Cruising and Tourism: Same opportunities … Same challenges

Joshua G Giordimaina

Whilst the synergy between the cruising and tourism industries has been discussed on a number of occasions, their interdependence goes beyond the market potential that cruising can offer to tourism. Cruising and tourism also share very similar challenges. To understand this point better, below are extracts from 3 of the Top 5 Challenges for the long-term sustainability of the cruise industry in Malta.

based on adherence to industrywide quality standards would allow this service to evolve in tandem with the requirements of the modern cruise industry.

Challenge #3/5:

Change of outdated practices
Performance does not mean solely passenger throughput. It also incorporates and is certainly measured in terms of the service levels and product quality being offered by all the stakeholders involved. Service providers of all forms and sizes need to become more customer-centric and put the cruise passenger at the heart of all decisions taken. These include, for example, keeping the main places of attraction (such as the various museums in Valletta) open also on Sundays and public holidays.

homeporting] appears to be the destination Malta rather than the Port of Valletta.” This was one of the most revealing findings in an international cruise industry research project, commissioned by VISET Malta plc. This weakness is mostly related to the “Marque Value” – that is, the strength that a particular destination adds to an itinerary to make it more saleable. In relation to the marque value of Malta, this research clearly shows that “there is an overall agreement that Malta does not significantly contribute to the saleability of an itinerary … This is partly due to lack of awareness in key source markets.” There is a lot to be gained from a highly focused marketing campaign at an international level, which is designed to create a “must-see” feeling in prospective visitors to the Islands. Feedback and further discussions on these points are more than welcome, and can be addressed to Joshua G Giordimaina, VISET Malta plc,

Challenge #1/5:

Improved transportation
Efficient and affordable transportation within the Port of Valletta and neighbouring areas is of paramount importance. The quantity, choice and quality of transport facilities need to improve. For example, the taxi service needs to undergo complete restructuring. Projects such as the introduction of continuous professional training coupled with regular monitoring for taxi drivers and a system of licence renewals

Challenge #5/5:

More aggressive marketing
“The main weakness [in generating more volume, or added-value business such as

March 2008 

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