5047 Yale Dr. Erie, PA 16510 October 27, 2011 Mr. Edward Evans Penn State Behrend 4701 College Dr.

Erie, PA 16563 SUBJECT: RESEARCH PROJECT PROPOSAL Dear Mr. Evans: For the research project I would like to focus on different types of seals. Seals are a fundamental part of machines; they are what keep dirt and debris out of areas that may be susceptible to wear and they also hold in fluids that may be used inside of a machine. There are many different functions of seals and it would be interesting to see how they apply to machine design. I would like to research the different kinds of seals and there functions, what types of materials are used to manufacture seals and what purposes do these different materials have, and the fundamentals of specifying the size of a seal for a specific machine. This topic is of great importance to machine design because is it one that will greatly extend the life of the machine by reducing wear on the internal components. Seals could often be overlooked as a component of a machine but has serves a fundamental purpose in designing a machine. At the end of this project I will have prepared a 6 to 8 minute presentation covering all of the above topics in depth and detail. Sincerely,

Nick Mulidoro

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