Case Study 3: Industrial Marketing (B2B Marketing) ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Ltd, Bangalore

Background Core consultancy group (CCG) deals with the following generic spheres of management consultancy: y y y y y Industrial marketing research(IMR) Consumer marketing research(CMR) Human resource development(HRD) Techno commercial feasibility(TCF) Idea generation technique(IGT) for diversification

The above five constitute the overall service mix of which IMR constitutes nearly 80% of the firms turnover in sales-value terms. Its major concentration is in the east, followed by the west, and efforts are on to popularize it in the north and south of India also. The major brains in CCG are: y y y y y Director, Marketing services Director, Technical Director, CMR and HRD Director, Analysis Director, Western Region

There are a number of large and medium competitors- M/S TECS, the major competitors, is one of the largest management consultancy houses in India. Profile of the prospective buyer ABB is a very large and highly diversified organization located near Bangalore, where about 2000+ people work. In 2009-10, its sales turnover was Rs. 1800 crore. Its chief concentration is in the energy sector, followed by other areas like the manufactures of Railway locomotives. They manufacture both analog thyristor drives (ATD) and digital drives (DD). For the latter product, there are a number of competitors like Siemens India. A few very large parties like UMI are also reportedly planning to start local production. For the digital drives line, 80% is still imported from USA, Germany, Japan, etc. for direct use in sectors such as

The expertise behind the proposed all-India study. However. The director was quite excited and. Handling Objections 3. y y y y The companies past and present relevant achievements. CCG S liaison officer at Bangalore had sent an email to the Director. y y y y y y Vice president . The overall process of how CCG proposed to carry out this industrial marketing research. he was fully aware of the following steps involved in the selling process. import scenario. Chemicals. probable future market share. Closing the sales (even losing the order may also be involved) 5.y y y Integrated steel plants. Prospecting and lead generation( partially organized by the Bangalore.based liaison officer for CCG) 2. government policy. Plan for presentation to the prospective client (several-sub-stages may be involved) 4. on 1 February 2010 requesting for the preparation and submission of a research proposal to M/s ABB. Follow up The director had to give firm estimates to ABB regarding.R&D General manager. Marketing (Drives Division). at the same time. 1. potential present and future competitive positions. Factory Marketing research manager Manager. latest by 15 February 2010. prior designing all the above. etc) and others. and Industrial machinery manufacturers (Fertilizers. overall growth rates of end use sectors.karwak. and time and cost estimates. . Marketing services. All the DMU members are highly qualified and experienced. detailed work-scope as well as competitive strengths should be known. www. Mini steel plants. corporate division President General manager. ABB has decided to organize an all-India industrial marketing research on the DD line to assess its demand. On the other hand. through the local liaison officer. confused about getting it done in just two weeks.

etc. On what basis do you think ABB will decide to award the order & to whom. The major issue was-how to act? A: Decision making unit of ABB at Bangalore.Ghosh Oxford Press. Which has organized about 1000. highlighting a company s strengths and weaknesses( if Any). Prepare a research Proposal. Terms of reference yet to be defined. Questions: 1. 2. Mumbai. Africa. Devise SWOT of CCG with TECS with the context of this MR project. Discuss the Marketing Strategy CCG should use to get ABB Business. He called the available seniors at Kolkata for an internal meeting. the work methodology. They enjoy a very high reputation and . etc. Karwak Case Studies Industrial Marketing (B2B Marketing) ************************************************************************************* www. Note: A research proposal is a systematic and scientifically designed quotation. though also known to be the most expensive.K. the time and cost estimate. B: Task team from CCG.Given the time constraint as well as the inability to overspend. 4. 3. Adopted and modified Source: Industrial Marketing by P.karwak. C: Task team from TECS. the director had to decide on the way he should act. south east Asia. similar Studies in India.

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