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Project Life Cycle

Phase 1: Concept

Phase 2: Justification

Phase 3: Planning

Phase 4: Execution

Phase 5: Completion

Phase 6: Realise & Improve

Provide business environmental analysis Identify goals, objectives, success facors Establish system boundaries Provide alternative analysis

Solution proposal

Develop project plan

Manage project scope

Manage project schedule

Administrative closure, archiving project documents & records Project notes

Document the successes of the project

Provide impact analysis

Develop scope statement

Select project team

Perform cost management

Implement quality control

Redistributing resources


Assess project, technical & business risks

Identify and initiate risk mitigation actions

Project concept document

Document lessons learned

Set up project financials within Pronto

Provide cost benefit analysis

Yes Identify deliverable

Create work breakdown structure

Monitor & control risks

Manage change control

Prepare final presentation to Strategic council

Project plan

Post project review

Identify basic high level requirements

Develop high level architecture, process models

Develop high level constrains

Develop high level assumptions

Estimate the resource requirements

Estimate time and cost for activities

Manage deliverable acceptance

Perform issue management

Close all projects tools

Project management records

Evaluate costs & benefits

Contract the suppliers

Develop the schedule

Execute communication plan

Manage resource change

Generate final project report for stakeholders



Evaluate by Strategic council

Develop the budget

Risk planning

Manage project team

Manage project transition

Closing out financial account in Pronto


Agree upon project KPIs

No Gain formal approval to begin work UAT Stage

Project will not be processed Project statement Opportunity assessment

Get final acceptance of project results from Strategic council

Meeting minutes

Provide documents to Strategic council Project/ systemconcept Feasibility assessment Procurement plan

Perform a phase review

Handover the deliverables to BAU

Project status reports

Technical documents Project plan Resource plan Gain acceptance from Strategic Council Call for feedback of project stakeholders

Business case drafting

Top level rough work breakdown

Preliminary milestone

Communication plan

Financial plan

Identify project manager and project sponsor

Acceptance plan Risk plan

Quality plan