This is an applied academic experience conducted under joint faculty and employer supervision which requires a minimum of one semester and will include a minimum of 150 contact hours. Each intern registers for this course which will be given three hours credit. The purpose of the practicum is to provide students with specialized experiences in a career field tailored to one’s academic discipline, skills, and/or professional interests. The practicum allows each student the opportunity to work at a professional practicum site. Students choosing to work at a professional practicum site will work at an agency within the Luzon area about professions related to their discipline and/or life goals. OBJECTIVES: 1. To place students at a professional practicum site that is relevant to their discipline, skills, and/or interests. 2. To gain exposure with professional personalities and institutions within the Luzon region. 3. To perform job task on career-related programs and experience the organizational dynamics of a professional setting. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 1. All students will meet with the Practicum Coordinator and Teacher In Charge at a General Assembly during the semester prior to the practicum. 2. Each student is responsible for finding his/her own practicum site, however, the Placement Officer will provide as much help as possible. 3. All students must register for the course during the prescribed registration period and pay applicable tuition and other fees. The practicum must be completed during the semester the practicum was registered for. Students may not register for the practicum in one semester and start/complete it in another semester. 4. All students must submit to the Teacher In Charge the name, address and telephone number of the practicum site, the name and phone number of their supervisor as well as starting and ending dates of the internship. 5. Students are required to attend all internship meetings held by the Teacher In Charge. 6. All students must provide the Teacher In Charge with a valid address, phone number and email address where the student can be reached during the practicum. 7. Required reports for each students are: Bi-monthly reports and final report. WEEKLY REPORT A report must be written every week during the practicum period. The reports must be typed and should be at least two pages in length (double spaced with 1” margins, 11 point font, using Arial typeface – no fancy, decorative or large type). The weekly reports must be a minimum of two full pages, not including the cover page or any attachments. The report must have a cover page with the following information: Your name, where you are working, the report number (e.g. Report # 1), the dates of the weeks covered by the report, the due date for the report and the number of hours you worked during the report period. Papers must be well written using good English composition and grammar. It is to be written in essay format—not a conversational style.

g. How would you characterize the style of service in your organization? b. how would you have handled the situation? g. how would you have handled the situation? 2. What are some personal characteristics which you feel are necessary for a successful manager? a. FINAL REPORT Final report which is expected to be submitted at least a week right after the final practicum program may include but not limited to the following: 1. The journal may include description of the student’s practicum assignments and reflections on the practicum. What are the good points regarding the service rendered to guests/clients in your facility? c. Describe the company. f.For instance. . vision. Provide your analysis of any relevant situation that occurs in the organization. feel free to discuss it with the Teacher In Charge or the Practicum Coordinator in person and/or in your journal. 3. h. how would you rate the quality of service received by the guests at your facility? f. Describe the location. What incidents had occurred while you were on duty? Who handled the incident(s) and how effective were they handled? If you were the manager. Included in the report should be a section on how you feel you are achieving your objectives. c. What incidents had occurred while you were on duty? Who handled the incident(s) and how effective were they handled? If you were the manager. Discuss the flow of authority and the assignment of responsibility within the organization. Journal entries are held in confidence. 4. what would you do differently? e. Provide your analysis of any relevant situation that occurs in the organization. e. If you have a concern about something at your practicum site. learning experiences. b. What areas need improvement in the service delivery system in your facility? d. Describe the business/venue where you are working. its mission. and goals. Describe the function of your job in relation to the department as a whole. Have you acquired any special skills in the practicum that you didn’t already have? 7. Describe owners of the business. Overall. The degree to which you feel you accomplished your objectives. What are some of the most important management skills you feel are a must for a successful manager? 8. Describe the function of the department/area where you are working and how it relates to the entire organization. you may want to consider the following questions: • What have you learned about yourself this week? • What have you learned that will help you in your future profession? • How can you relate your practicum experience for this week to what you are learning in your classroom study? • What do you feel could be improved at your particular site? This Weekly report should be submitted every Monday morning every week thru email. Weekly reports can come from daily journal that students keep and which could be hand written in a medium size catleya filler. problems encountered could be part of the daily journal. chain affiliation and information about the chain/or parent organization. (This daily journal has to be submitted at the end of the practicum period. What did you learn in your practicum that are parallel to what you learned in school? 6. Cut off time is 12:00 noon. d. Company Background and Operation a.) Daily activities such as work accomplished. If you were the general manager. How your practicum contributed to your professional goals? Did your career goals change as a result of the practicum? 5.

In some cases. Grades will be determined based on the quality and timely completion of all required reports and the employer’s evaluation of work performance. in a timely manner. The student is required to obtain an evaluation from his/her supervisor and submit the original form to the Teacher In Charge within a week after the last complete week of the practicum (the same time as the final report). equally as important. they will not received a top grade. If students submit papers late. The student should review the comments and make appropriate adjustments to correct content and writing style problems before this will be included in the final report. 4. they are late. The weekly report will be read. It is incumbent on the student to keep track of all forms and reports to be submitted and when they are due. just to get by. the final grade will be partly determined by how well they follow directions and their attention to details. The final grades for the course will be determined using the following percentages: • Supervisors Evaluation -. how they translated that learning into writing. or part of a day. From your experience and observations of the industry thus far. organizational and clarity of report.50% • Weekly Reports – 30% • Final Report – 15% • Other Requirements – 5%: Waiver. Late papers will lose 10 points for every day. 5. A maximum point for each criterion is 10. they must put an appropriate amount of effort into the reports and course requirements to earn that grade.incharge. if they are unable to convey that learning in an appropriately written report. format. If students need a certain grade in this course to maintain or increase their grade point average. they will automatically lose 10 points. the evaluation form could be handed to the company supervisor during the personal visit of the TIC. 2. Please note. get confused on their due dates. including the weekly report. what changes can we make in the curriculum at De La Salle Lipa which you feel would better prepare you for an entry level management position. 8. grammar and attractiveness and neatness. or fail to submit their objectives. local address etc. the instructor must receive the original form of the evaluation – the form that the supervisor actually filled out – photocopies and faxes are not acceptable.9. The grade will be determined by how much they learned and. Reports will be graded using the rubric on written report. In addition. Would you recommend this internship site to another student in the future? Note: Other requirements for marketing practicum will be given by the teacher. they will be downgraded. Final report. If a contingency arises which precludes the student from meeting deadlines. and all other pertinent documents relative to the conduct of the practicum must be submitted in a formal form – hard/soft bound report. 10. If they do the minimum required. Grading Procedures 1. graded and critiqued by the instructor and sent back to the student before the next paper is written. Grades when submitted are final and will not be changed unless there was a computational error or other error on the part of the instructor. they will receive a grade which reflects their minimum effort. Summarize what you feel were the most important learning experiences during your practicum. Even though they might have had a very good learning experience. daily time record. 11. The evaluation form supplied by the TIC must be used for this purpose. . The performance criteria would be content. it is incumbent on the student to discuss the problem with the instructor before the deadline elapses. certification of completion 3. If papers must be returned for reformatting. The grade for this course will not be determined by how hard the students have to work or how many hours they have to work.

share feedbacks with each other regarding the professional practicum experience .Time Cards: Students must complete time cards and submit them to the Teacher In Charge at the end of the practicum period.share others topic related to one’s integration of faith and work Feedback: During the mid of semester. A record will be sent to them periodically throughout practicum period. time cards should be signed by your site concerns and prayer requests .receive guidance on tasks and projects . Students are to record only the hours that have been spent working at their site or for work related to the site supervisor’s assignments.discuss insights and observations obtained while at the practicum site . A final evaluation coming from the company supervisor will also be completed at the end of the period. Similarly. When possible. .exchange information related to one’s professional discipline and interests . the Teacher In Charge will provide feedback to each student regarding the student’s performance at that time. each student will be given the opportunity to provide mid-course feedback regarding his or her performance in the practicum site. who is responsible for mentoring. Students will meet their Teacher In Charge for one hour each week to: . supervising and guiding the student. Site Supervision: Student will be assigned to a Teacher In Charge.

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