.enables advertisers to reach young adults. known as 'The Rush'. the same amount of airtime using conventional advertising. by providing content. Contract publishing: many brands have gone beyond producing advertorials . Branded entertainment can help a brand adiieve media in a world with increasing media choice. Nestle's Purina pet food produces a TV show called Talk to the Animals. 2 We establish the price of a 30-second commercial and then calculate the value of the we in exchange for the programme. which could be a TV show. 38. which has stories about animals and advice on feeding cats and dogs. It's not expensive for us to produce.Branded content History of branded content Branded content is entertainment created. the Userslove their films by uploading them. when Sean Connery was seen driving an Aston Martin in a James Bond film. airtime barter connects exposure generated share standout communication . Look at A and B opposite to help you. If your marKeting the media Userto 3 objectives are to change attitudes and increase awareness. and achieve media standout . Advergaming: embedding. BMW have (commissioned I sharing I DUO' embedding) contemporary authors to write downloadable audio books filled with intrigue and suspense. the brand engages and connects with consumers. or post.that is.uj content the future?' imaglim' that ynu arc p:lflidlil'a~ing in a eonferenee about br@lFIdl.get the brand noticed. OV~r to 110~·S. The hero.commercial space on television or radio. Look at A and C opposite to help you. who often avoid conventional advertising. the Pontiac Solstice. funded or produced by a brand. Digital media networks: this has screens with information. Product placement has been common since the 19605. 4 content is very effective.DC Comics is launching a new series which showcases General Motors' car. and it really with our target. However. this is now a common feature of the audio-visual landscape.!::<I shnet 82 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional £nglish in Use Marketing 83 .advertising in a newspaper or magazine presented to resemble an editorial article. The entertainment property is often co-created or co-produced by the brand. the brand values in advergames . with initiatives such as Thomas Cook TV. Online: the interactivity of online platforms (see Unit 39) allows brands to create a dialogue with consumers and even to display. 3B. Brand messages or values are integrated into the content of an entertainment property. brands provide content such as mobile games. 'Iesco has captive audience networks in its stores. logos and ringtones. Mobile or wireless content. rather than just exposure to an advertising message. 2 The Coca-Cola Company has teamed up with Smartphones Technologies to deliver Coca-Cola polar bears and other Coke (branded content I advertorials / captive audience networks) to cell phones. Thomas Cook. a book or a live event.- speech t'llUtkd: 'Is hmndr. Land Rover's internet TV channel. or integrating. Branded content has grown due to media fragmentation (see Unit 32). has even become a media owner.1 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the articles about branded content. offering an emotional encounter with the brand. This is another example of BFIIDlIiUli Rmr BMW using (branded entertainment / COntract publishing / advergaming) to engage with consumers. The travel agent. Smartphones will also create Coca-Cola (off-air events / mobile content / user-generated content) such as video ringtones and mobile games. or exchanges. With more and more TV channels. it has become more difficult for advertisers to reach their target audiences with conventional interruptive advertising such as commercials in advertising breaks. for example. the entertainment property for airtime .. a video game. will be seen driving the car. or a brand experience. Some advertisers assess media efficiency by calculating the cost of buying equivalent airtime . news or entertainment in public places such as train stations. The stories are (boosted I coproduced I entertained) with the publisher Random House. Some brands are now producing consumer magazines which increase the time the consumer spends with the brand. encourages viewers to share their content by uploading their own films. Films: BMW commissioned a series of films by Hollywood producers starring their cars. websites and magazines.2 Complete the quotes using words from the box. 1 WIBSL Types of branded content Advertiser-funded programmes: the name for branded content on TV and radio. you get from product placement could be very useful. Off-air events: brands organize shows or events. Product placement or integration: a product or a product reference (when someone mentions the product) appears in an entertainment property. such as the Nokia Urban Music Festival. Efficiency Marketers need to ensure that branded content serves the marketing communication objectives (see Unit 33) as well as the editorial needs of the broadcaster. Writ. which broadcasts programmes about holiday destinations. Coke has universal brand BMW audio book recognition and is offering the consumers a brand (experience / value / reference) that will boost the perception of the brand. For example.:d content. 3 (Contract publishing I Product placement / Wireless content) has become commonplace in movies and TV shows.

1 Name a t:lower for Mother ww 1'1 .find that prefect present 1. Mother's day presents .s and help k~8p (]yrdient'~ r websites at the lop of the (6) SED. highly interactive advertisements.when a consumer searches the web. or return search listings.. banner box engine hat keywords listings marketing optimization page paid results skyscraper traffic terms unpaid user .in addition to the organic listings or unpaid search listings. website by improvinglhe site's (2) SERF! In t]1e (1l) !login>£! rnlUtiI1!3d by s~tch e·1"I9Ines.""".i nes A search engine. in response to a user query . 84 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 85 . 1 2 3 4 Some marketers pay search engines to (rank / ranking) their website higher. Rich media formats .". The effectiveness of an online ad unit or online advertising vehicle is measured in impressions .4 Search engine marketing Search engine marketing • (SEM) includes: paid search . Band C opposite to help you.. Search engines are interesting to marketers as they provide targeted traffic . such as Google or Yahoo! Search. web . they may be ready to purchase a product or service (see Unit 20).. .e. or traffic.' Pop-ups .. to a website by improving the ranking of the website. . WifJi!!mah~iilJ. A microsite has its own address or URL. SEQ techniques are classified as white hat if they are recommended by search engines as part of good web page design. Look at Band C opposite to help you.rrloth~rslrJY9IrH. 39.3 I' 2... This means getting a search engine to rank the website high on the search engine results page (SERP). Look at A. anking. SEO is short for search (1) rank optimization. The objecliv~isto mcreass the number of visltorstea Sea reh en g. and black hat if they are disapproved of by search engines. the underlined words and phrases are in the wrong place.).small websites (which may be part of a large website) dedicated to promoting a specific product or event. ~ 39. How do we clioil? This SQurKIs lik.jing t4) llioling1company Witll many y-earsor ecxpelrlen9B in Ihe ~iekL We Underslood hows~archlmgine~ (5.Excellent gift ideas Shop fer Mother's day . and some can be used more than once.2 What do these abbreviations SE~ SEM SERP stand for? Look at Band C opposite to help windows that open on your screen as you surf the . Look at Band C opposite to help you.f..I\/ww..corn query 39.choose from a wide selection WW IN . ..1 . brands can pay search engines to display advertising in the form of sponsored links or paid search listings.increasing the number of visitors.The internet 39.CXJ·n I II MI' 1[. Move them to the correct position. Other formats include: Make word combinations with search using words from the box. 1 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the sentences. Search engines list relevant websites. A good campaign will use contextual teclmology to deliver ads to web pages that are relevant to the target audience.. Keyword stuffing is an example of a black hat technique: a web page is loaded up with keywords to mislead the search engine about the content or interest of the website. gl ft::inop. buttons and skyscrapers (see below). . allows users to look for specific information on the web. . Mother's day .. SEO uses keywords to get a better (rank / ranking) ..the number of times that the ad is shown to an online audience.1 Internet advertising Some of the most common internet advertising formats are banners.Great gifts Mother's day gift ideas .o new.a. Black hat SEO uses trick techniques to get a higher (rank / ranking). Some words cannot be used. banner search engine • paid search listing skyscraper orqanic listing . Users usually look at the websites that (rank / ranking) at the top of the results page . • search engine optimization (SEO) . Microsites ..a keyword or search term typed into the search box..1.flla meaiilQ.corn r~F\ In the description of SEO. """.animated. mple question but .1 .pag~Si Our expeflS (allow S~.

looking to build awareness of a product or service. teams of performers visited cinemas. Look at A. " "".. h networks... or any content people would be inclined to share with others. 9 to peer site YouTube. However. For must live up to the hype created by WOM.positive WOM Note: For more information on press releases.. and took the opportunity to praise the brand... CommentUK is a company which specializes in live buzz. an internet marketing agency: Buzz marketing is a strategy that will get you talked about.. 40. saying positive things about it.. images. Direct marketing (see Unit 29) often includes testimonials from ordinary people or the general public who say why they like using the product. and played a game live on the big screen. thanks to buzz agents.1 Make word combinations using a word from each which are sent around the internet by users website.- Buzz marketing Word of mouth Marketing has relied on word of mouth (WOM) for a long time . These campaigns can be started by email. uses viral commercials ... or become popular.. and on peer to peer sites such as YouTube. and doesn't disappoint the consumers when they actually try it.. in chat rooms or on discussion boards where groups of people with shared interests meet online. see Unit 50. The actors asked people to take pictures of them. Outstanda specializes in helping clients generate more buzz on the web. They dressed their own kids in Mum's The Word clothes.. groups of friends). d public was allowed to attend the shooting of the new campaign and the film was released on the Bravia website. a agents called CrewBlue Campus Ambassadors. 4 Advertisers are starting to use "" The brand sends a message to a limited number of influencers. Brands also use stealth marketing. B..and the number of pass-along events (ernails sent to contacts).. We help you identify what makes you buzzworthy ~ worth talking about The Sony Bravia advert Many buzz efforts take at least four weeks of planning and much more time for the story to catch on. who spread the message to their network. City dwellers are increasingly buying food products direct from farmers. see Unit 47" For more on bloggers. This is done by performers (actors) acting out live advertisements.. Sony promoted a camera-phone using actors who pretended to be tourists. To promote the Nintendo Wii... 40. Look at A. the kids became brand ambassadors and ... Band C opposite to help you.... to increase brand awareness.2 Match the two parts of the sentences. 2 Three mothers created a line of clothing for kids called Mum's The Word in 1995. Favourable word of mouth publicity . We will create a little buzz each day. c along the airline's brand message on university campuses. also known as viral marketing. At the end of a viral commercial there is usually a clickable link to 'tell a friend' or 'email this page'. The success of an electronic campaign can be measured by the number of emails opened. We will add to the buzz with press releases and by cultivating relationships with bloggers. chat general live up to pass peer to social spread the stealth target word of along audience mouth the hype marketing word public peer networks room Buzz marketing and stealth marketing Buzz marketing uses existing networks. and two viral videos on the peer 3 The Sony Bravia advert with paint exploding over a block of flats spread 4 The general 5 The film has been uploaded onto peer to peer sites and widely discussed in chat 6 The JetBlue airline recruited a network of buzz 7 Influential students pass 8 A portal allows ambassadors to share ideas and communicate with other students in their social Electronic buzz Live buzz An electronic buzz marketing many people clicked on the link after opening the mail. buzz is generated by the brand itself. brooms. C and D opposite to help you.happy consumers have always told their friends about the products they like. 3 One of the most difficult aspects of viral marketing is making sure the product or service ... interactive Flash games. for example.. The commercials could be funny video clips (short video files). e commercials that aim to persuade men to shave.... the product or service must not disappoint the target audience . Unlike word of mouth... where consumers are not aware that they are being marketed to. 86 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 87 . f on the internet.. the click-through rate . about the new brand. A buzz marketing campaign hopes that the message will spread quickly. Sixty-six percent of customers said they had heard about the farm they use by .a family highly beneficial for the brand because the person who spreads the word is usually highly trusted .. 1 Procter & Gamble has released viral 2 In addition to launching the Noscruf.. people who pass along messages..... the campaign includes paid search ads. . and in the news. Social networking relies on the idea that people will pass along and share cool and entertaining content.. Generating a buzz This extract is from the website of Outstanda.". Then use the correct forms of some of the combinations to complete the sentences below. often social networks (for example. interacted with other cinemagoers....

an element money-off no online seasonal special three for Some " ".we'"...-ice... (8) Displays put on the counter are usually . lik.a.he p. These are called the long holidays there are always paper and school bags.he pr-odl. product information and advertising.and Ie.. H.-o.. It is possible tel display the products themselves.5 ~ou walk.. there are a lot of (1) shop advertising displays..~ ~ can .. 59 we nave to label .±'e and are the (10) small static signs on a shelf. 1 li'k.. 1 I think.nd See the speCial offe.s-t e..n:lOl. 5 is a popular product..f{s ~!h f c purchGI... Consumers see them as they walk down the aisles and use them to identify special offers.. because Of 1\\\ tbe tn-store prowdlons. M\j SOn ']aI-.dont ho. you can enter the prize draw without is needed to answer questions or complete a type of ' as you get one free I bw']ht tohese biscuits beCaUse I h~d 0..]e.t1I~of purctilas't (POf)i or poi mit of sale (PO'S) displays Display units come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These days. if there is really no floor space for a display..li9n!l'a9. but often the most pack? with 1'10 purcnase ~ssar~ to shOw -tho.-i)e.v an onllne..] clients.-to 0 -taKe part.'bu3) b...a~1. the first POP you will probably see is the (3) advertising at the bottom of the basket.he enJ at ~ou mOve t.r.. Its even bd:'he. Then use the word combinations to complete the sentences below..-s. bad..hree 0....if i-t s b~ one. 4 For some prize draws .-OWl the internet. simple task.lwo.-..r. One word can be used twice.....\~ t. '{au k_nC>..-t COnst(Wler-S . sOme p.-odud itself? What about -the Ones -that bounce l.-eo.. on the pack..~ prndLn{:~th. nOw th~-t's nal-. ..e 0.\"'-ex[stln..-hapswe a coLlld p. ~eopl(Obl. As you walk down the street you can easily see the (2) advertising in the window.-en. Probably the smallest t......On the p..K.- 1 o. 'Pe. . w\CtIelj'=Off~....lement..competi-tion.41..he milk.nswe. fer. EOGOF. one.-d ou.)'j in t. whe.. lo~ul CU5t..piIJVw()uM work best with this promotion? '1O'U". we need -to o.-s . Make word combinations using a word or phrase from each box..... M~ \oco.nts.-odl. there may be (4) large printed adverts or (5) displays at the end of the aisles.3 Read the remarks made by marketing managers and recommend promotional actions.1 Sales promotions Marketers and consumers are people talking about sales promotions: We ..k.." coupons offer of skill promotions purchase necessary two can be found on the internet. eve..-. 1niJ~ pence Off.-ther:e is a: speCial offer..-o...-e proof 6f purc~ase.'s fr"I!?'W'] V~e ent.he SUVv1tWle..rn roi..... This jdl. Simple question it) orcde. When you go into a supermarket..e.e to .he aisles. A dump bin 41.!p and down 0. 0.jh~ of chai'l~in'] -the t') to ta". 3 If is written having to buy the]enero..] bi5.. with prOW!OliOnS fo. let.-~ ~o..!les.0.0. These are designed to tempt you into the shop. (9) Attached to the wall displays might be a better idea. pri.~s'. Look at A and B opposite to help you.p. I'd lik. 0.chin'] and fundional...-ewo.~e cus-tomer can t...- 88 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 89 .-eo.. ~ed li~ to include o.-equi. Wh~~ kiud nf POP d~.-oUndt he of ~II 6~ ask......t t. Sometimes more than one suggestion is possible..n't fnd t. like in-store promotions. 5mt\:1 1 plasHc -bo~ inside the pack. Some large displays are (7) put on the floor.eto use . ~.-act new COnsuvr:e.ljs ']Oes c.~s bu~ mj sl:'laWlpoowht...e to have sOWlethin. We Often pLrt 0..hat.\ct fo.. (See Unit 27) 2 When children go back to school after """" on pencils.. --~~C... lik.wo..l supet:"mdt:-k. b. 0..\ct a.~ h:Ji58! special offer on t~l{' p<il~k..5. 1 41 .f'o A counter-top display lnnk i. fr'om the ent.e tnink.l!1.-edl..rants +o o. free. Jr-aw.-et..sun ....t. we Should do somethin5 with most. ' 2 A wall-mounted literature holder I think.-o.e1:in'] it f.H.'f~ yOtg l·QI. Look at A opposite to help sUVl1me..-s nd ..2 Replace the underlined expressions with alternative expressions from B opposite.. (6) Large bins for displaying the product from which the consumer can help him I herself are often used for dry pre-packaged goods. Ma~be o.... As th~ Wlo.. e~e-cat..] wax....-ewo..]e-t child.. This wo...-k. For special events. Sometimes ~ou co. 3 4 A tent card over .. ~t. past. Its one of theSe new e..he to bu~ the pr-oduct to ente. S Wh~ don't we have SOWleHUle si5ns On -the shelveS 0..-1n-t Ome pieces of paper t. cheape.-oelucE I'd lik..

people to respond. Tangible: customers can hold your mail piece.:=~ --I cost-effective • • • Targeted: focus on your specific audience.. broker effective junk mailing per conversion per response piece prospecting http://www. or entice.. Flexible: a variety of formats. see Unit 43. Firstly....... 6 How about 'Order today and receive a free gift'? Do you that would our customers to respond? I.. Complete the sentences and then put them III the correct order to make a conversation. special offers.....usps.. The message is and it will go straight to our specific .. 1 Well... 1 What makes you open direct mail? 2 What makes you reply? 3 Do you talk to your friends and family about mailshots you receive? 4 What kind of information do you expect in the covering letter? Organizing a direct mail or email campaign Billy Yates.. see Unit 29.. Match the questions (1-4) to the answers (a-g)... 2 Yes. or people with a similar profile ... but I think the best way to boost rates is to offer discounts........' Note: For information on the Data Protection Act in the UK. or brochures.. Look at A and B opposite to help you. Use a call to action: tell the reader what you want them to do... absolutely... people can try the product.2 Two marketers are talking about direct mail... managing director of a direct mail company... a I only answer if there is an incentive like a present for me or my children... Be creative with colors and graphics.. • Measurable: track the results of your Direct Mail campaign by counting the responses or inquiries it generates. directing lor mailshot Personal: address customers personalize your message.. d I don't. It's is a way to interact WIth the brand.3 Note: For more information on free samples... but I'm really more interested in your views on . e I sent off a card that already had a stamp on it the other day..... talks about organizing a mailshot: 'Unfortunately. f I rarely pay attention to mailshots but sometimes a funny-looking or unusual envelope catches my eye...... see Unit 23. 3 Perhaps. You should always include an opt out of receiving publicity from your company: let people tick a box to say that they don't want to hear from you.the same interests or buying habits. and per conversion.. so we've talked about costs. if we send them a free ... interaction... All the unwanted mail I get goes into the recycling much each sale cost by getting them to use the your campaign I mailing) to the market you want to reach.========!~ ~q:z~===""""""" :=-:====::::. 'Describing a mailshot There are many different items that can be included as part of a mailshot.. Remember . 4 Let's get started. It was easy . postcards.. You can ask a mailing list provider or list broker to sell or hire out lists of customers' names and addresses from their database.. the accuracy of your mailing list. During a focus group on direct mail.Direct mail and email _ The advantages of direct mail The United States Postal Service describes the advantages of its direct mail service on its website: 42.. Look at A and B opposite to help you... ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 91 90 ... Coupons or free samples included in your mail piece help encourage customer interaction product..1 Put the words and phrases from the box into the correct columns to make word combinations... would be C05t? 5 OK.. I::! I! l - l ~ -----~~~_"""'---~-------~ 42. Include a deadline: tell the reader when he or she must answer. For more on turning prospects into clients.. if I don't use them myself. You can boost response rates by offering free gifts or discounts. 9 I gave the little trial pot of face cream to my mother and she told all her neighbours... Write specific messagesfor them and 42... b I give the pieces of paper for saving money in the supermarket to my friends. and perhaps the form for ordering the product.. We also need to include a to action.. Secondly. including letters.. by name... You must encourage.. the moderator asks questions about why people open mailshots. See Appendix XII on page 119 for a list and illustrations.. Can we talk about the communication plan? Do you think a direct mail . Work with your list supplier to develop an effective prospecting list that includes the contact details of a large number of your target audience... the effects are And We can work out cost per mail is sent to people who are interested in it....I didn't have to look for a stamp... junk mail is posted to people who don't want it.. . the appeal of your mail piece. •• cost-effective: your targeted message goes directly to the people you want to reach.. Work out the cost per response for each campaign or go a step further and calculate the cost per conversion in terms of direct mail spending. then replace the underlined expressions with alternative expressions from B opposite and Appendix XII on page 119. c Details about the product. many first-time mailers overlook some of the basic "rules" of creating an effective direct mail campaign. and spam is emailed to people who aren't interested..... Offer a free sample of your product..

decorated along the french in fashionable samples in nightclubs. Of hand out. II have street tearners in every city putting up (3) ". • • • • • Objectives 1 Establish a dialogue with potential consumers 2 Build awareness amongst seniors 3 Create a buzz about a new energy drink 4 Use celebrities to build the credibility of the brand 5 Increase purchase consideration amongst housewives under 50 years Suecessfu I street market~ng tactics Street teams operate in high traffic areas where the target audience work or relax. leaflets and small gifts. A bus. or knowledge. Collateral distribution .inform people _ about their concerts and recordings. handing out stickers and (4) __ """ . to help build the (credibility / dialogue) of the brand. or unconventional.for example. Look at B opposite to help you. We distributed Bay of Angels. free samples. Complete the extract from an interview using words from the box. grassroots posters swag word word of mouth --- _.. 43. Read the information about a product launch and select the two objectives from the PowerPoint slide that best describe the campaign. 3 We'll also be giving out (leaflets / flyers) with information about the range. The teams are not normally paid for :heir grassroots promotional efforts but are rewarded with free tickets and merchandise (or swag). 1 We'll have street teams at all this summer's festivals.1 Anna Bounty works for a major record company.clearly visible at all the festivals. " .. street :llioBrkdin91 n. such as festivals. The goal was to create a could talk about ahd taste the new products. at work and in the street. marketing activities attract the attention of their target or to get in their faces. People pass on information by word of mouth. travelled messages. flyers ~~ Meet the woman who orqanizes (1) " . Look at A and C opposite to help you. . The fans are rewarded with free records.3 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the sentences. 4 We'll have a (wrapped f costumed) vehicle . 2 Costumed actors will be handing out free (goodies / samples) of the product. These professional street teamers are often called street marketing groups.:ampOiigil fur a product or svrvice of y-our choice.1 • fun environment Street marketing where trendsetters and influencers Product sampling ~ street teamers give out. They c~n help get the word out about (or publicize) an upcoming event or new products and services._ " " out about events such as album releases and tour dates. [l-esfgn <I Note: Marketing can be described as in-your-face if it is very aggressive. Riviera communicating brand .. Street teamers also pass on information by (5) "" (6) " _.Street marketinq History of street marketing and sarnplinq 43. They get the (2) " "". Ai:ms of street marketing Marketing managers choose this form of direct marketing for various reasons: • to 43. of a product amongst a specific demographic ."" Music bands were the first to use street marketing to spread the word . A wrapped vehicle A costumed actor Handing out leaflets Free samples Ov~r ._ " and giving out free CDs. Posting. 92 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 93 . The campaign 18 to 25-yearrold customers at home. or putting up. Street marketing uses a variety of guerrilla.hand-to-hand distribution of flyers. bars and in stylish locations on the in the logos and colours of the brand.of the advertiser's target market to use the brand. Look at A. stickers and posters. such as CDs and T-shirts. trade fairs and shopping centres. postcards. Originally._ "" ". a street team was a grassro~ts organization (an informal group of unpaid volunteers)._---efforts for your favorite artists~--L promotional What do you do? I run the street team. Leaflet or flyer? See Appendix I on page 108. also called giveaways or goodies.probably a bus ._ . Costumed actors and wrapped vehicles to create a brand experience. was 'used to create a DUZZ about our new range of enerzy drinks.fO tjou: . Band C opposite to help you. talking to their friends and family. tickets to shows and other - Professional street team management firms have now adopted the concept.' to We launched targeted a street marketing campaign to reach the elusive youth market. men aged 20 to 35 to increase the purchase consideration (get consumers to consider buying a product) to create a buzz so that the target start to talk about the brand (see Unit 40) to establish a dialogue with potential consumers (start talking and listening to people's opinions about the brand) to turn consumers into brand ambassadors who will relay or pass on the brand messages to build the credibility of a brand by convincing influential and trusted peer members _ people of the same age or with the same interests .2 build awareness. concerts.i ..

6 Our new logo needs to be different from the others.!lhnt symbol I 8ENAULT 44. 3 Last year we started to use a new logo. for example circles No strai§l:ttlines (squares. the company's name or business. preferences: shapes Main competitors bold italic lower case sans serif type serif type upper case Hornebase. • • 6 l'm lovin' it· B. Look at C opposite to help you. A typographic design uses the company's name or initials. 2 The Yahoo! logo is a logotype.nctive enough. and Times Roman. fleet vehicles. italic and bold. sans serif type 2 NAME OF COMPANY 3 name of company 4 name of company 5 NAME OF COMPANY 6 name of company I Stationery. 5 We need a new logo that is easy to remember.r '+0 'ioa How m<mv loqos can you drJ'Lo. An abstract design is a symbolic representation and doesn't show a product or service. Times Italic and Helvetica Narrow are names of some of their fonts. Green.y Company activity Cl.' 'fW:lbi m~'rilMb~I)I? Why (I"rl' they $0 memorable? Professional English in Use Marketing 95 . They now want something firceshand sensitive to cultural norms concerning gardening and leisure activities. 8 The Apple logo is not complicated. 4 The logo for the Olympic Games is very colourful.2 " Replace the underlined words and expressions with alternative words and expressions from A and B opposite. The Nike Swoosh is a good example. 7 The Olympic logo has lots of lines that are not straight. Several years ago theyadopted a logo that isn't bold or distj.0 elljent 44. 9 We want the new logo to represent the company name. A typeface may have a number of fonts with different weights and styles. Logo design A design brief for a logo might include: Na~'"'Oj""Oh1pa". shop front.Logos 44. brown. Good examples are the Ford Motor Company or the Golden Arches of McDonald's®. abstract or typographic 135 designs? Types of logo The best corporate logo design or company logo design is simple (not complicated) and memorable (easy to remember). An eye-catching. 1 This logo is very attractive and noticeable. or represent.1 Are the logos below descriptive. Times and Helvetica are names of popular typefaces. I Netting Garden Supplies & 2es1gn Garden supplies and landscaping rNti-1?IS 'Down to earth' i€I~ I Tagllne / slogan Client request -- I Client preferences: . yellow. such as roman. <lind perhaps some red Natural colours Multicoloured Curved shapes. staff uniforms Typeface The typeface is the design of the letters used. or attractive and noticeable. rectangles. UPPERCASE lower case 94 Professional English in Use Marketing Times Roman Times Italic Times Bold sans serif type serif tXEt_p OVe. :. etc. B&O Local hypermarkets tOiocl!ilsage " 1 name of company lower case. shopping bags. The font can be a serif type or sans serif type.) National garden centre distribution networks " colours 1.3 Match the font types in the box with the typefaces below. image will be remembered and recognized regardless of size. bold. The Batman logo is a good example of a descriptive design. They want to convey the idea that they are a. Each typeface has more than one font type. This kind of design is also called a logotype. A serif is a small line that gives a decorative finish to the main lines of a letter. relaxed and friendly co~any. A descriptive design uses an image to depict.

. 2 3 4 5 6 a plastic tube with a flip-top lid a coated pa per carton a plastic pot with a snap-on lid and a peel-back lid a blister pack with foil backing an aluminium can with a nozzle aspinn hair spray window cleaner toothpaste fresh cream c d e f We speciali)e in 51ass boHles and jar-s. There is an exception: we can say a drm.45. The aer-OSO\San manufadur-ed in a\uminiuWl.(Wln aluminiUm fotl. wrl:lfS crrewin~ 5\. two jam jars.ab.hat can be t.2 We prod\..nd si3es. Look at A opposite to help you.t. The i PQck.s that Wl\Jht be dan5er-O\.hufactur-e t. mo. fr-OWlfail Or plastiC.e Ots for .ble.cartoonstock.::\.bs have. Look at A a orange JUKe b 'fou just shak_e the pooch.r. foil back.(r-s o." 96 Professional English in Use Marketing 97 . of r" lids. Ol.(1) ".\ boxes ar-e eG:o-fdendl.. But more surprisingly. ran5e of co\o\.ehild. od\.~ fOr..aerosol CQhs and -tri55er spr-a~s.e c\eqr' plastiC bottles..~s in coa..ble.s cans are WlQnufactureJ in o..-e better< ~o.d~ ~QJj botHe-so All DU'. pills in (2) -resistant bottles and of course jars with·screw.pack_s.arkagil1g of three products that you h~v~' rill home.o. singular.(0.medi(:ines ~nd forc\eanin3 p. The fi.-e t. what the packaging is made of and how it opens. in ~Oll.( "I hate the amount of packaging that food comes wrapped in these days" www. The wine boHles ar-e sealed 1Ul-t1'l 0.Su~uall~ r. and juice (5) At an international Descrmolilng packaging packaging fair.s a Uo.stiC. tea.s for.. 1 a plastic trigger spray bottle (1-6) with the type of product (a-f) ho. The products that consumers had stopped buying included trigger (6) and tubs with (7) -back lids.'jS o.lser! for water.Cr-eClWl tu.1 Complete the newspaper article...sistGlnt.nufo.3 Match the description of the packaging opposite to help you.ho:\.ops are WlOreand WlDre popular...ks can and two drinks cans.bIe. co. c pad<.(suan~ 0.r-d bo..Gtu. We Can pe...bes COW\e wd:.&.he WlQchilfier~ t.r br-and 5 colours.cartoonstock. that are difficult to remove are also being boycotted... back. The pack_.r-eated and used a5ain. Or t. a jam ja ..~.W paper Or wo:~ paper in 0.ablets.. for ice CreQl~"l. We I'(\ak_e ~\e.(ce bllst. which an usua \I~ l. pa~ts ar-e 0. snap--cn lids and the ~05hL\rt pots have peel . over Describe the p.1 above? 2 We· produc: co.c\o. The items that caused most opening prbblems were ring... We Wlak_. And the safest..IUWlini~.s there is \. Which cartoon best illustrates the article in Th: first noun i.. with a knife: not the safest opening option. two tflgg~r tlritlls. Sixty percent of the respondents said they had tried to open flip-top (4) .p-t. Sample. wine bottles with (8) .sp.. lids. ~ort..150 avai Io. pills and medicine there is alwA'::\s0. The (9) wrap on cigarette packets has inadvertently helped some people to cut down their smoking.h SCr'e. you s~e these products and hear these comments about Wrapping rage Do you remember when champagne bottles were the only difficult or dangerous packaging? A national packaging survey among the over5@s shows that nearly 70% of consumers have lttrrt themselves while opening a product and 75% have stopped buying products due to the packaging. Cere-o.auk the food. An' ice-cream tub or a tub of ice cream? See Appendix 1on page 108.e....ets o. \Je I mo.." Note: A noun + noun structure is very common in package descriptions. even if the meaning is plural: we say a trig~er spray.wlids Or ~p-t. easiest packaging for the over50s? The paper bag is still the nation's favourite. 'OUr We WlQk_.The lce. ~or non-WlediCalprod\.the!n~.. top -I::u. I I www..-sona\l3e the dnr ~II.r.e.. We Wlak_. Professional English in Use Marketing +0 tj·Ott .(d.-e. cans.::\05hurt and p t...(3) lids that refuse to Open and po~r.card t. We then wrapped in cellophatJe.openitl~.-e ~ of plo. The aluminium (1 Q) inside the packet is also improving the nation's health.. 45.-st.op lids.. or. Wlaile out...-o. so the~'.:1<.

such as journalists or financial analysts... and expresses a commitment to being responsible corporate high standards of corporate governance ._ - I newSletter and Intranet.. Organizations have a range of channels to deliver messages. - • (1) .Corporate communications 46.the processes by which an organization is controlled.. employees. IIWes.... For example. here 'for more 'on p. Employees are known as internal publics. . The director of corporate communications.. and aims to change behaviour within the organization (see Unit 22). our ilJI'a!1ld5 'iO (2} • I. -.which might hurt or damage the organization's reputation (see Unit 49) communicating with the media.. citizens committed media press purpose relations stakeholders standards . a roadshow can present the company to investors and analysts. Companies often make this information available on the media centre of their websites (see Unit 49).. internal communicators ..-... 6 Manage employee communications and manage our in-house 7 SUf.1 • communications strategy involves: defining the organization's values and identity. suppliers and the local community.JerVise investor ~ a _.. Managers can act as ambassadors to pass on internal messages to their teams.information sent to the media to inform them of company developments.that is. is a public declaration of the way the conducts its business.l:llltrn . 98 TopHat Offices is (4) to the highest (5) of corporate governance throughout the group...for example.. or statement of purpose and values.: .have started to exploit social media (web-based communications tools) to engage in a two-way exchange with employees. the corporate communications team .. whether it is a company. preparing media kits ... kilr: Our (3:) &: value's C"ck. such as in-house newsletters (news and information for the people who work in the organization). a website designed for corporate communications and not for communication to the consumer: To announce an Initial Public Offering.2 Complete the web page using words from the box.e..1 _ The goals of corporate communications Corporate communications aims to maintain and build the reputation of an organization.... B ID:ector of CorporateC:~unicat:-ns Responsibilities: 1 The Director of Corporate 2 Actively participate ill building the company's reputation among internal and external 3 Ass~st the VIPof Corporate Communications in defining the company's values and identifying . defines.and analyst relations . develops and assesses the corporate communications strategy with the corporate communications team.---. Look at A. creates understanding. The corporate Match the two parts of the sentences to complete the job advertisement.. whilst suppliers.oor (S} f... ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 99 .guided visits for journalists around a factory. or corporate communications officer. Financial communications includes investor relations . Stakeholders are people who have an interest in the company.documents presenting information or products to journalists.maintaining relationships with people who have invested money in the company . Vodafone Ireland lists customer orientation and discipline as two of its values identifying and monitoring I tracking issues or potential problems . For example. We respect our (7) and recognize we have obligations to the local communities in which we work. coordinating media --_. We act as responsible corporate (6) ..1 .. This includes organizing media tours ..•.. advertising is advertising about the organization rather than its products or Media relations involves developing relationships with journalists in order to get the company's stories published or broadcast. Internal communications informs employees. goverrunent representatives) and with stakeholders. an institution or a non-profit organization.. such as shareholders..~~---------'0 reeas.. Look at Band C opposite to help you. and C opposite to help you. (See Unit 5 for more on corporate social responsibiliry.. investors and the media are examples of external publics. 4 Develop and maintain 5 OVersee a wide range of media relations activities including preparing media kits. the first time the company offers shares for sale to the public. 46. internal discussion forums on inteanets (internal internets). --~---~-e f 9 tours and writing press releases.. 'III. More recently.. rumours that mobile phones may cause health problems .. and drafting press releases .maintaining relationships with people who analyse the financial performance of the company.) Communications will be responsible for defining and developing the corporate communications strategy. Companies often have an investor relations centre on their corporate website.. Tools of corporate communications • • Corporate services. shop or hotel. with public officials (for example. Corporate values and identity The mission organization citizens with directed and statement..

Look at Band E opposite to help you.' • • advise clients on media relations. We are getting advice on media (5) (traming / b nibi '. . 47. we are orgaruzmg a further letter-writing (3) .w h 0 h ave .. 41. ila. We are continuing our campaign to (1) . t ers to b III new pants... (mo bili .. to promote their interests .... One word can be used twice.that is....... Lobbying is the business of professional lobbyists or public affairs consultants . .boflr and the nuclear Media relations Public relations firms and agencies can: .written or recorded statements given to the press (see Unit 49). . teaching people how to work effectively with the media design media kits to give journalists background information on the organization organize press conferences or media briefings to answer questions from journalists (see Unit 46) write fact sheets with information about a specific topic How much influence do (2) . ... giving advice on how to build good working relationships with journalists provide media training..... Inside lobbying tools include influencing politicians through campaign contributions (donations to political parties). see C-E below).. non-profit organizations or even overseas governments employ public relations firms to lobby on their behalf .. ..that is. see B below). It has successfully (5) . Look at A and C opposite to help you..... supplying research and information to support your arguments. French energy giant EDF campaigned to change perceptions of nuclear power. Following the (2). a policy-makers concerning regulations for exploiting reserves in Antarctica..lC 1 debate ear Most industries and large organizations use '(3) contacts with policy-makers. lobbied lobby lobbying (1) _I _ lobbyists . . .... Sl es 0 f the Dl... lld 1 rnims Lobbying Lobbying is the process of seeking to influence policy-makers.. a supporter of your cause.. public affairs (lobbying.. (conference / campaign / release) to keep up pressure on our local politicians.... and to influence voting.. actually have on government policy? 1!. . 100 Professional English in Use Marketing OVer to A glO'Vfmmttlt D~ A rally ljOt'l repnrt enncluded ~h<ilt (obhyin8 is part of 01healthy 1"01' (~r aga~rlSI to support vcm agree? democracy FInd three reasons Y()1If point of view.... c mterests.Public relations and lobbying _ Puhlic relations Public relations (PR) involves establishing and maintaining goodwill (a good reputation) and understanding between an organization and its publics. a doctor or other medical expert may give a formal statement about the health dangers of smoking in front of a government committee)... The objective is to convince policy-makers to speak on your behalf or to be an advocate for your cause ..confirmed that lobbying does influence the political decision-making An O~p?SItlOn party spokesman fears that campaign The or! mdustry is lobbying government to influence _ Inside lobbying The American Democracy Center defines inside lobbying as making a direct appeal to legislators to support your cause. 1 2 3 4 Monsanto used a public relations company to promote their The repor~ .... sh eet / ra 11 / outsiide I0bb ymg) (f act . The firm organized a visit to the headquarters in the United States. d process III the UK 41"J Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the report from a pressure group. the smoking lobby promotes the interests of tobacco companies. III the EU. .. : y in the town centre. b ?onanon: from big business influence government policy. mg / testimony] so that we will be more convincing when speaking to the press. Outside lobbying Outside lobbying aims to influence policy by mobilizing public opinion (getting the public behind a cause) or getting activists (members of the public or non-governmental organizations involved in political activity) to put pressure on legislators through letter-writing campaigns or rallies.1 Complete the extracts using words from the box. ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 101 ... and giving testimony (for example. Public relations firms are experts in media relations (working with journalists.2 Match the two parts of the sentences..often former ministers who have contacts with politicians..... For example...... Many private sector companies... prepare news releases or press releases .to maintain relationships with policy-makers and to influence the decisionmaking process (how people make decisions).. and advising on strategy towards public authorities..... the people who decide government legislation. _ . Our press (4) (release J contributions / code) generated three articles in the local newspapers.. Ilze / a dvi / corrupt) vlse public opnuon... Look at A and B opposite to help you... . Critics argue that lobbying seeks to corrupt the political process by putting private interests (what'S best for individuals or corporations) above the public interest (what's best for the general public). th sid on uo.. I" • The (4) : industry has tried to clean up its image following a series of scandals involving government ministers and their advisers. I..

1 Sports (sponsor I sponsorship I sponsee I sponsoring) spending is set to rise next year.. Sponsorship ISa tppe of Companies partnership. S The (sponsor I sponsorship / sponsee I sponsoring) deal includes branding on the training kits and advertising at home games. 3 Th~ BT Series is a unique initiative for Tate Online which lets you explore works by selected artists and ~sk about their work. the children's _ our (3) relationship Ms Gassen's Toys has severed all (2) regret having to terminate Although Boxfield has (4) with Ms Gasson. / sponsee / sponsoring) ' receives funding 48. deal impact leveraged long-standing relationships risk The success of the sponsorship depends on the strength and integrrty of the sponsored organization. sponsorship: a company sponsors a school. 7 Nationwide pays (sponsor / sponsorship I sponsee / sponsoring) fees to the FA. sponsorsof Fomnula One and other motor racesoften organize VIP receptions for the most important guests iri the hospitality tent. Word combinations corporate official unofficial worldwide Professional f with 'sponsor' = companies that choose to sponsor sponsors = companies that have paid to be a sponsor that are sponsors for the same event all over the world OVe.Wh<J1 kind ofevents.:ji'( about thr tarqet miirkrl? d ProfeSSional English In Use Marketing 103 . costs more than being a joint sponsor.r +0 tj01J ':._ Boxfleld As Toys to Stop Spensorsh!p: (1) w-itb Barbara Gasson illustrator. such as the potential negative impact on your brand. university or educational concerned about negative (5) with Ms Sasson may be too high for tllis on their brand. of events.3 Read t~e texts about ~ritish companies and decide it they are examples of art sponsorship. have often been victims of ambush says the following about sponsorship: 48.-~".. Children across the UK choose a song or story while family and friends sponsor them to perform it aloud. they may now be factors involved _ Types of sponsorship Art sponsorship: some companies choose to be patrons of the arts and sponsor an artist or artistic event.- Event and sports sponsorship Sponsorship The website marketingprofs. f O The Women's FA Cup.p sponsorship spendlng (or expenditure) is now over $20 billion. Wha. Sponsorship spending Includes both buying rights (acquiring or securing sponsorship rights) and also exploitlngthe rights (getting the most out of owning the rights by developing exploitation activities. Sponsorships (often referred to . on her blog site. such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup. This year. or use to maximum team or personality advantage. As exclusive sponsor of Tate Online.!S associate a brand with the culture. 2 The England football team sold their (sponsor I sponsorship / sponsee / sponsoring) rights for the first time in 1994. 2 In the UK Tesco is partnering I CAN. to sponsor the Chatterbox Challenge. Look at B opposite to help you. For example. _I 102 Sports sponsorship: the brand sponsors a sports team or event (see Unit 27 on merchandising). sponsorall kinds Corporate sponsors provide financial support and other resources il"] excrange for the right to associate their brand with the event. or cause related sponsorship.the brand and "the consumer can meet. such as producing adverts or manufacturing gifts). charities 'tar ~ companies that have not paid. 1 Sainsbury:s will su~port Red Nose Day and Sport Relief campaigns as part of a new deal. sports do {bry sponsor> WI~<1t oes Illrih 'j. image and attitude of an event.1 Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the sentences. Nationwide announced it would be the exclusive (sponsor / sponsorship / sponsee / sponsonng) of women's football. a UK charity that helps children with speech and language dIfficulties. the (sponsor / sponsorship qualitiesand characteristics of the property. For example. is the official (sponsor I sponsorship / sponsee I sponsonng) of the English Football Association. Being a unique (or exclusive) sponsor. 4 Nat~onwide ?egan (sponsor / sponsorship / sponsee I sponsoring) the FA in 1999. The sponsor can leverage.stop your partnership . . The (6) brand. They can then give the impression of being a worldwide partner. . Chatterbox Challenge raised over £150. 5 Nationwide IS one of several partners (sponsor I sponsorship / sponsee / sponsoring) the England team.with the sponsee. result of comments ---::_"-----. or sponsee. Look at A opposite to help you. without paying sponsorship fees. Boxfield from the company said 'We a made by Barbara Gasson. Global ~~~----" .---"""""_----~~---~-~' . A spokesperson with Ms Gasson. where a company that is not an official sponsor or partner tries to associate itself in the consumers' minds with the event. UBS Financial Services Group has built a long- standing relationship with the Zurich Opera House over the years. Official sponsors can set up hospltality packages. This enables UBS to reach * weaithy customers and prospects. where two or more organizations JOintogether in a common venture. where the sponsor has the exclusive rights. Sponsorships are interactive .5 million to the charity.t to spend on spoQsonhl. where the rights are shared with another brand. but act like a sponsor = companies English in Use Marketing took at Ih~ website of a largftnrnl1<1ny in your ~·!W~itry. 9 In 2003. the FA.2 Complete the article using words from the box. 48. a property). 3 Today ~ationwide. You may need to sever relationships . a British building society. In March this year Samsbury's sold over 4 million red noses and donated over £6. Cause related sponsorship: this is a sponsorship deal between a company and a good cause or charity (see Unit 5 for more details on cause related marketing).'. the 6 Nat~onwide is a joint {sponsor I sponsorship / sponsee / sponsoring} of the England team. each year from Nationwide. Worldwide events. There are some risk factors. For example. educational sponsorship.'--'-'---'_"'=---' _.000 for I CAN. Look at A opposite to help you.' qualities over the years. sponsoring a football event could have a negative impact on the brand image if fans behave badly. BT provides Tate with creative design services and technical support.• Sponsorships provide effective targeting. Educational programme.

Stakeholders include external audiences (such as the media. .k-c:t ... 160 million bottles of Perrier had to be much they could be trusted.. the company's reputation and credibility ... The organization's public relations (PR) department. 4 Note: Crisis is a singular noun... spokesperson and spokeswoman are also used.... employees were kept informed by senior managers and regular email up ales I am Mr Pun.' says Sanjay Purohit. head of marketing for Cadbury India.. apologize establish express make minimize tarnish the facts concern a statement to customers the reputation damage -Over -to ljOU '.. n as th e cnsis hiIts. Going public Internal audiences Negative fallout Rebuilding public confidence The crisis 10 iJ'{Mcezqr £feU -Cf(ff'{.. A designated spokesman represents the company in front of the media.1 What is crisis communication? Whether a crisis is caused by a defective product (a product which doesn't work properly).49. with 120 mentions on TV pews. the Indian Food and Drug Administration announced that worms had been fo d i . scandals and products are common causes of . They e~~age Indian film star Anutabh Bachchan as brand ambassador.. cnses. Due to the negative fallout. In 1989. the plural is crises.) Effective crisis communication • • • can: and credibility of the company and its brands Complete the sentences. .3 Make word combinations using a word or phrase from each box. in the media. bars ib Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate . .my Or bt.crisis management involves establishing effective crisis communication. m onne are e ore or at the same time as you . One of the ads showed Bachchan visiting a Cad bury plant and consuming a bar of chocolate.. These statements were later shown by the media to be false... This immediately tarnished.llbid that yOU! short rrisb eemmunicatinn plan. Look at A and B opposite to help you.f d b ·f · ·· statements about the SItuation. dealing with the problem using tactics such as a product recall (removing defective products from shops) ...that is. pu a ion was minimize the damage caused by the crisis preserve and protect the reputation rebuild public confidence in a company and its brands. ere was an immediate negative impact on sales and the company's re t ti . an Act of God (such as a tornado or an earthquake). or reaction.. . kiU9W wdL tdlerlltify Ihe r~sk$ for thls br<lII1H::l.. 2 Media coverage was immediate and very hostile. The company's image was also adversely affected by the fact that at no time did the company apologize (say sorry) to its customers. acnvate the company's communication 3 One person should be selected as the desi d . Wrik .ffF GfariJ[R{ As dthe MfrDtoured th~ country.. Different Perrier spokesmen in the US and France made statements to the media before the company had established the facts . ' un 10 at di t of th '..- 49. During the crisis it was revealed that the water was not naturally sparkling....damage.. This erson shouldmake to represent the company 4 Make sure internal p . A US health authority detected traces of a chemical called benzene in a shipment of Perrier water from France. Perrier was the market leader in bottled mineral water. Most big corporations already have a crisis communication plan in place which identifies potential crisis situations and how to communicate to stakeholders during these crises. 'Cons~rner confidence in the product is back. Refusing to comment will encourage the spread of rumours (where unofficial versions of the story pass from person to person) and leaks (unofficial information given by someone inside the organization). public confidence in the brand was destroyed. tarnished..g Althou h th e pro bl'em was linked to improper storage twothe .1 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing lOS . Ultimately the incident led to the purchase of the company by Nestle. The pluraJ of spokesman is spokesmen. employees of the company). Beyond tackling the problem . 00 at A opposite to help you. 3 In. 5 Organize briefings to stop the spread of .. an accident (for example. 1 Accidents. 2 As sao Label each section of the article with a heading from the box then p t th fi . . or express concern. The brand's image was built around the concepts of purity and quality. Sr. A crisis communication case study 5 T~ minimize the .. .. Cadbury se~ up a media desk and Bharat puri. A strategic reaction is to go public by communicating honestly and quickly to the general public. 2004... (See Unit 47 for more on press relations.. . Perrier claimed the water was naturally sparkling. As a result. media centre or media desk makes official statements (either verbally or in writing) and monitors reactions in the media. The crisis communication team must defend the company's image against the negative impact of the crisis. throughout the crisis...that is. discovered what the facts really were. Look at A opposite to help you.. meeting reporters and establishing the facts about the case. IS ~I utors. 6 Restore consumer confidence by recalling products. Cadbury's MD. . the company must manage the crisis. 10'4 Professional Engfish in Use Marketing Within ~o da!s.. local communities and government authorities) and the internal audiences or publics (for example. a fire at a company facility) or a scandal (as happened to tbe American oil company Enron). as claimed in the advertising. Cadbury il1t~oduced new packaging to protect against possible infection. . or damaged. went around t e country making statements. public. the c t d L k' ' u e ve sections orrec or er.iii u::-nmp. and the arrival of competitors on the bottled wa ter market.

. I ""f3y"i:5. or a pllSlling is a speciOC:. So it will show up in sealcch results and people will find it on their own.m for ubjeet _ - NUlU.nntMr l:iJog..'+ http://~ww. lh~ and.e m.•~J I What is a web/og post or entry? An eDlry.3 ~----------------------------------~--------------~/ i: I-~-~-~--~ I._ Nm.artk:le. (bl'og I blogging blogger) did not begin as a business activity eID. 0(' Choose the correct words from the brackets to complete the text. to your blog entries.IfJ€blo&" 'lblog'. Plan a blog carefully and..~·~..WiJgB)'lr.~-__. Install a counter on your blog 50 you know which posts are the most popular (the sticky posts). cil'lng~lt\al w8'b~o. short articles of 250-350 words each time. ere uptlat:ed traq ue:nl'ly and are Here are some ideas about business I blogger) that may help you make up your mind.t1i[ a lisf of 010&5flnrl IlIoggerE.~og_orama. These (5) Iinks drive traffic and brand awareness Finally. and overall total revenue for your . In six months of regular blogging. Of to ii~J!.2 above.t:ll~QmVIl.. put you still need an employee to ISoften.~.1 enormous r. 50.en hy the... if! List all your products and make sure you link the landing pages properly so that readers go to the right page . As a marketing professional. . ].~ U$laQ I EUogging I EUoQg~r} I in Yo~r B.ngs I bloggers) too. the most i~ I blogging I blogger) may be free. 1 Write valuable content that people will want to read and share stories to present or showcase your knowledge and expertise. .". i~a pe:w\l<l. !l Write 2-3 times a week. UnO' bIOg to J. Many iI~t)lpgs ElillooNU~"'-®no itJl'i I f1 a reactiO<1 to to I he blog. . Look at A opposite to help you.(blog I blogging I blogger) (blog is rapidly spreading throughout - peI1i~~la r blC£: truthor 'ftf'id$ ~nfn"ef!ti'81 Of i nteresliiru!:· companies with an online presence.~ Linking is essential for building traffic and enlarging your reading audience.W~c~iI1g is' i m~ nt beca!I~e a lint fr(1m: oo~weblog to another nelps provl¢1e~C!l'lit[?.com is a real-time search engine that monitors the world of weblogs.~t around .~ -. the main article. assuming you are providing valuable content..on I. <C . Unfortunately.O:mien w~ik". Ihltbound li!l'l:Ks mfel to f\ypL'l(~itlb I'mm th~~brogloOOlslcie' sources. deroqatory comments or ask difficult . a I!g~l. Shauhjl You Atthouph (2) (4) (5) • 0~~tt?J(~~I'I:.--.Finding the right (9) difficult part I blogglng I blogger) 50. l- Complete the rest of the blog extract from 50.~~s=s=?=~ it (blogs Hle weblOg.- Corporate blogging Blogging basics Technorati. . (blog Blogs as a marketing tool Parsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman are both experienced marketing bloggers.:11 SOlT1e·b~.~. A bfllll1gr. -- Verb - Nmm for linking posting 03'Ct~[)rQ . to communicate with an online audience: write the blDg!. word will spread and you Will see more traffic to your website. [06 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing [07 . or bi'OlB. Ilf:1ib!l'I!liIinll\inll~ releFlli fl'i'PI1!fI\n\t. Look at A opposite and 50... the blogosphere. Include (4) other blogs.7Z' 50... It is an enormous blog directory that lists blog addresses. Regu[ar posting builds the conversation with readers. al. 'riQr 111~ir family and fnenoo rmd haw. ~me bl~ "He hi~hly InfluentI. 4 T .'l nBrgliiTIeril iJl'pDiini. to J Submit to bloq directories and ping (tell the blog directory) each time you post. Ensure the anchor text. • . Don't start blogging unless you me willing to be completely honest to your (1) Think carefully before you let people post (2) you may find that some readers (3) questions.s from other SQlJn:. articles or pages In your website to'ltlf any Is did not take the business sector very long to begin using (3) (blog (blog Business (6) I bloggi. Keep in mind that a blog entry doesn't have a specified length.2 What is a web/og? .lustmte a point.Hl - fm person blogger .1 Complete the table with words from A and B opposite and related forms.It ~!>. Search engines index blogs. They advise on how to write a successful business blog on your company website. [ .com (1) .g.. Every company with any Internet presence should consider the idea of starting a company (7) • ' (8) (bloq I blogging I blogger) . you may wonder if you should begin a company I blogging I blogger) I blogging or not. -~01 ~ tOO .. With any luck.--' . al5L! [1QS5i'\Jla to linl<.or mmmarmuy '(!If1tl. 4. the client leads. Read these extracts from their blogging basics help page.1 above to help you.5 Track and monitor your visitor stats (statistics). if you are thihking'about joining the (6) never forget that it is Just another business tool.eiatlersllil'l' journal ~t1~ Web.fJ. you should see an increase in your website traffic. contains keywords for search engine optimization (see Unit 39).

seminar.DlON~ TO A~K How CM I be$'t de+ll\e Are My objective> 1'.ble Will it MO. "1 e.ld I ctl.t a. a conference is a larger My f>AtterJ\S'~ ho.. For food.. Salesperson or sales rep? Job description I Are then. frOM My a. conference or congress? The terms trade show.. who reports to the sales director sales rep (or sales representative).I\Ot f>rovided for e.rtS' t:l.dve.rketi"'3':( blASiJ\eSS'{Wha.e. t_' Ajam jar 108 Ajar of jam Professional English in Use Marketing 109 Professional English in Use Marketing ..rke.tjol\cMl\I\els] a.rse. the word also means the amount of goods in stock ..1\DlA1h r a.Horts { ti Trade show.iJ\iM Mw ClAGtoMerS{ bo My wstoMers ~ha..1\01A~h OMy M coS't per ClAGtoMer? (See Unit 24) bo I htl.:I. Is it e.r costs? How MtAchis the Cd..cce5sible. where there are a number of talks on a particular subject..... and implies a regular contact between the seller and the buyer.Me..? ~MAR1? Stock or inventory? In British and American English.] they tl. restAlts? Leaflet or flyer? A leaflet advertises a product or a service. with Se. trade exhibition and trade fair are interchangeable.S'e. croS'>-seciiol\ tI.M { How Ctl.MI>Ie... trade exhibition or trade fair? { { t Is it a... best of Media.t bl. vitl. Me. in American English.t bl\d (See Unit 4) of COM~l\y a. conference and congress are not. the..Customer or client? A customer or a client is a person who buys goods or a service.t t:l.rke.l\ce{ Medi~w} Dr COMM~I\ica.UE.ti~ f>roolAct lo.rket An ice-cream tub OIV a tub of ice cream? There is a difference between an ice-cream tub (the container S'a...d .t is' et:\S'y .I\ts (See Unit 19) or 1rotAi>s of CoJ\S'IAMe.tA5y The term is also used to talk about someone who uses the product or service..rS tha.rry OlAt? (See Unit 8-9) 0+ Ma.rS'ta. sales agent estate agent car dealer salesperson works in a shop or store works for a company that sells to another company sells door-to-door to company sells insurance sells property sells cars or travels from company How we.. How CM I 1et feedba..t:\S'"1 e. So a jam jar is the container.. I>ro.rke. salesperson salesperson or sales executive.for the...tAI\che.ook cleAr obiective.11? o I - Is the..1 tl. A seminar is a class on a particular subject..\dfe. or shotAld I j~st for My ~ho~ld I 1AGe.. a flyer ususally advertises an event..>6'iM>S'} thereby ke.rketi"'3 MethodS' work? Which MM'keti'1 a.?Which bl\d re.bits Dr ref>etitive For exa.MekiMS of sho!»? be.1Me.1\ eJ\S'tAre.'IO terms are often used interchangeably without particular attention to the difference in meaning. IAMe.11 I l My tl. My Md.. the customer is the person who buys it and the consumer is the person who eats it.rt tA$'i"1? Title shop assistant or sales assistant.violArS'{>i"1 the..S'? How MtAchis the cost to Cover ov. eM I tiMe.S'>~e? OM tha. cleAr Mt:l. we Ma.11 do shot> il\ the S'tl. a congress is a large formal meeting of different groups to discuss ideas and exchange information.t S'e.. I>roo~ct or se. However.. inventory refers to the complete list of goods in stock ~hwld I foc~S' OJ\ repea.1\d Ma.croS'> "reviotA$' MO.tAdiel\ceto IAMe. and a jar of jam refers to the jam in the jar.. My Ma.Mpt\i1J\S' coil\cide..tAdieJ\ce.Our inventory of paper is the largest in the state.d tAM i? foCtAS01\ ol\e be I ho. a.t I CM Me.lAdiel\ceto ~et Dr stt:l..for the { a. usually given as a form of training. A marketing manager has made notes while preparing a marketing plan: G..rve. ClAGtoMers we.tA5oMIst\les Dr to COMf'<'/.s so tht:l.d to st\les? Are. A consumer is a person who buys goods or services for their personal we..'ve ~ot~ or $'hwld I foCtAS'01\ 1a. without the contents) and a tub of ice cream (the product in its container).tAd ie.. working under a sales manager.... the r.We have thirty types of paper in our inventory. The term 'client' is mainly used for service industries.

Of this we will spend roughly half a million on advertising. Approval ratings Percentages. Add other words to describe brand values to the empty table. We have just over f7. inclusive independent luxury active dynamic vibrant inspirational passionate fun pleasurable There was a twofold threefold fourfold increase in the number of intentions to buy between 1995 and 2005. Research. Use a dictionary to check their meamngs and find related adjectives and nouns. We will use almost f3m on direct mail.Talking about numbers Movements - Describing brand values movement Some common adjec:ives and nouns used to describe brand values are shown below. and approximately flm on promotions. We will spend flm on merchandising. up on last year's figure of fO. fractions and proportions twenty-five percent (25%) thirty-three percent (33%) fifty percent (50 % ) sixty-six percent (66%) seventy-five percent (75%) a quarter a third a half two thirds three quarters one out of four one out of three one out of two two out of three three out of four I modern innovative technological classic technology .8m.l\d j e tt ive - - Noun -_ dependability honesty fairness diversity inclusiviry independence luxury activity dynamism vibrancy inspiration passion fun discovery pleasure modernity innovation The number of satisfied consumers in 2005 was double triple / three times quadruple / four times that in 1995. trade fairs.e'LtnVil:: caring dependable honest fair diverse a decrease a drop a reduction to rise to go up to increase NOIUt] .5m. PR and conferences / exhibitions will cost f2m. Merchandising • Research Trade fairs . twofold threefold fourfold doubled trebled quadrupled Approval ratings increased between 1995 and 2005. -_ [bowU1Iward movement Verb to fall to go down to decrease to drop to reduce Nnun a Upward verb Nmul a nse an increase I fall Adj. heritage I authentic original I authenticity originality Presenting a pie chart The pie chart shows the split (or breakdown) of our annual marketing budget.1 • PR Conferences J 10 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing II J . •• Advertising • Promotions Direct mail . and postage and handling charges will represent exactly 71 % of that f3m.

Some examples are shown below. by paying with coins. clerical administrative or professional. A supermarket is larger and sells most types of food and goods needed in the home. CEO.Market segments Socio-economic categories Marketers use socio-economic categories to describe segments. McDonald's is a good example of a franchise. Examples are a cycling shop or a pharmacy. furniture and books. skilled working class working class those at lowest level of subsistence skilled manual workers semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers state pensioners or widows (no other earner). Profession. A specialist shop sells goods that are useful for people with a certain interest or need. Most manufacturers - use indirect distribution DescriptliOI:ll channels. ' Each department sells different things. A corner shop is usually small. people who have the power to decide what to buy in a company or family people who are high in the management structure of a company (CFO. administrative Cl C2 D E junior managerial.nethings Note: A/t~ough s~op and store mean the same and are often interchangeable. The franchisee buys the right to sell a company's products in a particular area using the company's name. casual or lowest grade workers franchise Note: The head of household is usually the person in the household with the highest income. . it is also used in some combinations . such as fresh fruit and sandwiches. Vending machines can be refrigerated to allow for the storage of perishable items. opens long hours (sometimes 24 hours a day). and sells everyday foods and goods to the local neighbourhood. Some of these are shown below.we don't say 'department shop' or 'convenience shop: 112 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing Professional Eng/ish in Use Marketing 113 . higher managerial. intermediate professional administrative or professional or managerial. shops and stores A department store is a large shop that is divided into different sections such as shoes. - Secial grade A B Social status upper middle class middle class lower middle class Oceupation of head of nousehnld income earner - - - 01' chief - - Distributor or I dishibLititm intermcdlarv vending machine Used to buy small Items such as chocolate or soft drinks. ~ifestyle and age group Market segments may also be divided according to professions. CMO) metrosexuals the gay and lesbian market the pink market homosexuals seniors over 70 years old born between 1946 and 1964 born after Baby boomers born after Generation twenty to twenty-nine X years old age group market segments the silver market baby boomers Generation Generation teens tweens X Y tvventxsor. store is more common In American English. However. professional market segments lifestyle market segments decision makers Clevel executives lifestyles or age groups.

students.Advertising techniques Common techniques that advertisers use to appeal to consumers include: D ayparts and programmes I o ayparts TV and radio dayparts and their audiences are shown below. the unemployed ------- Peer approval Peer approval associates the product with social acceptance by friends or peers. A variety show consists of several short performances by different artists. nearly everyone wide audience. Types of lV programme The news gives national and international information. A serial is a story that is broadcast in several parts. retired people wide audience. N d avpa rts 6 am-12 4. A film may be a feature film originally made for cinema. 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' by BMW. A soap opera is a series of programmes about the lives and problems of a particular group of characters. 114 Profeosiona/ English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 115 . daytime housewives. music programmes and children's programmes. students.30 pm-7 7 pm. There are also sports programmes. Reality TV is where members of the general public are filmed in dramatic or funny situations.4. A documentary is a factual programme on a particular subject . A series is a set of programmes on the same subject or using the same characters. wildlife. workers driving to work housewives.30 pm - Pester power Pester power encourages children to ask their parents to buy a specific brand or product. the unemployed. A game show is an unscripted TV programme where ordinary people compete to win prizes. At the end of the news there is often a weather forecast. to recommend the product.3 pm 3 pm-7 7 pm-12 pm am Lifestyl e advertisi ng Lifestyle advertising suggests that buying the brand will give access to an inspirational or more attractive lifestyle. retired people workers driving home young people young people Rebel advertisi ng Rebel advertising goes against social norms and may appeal to 12 am. Escape advertising Escape advertising makes the consumer imagine he or she is living a very different life. Scientific claim or statistical claim Scientific claim or statistical claim uses research or statistics to convince consumers. retired people children. or 'Get your teeth cleaner than clean'. or a film made for TV.for example. such as a footballer or film star. Puffing Puffing uses a message that is so exaggerated that consumers will not believe it to be true . Ha tI iu qj avoa rts 6 am -10 am 10 am . Celebrity endorsement Celebrity endorsement uses a famous person. nearly everyone young people.for example.8 pm 8 pm -11 pm 11 pm-1 am pm prn 12 pm . Audleoct morning afternoon fringe prime access prime time late night Audience AM drive time daytime PM drive time night overnight I - -- Beauty appeal or sex appeal Beauty appeal or sex appeal suggests that consumers who use the product will be more attractive. the unemployed.6 am teenagers.

Red. Waitrose Food Illustrated Harrods' Omnia magazrne High Life from British Airways BMW Magazine. offering analysis Articles that appeal to men Articles that appeal to women Articles that appeal to children Articles about home decoration gardening and in the -- Exa m p ~e tulle 5 ElIe. lots of photos and adverts Articles that appeal to a small group of people with similar interests Articles about what is happening world. publish titles about their An ad on the rear of a bus A bus shelter An ad inside a train Floor graphics A bench 116 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 117 . Red. Most airlines produce in-flight magazines for their passengers. PC Answers The Economist. Time Magazine FHM (For Him Magazine). Magazines can be divided into the following categories: -- Cakgory -- Description of content Printed on high quality paper. They contain articles about destinations and travel tips. GQ ------- glossy magazines (also known as glossies) special interest current affairs and Dews men's magazines A wrapped taxi An ad inside a bus Inside Soap. often cookery magazines.Some common types of out-of-home advertising are shown below. Volvo's LIV Magazine Some supermarkets produce in-store magazines. Good Housekeeping National Geographic Kids women's magazines I childr~n's magazines home and garden customer magazines The English Garden. Some department stores publish lifestyle magazines or fashion and beauty magazines. designed to sell their products. GQ Sugar. EIle Decoration Sainsbury's Magazine. Car manufacturers cars.

eJpfuJ sales ~. £9.the newspaper decides where The advert takes up an entire page. the last right hand page of the magazine The advert is opposite a page that contains editorial content.specified positions Single column centimetre (SCC): the advertiser pays for the length of column needed for the ad. An advert is printed on a separate. the first left hand page of the magazine Outside back cover. Inside front cover. OW Street NO!w. of g[en[ new if you order before 31 Marctrod~c~ and wh"Cs more. For example. er duect on OUr website see -run paper full page DPS of Single column centimetre which can be placed in any convenient place . The advert is 50% of the page and is above.~ff on our . We know you']] WaDt We've got lots. some are shown below. £12 ~ one of our ~uJa:r to see OUt new SPOt1(O '''''-oguo. The advertiser requests a specific page in the newspaper. I YO\IIS sincerely £240 £450 £160 £300 Price Special positions Pages that are popular with readers are more expensive. centre spread front page solus back page solus half page The two pages in the middle of the newspaper The only advert on the front page (7cm x 8cm) The only advert on the last page Sunday magazine The advert takes up 50% of the at Our Jatcsf Product s . a colour advert measuring 5 em by two columns would cost £120.:. the last page of the magazine Inside back cover.'. Price Position Description Colour Mono (black and white) £8 Mai lshotitems There are many items that can be included as part of a mailshot.JlOI only get free scoum " Don'tfoIX'![YOU can call h ..f[eepbooe number.(. see .40 £7 We hope you ""joy 1 k' 00.omen. £330 £710 £710 £590 £510 £515 £240 £240 Price IFe aBC IBe facing matter half pages next to / under matter insert £390 £355 coupon/ response device Star Systems Old Street Newark Lines LNl 2SB StiJrSystems.lic Ig%oudi~l. Double page spread: the advert runs across two consecutive pages. smaller piece of paper and put inside the 1.1nes-LN1 2S~ postcard 118 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English In Use Marketing 119 . Or urd our. :. below or at the side of articles. such as articles and photographs from the magazine.A newspa per rate ca rd The rate card for a local British newspaper is shown below.s. delivery but also n fanltLc..

2 1 We must attract attention to the product. 3 We need to create an interest in the product.3 Patent protection gives a company the exclusive right to market a product.:2 1 2 3 4 partnership charity donate donation 5 socially 6 convinced 7 social 8 friendly a CRM b social marketing . consumer fears about health are one of the biggest threats to the processed food sector. 1 threats Vf'rb strengthen threaten weaken threat 2 opportunities.Answer key 1. 3 Wilful trademark infringement may lead to a lawsuit. objectives Place: accessibility.3 4 price 5 products animal testing donate money environmental problems environmental sustainabiliry mutually beneficial responsible purchasing social problems socially responsible 9 beneficial 10 purchasing 11 sustainability Price discounts special deals PIJCC Promotijolfl____ direct marketing People competitors customers sales force accessibility delivery distribution location 5. 7 We must prompt action to buy it.2 2. operations customers 2 identified 1 socially acceptable 2 high quality 3 meet 4 promotional 3 price 4 afford 5 awareness -- Noun AdjecUve environ 'mental re'sponsibJe 'social su'stainable 4 macro - Adverb - en'vironment responsi'biliry so'ciery sustaina'bility envirori'mentally re'sponsibly 'socially su'stainably 7 macro -- - 2.4 6.3 !6. organization Promotion: awareness. employees (people) 2 range (product) 3 advertising (promotion) 4 accessibility. objects Price: affordabiliry. A price war has weakened our profitability. 4 We want customers to develop an interest in the product. convenience. 6 People will take steps to try it.3 2 3 4 5 6 120 The brand is very strong. We may be threatened by the emerging trend towards online shopping. Today. c ii 4 standards 5 enforcement 6 entitled 7 satisfactory 4 threats 3. An undifferentiated offer will weaken the company in the short term.1 1 macro 5 convenient 6 Revenue objectives 2 macro 3 micro 5 micro 6 micro 3 consumer d 4 relations f 4 gender 5 religion 6 distribution 2 copyright 3 permission 2.2 1. 5 Material that is subject to copyright cannot be used without permission.•1] registered 3. 2 A granted 1 product 2 damage 3 personal a iii.2 1. outlets. cost to user.2 Noun opportunity strength threat weakness strengths 3 weaknesses.1 market segments 2 target market 3 marketing strategy 1 USP 2 Competitor 4 marketing plan 5 marketing methods 6 marketing mix Analysis 3 Target Market 4. 2 weaknesses - satisfy e 2 understand agreements 2 rates 3 birth b 5 differentiate a 6 development c 7 communication 7 . 5 We must develop a desire to own our product. threats I 7.2 Adjective opportune strong threatening weak 3. deals (price) promotional I Product branding launch quality reputation support 2 advertising 3 mLX 4. 4 Visitors to the website must read and agree to the terms and conditions.l 1 motivation + primary 2 qualitative + field 3 desktop + secondary 4 quantitative + primary Proiesstono! English in Use Marketing 121 .1 Product: acceptability. Professional English in Use Marketing B:. competitors. customer needs.-- c green marketing 2. b i.1 1 staff.. A clear opportunity is a &!Q in the market. communication.~. 2 People will become aware of the brand.1 3 opportunities -- 4 strengths 1. patent must be renewed regularly. locations (place) 5 expensive.

2 10.2 17. S Question marks will consume resources before giving a return on investment. omnibus 4 respondent.3 11. 2 back a. 2 rose 3 significantly 4 stable 5 period 6 plummeted 1 hard goods 2 perishable goods I perishable products 3 convenience goods 4 nondurable goods 5 white goods 6 brown goods 7 healthcare products 9. 6b 16. 3e. 3 The original launch date for PS3 was in the spring. 2d. correct The survey suggests that nearly two thirds of bloggers are over 30.8.2 1 raw materials 2 manufacture 5 product class correct Over half of their news consumption is online.1 15.2 15. moderator 3 mail. We have planned the market rollout across Europe. We have set a launch date and now need to prepare the distribution network.1 lover product product product product product 14.3 1 force 2 rep.2 1 telephone 2 focus group. 3 down b. 4a. 6 Dogs may generate negative cash flow. 1 2 3 4 5 zt. 4g. 3a.3 1 PS3 spent a long time in the development pipeline. 4b. 1 star 2 cash cow 5 viable 14. 2 criticize generate 3 modify I'G 1 E IN o ER . 5b 1 d. 7c . 79% of respondents are male. 4 Cash cows can be used to fund research and development for new products. 5b. pitch 2 a listing 3 agent 4 make 4 outlets 1 shelf space 3 retail buyer lc.4 1 ground 2 juices 3 Couldn't / Could 4 about 5 suggestion 6 makes 3 product type 4 manufacturers 7 combine 8.3 generate profit generate cash flow We should carry out some sensory research.2 10.1 I' 0 1 I 1 f F 's E W R A N E 1 N T I 1 A 1 TIE 1 \0 11. 15.1 1 brand essence 2 brand promise 3 brand image 4 brand vision 3 brand tone of voice 4 brand mission Professional English in Use Marketing 1 brand personality 2 brand values 122 Professional English in Use Marketing 123 .1 13. 5 Stars may generate high cash flows but are not always profitable.3 0 "E '- M - u 4 on. 3a.1 12. taste 12. 5 The launch event in France was a failure because the marketing communications action plan was poorly prepared.2 12. L A J cl I' F I'R N G 'p R E - M E A N G 1 2. 2a. 3f. 6f.1 1 limited I special 2 customer 1 The Boston Consulting Group Matrix is used as a planning tool. 4b. 2 The market introduction stage did not go smoothly for PS3. out of R 1 got c.3 9. 1 brainstorming.--- 11. 3 A product with a high relative market share and low market growth rate is a cash cow. 4 The market rollout in Europe for PS3 was delayed. 6 Sony is also launching an international e-disrribution network to provide online content.1 2 development phase idea improvement innovation modification 3 new 4 technically 3 successful 4 penetrate niche market mass market penetrate the market route to market 10.2 5 development 6 route 3 dog 4 question mark / problem child market growth market share market growth rate 1 gap 2 market 1 2 3 4 5 14. We have completed the alpha test and are now ready for beta testing. 1 lc. 5c. It concerns the product life cycle. Sa 13. 4 on a 1 e. 2c. The results will allow us to fine-tune our marketing plan.2 1 2 3 4 resources product prototype flaws 5 success 6 representations 7 time 8 manage 9 forecast 10 launch 11 date 16. interviewer-administered 5 Mystery shopper 6 package. 7 It may be necessary to drop the line.

1 1 loyal 2 repurchase 3 reward 4 loyalty 1 card 5 earn 6 implement options 1 road haulage 2 rail freight 3 container ship Order: 6. 2a.2 25.2 17. brand vision and brand personality part of the brand platform. 2b. 2e.3: 1 2 3 4 5 relationships CRM identify store database 6 record 7 differentiate 8 interacting 9 dialogue 10 customization 11 gathered 12 database 13 data mining 2 silver market 3 late majority 4 customer profile 19.2 2 1d. The brand personality is a statement of the human characteristics of a brand.1 9 redeem 10 redemption 211. Buying food and drink is an example of satisfying a physiological need. Some service sectors are highly attuned to customer needs. true Brand tone of voice. market 1 life cycle b 2 lifestyle d 2 targeted 3 power 3 appeal a 4 affluent e 4 appeal s 24. qualifiying 3 force differentiate between customers identify customers interact with customers analyse data disclose data gather data mine data process data store data are all 23 . 1 17. earned 2 encourage. 4e. ChamberE mentions both objective-and-task MattAp mentions competitive parity CachE mentions percentage of sales 25.2 19'.3". true You stretch a brand when you increase the range of products in the brand. 2..2 1 d.2 2 preferred 3 points distribution distribution distribution 5 distribution chain costs intermediary intermediary 22. 0.3 pattern unique 2 solutions 3 significance 4 costs 5 sensitive 6 premrum 4 air freight 5 delivery service 6 warehouse 7 points 8 fair 9 bargain 7 a load 26. A major customer concern is how to provide for the immediate family.1. 3d.2 22..2.1 4 indirect distribution 1 build 2 recognizing 5 internal 6 reaction 124 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 125 .3 3. 4a Early adopters 5 money 1 disclose (CRM marketer) of a consumer watchdog) 3 gathers (consumer) 4 differentiate (a CRM marketer) 2 stored (representative 2. welcome. brand mission. sb 1 Setting 2 thumb 3 task 4 objectives 5 cost 6 afford 7 respect 8 cut 9 match 10 allocate 11 percent and affordable boomer 6 tweens 5 income c 20.2 3 Naturalness 3 easy to use 3 Inspirational 4 Luxury 4 Pleasure 4 knowledgeable l B. 4a 1 An advertising 22.4 brand awareness 2 brand consideration Freshness 2 Modernity 2 simplicity 23.3 21.5. 5. 4c.1 2 psychological captive product pricing pricing 3 penetration pricing 4 product bundle pricing final purchasing decision personal involvement purchase intentions routine purchases purchasing behaviour / purchasing 6 impulse purchasing 25. 5b 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Customers like to maintain a certain lifestyle .2 18.3 'l c. 1 direct distribution indirect distribution distribution channel 1 Distribution costs 2 distribution chain 3 direct distribution 7 Transaction records 8 application form 4 special offers 5 build 6 programmes 3 turnover 4 sales 7 earn 8 retain 26.3 19. brand values.11 . 3. 3 brand preference 4 brand loyalty / brand retention true scheme.11. 2c.1 24. 3c. The Consumer Life Cycle shows how consumer needs change over a period of time. 3a.6. 3a. membership.4 a false b false C 2 3 4 5 6 campaign is an example of brand behaviour.3. 4.1 flexibility innovative 2 Respected 1 b.2 26.

27.-- W .1 2 3 4 5 objectives Media target Demographics Lifestyle 6 Core 7 habits 8 research 9 light 10 plan 126 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 127 . 31. 2a There is a small freebie inside the pack. 1 licensing deals 2 commercial partners 1 public trade show 2 horizontal trade show allocate stand placement attend trade shows book a stand 1 trade 2 seminars 3 showcase 4 venue 3 a baby registry 4 a wish list 27. .1 28. advertisers brief advertising agencies. 6 We created a new script with our telemarketing firm. 3 We can still have a telephone hotline.1 30. 13 impressions 33. b Media planners work in media agencies.2 Objective 3 Use direct marketing to increase the number of subscribers to the newspaper. sb false 2 false 5 6 7 8 above-the-line fragmented avoid blended 9ATL 10 BTL 11 adverts 12 tactics 29.-'C II- R 5 'c I- A 0p H - T I 'v 0 .1 27.2 3 team products 3 trade show display 4 vertical trade show increase booth traffic participate in trade shows Customers can place an order 24 hours a day.2 30. 3d. 4 b BTL campaigns don't run in mainstream media. 5 The order form must be simplified for older users. Are you I Would you be available for an appointment? 32.1 28.1 0 a Press magazines are media vehicles. 2 a Ad avoiders zap during advertising breaks. 2e. 2 b Blended marketing uses TTL techniques. 32. 3b These promotional items are an off-the-shelf solution for your corporate gifts. Are you aware of the company at all? Are you the person in charge of this? The reason for my call is to find out if you are interested in our latest products. 4 The ordering process wiII be much quicker. 4 We bought a qualified list from a list broker.I EI R B - 0 L 31 .L lOR I V NIBlo N 0 ask for referrals close a deal make cold calls make cold calls place an order spot buying signals trade concessions 2 spot buying signals 3 trade concessions - C E A I0 I - N 0 - 32. Action plan 1 We decided to use outbound telemarketing. 4 a Advertising agencies develop advertising strategy. 2 No need for prepaid envelopes.3 28. my name is John.2 1 core brand 2 merchandise 3 gifts 4 cross-marketing 30.1 r. E C OIRID E 29. S Telemarketing operators received special training to deal with objections. 3 a Normally.2 strategy 2 attention 3 below-the-line 4 media 1e.2 0 U I IP IT '- 0 N E . This kind of promotional gift is ideal for children. 6 Older customers may prefer using mail order to ordering online.3 S stands 6 network b true 'f a false c false OiL I L "0 U T 29.3 1 2 3 4 5 Hello. I'm calling on behalf of Jupiter Software.3 payment options 2 delivery costs a wedding list 2 next day delivery 3 product categories 4 bundles of items 1c This on-pack offer really captures the spirit of the promoted brand. 3 b Interactive TV is an emerging media. Results 2 We met our subscription target at an acceptable cost per acquisition. 4a.3 3 false 4 true s false 11 objectives 12 reach .

3 C T 3 listings 4 SE~ 2 ranking 3 ranking 5 rank 6 SERP 4 rank 'R 0 E E T 39.2 1 hung 2 wrapped 3 shelters 1f. commercials 4 optimize 5 audit 37.2 39. 6c 4 catching 5 coverage 6 graphics seasonal promotions special offer three for two 4 an element of skill 5 Three for two. 5a 1 channels 2 programmes 3 station commercial break commercial channel commercial station game show listening habits 4 reaching 5 listeners 38.1 1 rank D B Y "D X A chat room general public live up to the hype pass along peer to peer 1 word of mouth 2 spread the 'Nord social networks spread the word stealth marketing target audience word of mouth 3 lives up to the hype 4 social networks o R 40. 2g. 7c. Sa.1 s proof OK 6 press check 7 long run 41 .5. experience 3 Product placement.4 40. 3e.2 patterns. mind.3 1 2 3 4 128 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 129 .2 41. special offer 36. co-produced. 2b. 4b.1 le.2 38. engage with 1 standout 2 airtime. sb 34 .3 prime time radio show radio station reality show reality TV IF remote control soap opera TV channel TV show weather forecast 39. 5b.•11 SE~ = search engine optimization SEM = search engine marketing SERP = search engine results page 1 engine 2 ranking 39. 3a. 2d.1 commissioned. strategy 2 Cost. 3e. 4d.1 36. barter paid search unpaid search 3 communication. 4d.33. 3f.2 3. mobile content. exposure 4 generated. connects search search search search box engine listings terms search engine marketing search engine optimization search engine results page 34. 6a.1 lc.2 36.2 2 3 4 5 point of purchase / point of sale window displays basket liner banners gondolas a prize draw money-off coupons shelf wobblers a gondola / a dump bin 6 7 S 9 10 Dump bins floor standing Counter-top displays Wall~mounted shelf talkers 3 7. sh an element of skill money-off coupons no purchase necessary online coupons 1 money-off coupons. online coupons 2 seasonal promotions 3 no purchase necessary 3.2 1 Marketing collateral 2 copywriring 3 print job 4 four colour / full colour / eMYK 5 final proofing..1 34.3 1 circulation figures are / readership is 2 advertising positions / advertising space centre spread facing rna tter front page solus 1 2 3 4 set a deadline job completion graphic designer printed material full page half page 3 media pack / rate card 4 technical data / advertising rates 41. vehicles 3 budget. share. signs off the job 33~3 1c. 2d. 4e.5 . branded entertainment 2 branded content.

1 47.1 - IL~5t mail junk mail mail piece list list broker mailing list prospecting list 4 campaign. and perhaps the order form. rumours 6 defective 49. 3b. 2e.typographic 2 Yahoo! . go 5 media.typographic 4 multicoloured 5 memorable 6 distinctive 7 curved 8 simple 9 depict 4 lower case.5. 3a.3 1 readers 2 comments 130 ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 131 sd . 4e. 4a mobilize 2 rally 1 2 3 4 sponsorship sponsorship sponsor sponsoring 3 campaign 4 release 5 sponsoring 6 sponsor 7 sponsorship 8 sponsorship 3 long-standing 4 leveraged 5 training 42.2 cost-effective cost per conversion cost per response 1 press 2 media 3 purpose 1 lobby 2 lobbyists 4 committed 5 standards 6 citizens 3 lobbyists 4 lobbying 7 stakeholders 8 relations 47. audience. 9 I gave the sample of face cream to my mother and she told all her neighbours. 4f. serif type 9 cellophane 10 foil 3 spokesman / spokesperson.abstract (and typographic) 5 Penguin . serif type 6 lower case.2 45. 2 What makes you reply? a I only answer if there is an incentive like a free gift. italic.1 grassroots 2 word 3 posters 4 flyers 5 word of mouth 6 swag 49.abstract eye-catching 2 typographic 3 adopted 3 2 4 1 5 The crisis Negative fallout Going public Internal audiences Rebuilding public confidence make a statement minimize damage tarnish the reputation ------ 44. 6e 1 b.3 1 deal 2 relationships 5 impact 6 risk cause related sponsorship 2 educational sponsorship / cause related sponsorship 3 art sponsorship 1 defective 2 crisis.3 44.2 1 sample. measurable. 7d 50.1 Objectives 1 and 3 credibility 2 samples 3 leaflets 4 wrapped 4 Renault .2 CB . e I sent off a reply-paid card the other day.1 43.1 Cartoon 1 Blog 2 blogging 3 blogs 1 d. italic. 4 What kind of information do you expect in the covering letter? c Details about the product. 2c. cost le.42. special offers. All the junk mail I get goes into the recycling bin.2 43. 3f. bold. plan 43. It was easy .6. if I don't use them myself.3 46. 5b. call 2 targeted.1 5 lobbied 42. serif type 3 lower case.3 apologize to customers establish the facts express concern --- - 44.3 response. bold. sans serif type 2 upper case. 5g. 1. sans serif type 1 2 3 4 pull child top lids 1 5 cartons 6 sprays I Vno -------- Noun for action blogging linking posting 4 blog 5 blogging 6 blogging 3 post 4 links Noun for oujeL~ blog link post 7 blog 8 Blogging 9 blogger 5 inbound 6 blogosphere Nuul1 for person ---- blog link post blogger 45.3 1 What makes you open direct mail? d I don't. 3 Do you talk to your friends and family about rnailshots you receive? b I give the money-off vouchers to my friends. 2.2 48. 6a.3 1 lower case.typographic 3 Olympic Games . bold. 9 sponsor 10 sponsee 48. effective 5 customer 6 entice I encourage 46. 2d.2 49.I didn't have to look for a stamp.2 47.descriptive 6 Kellogg's .1 7 peel 8 corks 50. f I rarely pay attention to mailshots but sometimes a gimmicky envelope catches my eye. 3 response Order: 4. official 4 audiences / publics. sans serif type 5 upper case.3 48. bold.2 45.

)ri.brrendll]f 16 co-created I.}m! 4S ambassador /rem'btesadc? 46 ambient media I.kombrnat<lri 'pler/ 12 combine /kom'barn/ 12 combine services /karn.eld3:<lnsil 34 brief l..m3:]:lI'pu:tnar/27 commercialization Ib.k::1!lnn 'kxstornaz/ 31 call to action f.' 21 staff loyalty I..rarts/ 27 animal testing f'remmgl .:!.ti:m!12 brand !bra:nd! 16 brand I.)fld3/17 loyalty l'bl.:lm:lustl 9 alpha test I'relfJ .bi: t::l'bi:/ 15 B2C I.brrend WIO/ 48 attend an event /.si: .zi:ni 6.)'tent[v( 33 attitude I'ret[tju:d! 6.lten'di:/ 28 attentive 32 advertiser-funded pwgramme (AFP) /'redv~taIz8 . 38 vision I'V(3301 16 brand name I'brrend .buk 'spers/ 36 boost I.s::luJidl) iika.fordo'brlati/ 2 affordable approach /::l'b:d3bal .bJi:f 3n 'redV.kWaI.testl 11 alternative solution /orl.mobol S:.testll)( 10 concert J'kons.lretar. 18 accident I'reksld.raits/ 48 Act of God I.) 'spontsojrp .bar 'nau .brekl[)1 45 carry advertising I.c. II carton l'ko:t.sef3n! 12 team l.reItl 6 black and white (b/w) /. 50 blogospbere I'blogasfl.tikrt 'qivcwet/ 22 billboard I'bllb:):dl 3S birth rare l'b3:e . 8 analyst relations l.u:ft. 23 analysis fJ'nxl~sls.! b:'f 34 carer to I'ke!t.kreptlv .testrq/ S announce /a'nauns/ 46 annual marketing budget f.b:z .kdUPT::l'dju:stJ 38 coated paper I.b:' I 47 aerosol can l'e:.:).kreJ 'sxbstnju.l1 'hl)k/ 40 dose (J deal i.}nl 37 combination l.redv3:s1i a'fektrd! 49 advert I' sedv 3:tl 32 advertise on I'redv~talz onl 34 advertisement hd'v3:tIsm.sponts3Jlp/48 article J'o:t[k.bu:ol 28 staffer l.luarf 33 circulation ligures /sarkja'lerjan .msl 32 add items to I'red .)'pr::lutJ/ 35 approved by /a'prurvd ball 33 area of expertise f.:) 'di:V 15.z /'bll:Z! agents l.speIS/ 36 strategy '.blrek 'hretl 39 blended marketing l'blendld .5 business event J'blznlS i.{J 44 colour correcrion J'kAl::lk.latn/ 32 advise clients on /od'varz .komp.'bJ\v ().rrujon a 'ftlm/ 38 commitment to /ka'mrtrnont tu:/46 communicate /ko'mjurntkert/ 2.Sri: .strret::>d3V 32 advertising f.trrekt c'tcnjon tur/ 2 attractive /a'trzektrv/ 2 attuned to /o'tjuind tui/ 20 audience 1'3:diansl 33 audience profile 1.)uJi:lt .1 40.dxkr n's3:tJI 8 conference I'konfal".lnqstrendnj n'Ierjanjrp wlof 48 awareness la'we.petitaz tu: ' oi m'vesrnont/ 24 become aware of /br.petrtrv/ marketplace /'mcrknpleis/ 4 parity f'prer<ltil 24 set l'setJ 16 competitor /kam'petrto'r J.)u 0.brrendzl 32 credibility /kreda'brloti/ 43 long-term relationships /Jontsmi rt'letjanjrps/ 31 on ideas Inn aI'dl. prouqrzem/ 6 consumer /kon.klIbb:.Index The numbers in the index are Unit numbers.\Z. 24 affordabihry /a.:) 'spmt? 27 card backing J'ku:d .eld3ants/40 efforts l./! 34 air a commercial l.t.hausl 32 advertorial I.rev<lrtd3 'laif rk. 46.eri: . 16 bnef an advertising agency l.mentori 'kosts/25 complete /kcm'pliu/ 8.praI5Il]/ 25 capture the spinr l.ttsrpeit a 'Oret/ 3 anticipated sales /rcn.:l:di3ns 'proofarl/ 34 audience share I.)0 J'vcntl 28 attendee l:.)nI 12 combinatory play I. 34 ad agency I'red . 34 commercial break ik.rekt ov 'god! 49 action l'rekS ani 2 action plan l'rekS.klaronts onl 47 advocate for I'!edvakat .pern! 40 buzzworthy I'b.:)n .lri! 50 blogger J'blng.psetonz/ 8 below-tbe-line (BTL) !br'l.):mll]/ 12 session l.4.pem/ 32 department /dr.relj~'mmi._rlpl 26 132 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional Eng/ish in Use Marketing 133 .gOOz! 13 browse /braoz/ 30 bugs lbJ\gzl 11 build /.)'.lain/ 32 benchmark f'benfmo:k/ 33 Berliner Jb31'Im.blrek and 'wait/ 37 black hat I.prats/ 2.) .lSi! 36 positions IP::l'Zlf::lnz/ 36 sales I'sellz! 36 sales house l'seIlz .b:z .pIUIzi 13 consume resources /kan.)1 'morkrtuj .eJr o ka'marjal/ 33 air freight I'e::l .o:sk .reit/ 40 dickahle link l.:)nsil 32 ad avoidance f.'JtmZIl)1 1 agency f.brek .lrians/17.}z! 36 cite /sait/ 9 city dweller I'srti .:)li 36 artwork l'O:tW3:k/ 37 ask novel questions .rnjurru'kerjan/ 2.rektl 7 protection group fpdtekf<ln .sju.bra-ku/ 19 age group l'eld3 ..a::ktrvli 'wnnt/ 2 activist f'rektlv[stl 47 actual deliverables l.Pr.:)ns/ 28 confidenrial r.31 dub card l'klAb .} .mt 'mitdio/ 35 ambush marketing f'rembu] .Jn/ 30 buy one get one free (BOGOF) I. 38 programme I.)ni 'l.:)n/43 collect d:\m J.)n! 42 campaign contribution Ika.l1 S collecr points l.rel1jU.gru!p/ 19 agree to Id'gri: turf 7 AIDA 2 air 40 campaign /krem.lamo'r 41 beat the competitors to market I.:)nsl 16 experience hk'spl. trrehkl 28 ABs I.:).nnrmk ' tg 'bmskrt .pi:l t::l 'smqlz/ 19 application form freph'kel]<ln .deuz Ll commission /ka'nujan/ 32 commission a film /ko.ofIs 'srstom' 23 banner f'bxn.kxt] 'DIV 40 catchment zone I'kret]m.:)m.kreri 'eedvocarznj' 36 carry out I.sesa'br\::lti/ 1.oidicns 'nctwsrk/ 38 CQ ptive product pricing I.srrretad3i! 34 commuter /ko'mjurto? 19 company logo !. 49 communication /k a.bAd3rti 24 anticipate a threat /am.zrstant 'prekrd3Il)1 4.dres 'wi.brrendl ambassador lrem'bres~d.}lI l5 burst 1b3:stl 33 bus shelter /bAS 'Jelt3'1 3.list/ 29 cold prospect I.rekJ.butld 'perpo" 4S code of conduct I.nlertrd 'murkrt nj/ 5 cause related sponsorship I.}nz/12 associate a brand with 1.kAm 'AP wIa j 34 commercial Ildm3:].kombl'nelf.kren! 45 affluent l'ref1u~ntf 19 afford Ja'b:d/2.reI1.ef8ts/ 40 marketing l.septa'btloti/ 2 acceptable /ok'septobal/ 2 accessibility l::lk.}nti J7 manager /'mremd3ar/16 messages !'mesId3Iz! 38 platform /'plretb:mi 17 positioning Ipa'zlJ3nrlJl 17 preference l'prefar~)Dsl 17 promise I'promlsf 16 retention /rr'tenjanz L? strategy l'strret.:M 4 ACORN I'CIb:ni 19 acquire sponsorship rights /::l.bAt. 38 allocate l'rebkelt/24.:Jltii 17 management l'mremd3m.brld" a reputation h repja'terjan/ 5. 6 competitor analysis /karn.. 2 accessible /ok'sesobal/ 2.)uV 50 BOGOr: l'bogof/41 bold Ib3uldl 44.nekt wl5 kon'sjutmoz/ 38 consumable supplies /kon'sju. 29. 18. 50 blogroll !'blogr.)I.)V!t penr'trelJ:lni 22 morale fma'ra:V 22 response rares In'spans .kl:.b[g .m3:J. 44 book a stand I.k)ra 'plrestIk/45 dick-through rate I'kh k Gru: .tarnauv sa'lurjon/ 25 aluminium I.siz/ 14 consumer /kon'sjurma'r e magazine Imreg.sjurm n'zo. 38 extension /tk'stenjon/ I? image f'lmld3f 16 leader /'U:da'i 16 leverage l'lilV.5 barter /'ba:t. burst/ market penetration I.saikol/ 20 needs l'ni:dz!lO packaged goods (CPG I l.Ireit/ 26 airtime f'e:ltamv 33.tScmd31z122 behaviour patterns fb['heIvj8 .rel:lkcrt n'zorsiz/ 11 almost 1'.bxtcn/ 30 adopted /g'doptld/44 advergame I'redv::l..redjrstri/ 30 back lit /'brekhtl 35 back office system f.setIO/ 29 approach 'derto/ 8.stu:f.k.end! 2 brainstorming I'brcmst..srksti ds. buk a 'suend' 28 book space I.tJren.petrt ar 3'nrel..reltsi 42 the image lai 'Imld31 38 booth I.)ud .'weanasf J 7 behaviour /bi'hcrvja'? 17 consideration /konsrdar'erjon/ 17 equity /'ekWltii 17 essence /'es.l.kAIllp. 41 buz.ln .:) OVeksp3:'ti:z!18 art sponsorship I'o:t .}n'tema .m.kreptJa a.:)llst rr'lerjonz/ 46 anchor text I'reob .dwela'z 19 clear plastic I.redv::l' t::>'si:/15 baby registry /'belbi .l'v::>[d.:)'/ 39 bargain price I'bu:gm .kDlekt 'p::>mts/ 22 colour I' checkout l'tJekaut/ 30 child labour f'tfarld .rembi.tJadd rr.f xndrd .:).tekstl 50 ancillary rights lren'Sll::lri .pa.leibo? 5 child-resistant packaging f.g.l1 dr'Irvarabolz/ 15 ad Ired! 32.qrir 'brrendm/ 32 3D represen ration I.artamz tur/ 30 address customers by name (::l.}I'kwestJ.stu:f 'Ioiolti' 22 traffic J'trreflk/ 50 bundle /'bAnd.krtnj' 32 blister pack I'bhsta .l'/ 43 awareness I.buld 'korlup' 29 cold list I'buld .rckt:.b:1 tu: 'rekJ.dyekttvz/ 33 strategy l.serlz 'S3:V[S/ 31 age bracket I' elJ3 .spektansi/ 6 aware of /a' wear nv! 2 awareness /a'weanos/ 2 B2B not page[tIl)f48 analyse data I.vent/ 28 button j'bAtJni 39 'buy now' button :.:)n3s1 43 brands I..:)z! 12 on srrengrhs /on 'stre[)tJsJ 3 relationships /rt'lerjonjrps. 28 allocate resources /.kerba} ti:'vi:1 34 CAD ikred! 11 call on customers f.brrendrd 'knntent/ 38 branding f'brreodllJI 1.kretJi 'd3Il)9::l1134 cater for I'kelt.}ug.!SIS/4 complementary costs /knmplr.:IV 'kondxkt/ 47 cold calling I.kaul 14 cash subsriture l.46 a long-standing relationship with l::l . 21 composition f.prek! 45 blog fblogl 50 blog directory I'blug dl.kld3d 'gudZ! 13 Protection Act /pr<l'tekJ.k.:).ueim/ l e branded content f. .5 churn !tS3:n1 22 cinema-goer l'sID.)'f 36 bera testing "birto .erd33nsi! 32 broadcast l'br:J:dku:stl 34 broadsheet l'br:J:dfi:tl 36 brown goods I'braun .kreri 'autl 3.)T/ 28 traffic I.luz.barn 'ssrvrsrz/ 15 come up with /.ltaIZll)1 messages l'meSld3lz1 32 objectives l~b'd3ektrvz! 32 policy Ppo1 .bu'kriertld! 38 co-produced f. 8.kDlekt 'deIt:.:){)tSI 24 after-sales service ta'si:! 15 cable TV '.boks!45 change behaviour l.l'zlf::Jn! 37 concept testing I'konsept .kxstomoz bar 'nerrn/ 42 address wea knesses /o.knnfr'denjol/ 23 congress I'ko!)gresf 28 connect /ko'nekt/ 26 connect wirh consumers /ko.kxrn o'weor nvf 2 behaviour changes /br'hervjo .m3:f~1 'brerk/ 34 commercial partner fb.:l:didns 'fea'/ 34 average life expectancy l.).eld3.rektJu:.trsipeind 'serlz/ 24 AOSTC 4 apologize i:l'polact3alzl49 appeal to singles f:l.pcttmsnt/ 32 rates I.lnt/ 32 advertiser I'redv:.relts/ 36 space /.tend .krep! IV 'oidlons/ 29 captive audience network J.gelm! 38 adversely affected l.:)ol 44 competitive /kom.3.}:ri::lll 38 bottom end I'bot::lm .zoon/ 35 catchy jingle f. 360 degree branding I.)V 33 objectives /ab.rrlertrd 'spontsojrp/ 48 cellophane I'sebfeln! 45 cereal box /'sI~ri.mtl 49 accountable for /o'kaontobo! 6:'124 accountable to /o'kaontcbal turf 33 achievable (a'tJi:v:.tesnn/ 11 big ticket giveaway I.}laI'zer_f::ln/ll commercialization date /komaij'olar'zeijon .CI'bi:z!19 abstract I'rebstrrekt! 44 acceptability /ak.]'s.di: rcpnzen'teijcn/ 11 ABC socio-economic categories leI bii.mld 'prospekt! 29 collateral distribution! 19 above-the-Iine (ATL) 1.ld3i117 values l'v<Elju:z1 16.dres .plrenl 1J actively want I.birt aa .knostz/ 3 'add to basket' button f.tfemd3 br'hervja'r 46 charity /'tfrentif 5 chat room J'tfret .nov.w3:oi 140 C2C I.' 22 catch on I.6 channel J.) .)rl 38 basket liner I'ba:sht .redv:.} tm/15 cause related marketing (CRM) WAn .ma? acceptance /ak'septans/ f G fears I'flnl 3 life cycle (eLC) f'lalf .)l dlstn'bju:f.bani 8 appointment setting /a'pornrmont .)nI 45 cash cow I'kref .pr8ugrrem! 34.kreptlv 'prndxkt .!taIZIO . 11 beat the investment I.bri:f1 32 campaign /krem.38 advertising /' redv. 19 attract attention to /a.)tl 43 conduct research /kan.ku:dJ 21 CMYK 37 CMYKOG37 co-branding I'kau.gru:pl 23 research In '33:tJI 8 container ship /k.:).pem kontn'bjurjan/ 47 captive I'kreptlv! 33 captive audience I.gct wxnfru.

.dia/ 32 emerging trend h.tars tu: ri'spond/ 42 entrant l'entr'Jnt/41 environmental /mvairen.floou]/ 12 134 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 135 .fend oe.r/24 acquisition /eekwr'ztjan/ 29 conversion I kan'vatjan/ 42 inquiry ICPI} Im'kWaJ::Jrit29 order 1':J:da'l 29 response /rr'spons/ 42 thousand (CPM) /'Bauzand! 33 to the user I tu: od 'ju:zarl 2 cost-effective l..morks/ 37 cross-marketing I.klauyar ev mf's'merjan/ 23 discount f'drskaunt/42 discussion board /dl'skAfan .twitn 'kxstarnaz/ 23 digiral/.rektl distribution /drstrt'bjuijon/ 26 mail/'merl/ 42 campaign /kzem.konv3:t ~ 'li:d!29.prndxkt 'hstrd/ 15 feedback I' fi:dbrekl 22 in your face 1m j.rxpt O.z/ 2.dld3ltal/ media network I.grrefIks( 35 floor space I'fb: .iri: f gift !'grft/42 sample "scrmpal/ 42.:)nstrelt'tekmbl.prodAktsl 31 dependable /dr'pendsbal/ 18 depict /dr'ptkt/ 44 descriptive /dr'skrrptrv/ 44 designated spokesman l.nrenJal.baut.bed .dedlaml 36 copyright I'kopirartl 7 holder I.frks.3:0 'p.fu:st .): a'tenjan tui/ 32 drinks can /drnjks keen/ 45 drip strategies I'dnp .s'Juf.sl3~nl 20 run l'rAn! 37 financial analyst Ifal.3:1i ma'djnrcri/ 19 earn and burn (. 35 create ikri.!nment'Jli 'frendlil5 equivalent airtime lI.!l/ 9 download l..i:meJi crs 'peidy 40 embed brand values /rrn.grep III Od 'me.:)uk.kost p3...knstJ'fektIvl rebhj f a brand I'J 'breend/ 17 a dialogue I.latn/ 14 dummy l'dAW 37 dump bin l'dAmp .:)rl 2 desk research I'desk rt.tektrd 'w3:kl7 copywriter l'kopi.kelf.. 37 copy deadline I'kopi . 8.rsulz/ 6 general public l.di:! 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'detto/ 8.:)d 'trend! 9 draw attention to I.!I.brekrlJl 45 fa lding I'f auldrn/ 37 follow-up call /'fol'Ju Ap Lb:U 29.!dz! 2 network /.mee.b:s 0<:1 'treidmcrk/ 7 enforcement /rn'forsmant/ 7 engage with consumers /m.)talp/ 11 an interest in Ian 'mtrast m/ 2 an opportunity I.i:zi tu: 'eekses/ 2 ceo-friendly I'i:kau. 12 focus group l'f'! 32 unit l.:)reltl buzz I'bi\zl 40 cash flow I'kref .stamcl' audiences /'.ehrn'Jnt av 'skrll41 eliminate the middleman /r.rnental/ concerns /kon'sainz/ 5 protection /pra'tekjon/ 5 sustainability /ssstemc'brloti/ 5 environmentally-friendly fm..31 font Ifontl 44 forecast reven ues I.:)ud!7 downward trend I.baid/ 40 discussion forum /di'skxjen .daun'l.dern.!r/ 37 launch f'b:nfl 11 price "prars/25 service marketing agency f.plreni4 an interest in /on 'tntrest In! 2 developing market /dr..ku:pon! 41 e-voucher I'i: .bra:nd!16 economy pricing /t'konemi .mesrdy' 31 dailies l'deJljz/ 36 damage /'memrd31 7.dem.kMant .h.nju: 'of.eId3ansit 32 services !'s3:vlsrzl 32 funding I'f i\ndIlJl 5 gap in the marker I.:)nd31 33.!ta'i 26 diverse Idar'v3:s1 18 dog Idogl 14 donate money Id'J.:)nt .falOIlJ .) 'dedlam/ 37 fix a price /frks .mi:dia 'netwatk/ 38 outdoor advertising I.!'f 5 social responsibility (CSR) f.letjanz/ 7 Fulll.kopiralt pro.:)s on! 12 foil backing I'bd . 34.' 9 festival I' fest rval/ 43 fickle I' frkal/ 21 field research /'fi:ld fl.:)nal 'spontsajrp/ 48 element of skill l.vent 'praofatl/ 28 exclusive /tks.!I'pAblrkl40 generate l. 31 convince /kan'vms/ 47 copy !'kopit 36.:)mdr/l -driven J.klaiont pa'sepjsn/ 28 current market situation l.greo.![.kM.)n opa'tjutnoti/ 3 buzz l'bAzi 40 needs I'ni: dz/ 20 relationships /rt'letj'anjrps/ 23 understanding IAnda'strendllJI 46 creative answers /kri.)mts/21 ease of comparison /irz av ksrn'peerrson/ 25 easy to access I.derta 'weohaus/ 23 database I'deltabelsl 23.tekstjusl tek'nolodgi/ 39 continuity strategies /konti 'nj uroti .b: 'ta:gIt! 33 corporate !.kostju:md 'rektarl 43 counter I'kaunta( ( 50 counter-top display I.3:1i a'dnpta" 19 early majority /.dezJgneltld 'spouksman/ 49 desire /dl'zaJ.kraISlsl communication /kamjumr'kerjan/ 49 plan I.fed 'prars/ 25 fall/b:1/ 9 fast moving consumer goods IFMCG) I.b: 'brrend/ 27 core target I..!Ul1'Jr7 .prarsnj' 25 education J.dremrd3d .gudz/13 dura bles l'dju'Jr.daunw.flg.ka:tSIl)1 35.veloprn 'mcnkrt/ 3 differentiate a brand /difo'renjieit . 43 to enter /tu: 'ent"rl 41 -to-air /tu: 'e-.nenk 'prndskts/ 13 get /.kostsl 26 figures I.{/ 7 information /rnfo.ti:m! 49 management I'mremd3mantl 49 criticize ideas /Jcrrnsatz ar'dl'Jz/12 crop Ikropl 37 crop marks I'krop .:)uz/ 2 fragmented /frteq'mentid/ 32 free f.:)malz 'rncrkttnj .pzetanz/ 33 f1ip-wp l'flIp .:)'ternm.TlAmb.3:n ond 'bam/ 21 earn points 1.:)nt 'prnpoti/ 38 entice to respond /rn.nelt 'mAnit 5 £lyer I'flalarl 43 focus /'f.!nt 'eatalml 38 esta blish II .merjcn/ 7 owner 1.:) 'bAzl43 a dialogue I'J 'daralogl 3 S a new offering la .kAst.:) 'dal.!ntf 38 entertainment property I..strret.fri\nt .brrend!16 flexible /fleksrbal/ 42 flighting patterns l'flatIlJ) .lUn .telnm.lrrnmert O... 42 cost-effectiveness f.sartj/ 8 desktop research I'desktop n.jU:lllti 41 dissatisfaction with donation Ida'nelf~n! 5 double l'dAb.vautfarl 21 early adopter 1.:)nz/29 decimated l'deSlmeltld! 49 decline /dr'klarn/ 14 defective product /dr.. 42 fortnightly I'b:tnaltlil 36 four As I. 16 differentiate be tween customers /drfa.klursrv/ right I'mrt! 7.repjo'terjon/ 3 data (' derta/ 8 data mining l'delt'J . copyright protected work I.f:l:r.!b.m3:d3rl) 'trend! 3 employee /rm'plorir/ 1.!1/ proofing l'pru:fllJ1 37 purchasing decision f'p3:tfasll) dl.serlzpirpal/ 31 fill in l.):diantsIzI 49 publics I'PAblrksl 46 external factors /rk'stsmalfrektaz /3 eye-catching l'aI.rn3:d3IlJ 'mi.)'gnefrks/19.qerdg WIO kcn'sjurmoz/ 38 enhance a brand Irn'ho:ns '..etttv 'o:nt s~zI 12 credibility /.kost 'aut! 24 cost per I.autd..!lzl 13 ecoupon /'j. 48 sponsor I'spnnsarl 48 territory /'terrt"ril 31 executive summary hg.!rl feedback loop /fiidbsek .kontrrekt 'pAblIfllJI 38 control /kan'troul/ 4 conurbation l.rti:d! 20 estimate I'estrm.kWlV. S3:VISI 26 demand /dr'mornd/ 25 demographics l..murvin kan'sjurmo ..! kred.:)..upf<lflZI 30 service I.b:ka:st 'serlz/ 11 formal statement I.gudz/13 convert a lead l.dnvan! 10 group I.ofIS~r/46 strategy l.ti:m! 46 gifts I'glftsl 27 governance l'gAv. .vrelju:z and m'dent'JtiI 46 delivery /di'Iivari/ l costs I. 42 daypart l'deI pu:tl 34 deadline j'dedlalni42 deal with objections I.!'mrdalrruen/ 26 'email this page' l.kostsl 30 options l.!z/12 leads /1i:dzl 28 profit l'profItI 14 repeat business I rr .mrenld3m.netw3:kl11 distributor Idr'stnbj.b: 'sirz I 2 four Os I..stror .:l:rientld! 31 customer l.getl a product listed I'J .kAstalllaIZ oa 'setlz .kaunta top dl'splel/41 counrerfciting l'kaunt'JfltllJ/7 country dweller l'kAntri .enta.splort il'J 'rart s/ 48 exploitation activities /eksploi'terjsn rek.!.1repja'terjan/ 46 damaged reputation l.conrextual technology /kon.morkrt sttju'erjon/ 4 curved /karvd/ 44 customer l'kAst. 10 focus on /'f~uk.lS .fo:st 'grnuJI)1 14 fatigue If~'ti:gl 21 feedback Ni:dbrekl 8 feel strongly about I.:)'fAPf.' 2 a marketing plan la 'morkrtm .fIl 'serfti reqja.:)lrstl 46 financial communications Ifal. 20 order 1':J:dar/ 26 profile I' pr'Jufml/ 19 Relationship Management (CRM) /n'lerjcnjrp .kxla 'praoses/ 37 four Cs I.:)tl 37 ethical I' e9lk:J1/ 5 erhnicity le9'ms:Jtil19 evaluate ideas /t.b: .dwela'/19 coupon I'ku:pon! 21 coverage l'kAV.tfern! 26 costs /..ralt'Jrl 37 core brand I.)r..ld3i1 46 team !.kostr'fektIvnasl 24 costs fknstsl 11 costumed actor '.b:p'Jr'Jt! advertising I'redv'JtalzlJ)I 46 communications !bmju:m'kelf.kit/ 3 gather data I.dremld3 0.flaul 14 ideas lal'dl.feknv 'prpdxkt/ 7.of IS 'srsrornz/ 23 fulfil needs Iful.!pa'lmkol 'prauses/ q? corruption /k.eltlv 'd3U.! 'frektsl 49 established /r'streblrjt/ 14 esteem need /i'stirrn .spres kon'sam/ 49 external /rk. 49 damage the reputation i. 33 demonstrate technical products l.fend 6i 'rmld31 49 defend their credibility Idl.spersl 28 floor-standing display I. 43 the best deal lad .dr.b:mal 'stertrnant/ 47 format I'b:mretl 46 logo l'l'Jug'lUI 44 partner I'po:tn. 31 segment l'segm.ln. 23 gender roles l'd3end.t!vatiz/48 express concern /rk.pern/ 42 marketing l'mo:kltlJ)/l..fors 0'J 'kopirart/ 7 enforce the trademark Im.:)z/ 36 intermediary /rnto.gudzl 13 fast-growing'J'brl'Jtil 49 crisis l'kraISlsl 49 crisis l.!ni47 cost ikostl 24 cost out I.zekjatIv 'sxmori/ 4 exhibitor ilg'ubrt<lr/28 expenditure /rk'spendrtja'? 48 exploit strengths /ek..pxbltk 'knnftdans/ 49 develop /dr.frendlil 5 economic factors I.pirt 'brznis/ 31 generic brand Id3.gru:pl 8.krrpt mfa'metjon/ 23 enforce rhe copyright / 'did/lS the creative juices flowing lil.breend 'vteljurz/ 38 embossing /rm'bnsrn/ 37 emerging media h.sart]? 8 destroy public confidence /dr. 6 chain I.{f 34 freebie l'fri:bil27 Freephone number J'fri:f.)b.

grrefIbl 'sartj' .)u8 .led3I's!erI:Jn/ 6 leisure activity ('le3.)'! 35 gift with purchase l.kraImI 7 owner (.:l'/46 in-pack offer I.tlvatiJ 4 budget l.}'1 33 Hexachrorne I'heksa.hrtJhark on ar'dl.)naci 33. 21 card l.mmrstod kwestja'neov 8 Intranet 1'll1tf.plara'.rekt o'pirl tu:/47 a judgement la 'd3Ad3mantl 12 a loss la 'los/ 14 an amendment Ian o'mendmant/ 37 an effort hn 'efat/ 2 an official statement hn ::J.' 32.VTSIZ .h:d 'kxstarnaz' Z! strengths /'stre!)6sl 3 immediate feedback /t.end 'prekId3f honesty /'nmstil18 hopes and desires I.m.eld3arrtsil 32 married with kids I.I[U: .velspmant 'parplam/ 11 in-depth interview I.vrzit/ 31 criticisms /'kntlSlzamzl 12 unauthorized use of IAn.flfal 'steltmant/49 a reservation la rezo'verjan/ 29 a sale f'd 'seil/ ok'septobcl/ 2 legally entitled to /.gud rr'letjanz wlol 6 goodies l'gudizl27.haups and dl'zalazl20 horizontal trade show /hnrt.senta'! 46.mem kom'petrta" 3 main shopper f.)nt 'ba:n.me9adz/4 mix I.:)m.prurvd prodxk'nveti/ 22 impulse purchasing 1'lmpAls .StAfllJ1 39 lack of /lsek ov! 3 laggards I'lreg. 33 schedule ta sok'ses/ 22 keyword l'ki:W3:d1 39.meikm . 43 give testimony I.:lu ouva 'bAd31!1 24 go public l.m .mestrk 'prndxkt/ 6 gross rating point (CRP) l.b:V 31 a sales visit la 'serlz .k!49 learning rclarionsh ip 1'13:1110rr.lals::Ins .g.fri: 'su.} 'pres rr.saikal/ 19 lifestyle 1'larfstarV 19.hed ov 'haushauld/ 19 healthcare product I'hcl9ke.hut 'snemprn/ 37 household f' haoshoold/ 19 housewife I'hauswarfl 19 human rights I.spauzobal 'IUkAm! 19 high quality I.}Uju:sld31 44 logotype I'logatalpl 44 long run 1'100 .end 'peekrdg/ 15 loya 1/1:naU21 loyal customer I.bAd3ltl 33 buyer I.}tlvl 3.llV .} 'nirdz/ 2 customers I'kAstamazi 23 issues l'IJu:zI 46 preferred customers Ipn.mootIoi m'vesrnant/ 24 maturity /rna'tjuarati/ 14 maximize customer loyalty l.sehol 31 implement l'Imphmantl21.dentifar/ a gap in the market la .gri:n 'mcrkrt 101 5 green product I.pirenl 32. 23 impression /rm'prejon/ 33.LI8J'grrefIki 37 live buzz I.pbl 42 rnailshor I'mellfotl 42 mail survey I'med .loD 'terl/ 32 low cost !.}v.l"erI.pa0sta'l 35 letter-writing campaign .kAst.plrena'f 32.rxptrv 'eedvotarznj/ 38 interviewer-administered questionnaire l.AP tJ 0" 'harp/40 load fl. 33 space I.37 communications /komjumr'kerjcnz/ f! merrics I'metnksl 24 partnership /'portnajrp/ 5 research In's3:tII 8 services agency I'S3.ektjual 'propsti/ 7 crime l.murkl!1 a brand la 'breend/ 1.melk! a direcr appeal to la dr.lrst/ 42 main competitor I.hju:man 'rarts/ 5 idea generation /ar'dia d3ena.rert/ 6 internal /m.buklgl 33 briefing l.45 manufacrurer l. 31.:l'1 19 inside I.kltI 46.:lzl12 hoarding l'h::>:dIo/ 35 holistic marketing /ha.}dzf 19 land (v) Ilrendl 26 landing pages l'lrellWIJ .}uv '910kIUl 12 innovator l'm<luvert.) .tua'/46.hgazl 34 listening habits 1'llS. 31.rartm krem.hal dr.13.nekt wrO 'kxstcrnsz/ 23 interactive I.merl/ 42 justify a budget l.glv 'testrrnoni/A? giveaway l'glvawel/43 global brand f'glaubal .tem/ a lifestyle la 'larfstarl/ 20 a reputation la repja'teijon/ 5.peld3/ 30 home test f'haum .dxstriol 'propatiJ 7 influence I.hreJ)l!) 'brenaT/41 hard goods /'hmd .48 interactive ad /mra.:l .rAni 37 Long Tail .p3:tfaSI!)f 20 in affinity with 1m a'frncti wrol 38 in the development pipeline /m 0::1 dr. 24 collateral fb'lretaraV 31.lerjanjrp/ 23 LED screen /elir.grep Il1 0::1'murkrt/ 10 customer demands l.graus do.47 objectives l:Jb.gri:mantl 6 interruptive l.nektrv 'red! 34 interactive Flash game /mto.ko:d1 21 programme I.:.}"1 46 issue 1'lfu:1 36 issue a press release 1.s3:veI/8 mailer l'meJlarl 42 mailing !'melhal 42 mailing list l'merlI!) .desk! 49 mix I.testl 8 lobby I'Inbii 47 lobbyist !']ubiIstl 47 lobbysquatter !'lobiskwotar.Jrst~k 'ma:krtlll' 32 home page j'haum .d3Astlfal a 'bAd3ltl 24 keep track of inventory I.prndxkt/ 13 heavy TV viewer I.lalv 'bAzl 40 live operator 1.aun:lT/ 38 pack l.rert/ 14 introduction /rntra'dxkjan/ 11 knowledge l'nolld31 31 penetration /penr'trer] :ml 22 research /n'ssrtj? 8 rollout /roolaut I 11 segment f'segm.auna'i 7 interact /mtc'nekt/ 35 interact with customers /rnta.hlJksl 50 inbound telemarketing I.:)U3J'f 38 fragmentation Ifrregman'teIJan/ 32.varjon/ 29 lead generation I'li:d d3ena. 49 desk I.nrzend/ 3 go over budget f.bAd31!1 24 efforts I.kxstama 'loralti/ 21 measurable I'rne3.glv aut .mer! .:diantsl 49 communications lkamju.merkoz/A? politicians Ipoh'tII:mzl47 the decision-making process lo.mrerid WIO 'kidz/ 19 mass f.strret:Jd3U 4 marketing /.)b.prekId3/48 hospitality tent /hospr'treloti . 17 growth Tate l'gr.on /kxstamat'zerj'on/ 23 market l'markJtl 10 media I'mi:dial 32 match the investment l.}[ f.glv o'prurval' 24 give out free samples eek'nvetiz/ 11 key findings I.mdlVld3U. 39 improve /rrn'prurv/ 24.mirdia.kraum 137 high disposable income I.mrekslmalZ .fi:mel 'splJtl 19 manage risk l.tentl 48 host (v) /houst/ 28 hot contact 'famdujz/ 9 key to success I.):8JralZd 'ju:s ovl 7 male I female split! 21 macro l'mrekr:Ju/ 6 made of plastic f.mrks/l objectives l.praugrrem! 21 scheme I.pomt/ 34 growth Igrau81 14 guerrilla marketing /qo.sto: pra'maojan/ 4J inbound links I'rnbaund .ha: .mrksf 33 kit l.ef.znntal 'treid rf::lU/28 hospitality package /hnspr'treloti . 18 innovative thinking I.:ludl 26 ad.m .mvontri/ 39 grassroots I.)r azk.ruejanol 'trerd .mem 'fDp.g'Ju 'pxbhk/ 49 goal jg. 42 listener I'\rs.depe 'mtsvjur/ 8 in-house newsletter I.vju:.meld av 'plrestrkl45 mail piece I'mel! .mi:di.len ma'dgoroti/ 19 latest figures /Jernst 'flg::lzl9 launch IbrnIf 1 launch a brand /Jorn] a 'bra-nd/ 17 launch date l'b:nJ . 46 current client perception (.)r:J'1 13 market l. 49 budget l.sterjon/ 34 location It'l' kerjon/ 1 logical grouping 1.:)'..)'frektSa'j 2. 19 segmentation /seqrnen'terjon/ 19 marketing l'mo:kItlJ]1 activity lrek.lnd3lkal 'gru:PIIJI 13 logistics /lo'dgrstrks/ 26 logo usage l'I.fedju:V 32.eJd3ansil 32 booking I.di:V 27 life cycle 1'laIf .mresf customizat.) 'ward aut/ 43 you talked about Iju: 'to.)U9.)b.dert/ L! lawsuit I'l::l:su:tl 7 layout 1'leJauti 37 lead conversion I'li:d kan.sent.} dr'stjon .m'sald! 35 inside lohhying I.halti 'trxsnd/ 40 'hitchhike' on ideas l.)l 'ni:dzl 23 industrial property /m.:lrerta'i 29 live up to the hype 1.d3:JInt 'spons.stjurdioo/ 37 graphical search inventory l.haIli mto'nektiv/ 39 highly trusted I. mfluans/ policy I'pulasif 47 policy-makers I'polasi .m .d3Db sretls'frekJ. 33 centre I.nvati/ 6 lenticular poster /len'trkjalo .mrel1ld3 d 'kralSlsl 49 manufacture !.grreflk! chain I'tfeml 37 designer /dr'zamo'? 37 guidelines l'gllIdlamzl 37 graphic studio l'grrefIk . 24 plan I.lUV 4 gondola l'gondal.vesto rr'letjonz/ 46 centre l.lnnJlId t'drjon/ 10 link liIOki 50 list (v) /hst. 43 granted parent l.mdr'pendantl 18 indicate I'mdrkertl 9 indirect distribution channel I. 28 local press /Jookal 'pres! 36 local radio station f'laub)1 'reidiao .mtavju::Jr junk mail !'d3A!)k .rsektrv 'flref .hzebrts/ 34 lithographic I.mrenj.pern/ 47 leverage l'li:vand31 48 liable for /'Iar.kwolatizl L8 leafler I'li:flatl 43 leak (n) /li. 46 infringer /rn 'fnnd3::l'1 7 injured /'ll1d3:Jd! 7 ink h!)k! 37 innovative I'mav.trask ov 'rnvantri/ 26 key activities f.hal 'trreftk/ 43 high-end package /.rirterl 'serlz/ 27 independent I.rnbaund tel! 'murkttnj/ 29 incentive /rn'sentrv/ 22.m/ 10 idenr I'ardentl 34 identify /ar.mrenja'fa:ktJ.J 'prndxkt/ 10 licensing deal I')ats:lntslo .hot 'konuekt/ 29 hot stamping I. 31 incenrive programme /m'senttv .d3al.kt o.har 'kwoloti/ 2 high traffic f.mpalz/ 43. 28 improved performance /im.msard 'lobiJ!)/47 inside salespeople /.haus 'nju:ziet.glft wra 'partj'as/ 27.d3ektrvZ/ 33 owner l.42 media l'mirdi:JI 6.prurvd po'formans/ 22 improved productivity /im.peld3lz1 50 late majority I.stnetad3if 32.:l .}.41 give approval I.bal.klarant pa'sepjon/ 28 goodwill/gud'wII/47 relationships /rr'lerjanjrps/ 47 major customer concern l.)'1 48 15 highlight (v) I'harlartl 9 highly interactive l.:JUS 'rertnj .praoqnem/ 22 inclusive /m'klursrv/ 18 income 1'I!)kAII1l 19 increase retail sales I.)ntriJ 26 investor relations /m.hrendta'hrendl 43 hang /hre!)135 banging banner l. 31 a sales call za 'serlz .hrebasl33 exposure iIk'sp.1 34 maintain /mem.m .1aJv 'op. 33.'vir .}fabaV 4. 42 supplier /se. n'sponsl 29 impersonal selling /rrn'psrsanal .dit 'skrim/ 35 legally acceptable I. 46 agency l.gudzl 13 harvest l'ha:vISt/ 14 head of household I.relIan/ 29 leader /' lirdaTI 12 leadership qualities l'li:daIlp .germ! 40 interest I'mtrastl 2 interest rate I'mtrast .)Uu!)1 47 inform /m'Iorrn' 3.lau 'kostll8 low-end package I.)tsl 23 methods l.m'keIJ:lnz/46 communicator /k:J'mju!l1lkerta'146 messages l'mesld31z146 pu blics /'pAblIksl 46 staff I'sto:fl 22 in ternal factors /m' tamol .grim 'prodxkt/ 13 Gross Domestic Product (CDP) I.prouses/ 47 voting l'v.!i:gati m'tartold tur/7 legislation 1.dltl 33 consumption habits /kan'sAJJlfan .brauk:J'! 29.hevi tir'vi: .lau .kArant .ramol/ audience I'::.38 136 Professional English in Use Marketing ProfeSSional English in Use Marketing 137 .gf.spelsl 32 strategy l.:)1 41 good relations with I.}1 attention 1.:lUlO .):'1 7 license (v) 1'larsans/27 license a product l.mi:di.kxstsma kan'sam/ 20 make I. 33 media l.mdlrekt dlstrr' 49 ira lie If'trehk! 44 job satisfaction l.mta'rrektlvl 35.plrenf 4 strategy l.}nl 22 joint sponsor l.gro:TIUd 'pelt8nt/7 graph Igm:fl 9 graphic /.vju:a'i 33 lighrbox !'lmtbnks I 3S likelihood of success /Jarklihod av sok'ses/ t \ limited edition 36 plan I.nsejanal 'autluk!18 international trade agreement /rnts.blal 'kastama? 21 loyalty I'Lllaltii 20.VI:JbV 32.the word out 10.' 39 list l'lIst! broker l.baot/ 40 giant banner l. 49 vehicle f.m .rtlo 'mcrkmn/ 43 guesstimate I'gesumatl 9 hand out I.fzekt azl 3 international outlook /rnta.lnI!) .lllsald 'serlzphpsl/ 31 insights into f'msalts .bri:fI0/47.rntur/ 33 intangible /m'tzendgabal/ 15 integrity /rn' t egratil 18 intellectual property (IP) /mtol.merd3.mkri:s .kAst:Jma dt'mutndz/ 10 customer needs /. 33 light TV viewer /Jart ti.grars'ru:tsl 43 green marketing f. 34 listening figures l'hs.:)'1 19 mainstream f'mell1stri:ml 32 media l.:Jnetl 46 inventory 1'lllv.)nt/4.mirdist 'fi:dbrek! 29 immediate response /r.mta'rAptrvl 32 interruptive advertising /inta. 50 keyword stuffing l'kirw3:d .pzek 'of a' I 27 in-store promotion I.'[et.rnremd3 'usk! 11 m'lllage 3 crisis l.tfrenaV 26 individual needs l. 33 planner I.d3cktIVzl4. 33 tour!)1 actions l'rekJanzl 4.l'tenJani 6 audit !' ~.hrend 'aut! 43 hand-to-hand I.

9 metropolis /mo'tropahs/ 19 micro environment !'m8rkrau m.slAdil 11 recall zn'korl/ 49 reference /'ref~r~nsl 38 production /pra'dxkjsn/ 6 profitability I.) dr'fekjon/ 21 the damage la~ 'deemrdg/ 49 weaknesses /wirknasrz/ 3 mission l'mIJ:ml 46 statement l.iI.terlod so'luijenz/ 31 prospect (n) I'prnspekt! 31 prospect Iv) /pro'spekt/ 31 prospecting list /pra'spektrn .)'.)l.velapmont/ 10 new product idea I.):d.) kreda'brlcti/ 49 the environment IN m'varranmant/ 5 privacy !'pnvOlsi! 23 prototype i'pr.lutJI14 perfect binding I.on'larn! 38 no brand l'n<lO .nju.heiv j .)ustIIJI 50 pot Ipot! 45 potential for growth / 'neqltdjant/ 7 provide a service /pro.tjaild/ 14 problem statement !'problam .mod[fal .bnend/ 16 ownership of ideas (.tentjali sak.s!ertm.prerz .lV .brrend/ 3 quantify /'kwoutlfav 24 quantitative research l'kwontlt:ltTv n.)'ne.smmpal/ 31 sampling l.dgektrv and 'ta:sk a. 14 programme l'pr~ugrlEmI 34 project leader l'prod3ekt .srorics 'eretl 3 positioning IP~'Zlf<lm!)14 post (v) Ip.) .)k.salka'grrefrks( 19 psychological pricing /sarkal.10 niche market l'm:I .m:JUbrlalZ .sesfalprodxkt/ 10 pouch Ipautf/45 PR l.dgektrvz/ 2 points I.)n/43 purchase intention I'ps:tf::ls m.s3:tJI S query /'kWI.vaironmont/ 6 microsite l'm8Ikr::lu.kAst::lm.sent ov .)un .derli 'presl 36 nearly {'maW 9 negative fallout I.)V 6i 'o:tsl 48 pay compensation I.plelsmantl 38 sample I.tenjan/ 20 purchaser I'P3:tJ::lsJ'1 15 purchasing I'P3:tf.25 prepaid envelope I.kord/ 22 memorable I'mem.wAn 'ktJ~{f 37 one-to-one marketing r.WAll 'ma:kItI(J( 23 online t.)ri.Pri:peld 'envolaup/ 30 prepaid package I.)] 'mctkrtm/ 32 multicoloured l.11da' 39 I pop-up ('popApl 39 pose a serious threat I.op.aun~Ilp .n.rAn! 37 specifications /spesrfr.)r'erJanzl2 opinion /a'prnjan/ 6.lal.tu:V 14 plummer l'plAmltl 9 points /pornts/ 21 points card l'pJrnts . 10..).)V ar'disz/ 12 package test l'prekrd3 .bra'!nd! 16 own-label brand I.autdJ:r 'asdvotaizny 35 outlet I'autlel! 1 outside lobbying I.)u .)Jj 42 primary research i'praImari 139 mine data I.Sru.):'1 3 pricing considerations l'pralSll] 47.)sJsl 6 phone sales I'faun .optlmalz 'plenz/ 33 order form j'::J:da .P:lUst 'srrkoz/ 43 posting l'p.frjal rr'lerjanjrp/ 23 mystery shopping f'mlst.profrt ::J:g.wAn! 13 placement I.)uva'( 9 overall demand 1.m.tenjol f.prodAktsl 13 personal ('p3:S.bmII 14 line I.serlz/ 29 physical evidence l.mi:! 'niidz/ 4 object l'obd3ektl 2 off-air event I.sta'!tsl 50 mono I'm.p3.velf<ln! marketing /'ma.freltl 26 rally (nl l'rrelil47 138 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 139 .membaz/ 43 peer to peer site I.fop[1J1 8 nationa I advertising l.mtI'greIJ:m/ 38 knowledge l'nohd31 31 liability I.odjrkal 'praISIIJ! 25 public I. 43 merchandising i'm3:tJ::lnda!SI(J1 27 deal I.) 'bAd3Jtl 24 monetary significance l. 6::l 'setlz .brek .pri:miam 'pratstrj/ 1.reII.oju: 'prodAk.naut 'daun! 12 nozzle I'nuzal/ 4 S objective-and-task approach /ob.) 'brand/ 40 premium brand I'pri:mi<lm . 48 partnership !'pa:tnaJlpl 48 pass an brand messages I.iJstl 31 objectives /ob.)n.s3:tI! 8 print f'pTintl job l.genst 'bi\d31t/24 performer Ip<I'i.vI. dirl/ 27 rights I.autbaund 'tellma:kItl!)/29 outdoor advertising av 'p3:tJ.klEt~jogl 22 political factor Ip<l'Jrtlkal.op! 'aut/42 optimize plans f.)s .)dl 9 perishable goods ('penfabal .:lldiansl 39 coupon I'ku:pon! 41 loyalty programme I'bIalti .P3:P.)1 .prek 'of <I'.nju: 'rcsrpi/Tt) news release I'nju:z'kerJ~nf J0 naming l'nelmr!)1 12 optimization study /optrmar'zerjon .kItIQ/ 22 research (n's3.junut/ 39 advertising vehicle l'redvatarZII) .)uel 3 potentially successful product SO /pcu.w'.ma'velf~nf 10 integration l.j1 47 media-saturated world I.mrnrmarzi customer defection l.1i:d.) 'I i:d! 31 qualifying period I'kwolrfalll) .pa:s a.Iittkal sto'biloti/ 6 pop-under I'pop .hstll)( 39 organization 1.of .lb.partmont/ 49 praise a brand I.)'/11 project team I'Prod3ekt .)ut.)ust a 'knment/ post stickers f.put Ap 'paostoz/ questionnaire l.slEtJ::lrertId 'waild/ 33 mediate !'mi:di::1t! 8 medium I'mi:diaml 33 meet needs sheet /.)t8Ipl 11 prove negligent I.sAlt<lnti47 interest f'rntr.31 order online (.)T! 20 patterns l.foim III a. 49 release In.J:d.gudzl 13 perishable products l'penJ.)n sn 'irmerl/ 40 operations r.put 'prejar on! 47 put up posters I.)'/40 period I'p[. 4.)'blhtil 7 life cycle (pee) ('jalf .nirks/ 31 PEST analysis I'pest d.'pref~'1 33 relations /n'lerfonz/ 46.trsrpett In on r'vent/ 28 partner l'po:tn::lT! 21.sensltrvl 25 skimming I.kwestJ.saikcl/ 14 modelling l'mod.49 next day delivery I. 30.lstl47 officialla'fJf.peI 'dernrdgiz/ 7 payment information I'pelmant tnfa.plEt~nzi 20 process I. 27 one colour l.)mtsl 2S sensitive I.kwohfald 'telimorkrtnj .lrst[l)zi 39 panel of respon dents (.loll r'vent/ 40 paste /perst.of a.mAni 'of .)nal'zeIJ.puitrnont/ 15 produce an ad /pra.mAllIt::lri srq'rnftkens/ 25 money-off coupon l.)un<lul 37 monthly !'mAntelii 36 motivated !' 'serlz/ 14 percentage of sales approach /ps.tjumstiz to 'sir/ 35 opt out I.)m .pAblrk a'pmjan/ 47 mock-up l'mokAp/ll.lUJiertl 31 network (n) l'netw3:k140 network (v) l'netw3:k/ 28 network of sites l.) 'murkrt/ 10 penetration pricing /peru'trerjcn 'pralsl(J/25 people /'pbpal! 1 perceive the cost /po.pemtrelt a.moikit/ 10 online (.tarpl 13 product l.meijon/ 30 payment options I'pe!m~nt .luI.)ustl 7.plels an '..)nsl 47. 38 post a comment I.formsns . 47 price I' prars/ 1 list l.)r!29.hlJk/ 50 outbound telemarketing I.mju:tJuali benr'frjal/ 5 mutually beneficial relationship l.lri/ 39 qllesrion mark I'kwestf.sarti 40 penetrate the market I.p.felzl 10 feature I'fi:tla'i 31 flaw l'fb:/ll idea /ar'dra' 10 improvement /rm'pruivmantz jO innovation I.)uz a .). 37 moderator /rnodarerto'z 8 modify a budget I.)l/ 44 merchandise l'm3:tJ:mdars/27.)1/46 relations {PRJ frl'leIJ~nzl47 department /dr.13 psychographies (..sirv 0.praoses/ 30 multi-channel marketing l.mi:di.nnlarn/ ad unit I'red .aut .J'Jelil 27 offer I'of.nlEI.on .) .kurpon/ 41 monitor l.tekt/ the credibility 1f:'J.d30bl 37 run !.momt<lTI issues f'lJ urz/ 46 reactions /ri'zek]' onz/ 49 visitor stars /vrztta .gudz/13 note down I.)uv~rJ:I dr'rncmd/ 10 own brand I'.)ri .mAlti 'kxlsd/ 44 mutually beneficial l.stertrnant/ 12 process l' ou'ker/ 37 proofread I'prulfri:d! 37 property ('prop~tiI 48 propose tailored solutions /pra.)ntsl IS put pressure on I.pul bak 'a:gjam. 47 research /rt'sart ]? 33 split l'splIt! 33 standout /'stlEndautl 38 training j'tremll. 46.investment /rn'vesmsnt/ 32 pressure .sa.kerjanz/ 37 printed document (.}lIl]l I 1 modification l.)r::lb.aup.dei dr'lrvori/ .sentrdg ov 'serlz <l.nirdz/ 20 ping /pI!)1 50 piracy I' parrosi/ 7 place /plers.promt 'lEkJan! 2 proof of purchase I..Iorrn/ 30.i3:mI 47 trade show I'treld I.non .)'/ 6.elf~nz/2S /po.nunkreJ o'word/ 22 nondurable goods /nondioarobal .S~ngl/ injury /'md3::lril7 involvement /rn'volvmantz zn sales techniques {'seili tek.)S end 'vreljurz/ 46 push back arguments I. 'prndxkt aI.pi:'a:'/47 PR department I.sartj/ 8 quality j'kwolatiJ 1.11d~1'prarsuj/ 25 class (' kla: sl 13 development /dr'velcpmont/ 12 phase I. 31 membership card l'membaJrp . 15 launch (.)n. 23 procurement department /pra'kjosmcnt dr.tllEn. 24 profitable "prnfrtabsl/ 3.h~um 'redV<ltalzIl]1 35 outbound link I'autbaund .31 planning tool ('pllETIlIJ .) .' 1 place an order I.pertant prc'tekjon/ 7 patron of rhe arts (.)ul 28 publics ('pAblIksi 49 purchase consideration l'p3:tJas kansIda.tJekl 37 conference I.s3:tJI 39 listings (.5eh!)1 31 personal (..autsald 'lubiIJ)( 47 over I'.)] ~v rr'spondants/ 8 participate in an event /por.)I.)utlvertld! 22 motivation (m.nlEf.pralv]t! interests I' mtrosts/ 47 label brand I'lelbal .bil.plEn.psrtjas 'nesasari/A! nominate l'nommel!1 22 non-profit organization (.test/8 paid search !'petd .49 negotiate Im'g.bnend/ 16 premium pricing r.)uses/ 30 purpose and values (.) 'knstl 2 percent of net sales /po.m~ubarl 'knntent/ 38 mobilize public opinion (.on 'hAd3lt/ 24 on-pack offer I.netw3:k ov 'saits/ 3S new product development (NPD) I.)nt/46 mobile content I.p.prrntld 'dnkjomcnt/ 37 printed material l.ralts! 27 mere Iml.knrnpon'serjan/ 7 pay damages l.vaid <l 'ssivrs/ 4.p[~ t<l 'PI.P3:f[kt 'baindm/ 37 perforating l'p3:farertllJl 37 perform in the marketplace selling '.Ji:t1 31 type 43 pass-along event I.djurs an 'a'!dI 34 product l'prodAkt/ 1.m<ll 'lEdV<ltalzlul 34 national daily press !.t dr.neg<ltlv 'f::>:laot/49 negative impact I.ka:d! 21 points catalogue l'p:)Ints .negatlv 'rmprekt/ 48.prmtId rna'trcriol/ 37 printer l'prmt""1 37 privacy policy !'pnvasi . opc'tj umatiz/ 3 opportunities to see (OTS) /npa.dl::l1 10 new recipe I.)utr.pri:peld 'PlEkld31 15 prepress /'pri: .lIstl 29 qualify a lead I.pres/ 37 preserve the reputation /pn..)SIIJI beha viour / .praotj/ 24 objective /ob'dgektrv/ 2..ln! S noncash award l.frf~1 'spons::l'/48 omnibus survey I'mnmb.frekt::l'1 6 political stability /po.)sil 23 private I..flzIkal 'evrdsns/ 1 physical presence l.)n<l1! item I'a[tami 27 merchandise project l'm3:tfandals .uses!l.pralz 'droi/ 41 problem child ('probl.per .proflt~'blhtil 14. jj performance against budget /po.konf<lr..sklmrol 25 test I.' 35 parent /'peIt~ntl 7 parent protection I.)ll .tJI 8 move through the sales process I.pi:'a: dr.):m.ear r'vent/ 38 off-the-shelf I.) . 43 qualified telemarketing list I.vei/ 8 on budget I. 23 minimize l'mIDJmarzilO minimize I. 'rnorkrtplers. 12 quality brand /'kwol~ti .testl 25 waf l.)rl28 out-of-home (OOH) advertising I..lrd/ 4S peer members I'PI.prodAktl benefit I'bemfrtl 31 bundle pricing l.prod3ekt/27 mix ('mrks/1 operations /npor'erjanz/ 2 tool l'lu:l/ 1 prompt action i.)'j 8 rail freight I'rerl .)V 39 audience 1'.zarv ad repjo'terjan/ 49 press I' pres/ 37 check l.peltrnn .pol.)1 'prezsns/ 1 physiological needs Ifrzia'lndgtkol .)S! 41 proof OK I.~un 'lerbol<eJao.PAbhk! affairs 1::l'feazl47 consultant Ik.pouz .pr~ugrlEmi 21 survey /'s3:veI/ 8 open an email I.ganar'zerI::lnl 2 organize 1'::J:g~naJZ/ 2 organizer 1'::J:ganaIZ.lId! 4S peelable lid l'pi:l.p.mju:tJu<lli bern.mam 'derto/ 8.nekst .)V 35 peel-back lid I'pi:l.)uJan! 1 promorional/pra.brtend/ 16 no purchase necessary I.portmant/ 49 firm 1.prariad/ 22 qualitative research l'kwoJ[tatrv rr.mAlti .brtend/ 16 property l'prop<ltiJ 7 prize draw I.opjonz' 30 pedestrian pauel rpt'destrion .lrstl 42 protect /pra'tekt/ 23 protect /prc. 30 official sponsor la. 19 opportunities I.)r nn'lam/ 30 organic listing bl'glEnlk on 'brand .) 'gr.thm/ 11 projected results /pra'djektrd rrzxlts/ 24 promote interests /pra'rnout 'mtrasts/ 47 promotion fpr~'m.

poformans/ 24 realistic I .nonuk 'paog'/19 strong heritage I.:)S ond 'vreljurz/ 46 statistical analysis /sr s.sentrv/ 22 kit l.)'p:J:tl 1 surfer I' 'banrj 'srqnolz.lri.)rl 35 space /spers/ 33 spam /sprern' 42 special z.lI 31 regional advertising l. 13 level I.) 'paustrn/ 50 relationship with /rr'Ierjanjrp wl6/ 46 relative market share I.lod3Ikal'frekt.oopannj/ 45 technical data I'tekmk:ll .ln/ 44 route ro market /.ri.kord/ 36 raw materials I.raIZIl) 'sto:'? 14 risk /nsk/ 11 risk factors I'w.brrendl 17 reward purchase /rr'woid 'p3:tSgs/21 reward /rr.' 31 spot colour I'spot .:)'rekordz/ 23 principles and values l.' 19 spend on advertising I.rAn J keem'pein/ 32 run in the press f..k:J:par..sretalmt ti:'vi:1 34 satisfaction with! 22 reaction Iri' rekJan! 22 turnover l't3:n~uv.sesfol 'prndxkt .srenz 'serrf .prals/lO seminar J'semmo:'1 28 sensitive to cultural norms l."stcIt18b~1 'p3ItJaSIl)1 5 swag Iswregl 43 switch IswltJI 21 SMART Isma:tl 4 smelly poster I'smeli .kit/ II testimonial l.nju: .:)11 31.) 'prooscs/ 37 skyscraper l'skaI.stu:f 'efots/ 22 with discounts IWlo 'drskaunts/ Zt rewards card /rr'wordz .) 'prndxkr/ 4.up.Ji:tl 31 volume l.saro ..knpiraitrd 'W3:k/ 7 repurchase l.stel korn'peturv/ 10 stealth marketing I'stele .)ukers .regjal.ri:'p31tf<ls I 21 reputation l.'1 .morkitnj.d3en~relt.htratJ./ 4 specific /spo.:) 'mc.bAd3r!/24 the ground rules lad 'graund .elJ)k 37 reproduce copyrighted work /riipro.:) 'blng di.sIlk 'skrim/ 37 simple /'srmpal' 44 six colour process l..)uks.42 tap into I.baIgr/15 listing /.) 'kork/ 45 search by product category I.praugrreml21 retailer l'rilteJla'.' / 14 sraternenr of purpose and values I...J 'pmblom/ 49 tactic I'trektlkl 4 tailor marketing efforts I.riltf 8 'ta:grtl 31 reader l'ri:d8'1 33 readership l'ri:ct~J)pl 50 readership figures l<rild.sponS<lb<l1 'p3:tf:.op.)l mc'tioriolz/ri.)Jlp 'spendrn/ 48 sports sponsorship l'sPJ:ts .stolfi absenteeism irebsan'ti:Tz. 15.): 'dCItJI 23 strategy l' t.t arp/ 44 service /'sarvrs/ 4.sknptl 29 telephone hotline l.prouses/ 30 sci [-administered quesrionnaire I..lrstujz/ 39 search term I'S3:tf ..random word I..)rl 41 ship Iflpl 26 shipment ('flpm.strUI] irka.!'arts/48 seize opportunities I.trebbld 'pres/ 36 tackle a problem l.brld .):ctiansl 33.t:):kar/41 wobbler I.Iors r'Iekttvnas/ salespeople l'sellz. 46. lalfl 13 space I.slks .n .mcik/ 37 regular posting I.p3:P.)!rstl 3 specific Jsp:.strend 'aut/ 33 stand placement ('.spnnS. 31 incentive /m.t 'rAni 37 show (v) IJ.n! 1.rM III ih 'presl 33 safety needs I'serfti .s~ufali rr'sponsabol/ 5 sociological factor Is~ufiJ'lod3Ibl .h..wobl.ka:d! 21 rich media formats l.J'/6 relemarkerer l'teiI.:)r.J'sIfI1.repja'telJ.spredl rumours ('ru:mn( 49 the word (6J 'ward/ 40.J'/12 range Iremd31 1.:)n/49 taste test i'telst .eld! 31 argument (.}l .ntJ .rcktoriz/ 50 successful product launch /sok.f:). valda'.salnd 'di:V 31 significantly /sic'rufrksntli/ 9 silk screen l.mgut k~n'tr.lull 34 renew a patent /'kju.pxblrk 'konfrdons I 49 recall /rr'korl' 49 recognizable brand I'rekag natzsbal . 15.rek~gnalz .ri ' street marketing group I.)V '8Am! 24 run a campaign l.sev~ rr'leijonjrps wlol 48 shape Ifelpl 44 share (v} Ife.rreJ)k 'hat/ 39 fate Irertl 9 rare card I'relt .bolrk reprtzcn'terjon/vl-l tab /tscb.testl'm~ulli. 49 stand Istrendl 28 stand out I."h:)uld~rl 6 sheet IJiltl 35 shelf I'felfl life I.krtrn .kret.setl a deadline I.. 26 retain /ri'tem/ 21 return on investment (ROIl In.)utal 'brrendl!JI 17 140 Professional English in Use Marketing Professional English in Use Marketing 141 .J.kwJut..:)TI 29 script I..raodsard 'peenal/ 35 roman j'rJum.!4 respect In.tehfJ(m 'hotlam/ 30 telephone survey l'tehf.)ntl 26 SWOT analysis I'swol a.) 'spnntsajrp .:)ogrreml 34 sponsorship I'spons.pmblJmz! 5 social/.')'( 33 sustainable development Is.spektl a budget l. 45 tabloid I'trebbld! 36 tabloid press I.self od.)r .) 'pettont/ 7 repro house I'ri.miidia 'foirnzets/ 39 ring-pull l'nlJPul/ 45 rise to I'ralz tu:! 9 rising srar l.' 9 slogan /'slJugJnJ 34 slow-growing I.s.ka:dl 41 terms and cond itions' 34 'tell a friend' ib 'd3Dbl 37 signed deal I.:!flP .'13 su perrnarket listing I'su:p.Jul.:)'.spend on 'redvatarZll]1 24 spin-off I'spm .Iul 9 showcase I'JJuke!sl 50 showcase product I'J.lId! 45 scribe Iskrmb/12 seroller /'skr.ssit] ond dr'velcprnant/ Iu. 40 think our of the box l..9ru:p/43 street ream I'stri:t .tcl a 'frend!40 tent card I'tent .:)b.8ri: fJ 'tu:1 41 through-rhe-line (TTL} 1..talm t.lotl 31 force'1 29 telemarketing l'telr.)'1 31 pitch l.) 'mu:krtl 11 timed Italmd! 4 top of mind!) 'gr~UlI]I 14 i.13 total branding I..:)1/ 1..pltJil5 promotion ipra.:)mu:krt .prmts3palz 8nd 'vrelju:zl 5 shareholder I'Je.mi41 quota l.f3:t1ltJ~rl 35 street marketing ('slri:t .pr.:)flpl 48 deal/..:lud .rel.:lu .steltm.13:11 on m'vesmonr/ 14.:lI.spons8b.stem8bJI dl'vclJpm..)b81/ 2 socially respon sibl e /.Ii:'salklab2l1 45 redeem In'dilml21 redemption option /rt'dernjon .trep 'rntur/ 32 target I'ta:gltl audience pro'moojan/ 41 secon dary research I'sebnd<lri n.m:1 .l 'knpirarr/ 7 submit to blog directories /sob.silld wro .Je.lrstll]i15 outlet l.sretfarertJd 'ma:krt/14 scandal/'skrend.nend~m 'w3:d!12 generator l.nreIJSISI 6 sticky post I'stlki .top .8ru: ad 'lalnJ 32 riC-ill /'tal In! 27 time span I'tarm . 20 socially acceptable I.storf 'efots/ 22 record information I.ri:'vlzltl 21 revitalize a bra od Iri: 'vartolaiz g .djurs .S3:!J bai 'prodxkt .rhd3an2) 'redvotarzuj/ 34 regional press l.49 research and development (R&D} /n.! 20 problems l.)uld<l'1 6.pi:pJU 31 salesperson I' serlz...ufal/ network l'netw3:kl 40 STatus I'stelt.trek~1 .f.vii/ 34 test marker I'test .peekrt/ 45 samples of data I.flg8z.ln WIO/ 9 satisfactory quality (.stri:t 'rnorkrtnj .ll! 49 screcn/skri:n/ 10 screw-top lid I'skru: .ni:dz! 20 sales I' serlz/ aid I..t3:mz ond kan'drjonz/ 7 terrestrial TV /ta'restriol tir.sretrs'frekf.nstrkol o'nrelosrs/ 8 stay competitive 26 set I. 14 resources In' Z:JISIz.sarz .ri:'bnendl 17 rebuild public confidence /ri: .frekt8rl 6 soft goods I'soft .:lu/46 roadside panel z.l'1 22 stakeholder l'sterk.nirdz/ 20 shipping method I'Jrpll) 'me82d!16 shipping options l'fIPllJ 'npjonz/ 26 shopping I'Jop11J1 basket I.frekt<lz! 48 risk-taking I'nsk .skrerp8'I 39 slight /slart.pJusta'l 35 snap-on lid I'snrep ..hstl!]/15 supplier Isg'pladl 6 support Is.mrnrstod kwestja'nee? 8 sel f-fulfilmenr needs I.:l 'bAd3Itl 24 a deadline 18 'dedlam/ 37 respected /rr'spekud/ 18 respondent /rr'spnodont/ 8 responsibility /rr.m~uJ.Jd .:) .Jun .') 'mesidg/ 40 take steps /.kn 'fea'/14 religion /rr'lidgan/ 6.tell.)d3i14 street furniture I'stri:t .brxndl17 strong economic power l.'1 content /'kontentl 38 customer records l.op.:1repjJ'tclf..aot av 6J 'bnks/12 threat leretsl 3 three for two 1.).kASt< 42 message ('mesld3l' 42 traffic l'trrefIkI 39 targeting l'tU:gltlJ)1 48 tarnish the reputation I.mi:di.In! 21 referral In 'f3:T. 43 stable l'stClb..k .ri:d3.1/ 9 staff Ista:fl 1 staff I.)gJril 30 search engine I'S3:tf .! 36 real performance I'n.levol/ 26 store card I' sto: .tcknlkali 'firzobol/ 10 technological factor /tekn.koidrd 'mesidx/ 29 recyclable I. 16 rank high l.' senf .nn ..rek:nd rnfa'rnerjan/ 21 recorded message /rt.J1 31 representative /repn.iJIsl 1.red3lst8r ~ 'treidrncuk/ 7 registration mark /redgr'strerjon .seIlz .48 sponsored programme l'spons.prodxkt/ 28 sign off the job I.bmfl 11 sue Isu:1 7 suggest /so'djcsr/ 9 superior /su: ' 'SltrZ~nJ 46 responsible purchasing In.. 19 remote control In.n:z! 48 sponsorship spending sell/.:l)ti .gudzl13 sonic poster I'somk .:l/ 46 needs I.h:J:hd31 26 road show «r.blldITJI 22 team products I.o:gj8m.kurt! 30 centre 1"ent3'1 43 short run l.:)ub.kH/ 31 literature l.:)v'mamd! .sprenJ 33 time ro market !.sensltIv t.).end3I111 marketing (SEMJ/'mo:kIlIJ)1 39 optimization (SEO) /opumar'zerjon/ 39 results page (SER!') /n'zxlts perdy 39 search listings 1'53:tJ .spejal/ deal/'di:lI 1 edition lI'dlf~nJ 10 feature I'fi:tf<lrl 36 offer l'of.ti:ml43 strength Istrel]el 3 stretch a brand /'st ret]' .lev.) .kAltfJr. son/ 15 sample-size packet l'sQ:mp~l .spers( 15 talker l.sretrsfrekt .:ll 'notrnz/ 44 sensory research l.ti:m 'prndxkts/ 27 teamwork l'ti:mw3:k/ 22 tear opening I'te.word/ staff efforts 4 target a segment I. 12 sever relationships with I.P3:S.self fol'ftlmont .zentouv/ 31 sheet i.s~uf.pleismsnt/ 28 star 1sta. 40 STE!' analysis I'step .OpJ..terk 'steps/ 2 tangible l'trend3..ku:d! 21 store data I. P3.bu:skltl 30 can I.spnnsa'bilati/ 18 responsible corporate citizen I n.).te~tI 8 ream building I'ti:m .cfots/ 23 tailor the message (..kAJ~rI 37 spread I.tarm/ 39 seasonal promotion l.sretlsfal .24 reveal/n'vi:1I9 revenue expectations l.terknj/ 12 road haulage I'raud! 36 technically feasible /.)slsi 3 symbol l'srmb81/ 44 symbolic representation /sun.teIlg 6.molkltlJ)1 5 media !.mjUI ekspek'terjonz/ 10 revenue objectives /revonju: <lb'd3ektlvzl 2 revisit I.)s( 19.t.autlet/15 rerailloyalty programme I. 15 a service h 'S3:VIS/15 directly /dr'rekrli/ 26 selling price I'sehg .l'I 35 sealed with a cork I.J1 38 social Z'saujal/ marketing l.lId! 45 soap opera l's.spunsajrp/ 48 spot buying signals 27 spokesman l'sp2uksmani 49 spokesperson l'sp.)l/ l 5 provider /pra.sell an idea /on ai'dra/ 10 a product I..)ntl 5 sustainable purchasing Is.sens8ri (1'53:tJI11 serif type .end31n! 39 search engine 1. 40 share l.ta:nlj 0.m:ti:n 'psrtjos/ 20 rule of thumb l.poust/ 50 stimulate l'stlmjalelt/12 stock level ('stnk .m:J) 'pres/ 36 register a trademark t~ 'murkrt/ 10 routine purchase i.kAI.lml12 incentive scheme /m'sentrv .mo.rev. 41 specialist I'spef.vDljulm/ 10 sales force effectiveness l.)nt JV .)n/ 49 spokeswoman I'sp.tarp/ 44 satellite TV I.! 6 saturated market l.sAbd3lkt t.kjucr o 'Irstuj' 15 secure sponsorship rights l.nre].gru:pl market' lisuk/ 4 rebrand I.s3:tJI 8 secure a listing /sr.tell 'bl..wum. 13 reach lri:tfl 33 reach a target npa'tjumotiz/ 3 selection process /sr'lekjon .so:mpalz .w:grt a 'segmantl 19 targered I.S3lVCu' 8 television household (TVH I TVHH) l.telivl3gn 'hausould/ 34 television rating (TVR) l'tel1vl3.lhJuldn 'ni:dz.srfrk/ audience 1':J:di~msl 42 demographic IdemJ'grrefrk/ 43 taste "teist.brzend/ 3 recognize staff efforts I.JSll]l 5 retail/'rirtell! buyer l.Jti/ 7 satisfy shareholders' needs I.:ltrv .IV 'dert a/ 8 sans serif type I.trend ..Je.53:!J . 40 group I.)n/ 49 sponser /spon'si:1 48 sponsor I'spnns~rl 29 operator l.di:1/48 fees I..stml) 'hcntrdg/ 18 su bject to copyright l.) ~k'sept.J 'dedlatn/ 37 a marketing budget I~ 'rncrkiun .

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Used by permission of Tesco PLC. 43 workflow /warkflau/ 11 worldwide l.w3:ldwaId! events /r'vents/ 48 partner I'po:t n::J'148 worldwide sponsorship l.)1 'sponsa? 48 unpaid search listings JAn.pzek/ 22 white goods /wau . USPS for the text on p. 63.w3loi/ 18 tub 11Abi 45 tube /tjuib/ 45 tune in to /.J dU/ 28 trade show display I. 71 'Ford Promotion' from www.) 'Bret from! viral marketing I.treid .And::J 'bAd3ltl 24 understand consumer needs li\l1d8. McDonald's for the Golden Arches ® logo on p. Text on p.6degrees. Brandon Martin for the text on p. 67. Groupement Carte Bleue for the logo on p.W~kst 'pelp.)n148 viral commercial l. If any omissions are brought to our notice. 16.sprer/ 45 bottle /.trerd kon'sejonz/ typeface I'tarpfelsl 44 typesetting /' kon.weist .trrev.J'128. Coca-Cola is a registered trade mark of the Coca-Cola website.atkescue.} .ca' from www.flg::Jz/ 34 viewing habits I'vju:J!) . Daily Mirror 14 November 2005. Learnrnarkering.wargl::Js 'knntent/ 38 wish list 1'W1f . q l wireless content !.vreljn. it has not always been possible to identify the sources of all the material used.sjurmo 'ni:dzJ 6 under threat from I.:Jud! 7 upward trend I..spers/ 21 wallscape I'w.tjUlO 'tn tUll 34 TV channel /tu'vi: . MBA Publishing Limited for the text on p. We would also like to thank Millie.1ral . 49 'How loyal can you be?' Used by permission of The Hindu Business Line. 95. Crown Copyright © 2007. 'Micro Environment'.f::lu! 28 via ble I'VaJ8b::J1J 10 video clip I'Vldi8U .wrlfol rn 'frrndgmant/ 7 window display /windeu ds.treld '. GCap Media PLC for the text on p.f'ers 'brlbord/ 35 trigger spray I' . Text on p.florerte. we will be happy to include the appropriate acknowledgements on reprinting. The Wine Institute of California for the text and logo on p. DrugStore News for the text on p. who tested and improved the chapters.lrstrnz/ 39 upload IAp'1. 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