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3rd 2012 Occupy the FRAUDulent Enterprises and STOP on-going and future Eviction efforts

*** National NEWS ADVISORY ***

Bayless Family of Delaware, Ohio

Occupy the 1%. Email, Phone, & Faxes and put them on notice:
Occupy Ohio Contacts: Columbus: Cleveland: Cincinnati: Dayton: Youngstown: Akron: Toledo: Occupy Columbus Actions: and Eviction Intervention Dec 7th and Press Conference Dec 9th, National Occupy Our Homes: Website and Blog with information on this cause and fight YouTube: Video of Terrifying & Horrifying Eviction Attempt on the Bayless family For additional background, information & updates:

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd 2012: Occupy Email, Phone, and Fax of the below entities:
Beginning Monday January 2nd, 2012 we ask American Citizens along with any and all Occupy members, groups, and activist to take direct action. Please Occupy by email, phone and fax ALL the 1% (entities) listed below which have participated in fraudulent attempts to steal the home of the Bayless Family in Delaware Ohio, (North Columbus) or to have participated in eviction efforts. The Bayless family live in a constant and daily fear...THEY ARE COMING.AGAIN. We ask you Take Action to protest any further eviction attempts on this family. Homeowners & citizens across America and in Ohio Please contact the 1%: US BANK Corporate Trust, their profiteering servicing partner Wells Fargo and the two Ohio based Predator Drone foreclosure mill firms Lerner, Sampson, Rothfuss (LSR) and Thompson Hine LLP, hired to execute criminal acts in our courts. The behavior of the 1% - if allowed to go unchecked - will exacerbate the foreclosure crisis, affecting millions of families, and continue to destroy the lives, families & economy for the remaining 99%. US BANK N.A: (purportedly acting) as Trustee (fiduciary) for the benefit of a 2005 Lehman created trust US BANK NA as Trustee for SASCO pass through mortgage certificates 2005-RF4

Please Contact US BANK and reference above trust (claiming to hold Bayless Note & Mortgage): Leave a message on ALL voice mails AND also email U.S. bank .similar to the following: Evicting Ohios Bayless family, on behalf of your unnamed investors IS NOT in the best interest of the Bank, the Trust, or the Investors. Worse, the SASCO investors may suffer further harm to their purported investment (Trust) if Bayless foreclosure case continues to be found in contradiction to existing OHIO and U.S federal laws. Additionally, investor monies are being spent on improper and illegal SERVICING (by Wells Fargo). Wells Fargo hired third-party Predator Drone foreclosure mill firms to improperly execute fraudulent documents to submit with their foreclosure filings. Trust and Investor monies are also being spent by the Predator Drone law firms, which may cause further financial exposure for US BANK and reveal that current and prior servicers (for your TRUST) NEVER legally acquired possession of the Note nor a valid assignment of the underlying Mortgage in this case. Please immediately stop all actions against Ohio Bayless family on behalf of US BANK as trustee. Please contact your current servicer (Wells Fargo) and ask them to STOP their eviction efforts. US BANK Corporate Trust for SASCO (Structured Asset Securities Corp) 2005-RF4 Contact: Kathleen Sullivan (on maternity leave until April 1) but leave a voice mail anyway. Email: Phone: 617-603-6467 Interim Corporate Trust Contacts: Jenn Moynihan at 617-603-7629, Beth Nally 617-603-6882, Paul Gobin 617-603-6630 , Piyusha Shirname: 617-603-6550 for immediate assistance.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

WELLS FARGO: (as Servicer) is purportedly acting on Behalf of US BANK (as Trustee) instructions: Send action emails that Reference Name: Bayless & Wells Fargo Loan: 7003344,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Predator Drone Foreclosure Mill Firms (Hired by Wells Fargo Servicing):

Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss LPA (LSR)

RE: LSR Case Number: 200809509
120 East Fourth Street, 8th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202

PHONE: (513) 241-3100 FAX: (513) 241-4094 Email: Reference LSR Case Number: 200809509 & Wells Fargo Loan: 7003344

Thompson Hine, LLP

Austin Landing I 10050 Innovation Drive, Suite 400, Dayton, Ohio 45342 PHONE: 937-443-6600 FAX: 937-443-6635 Attorneys: (Scott King & Terry Posey) E Mail:,,
Please phone, email and fax all the above entities. Stand up Be Heard Make a difference - Be a DOER

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! TAKE ACTION - TODAY TAKE ACTION - TODAY TAKE ACTION - TODAY

Any actions will help focus attention on some aspect of how the 1% big banks continue to crash the economy and steal homes via fraudulent foreclosure practices in all 50 states. The 1% needs to know that the 99% along with the Whole World. is Watching. We must continue to be vigilant and let the 1% know they CANNOT evict families and throw them in the street to cover up for years of reckless and predatory lending which has now exposed their fraudulent behavior, illegal servicing and foreclose practices.
Also contact the Ohio Court and State representatives and Ask they NOT Evict the BAYLESS Family If you don't have a fax machine you can use one a free services like

Example fax:

We support Bayless family of Delaware Ohio, and ask that you allow them to remain in their home. The family consists of seven people, living in the home, including 5 children. The mother is partially bed-ridden and recovering from a recent auto accident. Please grant their request for a stay currently before Ohios 5th District Court of Appeals

Send e-mails and written comments to:

Ohios 5th District Court of Appeals

110 Central Plaza South, Suite #320 Canton, OH 44702 Phone: (330) 451-7765 Fax: (330) 451-7249

5th District Court of Appeals - Satellite Office

20 West Central Delaware, OH 43015 Phone: (740) 833-2520 Fax: (740) 833-2519

Delaware County Ohio Common Pleas Court (Lower Court)

General Division & 91 North Sandusky Street Delaware, Oh 43015 (740) 833-2519 (Fax) Judge Whitney's Office - 740-833-2530 Judge Krueger's Office - 740-833-2550 Magistrate Laughlin's Office - 740-833-2565 Magistrate Weithman's Office 740-833-2542 Ohio State Reps for BAYLESS Family district

US SENATOR: Sherrod Brown EMAIL the senator - fill our form (HERE)
PHONE: Washington, D: (202) 224-2315 In Ohio Toll Free: 1-888-896-OHIO (6446) Columbus: (614) 469-2083 or Cincinnati: (513) 684-1021 Cleveland: (216) 522-7272 or Lorain: (440) 242-4100

State of Ohio Senator for Bayless family

Kris Jordan Senate Building 1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor Columbus, OH 43215 Phone: (614) 466-8086 Fax: Email:

State of Ohio Representative for Bayless District

Andrew Brenner 77 S. High St, 12th Floor Columbus, OH 43215-6111 Phone: (614) 644-6711 Fax: (614) 719-0002 Contact via web at: Contact Andrew Brenner