Hyalgan injections are given as a series of 5 injections. Each injection is given once a week. Although the procedure may vary from medical provider to medical provider, the following is a general description of the injection technique. The technique presented should not be considered to be the only manner in which a joint may be injected. In the following series, the left knee is being injected from the lateral side.

Initially, the knee is examined. The position of the patella is determined, as well as the site of the injection. (Click HERE for a video of the pertinent knee exam (645 KB avi file).)

this is a Betadine solution. although alcohol may also be used. In the video.) STEP 3: LOCAL ANESHESIA After sterile prep of the injection site.STEP 2: PREP THE KNEE After determining the injection site. (Click HERE for a video of the local anesthesia (846 KB avi file). the area is cleaned with a sterile solution. an injection of local anestheia may be given (for example: Xylocaine).) STEP 4: ASPIRATE THE EXISTING FLUID (IF NECESSARY) . (Click or HERE for a for a video of the sterile preparation prior to injection (736 KB avi file). or an ethyl chloride spray may be used to numb the skin.

and the medication injected. The syringe containing the Hyalgan is then connected to the needle. and the Hyalgan is injected.) STEP 6: CLEAN SITE AND APPLY BAND-AID Following this. THE CENTER FOR ORTHOPAEDICS AND SPORTS MEDICINE 1211 JOHNSON FERRY RD. then steps 4 and 5 may be combined. and the procedure is completed. (Click HERE for a video of the fluid aspiration from the knee (423 KB avi file). a needle is inserted into the joint at the site of the local anesthesia. it is withdrawn (aspirated). IT IS INTENDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. In other words. a band-aid applied. (Click HERE for a video of the finish of the procedure (396 KB avi file).. then the needle is left in place. (Click HERE for a video of the Hyalgan injection (680 KB avi file). the Betadine is removed from the skin.Next.) STEP 5: INJECT THE HYALGAN If the knee is not swollen. and the syringe is disconnected. If there is any existing fluid within the joint. 30068 . MARIETTA. GA.. a needle is inserted into the knee at the site of the local anesthesia. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN FOR SPECIFIC TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS. If fluid has been aspirated.) THIS MATERIAL DOES NOT CONSTITUTE MEDICAL ADVICE.

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