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\ OF Se 2S TANE « 2 j UPS ee TINS SS ES i i MAKTAB SAINS PADUKA SERI BEGAWAN SULTAN | NEGARA BRUNE! DARUSSALAM QUALIFYING EXAM | | MATHEMATICS 9709/01 i Paper 1 Pure Mathematics + (PA) s i | ‘August 2005, | ‘hour 45 minutes | Additional Materials: Answer paper List of Formulae ( MF8) | READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST | ‘Write your name in the spaces provided on the answer paper provided. Wit in dark blue or black pen on both sides ofthe paper. You may use a soft pencil for any diagrams or graphs | (0 not use staples, paper clips, highighte's, clue or corecton fluid ‘newer all the questions Give non-xact numerical answers corect to 9 significant figures o 1 decimal place inthe case of angles | cearees, unos a diferent evel of accuracy i specie inthe qaetion | At the end of the examination, fasten al yout work securely together. The number of marks is given in brackets | ] at the end of each question or part question. | ct rrr of rarer te paper 75 | The use of an electronic calculators expected, where appropriate | You are reminded othe need for clear presentation in your answers, i (Turn over | 1. A curve is such that = x(x ~2). Given that the point (3,6) lies on the curve, find the equation of the curve. [4] 2. Find the gradient of the curve y TS the point =3, [4] axe 3.1, Find the first 3 terms in the expansion of ( 2—x )° in ascending powers of x. 13} ii, Find the value of k for which there is no term in x? in the expansion of (1 +kx)(2-x)*. [2] 4. i. Show that the equation 4sin‘ 9 +5 =7cos" @ maybe written in the form 4x? +7x-2=0, where x =sin?@ {2] ii, Hence, solve the equation 4sin* 8 +5 =7cos? @, for 0° < 0 < 360°. [4] 5. Find the shaded area. {6} 6. The points A and B have position vectors i+ 7j + 2k and -Si + 5j + 6k respectively, relative to an origin O. i, Use a scalar product to calculate angle AOB, giving your answer in radians correct to 3 significant figures. {4] ii, The point C is such that 42 = 2BC . Find the unit vector in the direction of oc. {4} 7. The figure shows a minor sector OMN of a circle centre O, radius r cm and angle @ radians. The perimeter of the sector is 100cm and the area of the sector is A cm?. M rem 0 Acm? rem i, Show that A = 50r - 27. N 3] Given that r varies, find ii, deduce the value ofr for which A is a maximum and show that A is a maximum (4) iii, state the maximum value of A. oy 8. a, Aman starts saving on 1 April. He saves Icent the first day, 2 cents the second 4 cents the third, and so on, doubling the amount everyday. Ife kept on saving under this system until the end of the month ( 30days), how much would he have saved? Give your answer correct to dollars, correct to 3 significance figures. [3] b. An arithmetic progression is such that the 5" term is 3 times the 2™ term. i, Show that the sum of the first 8 terms is 4 times the sum of the first 4 terms. [4] ii, Given further that the sum of the 5", 6", 7" and 8” term is 240, calculate the value of the first term. 141 9. ABCD isa parallelogram, lettered anticlockwise, such that A and C are the points (-1,5) and (5, 1) respectively. i, Find the coordinates of the mid-point AC. 12] Given that BD is parallel to the line whose equation is y + 5x = 2, ii. find the equation of BD. [2] Given that BC is perpendicular to AC, iii. find the equation of BC. [2] Calculate iv. the coordinates of B 03) y. the coordinates of D [2]