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Clairvoyance, hallucination and illusion

What is the difference between hallucination, illusion and clairvoyance. In all the three, the
individual is having certain visual things beyond the existing real ones.. In hallucination and illusion
the individual will not have any control over them but in clairvoyance it is coming by his
own effort. If one is meditating regularly one can have the capacity to see the future or the things
that are happening away from him. Of course the meditator must be careful in doing his practices
by having the control of a master.

In hallucination and illusion the individual due to his excess pressure on the mind (off course the
brain) by worrying or emotionally disturbing the mind, making it to produce certain toxic chemicals
inside and making the brain out of control. Here the conscious mind is in out of order.

In clairvoyance the individual by his regular practice of meditation or some heavy prayer practices
making the brain to produce some other chemicals, making the pineal gland activated, will get
the capacity to tell the future. Here also the conscious mind is subtle.

When the milk is toned by some curd it will become a good curd. But when the milk is put in
an open place it will become a spoiled one. In curd the bacteria “est” is making the milk to curd.
But in spoiled milk some other bacteria is making it to rot. Both are bacterias but est is a good one
and the other is not so.

Similarly in clairvoyance some good chemicals (say atrophine etc.,)make the brain to have the visuals
of the future or the God. But in hallucination some other bad chemicals make the brain disintegrated
and stop its normal function.

Even in meditation if it is not done properly it will affect the brain and make him insane.

In Tamil a famous saying is:

chiththarum biththarum onruthan
chiththar and biththar are same.
Chiththar is one who is attained perfection and biththar is one who is mad.

So if you are not careful in doing meditation or prayer you will become a biththar and not a chiththar.

You can see people who are doing excess prayers (beyond a limit) are becoming god mad and roaming
in the temples insane.