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Dissolution Calcium and Phosphate of Crystal Hidroxyapatite Enamel by Acid from Pack Carbonated Soft Drinks in Different Temperature

(In Vitro Research) Siti Eva Latifah F10050127 ABSTRACT

Dissolution of hydroxyapatite enamel describe as loss of calcium, phosphate and hydroxyl ions from hydroxyapatite. These dissolution caused by acid from pack carbonated soft drinks. This research was aimed at knowing and measuring the Ca and PO43- amount from dissolution of hydroxyapatite enamel crystal caused by acid from pack carbonated soft drinks in a different temperature. This research was a true experimental in vitro. The sample using 30 crown upper premolar extracted teeth was divided in 3 groups. The first soaked in 4oC carbonated soft drinks, the second in 25oC carbonated soft drinks and the third in control saliva artificial. AAS and UV-Vis used to measure total dissolution of Ca and PO43- from all category. The result of the research, obtained through ANOVA, showed that there was significant different in amount of Ca and PO43- between 4oC, 25oC and control saliva group. The conclution of the research, Ca and PO43- amount in 25oC group is higher than 4oC and control saliva group.

Key Word :

dissolution Ca and PO43- hydroxyapatite enamel, acid from pack carbonated soft drinks, temperature.