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Letterr to SafeAIR nOV. 2, 2011

Letterr to SafeAIR nOV. 2, 2011

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Published by: pat_rick_5 on Jan 03, 2012
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Sir: This in connection with the alleged incidents at SAFEAIR Caticlan that was reported by SG Felix Umpoc, Jr. to Ms.

Erlene Aguino on July 27, 2011 through email, regarding the alleged fuel pull out commited by Felipe N. Octavio, Jr. Operations Manager. Based on the Investigation conducted by SPO1 Henrie C. Agbalajon (Ret.), the alleged fuel take out of Mr. Octavio was baseless. The pull out of In-operative Refuelling Truck with plate no. ZNA 354 was properly coordinated with the Airport authority. The report of the guard was baseless and the purpose was just to malign and destroy the credibility of Mr. Octavio to Safeair Management as his retaliation for the sanction done to him. Attached is the result of the investigation conducted by SPO1 Agbalajon. Same copy was forwarded to Ms. Erlene Aquino on Aug. 12, 2011. I hope that this email will clarify the issue. In view of the above, we would like to request the payment for the services of our guards will not be hold. Thanks and best regards,

PAZ R. INDULO Branch Manager Panay Veterans Security & Inv. Agency

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