The Talking Cloth Mrs. Campbell’s Third Grade Week of November 3, 2008 (Due Friday) Editor’s Hat Tip: Good writers know how to use punctuation correctly. Punctuation helps the reader “hear” the writer’s voice. A sentence with commas has pauses.

1. on Tuesday we will vote for senator mayor and president

2. mali is on the continent of africa 3. a griot is a storyteller who passed on history tradition and
stories 4. we will vote on tuesday november 4 Word Study Hat
Sorting words helps us remember how to spell them. What would be a good way to sort these words? Write your sort down. Watch out for odd balls!

spring strong street

knee wrap know

throw three spread

patch watch write

Make contractions!

he they it they I

is will is are will


it’s Homonyms:. Illustrate each word in the boxes.



Write one sentence that uses both words:

Crazy Compounds! Make a new compound word:

Thinker’s Hat: wind



If this word is the answer, what is the question?

Write the question here:

Now try this: circle the word that does not belong in each group. Use the box to explain why it doesn’t.

solid house liquid gas

Use the following words to create an analogy
Mali Africa Rome Europe

_________is to ________ as ________ is to ___________.

Vocabulary Expert’s Hat
Create new sentence for each word that shows you know what the word means.

1. royalty 3. collection

2. wealth 4. symbols

Put the number of the word with the right meaning: _____ lots of money or belongings _____ drawings that stand for something _____ a group of items with something in common _____ kings and queens

Comprehsion Hat

This week’s skill: Noting Details pp. 99-100 (attached)

Editor’s Hat




Vocabulary Hat