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ULTRA LOW POWER WIRELESS WEATHER STATION Abstract : An embedded system is a general purpose computer system that is the

combination of software and hardware designed to do a dedicated function with minimum manual interruption. It is mostly used for automation applications, since it reduces t he size and cost of product as well processing time. Embedded system is now boom ing technology in various fields like industrial automation, home appliances, au tomobiles and aeronautics etc. In this project Ultra Low Power Wireless Weather Station currently the appearance of eally low power wireless transceiver at very low prices is motivating the develo pment of many wireless applications out of the industrial field, which up to now turn to be large in size and expensive. We present the design of a tiny and low cost Wireless Weather Station to measure accurate temperature, relative humidit y, light intensity and atmospheric pressure. These direct climatic variables and others indirectly attainable, like the dew-point, wind chill, etc

Block Diagram : Transmit Section :

Receive Section :

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS 1.PIC Microcontroller(18F4488P) 2.ZigBee Transmitter and Receiver 3.LDR 4.Temperature sensor 5.Pressure Sensor