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CHECK Printing

CHECK Printing

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Published by: Naved Khan on Jan 03, 2012
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XML Publisher ± A Real World Experience

Presented by: Senthil Thangavelu

‡ Introduction ‡ XML Publisher Concept ‡ AR Customer Statement
‡ Development Overview ‡ Design and Setups

‡ AP Checks
‡ Development Overview ‡ Design and Setups

com.Ask Jeeves ‡ 7¶th largest global web property ‡ Owns ask. iwon. bloglines. ajkids.10 .com. excite.com.com. myway. LendingTree. citysearch.com.5. HSN. ‡ Oracle Apps version 11. Match.com. Evite ‡ Part of Interactive Corp(IAC) which also own TicketMaster.

XML Publisher Concept .

Classic Reporting Tools Issue Data logic Layout Report file Translation Less flexibility .

HTML .XML Publisher ‡ Template based publishing solution delivered with E-Business Suite ‡ New approach to report design and publishing ‡ Report template in MS Word or PDF ‡ Easy to generate customer ready PDF documents like Invoices. Excel. Checks etc ‡ Output in PDF. Financial Statements. Purchase Orders.

XML Publisher Concept Separate data / layout / translation Data Logic Layout XML Publisher Translation Report output More flexibility Reduced maintenance .

AR Customer Statement .

Challenges in seeded statement ‡ Not customer ready ‡ Includes all activities ‡ Not Easily customizable ‡ Less flexible .

Development overview .

ar_invoice_lines_v).1 for more details .Data Design ‡ Used Oracle Reports ‡ Set output (DESFORMAT) to XML ‡ Used Invoice print view (ar_invoice_header_v. See Metalink Note: Note:68149.

EXCEL and RTF format . HTML.Layout Design ‡ ‡ ‡ Used Microsoft Word and XML Template builder Need XML data for testing Preview available in PDF.

The code must be same as concurrent program short name ‡ Register the template .Setups in Applications ‡ Register the report as concurrent program with output format as XML ‡ Using XML publisher Administrator responsibility. create a data definition.

Checks .

maintenance and complexity ‡ Design checks in MS Word using XML publisher .Introduction ‡ Historically required 3rd party software for formatting ‡ Expensive in implementation.

Development Overview .

payer¶s account number and check number in specific MICR font ‡ Signature block ± Secure dynamic images .Major Features ‡ Check Amount ± Both as number and words ‡ Multiple addresses ± Both payee and payer address ‡ Banking Information ± Bank routing number.

Setups in Oracle Applications ‡ Change output format of check format program to XML ‡ Register the report as Data Definition with XML Publisher ‡ Register the template in template manager .

make the field type to MICR font .MICR Printing ‡ Freeware and commercial MICR fonts are available ‡ Needs to installed as font in the client machine for unit testing ‡ In the template.

MICR Printing ± Server changes ‡ It can be done in 2 ways ‡ Configuration file ± Change configuration file to include the font path eg. This works only with XML Publisher 5. Property should be prefixed with xdo.ttf"/> </font> All inclusive template ± Add the font path as custom property. <fonts> <font family="MICR" style="normal" weight="normal"> <truetype path="/usr/fonts/MICR..0 or later ‡ .

Secure signature printing ‡ Dynamic signature image at run time ‡ Create dummy image with URL location pointing to image location eg. url:{SIG_LOC} where SIG_LOC is signature location in the server ‡ Conditional logic if different people to sign different check based on conditions .

Conclusion ‡ XML publisher offers customers to design their own documents using familiar desktop tools ‡ Reduces the complexity of the system ‡ Reduces overall cost of ownership .


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