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Rota Quiz Questions

Rota Quiz Questions

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RI District 3292 Zone XV

Rota Quiz Questions
Rotary’s Founder
1. Which year was Paul Harris born?  Paul Harris was born on the 19th April 1865 in Racine, Wisconsin, USA 2. Who was Paul Harris’ male role model?  Howard Harris, his grand father. 3. What was Paul Harris by profession?  Paul Harris was a lawyer 4. What was the first job Paul Harris got?  His first job was a News Paper Reporter. 5. Whom did Paul Harris marry and when?  Paul Married Jean Thomson in 1910 6. Whom did Paul Harris and Jean Harris adopt?  Rotary

Rotary History
1. When was the Rotary movement started and where?  Evening of February 23rd 1905 in Chicago, USA 2. Where was the meeting first held?  At Gustav Loehr’s office in the unity building room no. 711 3. How many members formed the first Rotary Club?  The first club was founded by 4 members 4. What was the profession of 4 members?  1) A lawyer 2) Coal Dealer 3) Merchant Taylor 4) Merchant Taylor 5. Who was the first president of the Rotary Club?  Sylvester Schiele 6. Where and when was the second club founded?  In San Fransico, California, USA in 1908 7. When did Council on Legislation (Parliament of Rotary) officially open the doors for women in Rotary?  In 1989

8. Which is the centennial year for Rotary? Rotary Centennial year?  2004-05

Rotary Four Way Test &

Rotary Theme

1. The 4-Way Test of the things we think say or do contains how many words?  24 words 2. Who set up the 4-Way Test?  Herbert J. Taylor

3 From which year did the Themes start?  “Develop our Resources to Serve” in 1955, President A. Z Baker announced a Theme for the first time.

3. What is the Theme of the Centennial Year?  ‘Celebrate Rotary’

Rotary Monthly Established Programs
1. When is the Literacy Month?  March 2. When is the Membership Development and Extension Month?  August 3. When is the New Generation Month?  September 4. When is the Vocational Service Month?  October 5. When is the World Interact Week?  November 6. When is the Rotary Foundation Month?  November 7. When is the Rotary Family Month?

December 8. When is the Rotary Awareness Month?  January 9. When is the World Understanding Month?  February 10. When is the Rotary’s Anniversary?  February 11. When is the World Rotaract Week?  March 12. When is the Magazine Month?  April 13. When is the Rotary Fellowship Month?  June

Rotary Colour, Emblem, Motto & Flag
1.  What are the official colours of Rotary? Royal Gold and Blue

2. When was the present Rotary Emblem adopted?  It was adopted in 1932 3. How many spokes and cogs does the Rotary Wheel have?  6 spokes and 24 cogs

Rotary Magazine and Publication
1.  4 How many times a year is Rotary World published?

2. When was the Newspaper Rotary World published by RI introduced?  1995 3. How frequently is the Official Directory of Rotary published?  Annually 4. How frequently is MOP( Manual of Procedure) published?  Every 3 years

5. What are like the Regional Magazine in Nepal?  Rotary News- Rotary Samachar 6. What is the name of the Annual Publication that lists the Rotarians name, Chief Officers and meeting place, time of the world’s Rotary clubs?  The Official Directory for the year

Rotary Youth Service
1. When was the Rotaract established?  In 1967-68, Rotaract is one of the wings of Rotary 2. What is the purpose of a Rotaract?  The purpose of Rotaract is to provide opportunity for young men and women between 18 years of age to enchance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development to address physical and social needs of the community 3. How do Rotaracts promote International relations?  By promoting better relations between all people worldwide through friendship and service 4. When was Interact launched?  Interact was launched in 1962 for children of secondary school age 14-18 5. What is Interact?  Interact is the other youth wing of Rotary 6. What is the purpose of Interact?  The purpose is to provide opportunities for younger boys and girls within the age group of 14-18 years to develop leadership qualities

Nepal Rotary
1. Who sponsored the Rotary club of Kathmandu?  Rotary Club Darbanga 2. Who was the first Charter President of RC Kathmandu?  PP Rtn.Kiran SJB Rana 3. Name the first District Governor of RI District 3290 from Nepal.  PDG Rtn. Themas Manekshaw 4. Name the first woman Charter President of Nepal, name the Rotary club.  Rtn. Dr. Kanti Giri, Rotary Club of Jawalakhel 5. Who was the first woman President in Nepal?  Rtn. Ambica Shrestha

6. Where was the first meeting held to launch the country’s first Rotary Club and when?  Royal Hotel, Kathmandu in 1957

7. Who participated in the first meeting to launch the country’s first Rotary club?  Himalaya SJB Rana, Kiran SJB Rana, Jaya Narayan Giri and Gopal Raj Bhandari 8. The first President of Rotary Club of Kathmandu, the first club of Nepal, served as the president. Who was he?  Rtn. Kiran SJB Rana 9. Who is the first Nepalese that served as a District Governor of Rotary?  Rtn. Jagadish SJB Rana 10. Name the first Rotarian who led GSE team from Nepal?  Rtn. Kamal Mani Dixit, Rotary Club of Patan 11. When was the Rotary movement started in Nepal?  28 June 1959 1. Which club has 98% women members?  Rotary Club of Biratnagar Down Town 2. Which club has the highest number of members in 2007-08 and how many?  Rotary Club of Butwal, 49 members 3. Who was the first RI President to visit Nepal?  RI President, Herbert Brown in 1995 4. When was the first RYLA was organized in Nepal?  2000-01 16. Who is the first Lady Major Donor from Nepal and to which club does she belong?  Rtn. Jaya RL Shah, President(2007-08), Rotary Club of Jawalakhel 17. Which was the first 3-H Grants project in Nepal?  Bhaktapur Cancer Care Center 18. Which was the first community service rendered by Rotary Club Kathmandu?  An Eye-Camp at Sano Tundikhel in Kathmandu 19. Till which year was Nepal under RI District 3290?  Till June 30th 2008 20. Who was the patron of Rotary Club Kathmandu in 1958?  Late King Mahendra 21. Who was the first GSE team leader from Nepal?  Kamal Mani Dixit

22. Which club sponsored RC Jawalakhel Manjushree?  RC Jawalakhel, during President Rtn. Jaya Shah’s tenure in 2007-08 23. How many Rotary clubs are there in Rupandehi District? Can you name them?  Four ( Rotary Club Butwal, Rotary Club Butwal South, Rotary Club Butwal Downtown and Rotary Club Lumbini Siddharthanagar) 24. Who is the Charter President of RC Kathmandu Midtown?  Roop Jyoti 25. Name the Rotarian who was President when he was Finance Minister? Which club did he belong to?  PP Rtn. Madhukar SJB Rana, Rotary Club Jawalakhel 26. Which club was the last club to be sponsored in RI District 3290-Nepal and what is the name of the Charter President of the club?  Rotary Club of Jawalakhel Manjushree, Charter President Rtn. Preeti RL Shah

Rotary District
1. What is the extent of District 3290?  11 Districts 2. What falls under District 3290?  West Bengal viz., Kolkata, 24-Parganas North, 24 Parganas South, Bankura, Hooghly, Howrah, Murshidabad, Nadia, Paschim Medinipur, Purba Medinipur and Purulia, Adnaman & Nicobar Islands and Nepal 3. Who is the District Governor from District 3290 for 2007-08?  District Governor Anirudha Roy Choudhury 4. Why did Rotary in India continue to be active forming new clubs and new districts?  To prevent the old geographical areas becoming too unwieldy 5. In which year Rotary International instated Rotary District 3292 in Nepal?  In 2008 All Questions and Answers are derived from Rota-Quiz, Author- Rtn. Jaya RL Shah, District Awards and Recognition committee Chair

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• Rotary’s Founder • Rotary History

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