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Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is unable to access the Internet. What is the cause of the problem? An incorrect IP address is configured between the two routers. No static route is configured on Router2. A routing loop has occurred. No routing protocol is configured on either of the two routers. 2

Refer to the exhibit. Packets destined to which two networks will require the router to perform a recursive lo (Choose two.) 3

Refer to the exhibit. Which path will traffic from the network take to get to the network? ADC ABC It will load balance the traffic between ADC and ABC It will send the traffic via ABC, and will use ADC as a backup path only when ABC fails. 4

Adjust the EIGRP hello timers to account for the network delay. 5 In which situation would a default static route be recommended? when connecting an edge router to the Internet when variable length subnet masking is in effect when there is more than one valid route for a destination network when a destination network has a larger mask than any routes in the routing table 6 Which of the following are primary functions of a router? (Choose two.Refer to the exhibit.) packet switching microsegmentation domain name resolution path selection flow control 7 . All routers have the same EIGRP configuration as router RTR_A. Add the command eigrp log-neighbor-changes on all routers. What should be done so that host A can access server A? Add the command no auto-summary on all routers. Change the network statements to include a wildcard mask. Host A is having problems accessing server A.

3.16.1 8 .255 A: C: 172.254 B: 255.3.3.Refer to the exhibit.0 C: 172.16.31 B: 255.255. A router interface is configured with the command ip address 172.0 C: 172.3.31 255.16.254 B: 255.16.31 A: 172.31 A: 172.192.31 B: C: 172.255.1 Which set of addressing values would allow a computer that is connected to the router interface to commu with remote networks? A: 172.

0 network. There is insufficient flash memory.6. 9 Refer to the exhibit. as shown in the output of the show rip database command. What could b reason for the missing RIP route? Compared to RIP.0 network learned via EIGRP. What could be the cause of this problem? There is insufficient NVRAM. The system image file is not located in NVRAM.6. Upon rebooting. However.168. the network administrator that the router has installed a different route to the 192. upon running the show ip route command. .168.Refer to the exhibit. The configuration register is not configured with the default setting. R3 not load the start-up configuration settings. EIGRP has a lower administrative distance. A network engineer has run the show version command on R3. A router learns a route to the 192.

The subnet mask should be added to the interface configuration. It is the hold-down time. but upon inspection discove interface FastEthernet0/1 is not functioning. Compared to RIP. It is the value that is used by the DUAL algorithm to determine the bandwidth for the link. 13 . It is the administrative distance of the routing protocol. What is the meaning of the highlighted value 120? It is the metric that is calculated by the routing protocol. The no shutdown command needs to be added to the interface configuration. Compared to RIP. 11 Refer to the exhibit.Compared to EIGRP. before the next update. A technician has configured the interfaces on the Router. the EIGRP route has fewer hops. Configure the static route to point to a next-hop IP address. Which action will most likely correct the problem with FastEthernet0/1? A clock rate should be added to the interface configuration. measured in seconds. RIP has a higher metric value for the route. 12 Refer to the exhibit. An interface description needs to be added to the interface configuration. Configure a default gateway to reach all remote networks. Configure the static route to use the exit interface of the router that leads to the remote network. EIGRP has a faster update timer. 10 How could a network technician configure a static route that does not require a recursive lookup? Configure a default network.

0.0 15 Refer to the exhibit. area 0 R2(config)# router ospf 2 R2(config-router)# network 10.0 0.0/24 and R2 has been recently installed network. R1 is configured properly for a single area OSPF. subnet mask 255. Which combination of IP address and subnet mask can be used on the serial interface Router2 in order to put the interface in the same network as the serial interface of Router1? IP Which summarization should R1 use to advertise its networks to R2? 192.255. Which set of commands is required to configure a single area OSPF for the networks that are co to R2? R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network subnet mask 255.32. subnet mask to the exhibit.0/22 area 0 .252 IP 172.0 IP 172.0 0.168.0/24 192.3 area 0 R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network 192.18.0/22 14 Refer to the exhibit.18.240 IP 172. subnet mask 255.255 area 0 R2(config-router)# network

32/30 18 Refer to the exhibit.0.0/24 10.2.0 10.R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network 192.16.255 area 0 R2(config-router)# network area 0 Which router interface will participate in OSPF? FastEthernet0/0 FastEthernet0/1 Serial0/0/0 Serial0/0/1 19 Which mechanism helps to avoid routing loops by advertising a metric of infinity? route poisoning .1.0 17 Which candidate route has the longest match for a packet with a destination address of 10. A network administrator has configured OSPF using the following command: network 10.0 0. Which subnet mask should the administrator use to create the new subnets? to create 6 additional subnets each containi to 2000 hosts for local LANs.0/23 10.0 area 0 R2(config-router)# network 10.32 255.0 255.0 255.255.3 area 1 Showing 2 of 4 Next> Page: 2 GO <Prev 16 A network administrator must use the subnet 172.16.3 area 1 R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network 10.

168. A network administrator adds this command to router R1: ip route 192.0 S0/0/0. The routes of all three rou displayed.2.split horizon hold-down timer triggered updates 20 Refer to the exhibit.255. R2. from R1 to 192.0 255. What is the result of adding this command? This route is automatically propagated throughout the network. 21 Refer to the exhibit.168.1 from R2 to 192. and R3. from R2 to 192.16. A static route is established. The traffic for network 172.1.255. The traffic for all Class C networks is forwarded to 172. The network has three connected routers: R1. All routers are operational and pings are not blocked on this network.1 22 Which statement is true about the RIPv1 protocol? . Which ping will fail? from R1 to 172.2.0 is forwarded to network 192.

168.) It is saved in the topology table for use if the primary route fails. It uses classless routing as the default method on the router. The adjacencies between the routers are yet to be established. What is incorrectly confi the IP address of the Fa0/0 interface at R1 .It is a link-state routing protocol. It excludes subnet information from the routing updates. 25 Which prompt is used to allow a user to change the IP address of an interface on a router? Router> Router# Router(config)# Router(config-if)# 26 Refer to the exhibit. What information can be determined from the displayed output? EIGRP packets are waiting to be sent to the neighbors. the successor route is stored in the neighbor table. 23 Refer to the exhibit.10 via the R2 S0 interface. After the discovery process has occurred. 24 Which two statements are true about the EIGRP successor route? (Choose two. The IP address 192. It is used by EIGRP to forward traffic to the destination. The hosts on the R1 LAN are unable to access the Internet. It is flagged as active in the routing table.10. It uses the DUAL algorithm to insert backup routes into the topology table.168.10 is configured at serial interface S0/0/1 of router R2. Router R2 is receiving hello packets from a neighbor with the IP address 192.10. It may be backed up by a feasible successor route.

168.5 255. Wh additional command must be issued by the technician to activate the interface to forward traffic? Router(config-if)# exit Router(config-if)# no shutdown Router(config-if)# clock rate Router# copy running-config startup-config 28 Which two technologies can be used in distance vector routing protocols to prevent routing loops? (Choos authentication link-state advertisements hold-down timers Spanning Tree Protocol split horizon 29 Refer to the exhibit.3. All interfaces on both routers are co configured and operational.the IP address of the S0/0/1 interface at R2 the IP address of the S0/0/0 interface at R1 the subnet mask of the S0/0/1 interface at R2 27 A technician configures the Fa0/0 interface on a router with ip address 192.252. R1 and R2 are adjacent routers both running RIP. Both routers are configured to include all connected interfaces in routing upda .255.255.

17.0 can only be reached using a default route. R2 will not accept version 1 updates from R1. Router1 is running both the EIGRP and OSPF routing process.16.168. The AD of EIGRP routes has been manually changed to a value other than the default value.0. Routes are being summarized by R1 but not by R2.0 has an AD of 156160. Showing 3 of 4 31 Next> Page: 3 GO <Prev .0. Network not showing any routes from R1 in the routing table. No default route has been configured. 30 Refer to the exhibit. The distance of 120 exceeds 15 hops. What is the likely cause? The adjacent interfaces are passive.16 can best be reached using FastEthernet0/0.0.) The route to network 172. Which three statements are true of the routing table for Router1? (Choose three. Network 172.

The EIGRP protocol was configured first on the router. Which statement correctly explains the scenario? The OSPF protocol has a higher cost than EIGRP. why can users establish a console connectio this router without entering a password? The login command was not entered on the console line. The enable password should be an enable secret password. Which two components need to be configu both routers to achieve this? (Choose two. Console connections cannot be configured to require users to provide passwords. The EIGRP protocol has a lower metric than OSPF. No username and password combination has been configured. Based on the partial output in the exhibit.Refer to the exhibit. Both protocols appear in the output of show ip protocols.) the same process ID the same area ID network addresses and wildcard masks the same router ID the same loop back address 34 A network administrator is in charge of two separate networks that share a single building. only EIGRP internal routes appear in the routing tables. What device w required to connect the two networks and add a common connection to the Internet that can be shared? hub router access point Ethernet switch . The EIGRP protocol has a lower administrative distance than OSPF. 33 Two routers need to be configured within a single OSPF area. 32 A network administrator is analyzing routing update behavior on a network that has both EIGRP and OSPF configured on all routers. However.

168. the next hop IP address in the current static route must be reconfigured. but the routers are unable to establish a neighbor adjacency. R3 can ping R1. Ho a static route entry be altered to accommodate a topology change? Keep the existing static route and configure a new static route with the correct next hop IP address. Negate the existing static route and configure a new static route with the correct next hop IP address.) updates from other routers DHCP information broadcasts manual configuration of routes ARP requests from connected routers inspection of the destination IP address in data packets . reload the router. Check the hello and dead intervals between the routers.1.0/24 with a metric of 301440. and configure a new static route with the correct next address. What should the network administrator do to trouble this problem? Check if the interfaces of the routers are enabled. The interfaces of all routers are configured for OSPF area 0.35 A routing table shows an EIGRP route to 192. What other term also describes this EIGRP metric value? feasible distance reported distance feasible successor feasibility condition 36 Refer to the exhibit. The existing static route will automatically update the next hop entry with the new IP add Keep the existing static route. Check if CDP is enabled on all the routers. Check the process ID of both routers. 37 Because of a topology change. 38 What are two ways that a router can learn of the paths to destination networks? (Choose two. Do nothing.

) a CSU/DSU device a modem an Ethernet switch a hub a bridge 42 Refer to the exhibit.168. besides the one it entered the router on. The router changes the destination IP to the IP of the exit interface. 41 Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of running this command? Traffic for network 192.2.0 is forwarded to 172. R1(config)# ip route 192.16. A device is required to complete the connection between router R1 and the WAN. W two devices can be used for this? (Choose two.1.0 255. The router maintains the same source and destination IP. Routers will not allow packets to be forwarded until the network is converged. decrementing it by one.255. Routers may make incorrect forwarding decisions until the network has converged. . The network administrator has run the following command on R1.0 172. The router sends the packet out all other interfaces. The router changes the source physical address to the physical address of the exit interface.updates from the SMTP management information base 39 Which three statements are true regarding the encapsulation and de-encapsulation of packets when traveli through a router? (Choose three.16. 40 Why is fast convergence desirable in networks that use dynamic routing protocols? Hosts are unable to access their gateway until the network is converged. Routers will not allow configuration changes to be made until the network has converged.) The router modifies the TTL field. The router changes the source IP to the IP of the exit interface.168.2.

45 Which statement is true about the metrics used by routing protocols? A metric is a value used by a particular routing protocol to compare paths to remote networks. Showing 4 of 4 Next> Page: 4 GO <Prev 46 If a router is booting with its default configuration register setting and its NVRAM lacks boot system commands.168. Next-hop addresses are included in routing updates.0 network until the holddown expires. Network 10. The command invokes a dynamic routing protocol for 192.0.2. Split horizon will prevent Router4 from fowarding packets to the 10. Routing updates are triggered by topology changes. Multicast addresses are used to send routing updates. Whic statement is true regarding how the routers in this topology will respond to this event? Router4 will learn about the failed route 30 seconds later in the next periodic update.0. Router5 immediately flushes the unreachable route from its routing table.2.0. 44 Refer to the exhibit. from where will the router try to load the IOS image first? ROM RAM .0. 43 Which feature of RIPv2 enables it to function as a classless routing protocol? Subnet masks are included in routing updates. The network is running the RIP routing protocol. A common metric is used by all routing protocols.0.16.This route is automatically propagated throughout the entire network.1.0 goes down. Traffic for all networks is forwarded to 172. The metric with the highest value is installed in the routing table.0.0. The router may use only one parameter at a time to calculate the metric. Router5 will send Router4 a triggered update with a metric of 16 for network 10.0.

what is the name of the router? name cisco router hostname 49 .) Routers that run a link-state protocol can establish a complete topology of the network. Routers use only hop count for routing decisions. Routers in a multipoint network that run a link-state protocol can exchange routing tables. When all of the commands that are shown in the exhibit are entered at the correct rou prompt. The shortest path first algorithm is used. Split horizon is used to avoid routing loops. 48 Refer to the exhibit.NVRAM flash TFTP server 47 Which two statements are true for link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.

On the basis of the show running-config output. which option correctly reflects the that will be listed in the R2 routing table? 50 .Refer to the exhibit.

Change the serial interface on R2 to S0/0/0 so that it matches R1.226. Host A is unable to access the Internet.10.Refer to the exhibit. Which option represents the bes and will be placed in the routing table? S 192.226 R 192. Add an interface description to S0/0/1 on R2.226.128/27 [1/0] via 192. The subnet mask for the Fa0/0 interface of R1 is incorrect. Serial0/0/0 O 192.168.10. What is the reason for this? The IP address of host A is incorrect.10. 00:00:09. Change the IP address of S0/0/1 on R2 so that it is in the same subnet as R1.10.10. 52 A router learns about network 192.128/27 from multiple sources.168.10.128/27 [120/2] via 192.128/27 [110/1563] via 192.168. Serial0/0/0 . The default gateway of host A is incorrect.168. 00:00:14.168.168. What needs to be done to allow these two routers to connect successfully? Add a clock rate to S0/0/0 on R1.10.168. 51 Refer to the exhibit. The Fa0/1 interfaces of the two routers are configured for different subnets.

128/27 [90/21026560] via 192. 00:00: Serial0/0/0 .168.D 192.

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