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Swethashwara Upanishad

Swethashwara Upanishad

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Swethashwara Upanishad

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Total Number of Episodes: 59 Total Playback duration: 52 hours 14 minutes

Compilation provided by: Anand Vrindavan Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 1 of 13

Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swethashwara Upanishad Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 01 Tape1A

Introduction P001-012 Great fortune in listening & thinking about Parama Tattva What a surprising thing even when words cannot describe the Vasthu there can still be a discourse on it Various Shruthi & Smrithi quotations in showing the diffuculty in coming & gaining this knowledge Nature of Brahma Swarupa Chittha alone is Samsara & its Tyaga alone is Samsara Tyaga No other Dukha or Mrutyu other than Ajnana Lakshana of Jijnasu is to fear Ajnana as much as dukha or mrutyu & try to rectify it Inability of attaining this knowledge other than through a Guru Difference between Brahmajnani & Brahmavetha

Lec 02 Tape1B

Pramanatva of Veda & Swethashwara Upanishad P013-020 Veda is at the root of all Dharma Doubt regarding authetencity regarding Bhasya on this upanishad Nevertheles an important upanishad quoted even in Brahma sutras Swetha ( White) symbolizes Purity & Ashwathara =Great Strength in Avidya removal Nature of Atma & Ignorance regarding it through Shankara Bhasya P020-028 This text teaches the Greatest Truth Atma means Me or One's Own Self Not knowing oneself as the content of all is Papa & Avidya

Lec 03 Tape2A/B *****

Avidya & Vairagya Not Knowing Poorna Brahma properly is Avidya Avidya has Swashraya, Swavishaya, Anubhavagamya & Sabhasa Important discussion on who has Avidya Discussion on a true Adhikari - seeking until it fructifies in experience Subtle diffeence between Maya & Avidya Raga & Dwesha are only eliminated when Karma is done with Iswararpana buddhi Discussion on Vairagya -Only through Viveka


Lec 04 Tape2B Tape3A *****

Moksha only through elimination of Avidya Impurities in Buddhi in the form of raga with "I" & " MINE" Doing Karma for Iswara is Sadhana & Phala is elimination of Raga Dwesha Just knowing things as Anitya is not enough to produce Vairagya Nature of desire - for whose sake & why desire ? Meaning of Shravana - Conviction in knowledge that what is taught in Vedanta is only oneness of Brahma & Atma Manana is using logic to dtermine the truth taught in Shruthi Nidhidhyasana is eliminating all doubts what has been ascertained Nature of delusion regarding knowledge & Ekatva Moksha & How to attain it


Lec 05 Tape3A/B

Shruthi's that preach Adwaitha Possiblity of Brahmajnana only to one who has given up vision of division Need for deifiniteness in Vairagya for this knowledge Untainted nature of a Brahmajnani by either punya or papa Once Brahmajana occurs all knots of doubts, bondage etc are removed forever


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 06 Tape3B Tape4A Sambhanda Bhasya ends & Upanishad teaching begins Knowledge alone is ultimate attainment is the teaching of all Upanishads Need for recognition of charecterstics of "I" so that one may recognise it properly 5 obstacles in knowing the meaning of "I" Meaning of word Upanishad Book is also called Upanishad secondarily as it is helpful in producing Brahmakaar Vritti which exists inside Discussion on Shanthi mantra What do Brahmaviadah's discuss ?- What is the cause of Creation, its support What supports life P073-086


Lec 07 1-1 Tape4A/B


Knowledge regarding cause of Creation One unbroken Upadhana created becomes five & all creation starts Brahma word discussion Untenability of definition of Brahma with Cause of creation - hence discussion Can there be a Creation without a creator ? Does he also sustain it ? Discussion on nature of time,Swabhava, Niyathi etc as cause of creation


Guru Poornima lecture – 1 Lec 08 Tape5A Nature of Guru - Shishya relation & Deeksha Role of each towards other & sadhana

Lec 09 Tape5A

Guru Poornima Lecture-2 Significance of Vyas poornima

Lec 10 Tape5B

Guru Pornima lecture-3 Discussion continues on the nature of their relationship with Shishya

Lec 11 1-2 Tape5B Tape6A 1-3

Various possiblities regarding Creation & their resolution Brahma Jnana produces its effect here & now , not later Various possiblities on the cause of Creation such as Time, nature, order, Accidental & Evolutionary etc. None stood enquiry The Rishis thereafter used their Dhyana Yoga Shakthi & realised an inexplicable Power of Atma Chaitanya


Lec 12 1-3 Tape6A/B *****

Maya alone is cause for Creation Word Dheera described - Learn to Tolerate as in Life it is a Must Nature of Dhyanayoga By mere Negation it is not possible to eliminate Ignorance Knowing Oneness of Atma & Brahma produces Knowledge Mahavakya alone eliminates Ignorance by reminding the True Nature of Self Role of Brahmakaar Vritti 5 qualities of Shakthi or Maya One power of Knowledge assimilated as many due to difference in Upadhi


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 13 1-4 Tape7A ***** Description of Brahma Chakra Cause is only one from point of Paramartha even though they may appear as many from various poits of view Analogy of a wheel to describe Karana Brahma in Creation which is in reality not Samsara but Brahma alone Knowing Swarupa removes Ajnana & By Vairagya Samskar (Vasana) 4 Things to remember with Brahma Jnana- Avinashi, Poorna,Sacchidananda and Advitiya Description on various tyes of Moha ( Delusion ) ,Tamisra & Ashakthi P131-144

Lec 14 1-4 Tape7B


Description on Brahma Chakra continues 6 groups of eight each - Parkrithi, Dhathu, Aishwarya, Bhava,Devas & Gunas That in which Refuge is sought, if it is defective then, it ill not protect us Vishwarupa is the pasha ( binding rope ) in the form of Kama Difficult to recognise what form Kama will assume & come 3 different paths in this Brahma Chakra 2 Nimittas ( Causes ) as Papa & Punya for One Moha ( Delusion) That river with 5 streams, 5 origins, its waves are 5 prana ,in which 5 types of jnana occurs & 5types of Dukha Description of groups of five old defects


Lec 15 1-6 Tape8A Tape8B


Cause for Bondage & Liberation of Jiva Without Mahavakya shravana no other way of getting this knowledge of Oneness & does not emphasize any one particular attribute Hamsa = Hanthi Gacchathi iti Hamsa = Jiva Significance of Various chakras & identification with it produces different thoughts Discussion on why does Jiva get caught up in the roles & how to get out of it Moksha through BrahmaJnana alone All 3 Bhoktha/Bhogya/Preritthara & other triputi's seen in Brahma



Lec 16 Tape8B Tape9A ****


Discussion continues on cause for Bondage & Liberation Kosha discusion is only to eliminate Tadatmya with various loci It is a mere tool for purpose of teaching Avarana is a cover for Buddhi & not Vishaya Avarana Bhanga is through Jnana alone For a Brahma Jnani wherever the mind goes there is Samadhi Through Knowledge of Abheda liberation from all bondgaes Reduction of Karma & Bhoga becomes Hetu for Moksha Bhoktrtatav is cause for bondage & becomes weak & unable to extricate himself Controller of Bhoga is Controller of Jiva as well



Lec 17 1-9 Tape9A/B *****

Division of Iswara, Jiva & Prakrithi & their Oneness as well Viveka of jiva & Iswara begins Trying to control others & considering one's own self as controller is delusion One who knows is Parameshwara & one who does not is Jiva No individual has seen his own birth & can never prove it otherwise Maya alone makes it appear Brahma as Bhoktha Discussion on meaning of Atma Vishwarupa indicates Abhinna Nimittha Upadhana Vivarha Shrushti Creation as prpounded by Vedanta is not created but a mere appearence even when no divisions are there in reality


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 18 1-10 Tape10A/B Moksha through Knolwedge of Adhishtana of Prakrithi & Jiva P205-216 Meaning of Apourusheya Vani of Vedas Swarupa of Paramatma through Viveka of Iswara & Prakrithi There is no other bondage other than desire to enjoy Praying Paramatma, by turning towards him, is the first step in eliminating Avidya Memory of Iswara eliminates Dukha & when dukha is remembered Iswara is forgotten Tat & Tvam padas are not exclusive of each other & are really only one By practice samskara is not produced but creates a time in which Aavarana Bhanga can take place Brahma Jnana eliminates Delusion & not appearence of Duality All bondages eliminated by Brahmajnana P217-220 Elimination of Avidya takes away Doership & Enjoyership Nature of Papa & types of bhandhanas


Lec 19 1-11 Tape10B Tape11A


Discusion continues on elimination of Bondage Meaning of Knowing Brahma properly as opposed to other knowledge Cycle of Birth & Death is broken when Kleshas rae eliminated without a trace Difference between Dhyana & Jnana Aavarana Bhanga produces Sukha & not otherwise Become seperate from Dehabhimana Brahma alone is to be Known Permanent Peace on attaining Brahma Tattva Chitta Tyaga is alone Samsara Tyaga - Vairagya Discussion



Lec 20 Tape11A/B ***** IMPT

Brahma alone is the Ultimate Knowable Discussion on Nitya & Niyama Nature of True seeker= not get caught up in any particular situation Until the Ultimate Truth of Oneness is acheived Discussion on Sarvam Proktha - Same teaching in all Upanishads, Smriti & Itihasa No other way of Knowing Paramatma other than these 3 Bhokta/Bhogy/Preritara 1-13/14 Pranava Sadhana Analogy of Fire & need for some process to bring up that principle What is that Churning required to bring out Paramatma in this body alone Om is the Name of Bhagavan Knowledge attained through practice alone is True Jnana Nature of Brahma Abhyas - Tatvajnana, Vasana Kshaya & Manonasha all 3 done simultaneously Contemplating on the meaning of OM is Dhyana & not merely chanting it



Lec 21 Pranava Discussion continues Tape11B Agni & Brahmana discussion Tape12A Nature of Pranava Dhyana & description of word Pranava ***** 3 meanings of word Deva - use in Dhyana IMPT 1-15/16 Analogy to describe Brahma as it is difficult to Unerstand Like Churning Curds brings out Butter or Pressing brings out oil - ananlogy Paramatma is not attained until there is a deep desire & the required effort Two Yukthi for Paramatma Darshana - Love for Truth & Tapasya



Lec 22 Tape12A/B

Discussion continues on Tapasya Tapasya is Bahiranga sadhana while Atmavidya is Antarangah sadhana All money, Dharma etc are not desired for their sake but for Sukha produced by them. A certain deep desire needs to be there if Paramatma is to be attained Need for Abhyasa - Repititon of what has been learnt alertfully Any experience should not go against Vairagya, Guru & Shastra vakyas Meaning of SarvaVyapak ( All Pervasiveness) Two different meanings of AtmaVidya Tapomulam


End of First Adhyaya Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 23 2-1&2 Tape12B Tape13A ***** Prayer - Preperation for Dhyana - 1 P279-292 A Prayer unto the lord Sun for restraint of senses so that pursuit may proceed Ekagratha alone is insufficient to eliminate Vikshepa & produce TatvaJnana Go in the way of Paramatma wholeheartedly & become creator of proper Buddhi - 2 Sadhanas. Become Silent next Meaning of DHIYAH Two ways mind goes outwards - By Karmendriya & by Jnanendriyas Need for controlling breathing for Dhyana, Proper place & Time Know that Paramatma Sthiratha is coming when All Senses are calm & Buddhi is not agitated Satya & Ahimsa etc needed for Dhyana Need for Definiteness in Life for this attainment

Lec 24 2-3 Tape13A/B *****

Prayer- Preperation for Dhyana - 2 After initial preperation Vishwas (trust) on Iswara After Aavarana Bhangha only Paramatma is left - No This, That, I & You. Object of Dhyana must be loved for contemplation Why do we still violate dharma when we know it is wrong ? Lack of Vairagya is cause for seeking Sukha sadhana Do not seperate Sukha from Jnana - very important Seek help from Savitha Devatha to attain BrahatJyothi Considering This to be me alone is caled Birth


Lec 25 2-4 Tape13B

Brahmanatva-Preperation for Dhyana -3 P303-308 Two ways - Samadhana Chittha & Shravana Manana & Nidhidhyasana as means for Dhyana Difference between Samadhana & Nidhidhyasana Upasana also as a means for dhyana - Matter of faith until realisation Jivan Muktha & Brahmakaar Vritthi Smrithi ( Memeory ) is neither Dhyana nor Jnana 3 Meanings of Savitha Who is a real Viprah - Contented with himself No glorification of self or others He alone can concentrate & has sharpness of Buddhi

Lec 26 2-4 Tape14A/B *****


Sthuthi - Preperation for Dhyana 4 Dhyana only who thinks constantly about his Ishtadevatha Ishwara rupa Vipra & Jiva rupa Vipra Jnana eliminates all Visheshatha ( Attributes ) Am I a Brahmana or Manushya ? Is this Vidya or Avidya What is Paramatma's swarupa ? Yagna is an Upaya for getting out of pettiness Description of Sarvamedha Homa & its meaning Contemplating on Dayalutha , Anantha & Swayamprakasha nature of Paramathma will make you Nishkama Indication to Indriyas- Preperation for Dhyana 5 As a preperatory step tell both indriyas & their deva to merge in Paramatma Jiva & Iswara Bheda only due to Upadhi & eliminate it by Namaskar



Lec 27 Tape14B Tape15A

2-6 *****

Description of word Brahma in mantra P323-332 Description of Namah Give up tadatmya with " Not I " saying Namah, Give up Doership, offer all Karmaphala unto the Lord Description on Amrita Putrah Even as there are differences in the material world so also are the lokas in the universe Why Permision from Devatas -1 P333-339 Two different interpretations on this mantra - helpful to stay focussed in Dhyana Meditate on that source from which Sound emanates,Where Prana stops & returns as Apana & Where Soma is experienced (Ananda ) Description of state of Dhyana

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 28 2-7 Tape15A/B Why Permission from Devatas -2 Meditate on ParaBrahma who was before all else in Creation Give up all worries by offering the body to Iswara & then Meditate Amadrsti,Purnadrsti &Pratipad drsti Jnana Chakshush & how to focus Anubhava of Brahma can never be in Bheda Karma makes mind agitated & nature of Nishkama Karma Fill up your time by doing Karma for Paramatma Dhyana eliminates Vikshepa while Jnana eliminates Aavarana Methodology of Dhyana-1 Boat of Brahmarupa Aligning the body in a straight line What does it mean not to do any Sankalpa How to chant Pranava & Its Efficacy P340-348



Lec 29 Tape16A

Discussion on Dhyana continues Dhyana produces a natural High that continues all day & is helpful for Jnana Guru is Savitha as he gives Knowledge Like Sun gives Light Recap of how dhyana should be done Concentrate on 12 " above Navel & Use Pranava chanting Use Boat of Upanishad for meditation Even Neti Neti also is an Alambana for attaining Ekagratha & Brahma Jnana Acquire qualities of a Brahmana & cross over the ocean of Dukha 2-9,10,11 Methodology of Dhyana -2 Pranayama How to do Pranayama & Its variations



Lec 30 2-12,13 Indicators of proper fructification of Dhyana Tape16B Various experiences during Dhyana suggests progress in Brahma Marga Tape17A Abhimana that I am Good Sadhak is a hinderance Various suddhis such as Laghima , Arogyam ,Aloluptam etc Without Sakshatkar of Vasthu whatever beauty is there it is merely external 2-14to17 Fruit of Dhyana - Sakshatkar of Paramatma Subject to fire of Jnana to remove all impurities



Lec31 Tape17A/B

3 Meanings of Sudhantham Analogy of a figurine merging into its material to show merging of Jiva Tattva is that remains unchanging thrughout all forms Knowing Atma Tattva eliminates limitedness of Jiva & nothing else is to be acheived by him any further Analogy of a light to talk of Atma Tattva Ajam & Vishudham = No Maya No Avidya Staying within ParaBrahma we are experienceing Dukha - Avidya No Time , Space or Vishaya Kalas in Parabrahma


End of Second Adhyaya

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Parmatma's Sopadhikha & Nirupadhikha Swarupa = Tat Pad Vicara
Tat padartha Search - Iswara as Cause of Creation P401-415 Unless root cause is not ascertained Onenenss will be never Known Individual words of Mahavakya have to be understood properly How did many come from One? Lordship over all using his powers of Maya Without an Intelligent Principle Creation not possible from merely matter Two types of things in Creation - Abhasa Bhasya & Saakshi Bhasya Not able to recognise Iswara is the only reason for not attaining Him Lec 33 3-3 Jagat is also Brama alone Tape18A/B Eyes & Face of the entire Universe is one He who is not all cannot be cause for all either Any knowledge is neccesarily of Parmatma alone ! Creation is Vivartha & Not Substantial Iswara is not remote from creation Maya does not delude its own Ashraya Results bestowed in keeping with Dharma & Adharma 3-4,5,6 Praise of Paramatma, Prayer & Fruit of Jnana He is the controller of entire Universe as well as its supporter Ghora & Aghora rupa of Shiva Two meanings of Giri = Vani & Mountain Lec 32 3-1,2 Tape17B Tape18A



Lec 34 3-5,6,7 Two rupas of Rudra - Ghora & Aghora Tape 18B Meaning of word Rudra Tape19A Aghora mean not removal of appearence but take away delusion from it This form of Rudra only available for one with pure Antahkarana Prayer for compassionate drsti on sadhaka Vedanta is an Exalted form of Vedas Quality needed of a Sadhakha for this knowledge expressed in this Mantra Broadness in this prayer for the entire universe to be uplifted Brahma & Sacchidananda are not two Brahma Jnana is not meant to boost Ego 3 things never to be done -obstruct Jnana, Happiness or kill them


Lec 35 3-8,9,10 Knowledge of Paramatma & Sadhana for AMRTATTVA Tape19B Without Knowing one's Own Self no other way to Moksha Tape20A Nothing Bigger & Smaller than Iswara Hari alone is Jagat & Jagat alone is Hari Paramatma does not have a Cause Nor is he a cause for anything else All darshanas accept Moksha & Iswara as the ultimate Paramatma is Formless


Lec 36 3-11,12 Savishesha Sawrupa of Paramatma-1 Tape20A/B Omniscient nature of Paramatma Those who do not know true nature of Paramatma will only obtain Dukha Once Paramtma is recognised there is no Remoteness again All Bhogashakthi, Jnanshakthi & Aadharshakthi is that of Paramatma alone Paramatma specially available in Hradaya . Hence look there Difficult to get bigger things if caught up in petty things Even if Mind gets distracted again & again keep Praying & seek Refuge in Him He alone is Preraka of all minds as he is both Sattha & Sphurthi of everything


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 37 3-13to16 Savishesha Swarupa of Paramatma -2 Tape20B Those who know Paramatma become Amruth ( Liberated ) Tape21A Discussion on Angustahmatra Purusha Angushtah does not indicate size but Jyothi Multiplicty of heads etc indicates Infinity ( Anantha ) Yet bigger than all of them Bhumi = Kaarana Sattha Discussion on Sahsraaksha etc - Impt mantra of Samhitha P472-485

Lec 38 3-17to19 Nirvishesha Swarupa of Paramatma Tape21A/B What is known by all 5 senses is Paramatma alone but free of all organs **** Iswara is Devata of all Bhava ( Emotions & Feelings) He is the ultimate refuge of all beings He does not require external aids to be happy while Jiva has to go outside Sharanam discussion He who cannot understand Saguna Iswara can Never know Nirguna Iswara In Jnana no abhimana in Sharanagathi all abhimana is cut off Various levels of Sharanagathi Discussion on Hamsa = Paramatma Discussion on Apanipaadau etc


Lec 39 3-20-21 Shoka Nivritthi through Knowledge ofOneness of Atma & Brahma Tape21B He Knows All but No one Knows Him - Teaching through such statements Tape22A Neither small nor big but that which makes both known Difference between Apavada & Baadha Harathi iti Hari All sorrow eliminated for him who knows that Creator Getting caught up in Past & Future is rejecting Iswara who is here in Present Discussion on Isathvam He is Known through Prasada of Iswara as well as by a Prasanna chitta


End of Third Adhyaya

Paramatma Seperate from all Upadhi's
Lec 40 4-1,2,3 All there is One Brahma Alone - Teaching on this Truth Tape22A/B Description of Nihithartha One Paramatma alone wearing various Upadhis appears as many Prayer & its significance & its various forms Highest form of Prayer is for capacity to understand Him Sex,gender,youth & old age are superimosed on Parmatma based on Upadhi P515-527

Lec 41 4-5to8 Tape22B Tape23A *****

Cause of Dukha for Jiva-1 Tadatmya adhyass with Prakrithi & its Karya as Me & Mine is cause for Dukha Bhoga, Weakness & Ajnana are the other 3 causes No duality in Brahma even when various experiences come as they are all in form of Knowledge & there is no division in knowledge per se Jnani only sees Iswara in Duality Various types of Bheda Difference between Jnani & Ajnani is in Doership & Enjoyership A Jnani does Tyaga of all sambhanda ( Relation) Dwa Suparna description Two refers to Shuddhatma & Vijnanatma & not Jiva & Iswara


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 42 Tape23A/B ***** Cause of Dukha for Jiva-2 Analogy of Two birds continues Comparision of Body with a Tree ( that which can be felled ) Samanam - same Locus Yuva means deep desire to attain Parmatma here & Now & not just Physical youth Samanam Vraksham Parishasvajathe description continues Both being in same body one is drowned in Ajnana while the other is not Not Knowing Paramatma ,Forgetting his lordship & Adharma due to attachment to samsara is cause for Dukha Veetha Shoka = rid of all dukha when paramatma is known properly Cause of Dukha for Jiva-3 He who desires abscence of Dukha is in fact desiring Paramtama There are no defects in Shastra only in our comprehension of them 3 things to remember in how to understand Mantras of Shastra ( Rcha) Intention of all Shastras is to talk of Parmatma only What is Knowledge born out of Knowledge ? Does Iswara send indications ? He who does not realise Brahma even if he is a Rishi he has wasted his Life P542-554

Lec 43 Tape23B Tape24A ***** IMPT


Lec 44 4-9to15 Iswara as Cause for Jagat through Maya Upadhi Tape24A/B Who is true Sanyasi All Yagnas, Chandah of Vedas are Maya creation of Mayavi Iswara Vedas are the eyes of Creation & Iswara creates through Vedas alone Various views on creation as seen in different darshanas An inexplicable force in Iswara which creates is called Maya Even this Maya is a Kalpana & has no real relation with Iswara Only for teaching & distancing from Vishayas, Maya is superimposed Iswara like a Magician creates out of Maya Iswara not just Creator but also Controller of all Creation 5 things regarding Iswara indicated in these Mantras He is that essence which brings Happiness to all


Lec 45 4-15,16 Special meaning of Jnatva ( Knowing ) Tape25A/B Only by Knowledge of Paramatma is crossing over of Samsara Neti Neti necessary to eliminate Tadatmya but Mahavakya is essential to eliminate Ajnana 4 types of bondage - I am limited, Dukhi,Ajnani & subject to death Gavam Kulam Gokulam = Kula( Assembly ) of Indriyas Seer alone is not Brahma But also what is Seen as well as Seeing Until Oneness is not known all else is Padartha Shodhana & not Brahmajnana Important Lecture Listen Carefully


Lec 46 4-16,17,18 Only Jnana removes Bondage & Attains Amrtva Tape26A Paramatma is that very Elixir of life **** Entire Universe has fallen in One Paramatma IMPT Jnatva mentioned twice to emphasize that by Jnana alone this is Known Why other sadhanas such as Karma, Upasana, Dhyana do not help in this Knowledge Go ahead knowing Paramatma in each & every thing - Jnatva Jnatva In Vedanta unless Avidya is removed By Brahmajnana no liberation He alone is Deva Knowing whom Avidya is eliminated & He is in All Nature of a Mahatma People's hearts alone is the house of a Mahatma Only reason Paramatma is not attained is Non-Recognition Be Happy in Knowing that "I alone Am "which cannot be Negated Bhavana through Mans, Knowing through Buddhi & remain in Heart established in that Truth is recognition of Brahma


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 47 4-19to22 Swarupa of Paramatma & praise of that Tape26B Praise of Adideva of Surya Mandala which should be attained Tape27A Aksharam = Immutable & Omniscient ***** Desire on the part of that Deva to be Kevala Shiva IMPT Samvit alone is Brahma & its All pervaisveness There is nothing comparable to Him Not a matter of Sight Nor is it an instrument of Sight Prayer to Siva for Protection from Death & Birth Dakshina ( Right ) face of Rudra is Aghora rupa of Shiva Prayer to Rudra for protection of children, animals as we have sought Refuge Prayer of Guru for the welfare of his Shishya to Rudra P613-618

End of Fourth Adhyaya

Brahma Anusandhaan through Tvam Padartha Pradhana Viveka
IMPORTANT LECTURE LISTEN CAREFULLY Without knowing Padartha, there can be no Vakyartha JnanaP631-644 Both Vidya & Avidya are Superimpositions on Brahma Namana is that which takes away Abhimana Avinashi, Adwithiya, Paripurna & Pratyak Chatany Abhinna -4 essentials Fragmented ego covers up Brahma Difference between Samadhana & Nidhidhyasana A Jnani is one who knows his Ajnana & He is an Ajnani who knows his Jnana Lakshana of Avidya Viveka Jnana & Tattva Jnana are two different things One who lords over both Vidya & Avidya is different from both

Lec 48 5-1,2 Tape27A/B ***** IMPT Recording partially not Good

Lec 49 5-3to6 Swarupa of Brahma-2 Both Cause & Contoller of all Tape27B Tape28A


Lec 50 5-7to10 Swarupa of Brahma 3 - with Tvam Padarth as Pradhana Tape28A/B All cognition is in keeping with Gunas Every person thinks what he does is Great Qualities of a true Sanyasi Vishwarupa = Appearing in many forms Jiva is engaged in Sattva, Rajo & Tamo guna activities & treads 3 paths Discussion on Angustah Matra Purusha Radiant like the Sun & Free of Darkness Difference between Jiva & Isawara is in Sakalpa & Ahankara Neither Man Nor woman but assumes the role based on the nature of body


Lec 51 5-11to14 Swarupa of Brahma 4- Bondage & Liberation of Jiva Tape28B Nature of Maya is not to know one' self but know others Tape29A Sadhana only begins when one starts to see defects in himself rather than others From Sankalpa is born Kama & ultimately results in Moha Secret of Karma through this Mantra (11) Two diferent meanings of this Mantra - Moha & Homa How differences in Jivas is created Time is Superimposition on Anadhi Everybody's Sattha & sphoorthi belongs to Brahma Like Rope lends it to Rope-serpent


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
End of Fifth Adhyaya

Sadhana for Attainment of Paramatma
IMPORTANT LECTURE LISTEN CAREFULLY Lec 52 6-1to4 Tape29A/B ***** IMPT Sadhana discussion -1 ( Lectures on mantras 1&2 not available but have been discussed earlier ) Discussion on Karmadhyaksha Thinking of Tattva Jnana is the Way out of bondage Not much difference between individuals except in Ahankar Think before any work whether it is taking me towards Iswara or away Offer fruit as well as all Actions to the Lord Withdraw from actions in keepng with shastra Neither give up Nor have False Pride if Oneness is not found Guru Upasadana , Surrender to Iswara & Vairagya -3 Sadhanas Jnana from Guru & Love from Iswara leads to Ananda of Sacchidananda Repitition of Shravana, Manana & Nidhidhyasana Atma guna description Karma for Heenanghapurthi, Doshapanayana & Gunaadhana Remember Paramatma in all thoughts P691-706

Lec 53 6-5,6 Tape30A

Sadhana discussion -2 ( Lecture on Mantra6 not available ) Work for sake of Iswara & not for selfish reasons Higher the Aim, greater the purification Bhava is an important factor Enquire who is at the beggining of all sankalpa He lifts those who are Mumukshu's He, sitting right in the hearts, lights up both Vidya & Avidya


Lec 54 6-7to10 Anubhava of Brahmavetha -1 Tape30A/B In Him there is no Maya, Guna Or Karma He is the Lord of all Lords He is the Content & Substratum of all No one has seen his own Deayh, His inertness ( Jada ) Or Dukha Whatever come along face them as they are all Known & Not Me He is not cause for anything nor does he posess any Karanas None equal to or Bigger than Him There is no Linga ( Indicator ) for him i.e, he is not inferrable When anusandhana of Iswara as kaarana rupa Then all creation will coalesce into one Principle


Lec 55 6-11,12 Anubhava of Brahma Vetha-2 Tape 30B Upanishad only teaches what is at the centre of all creation Tape31A Dharma shastra teches how to lead a Virtous Life. Vedanti - Brahma is Nitya Prapta while Upasaka - Sadhya Prapthi One Lord in all, hidden, all pervasive & oversees all actions Attributeless & a mere Witness to everything Rajju Sarpa to illustrate Brama & Swapna to illustrate Kalpana Sushupthi seen directly & Jagrat seen mediated by senses Sakshi is one who sees the very organs of sight,hearing etc Anupashyanthi - Sees what has been pointed by Mahatma


Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

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Swethashwara Upanishad
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 56 6-13to16 Anubhava of Brahma Vetha -3 Tape31A/B Permanent Happiness only to those Dheeras who see that Atma pointed out ***** to them & not to others Dheera = Adhikaari ( Eligible Persons ) Nitya of two types - Pravaha rupa Nitya & Swarupa nitya Satya is unnegatable while Pravaha Nitya is not Death & Birth - How various darshans view them Brahmakaar vritthi needed for anubhava of Brahma After that only Brahma All bondage is eliminated by jnana of Parmatma Famous Mantra -14th mantra Light of all lights No other path other than Knowing that Paramatma P741-755

Lec 57 6-17-20 Knowledge of Paramatma is the only way to attain him Tape 31B Swethashwatharah = Exalted Purity Tape32A Shuddha Brahma's Knowledge alone is its Purity ***** Tanmayah = All creation is also Brahma alone Like all 10 avataars of Vishnu are Him alone so also all creation is Him alone Ajnatha - Bandhana Hetu & Jnatha - moksha Hetu He is Both Death & Immortality Even His Lordship is superimposed on Him as much as Jivatva is He is Sarva & Jna as well Tyaga as the only way out of Samsara says Veda Mumukshutva only from Iswara Anugraha Sharana= Seek Refuge in that Principle Repitition for sake of emphasis


Lec 58 6-21to23 Parampara of Swethashwathara Tape32A/B No Karanas are useful for this Amratattva **** Negation of various attributes in 19th Mantra Brahma Jnana is Parama Pavithra Jnana Need for Tapasya - Its various forms Iswara's Prasada attained by Upasana Bhakthi etc also essential Teaching for one who has transcended all Aashrama's Who is not eligible for this teaching Respect in Guru as in Iswara Both Vaktha & Shrotha need to be Mahatma


Lec 59

General talk on nature of Avidya

Om Tat Sat -: End of Document :-

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