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Business Brain

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Business Brain
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Business Brain
Grab this great E-book Now 100% FREE
(Give Away from Georges)

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Published by: moremoneywithme on Jan 04, 2012
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TIe PubIIsIer Ius sLrIved Lo be us uccuruLe und compIeLe us possIbIe
In LIe creuLIon oI LIIs reporL, noLwILIsLundIng LIe IucL LIuL Ie does
noL wurrunL or represenL uL uny LIme LIuL LIe conLenLs wILIIn ure
uccuruLe due Lo LIe rupIdIy cIungIng nuLure oI LIe ¡nLerneL.

WIIIe uII uLLempLs Iuve been mude Lo verIIy InIormuLIon provIded In
LIIs pubIIcuLIon, LIe PubIIsIer ussumes no responsIbIIILy Ior errors,
omIssIons, or conLrury InLerpreLuLIon oI LIe subjecL muLLer IereIn.
Any perceIved sIIgILs oI specIIIc persons, peopIes, or orgunIzuLIons
ure unInLenLIonuI.

¡n prucLIcuI udvIce books, IIke unyLIIng eIse In IIIe, LIere ure no
guurunLees oI Income mude. Reuders ure cuuLIoned Lo repIy on LIeIr
own judgmenL ubouL LIeIr IndIvIduuI cIrcumsLunces Lo ucL

TIIs book Is noL InLended Ior use us u source oI IeguI, busIness,
uccounLIng or IInuncIuI udvIce. AII reuders ure udvIsed Lo seek servIces
oI compeLenL proIessIonuIs In IeguI, busIness, uccounLIng und IInunce

You ure encouruged Lo prInL LIIs book Ior eusy reudIng.
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WruppIng Up



Among LIe IurdesL LrunsILIons Ior IndIvIduuIs Is Lo move Irom LIe
empIoyee Lo LIe enLrepreneur menLuIILy. TIe Ideu oI geLLIng on your
own, geLLIng your own busIness Is IunLusLIc.

¡L's LIe desIre oI u IoL oI IndIvIduuIs Lo Ieuve LIeIr jobs und geL Lo be
successIuI busIness owners.

However, Is LIere u LrunsILIon LIuL Ius Lo be mude Irom LIe empIoyee
menLuIILy Lo LIe enLrepreneur menLuIILy?

¡L`s reuIIy exceedIngIy crucIuI LIuL you beur LIIs enLrepreneur
menLuIILy Lo succeed In busIness on your own.becuuse mosL oI LIe
prIncIpIes you'II need Lo succeed ure bused oII oI beIng u Lrue

And LIere ure gIgunLIc dIIIerences beLween LIuL und un empIoyee
menLuIILy, ¡`m noL puIIIng your Ieg .und we wIII Iook uL IL Iere.


DeveIop TIe RIgIL MIndseL To TrunsILIon ¡rom EmpIoyee To EnLrepreneur


Muny smuII busIness owners und enLerprIsers goL LIeIr begInnIng us
un empIoyee. TIey worked Ior somebody eIse. TIe Issue Is, II you`ve
been un empIoyee Ior yeurs, IL muy be dIIIIcuIL Lo sIuke oI LIe bonds
oI LIe empIoyee menLuIILy.

WIuL does LIIs meun?

¡I you've un empIoyee menLuIILy, you're more IIkeIy Lo Iook Lo oLIer
peopIe Lo LeII you wIuL Lo do. You`II IInd IL dIIIIcuIL Lo Luke
responsIbIIILy Ior LIe success und IuIIure oI your endeuvor.

You see, us un empIoyee, you've no suy ubouL Iow LIe busIness Is
execuLed. You jusL work Iurd Lo prove your vuIue so LIuL you cun sLuy


¡I you're un enLrepreneur or busIness owner, you LIInk mucI
dIIIerenLIy. EssenLIuIIy LIe buck sLops (und begIns) wILI you. You're
responsIbIe Ior LIe success und IuIIure oI your endeuvor. And you ure
LIe one wIo mukes uII LIe Iuge decIsIons (IncIudIng wIo Lo desIgnuLe
IILLIer decIsIons Lo!).

To dIscover II you're LIInkIng IIke un empIoyee or un enLrepreneur,
Luke LIIs IusL quIz:

Do you conIIne your LusksJresponsIbIIILIes Lo u subseL oI wIuL Is
requIred Ior your busIness Lo IIourIsI?
Do you buse your IIIe-sLyIe on your revenue?
¡I u money seLbuck Iuppens, do you sIrInk your budgeL Lo udupL
Lo LIe reducLIon In revenue?
Do you consLunLIy seek ouLsIde udvIce Lo muke even duIIy

¡I you responded ¨yes¨ Lo mosL oI LIese querIes, cIunces ure you've un
empIoyee menLuIILy. Here`s wIy LIose wILI un enLrepreneur menLuIILy
wouId unswer ¨no.¨

D+! ?+C! A+(7,(#! ?+C$! -'&E&F$#&;+(&,5,6,-,#&! -+! '! &C5&#-! +7!

EnLrepreneurs undersLund LIuL occusIonuIIy LIey Iuve Lo do LIIngs In
LIeIr busIness LIuL ure ¨IIgIer up¨ or ¨beneuLI¨ LIeIr skIII IeveI. TIeIr

menLuI uLLILude Is II IL Ius Lo geL uccompIIsIed, geL IL uccompIIsIed
und LIey're noL udverse Lo bundIIng up LIeIr sIeeves und geLLIng LIeIr
urms dIrLy.


EnLrepreneurs wIII seek Lo deveIop LIeIr busIness, enIurge LIeIr IIne oI
producLs und brouden LIeIr servIces wIen money seLbucks Iuppen.
TIey don`L IeL LIemseIves geL Lo be or remuIn u vIcLIm oI IIscuI

¡I u money seLbuck Iuppens, do you sIrInk your budgeL Lo
uccommoduLe LIe reducLIon In revenue?

EnLrepreneurs send ouL LIe puymenLs Ior LIemseIves IIrsL. TIey
cenLer on brIngIng In LIe money LIuL supporLs LIe IIIe-sLyIe LIey wunL
und InvesL LIe resL InLo LIeIr busIness. TIuL sLuLed, LIey're IIkewIse
cognIzunL oI und uccepL LIe IIeeLIng sucrIIIces LIuL muy need Lo be
mude In order Lo ucIIeve u gouI.

D+! ?+C! A+(&-'(-6?! &##E! +C-&,)#! ')J,A#! -+! %'E#! #J#(! )',6?!

EnLrepreneurs IundIe LIeIr LIme und Luke responsIbIIILy Ior LIeIr
ucLIons. WIIIe LIey mIgIL seek ouL menLors Lo guIde LIem Lo
expunded growLI, LIey're In conLroI oI LIeIr duy-Lo-duy ucLIons und
don`L need somebody eIse Lo LeII LIem wIuL Lo uccompIIsI or prompL
LIem Lo uccompIIsI IL.



EmpIoyees Ieur Monduy. (Or, wIuLever LIe begInnIng duy oI
LIeIr work week Is.)

EnLrepreneurs ure noL boILed InLo u work week. TIey upproucI
eucI duy us u dIIIerenL cIunce Lo go uILer LIeIr dreums.


EmpIoyees Iuve LIIs menLuIILy LIey vIew everyLIIng on LIe job
by wIeLIer or noL IL's LIeIr probIem.

EnLrepreneurs vIew everyLIIng us LIeIr duLy us LIey Iuve
ownersIIp oI wIuL Is IuppenIng In LIeIr busIness.


EmpIoyees ure consLunLIy IookIng Iorwurd Lo LIeIr oII duys.

EnLrepreneurs ure Iorever seekIng wuys Lo exLend LIeIr busIness
even wIen LIey're noL ¨workIng¨ LIey're consIderIng wuys Lo
exLend LIeIr enLrepreneurIuI LuIenLs. TIey Iook Iorwurd Lo eucI


EmpIoyees LIInk LIuL ruIses ougIL Lo come uccordIng Lo LIe
cuIendur, InsLeud oI uccordIng Lo LIeIr work.

EnLrepreneurs seIdom consIder wIen LIey'II receIve un
Increuse. TIey reuIIze LIuL LIe more LIey work Lowurds IeIpIng
oLIer peopIe LIe greuLer LIeIr rewurd wIII be.


EmpIoyees seL ubouL meeLIngs wILI un ¨oI no¨ menLuIILy.

EnLrepreneurs seL ubouL meeLIngs wILI u musLermInd menLuIILy.
TIey reuIIze LIuL exceIIenL Ideus come ouL oI LIese meeLIngs.

TIere ure u IoL more mIndseLs LIuL we muy compure. As u muLLer oI
IucL II u Iew Iuve come Lo mInd Ior you us you reud LIIs wrILe LIem


TIere ure u IoL oI empIoyees wIo ure IongIng Lo be LIeIr own boss, yeL
ure Ieursome oI wIuL LIe IuLure muy IoId II LIey were busIness
owners. ¡ wouId IIke Lo udvIse LIuL II you're umong LIose IndIvIduuIs,
you'd do weII Lo become u greuL empIoyee IIrsL! ¡ spenL u IoL oI yeurs
us un empIoyee und wus consLunLIy Iound Lo be u modeI empIoyee.

My enLrepreneur bosses consLunLIy guve me IIgI evuIuuLIons. ¡n
goIng over LIe IIsL oI empIoyee menLuIILIes, ¡ cun IrunkIy LeII you LIuL ¡
dIdn`L Iuve LIose menLuIILIes. ¡ wus u greuL empIoyee!

¡I you Iuve u wunL Lo be on your own one duy, goIng uILer your
dreums us un enLrepreneur, you ure ubIe Lo begIn now. ApproucI your
occupuLIon us LIougI you owned LIe compuny wIere you work.

BeurIng LIuL ownersIIp spIrIL wIII rewurd you on LIe job und reudy
you Ior LIe duy wIen you ure ubIe Lo pursue your own busIness. You
ure ubIe Lo be un enLrepreneur wIIIe you're sLIII workIng. HuvIng LIIs
spIrIL wIII excILe you Lo go uILer your own endeuvors wIen you're noL
on your empIoyer`s LIme cIock.



You spend ubouL u one-LIIrd oI your IIIe uL work. ¡I you're spendIng IL
wILI neguLIve IndIvIduuIs, IL muy reuIIy uIIecL you und brIng you

By urresLIng neguLIve LIougILs us LIey enLer your eurs und noL IeLLIng
LIem go Iorwurd In your LIougILs, you'II be doIng u IoL oI LIe work Lo
remuIn posILIve In u neguLIve sILuuLIon und buIId your busIness skIIIs.
Here ure wuys Lo keep IorrIbIe sILuuLIons uL work Irom boggIng you


Keep ucquuInLunces wIo Iuve u good grusp oI reuIILy und wILI wIom
you ure ubIe Lo sIure IIIe LIuL's LoLuIIy unreIuLed Lo LIe job you do.
ReIuse Lo even dIscuss your work ouLsIde work Iours, purLIcuIurIy II
LIe envIronmenL Is LoxIc excepL wIen IL comes Lo LIe Ideus Ior your
own busIness.

Q#A+L(,R#! -:'-! %+&-! +7! 9:'-! L+#&! +(! '-! 9+$E! '()! %+&-! +7!

TIInk ubouL LIe sLress your coIIeugues ure IucIng uL work, uL Iome
und In LIeIr personuI IIves und compreIend LIuL LIey're projecLIng
und dIspIucIng LIeIr ungrIness onLo you und oLIer peopIe uround
LIem us weII. Remember LIuL deuIIng wILI peopIe Is crucIuI Lo beIng
un enLrepreneur.

Q#7C&#! -+! 6#-! ?+C$! A+66#'LC#&S! 9+$E':+6,AM! '%5,-,+(&! '()!
¡L's sImpIe Lo sLurL IeLLIng neguLIve conducL creep In by ugreeIng wILI
perspecLIves or LukIng sIdes. RuLIer, cIoose Lo rIse ubove IL uII by
sLuyIng neuLruI.

D#7#()! ?+C$! -:+CL:-&U! -:#?! &++(#$! +$! 6'-#$! 5#A+%#! ?+C$!

Muke cerLuIn LIe neguLIvIsm uround you doesn'L conLInue pIuyIng In
your Ieud. PIuy musIc uL your desk uL u reusonubIe voIume II you
LIInk IL IeIps cenLer you. Tuke breuks Lo coIIecL your LIougILs. Keep
IuvorubIe remInders In quoLes und pIcLures uround your workspuce
ubouL wIuL you ure LryIng Lo Ieurn und uccompIIsI.

"$C6?! -:,(E! '5+C-! ?+C$! +;-,+(&! 7+$! 5#L,((,(L! ?+C$!

A Iew bosses muy be emoLIonuIIy ubusIve; II LIe compuny
surroundIngs don`L Iook IIkeIy Lo cIunge, evuIuuLe wIeLIer LIIs Is
LruIy LIe besL pIuce Ior you und wuys you cun sLurL your own LIIng

You spend eIgIL pIus Iours u duy uL your desk juggIIng cuIIs, e-muIIs
und correspondences. AII LIe sume LIe sLuck oI puper on your
cIuLLered up desk conLInues growIng LuIIer, you euL more meuIs uL LIe
oIIIce LIun you do uL Iome und you're sLIII IurdIy meeLIng your

DIscover wuys Lo keep uwuy Irom LIme Lrups und Lo Improve exIsLIng
procedures Lo be noL onIy more producLIve uL work, buL mucI Iess
sLressed und Lo deveIop skIIIs LIuL you cun use In your own busIness.


SLundurd cuIprILs ure InsLunL messugIng, neL surIIng, personuI cuIIs
und gossIp wILI coIIeugues. TIe mInuLes spenL on LIese mIs-
dIrecLIons muy become Iours oI IosL LIme und IosL producLIvILy.
DeLermIne IImILs on LIese ucLIons und dIscover wuys Lo poIILeIy end


ScIeduIe LImes Lo IoIIow-up und respond Lo muII, e-muII und voIce
muII. ¡I conceIvubIe, swILcI oII InsLunL messenger progrums und don'L
unswer personuI cuIIs wIIIe you work uL oLIer Lusks.


¡I you're consIsLenLIy seurcIIng Ior ILems on your cIuLLered up desk,
uIIow LIme Lo orgunIze IIIes, LooIs und equIpmenL. Keep puper und
eIecLronIc IIIes In murked IoIders. On your PC, produce sIorLcuLs und
IuvorILes Lo IeIp IInd ILems rupIdIy und eusIIy.

V-,6,R#! '! &,(L6#! ;+$-'56#! A'6#()'$! -+! -$'AE! '66! %##-,(L&M!

Produce u scIeduIe Lo begIn und IInIsI u gIven Lusk und sLIck Lo IL.
SLurL und IInIsI Lusks on LIme. A duIIy or weekIy "To Do" IIsL muy
IIkewIse be u IeIpIuI LooI Lo sLuy on Lruck und remuIn producLIve.

Be LruLIIuI wILI yourseII ubouL your IorLes und IuIIIngs und LIen
budgeL LIme und jobs uccordIngIy. ¡L muy be IeIpIuI Lo do LIe LIIngs
LIuL you IIke LIe IeusL IIrsL, us LIey mIgIL be more LIme consumIng
und you're more IIkeIy Lo IInIsI more InLeresLIng ucLIvILIes.

*+%;+&#! 'L#()'&! 7+$! %##-,(L&! '()! $#%',(! ,(&,)#! -:#!

¡neIIIcIenL meeLIngs LIuL go IuLe ure u Iuge cuuse oI producLIvILy Ioss.
PuL down uII key InIormuLIon IIke duLe, LIme, uLLendees, scIeduIe
ILems und ucLIon ILems wIen LukIng noLes. TIIs mIgIL suve
consIderubIe guessIng IuLer. WIen In doubL, documenL.

¡eurn Lo uLIIIze new und beLLer LooIs Lo uccompIIsI your work und
InvesL u IILLIe LIme In IeurnIng Lo uLIIIze exIsLIng LooIs more eIIIcIenLIy.


TIIs mIgIL seem conIIIcLIng wIen you ure swumped. AII LIe sume,
"cruncI LIme" Is wIen IL's even more crucIuI Lo sLuy cIeur und
cenLered. ¡L's eusy Lo muke errors und wIen IeeIIng deIuged.

WuLcI und Ieurn Irom your peopIe you work wILI becuuse LIey
IrequenLIy demonsLruLe LIe IubILs you'II need Lo Iuve wIen you're
IIvIng LIe IIIe oI un enLrepreneur IIke Iow Lo IIsLen Lo cusLomers.


TIere's u IoL oI dIscussIon ubouL IIsLenIng LIese duys. ¡IsLenIng Is
umong LIe mosL crucIuI skIIIs LIuL you ure ubIe Lo Ieurn. ¡I you ure ubIe
Lo reuIIy sLop und IIsLen Lo your cusLomers, you ure ubIe Lo puve LIe
puLI Lo ongoIng busIness success.

¡IsLenIng cuIIs Ior puyIng uLLenLIon und reucLIng Lo LIe needs und
wunLs oI cusLomers. ¡I you wunL Lo Iuve your own busIness, you Iuve
Lo prucLIce LIe urL oI ucLIve IIsLenIng.

¡L Is noL good enougI Lo reucL Lo cIIenLs. You Iuve Lo be ubIe Lo
unLIcIpuLe LIeIr needs. ¡IsLenIng Lo cIIenLs Is ubouL pIucIng your
compuny Lo be LIe unswer Lo buyer needs, IdeuIIy prevIousIy LIem
even uskIng.

¡IsLenIng Is IIkewIse ubouL geLLIng InvoIved wILI your cIIenLs. TIIs
IncIudes reuIIy spendIng LIme wILI LIem, expIorIng LIIngs LIuL ure
sIgnIIIcunL Lo LIem, sLudyIng muguzInes und books LIuL ure wrILLen
Ior LIem, und beIng un uuLIorILy In LIe LIIngs LIuL muLLer Lo LIem.

You`re busIness ougIL Lo Iuve un IdeuI cusLomer. TIIs Is LIe proLoLype
oI LIe perIecL cIIenL Ior you. You need Lo druw In LIIs sorL oI cIIenL,

und LIe more oI your cIIenLs LIuL IIL LIe IdeuI, LIe beLLer. So, IL udds
up LIuL LIIs Is LIe sorL oI cIIenL you ougIL Lo be puyIng uLLenLIon Lo.

A cIIenL Is somebody wIo's purcIused Irom you or LIe compuny you
work Ior, buL IL's IIkewIse somebody wIo muy purcIuse Irom you. You
ougIL Lo LreuL cIIenLs, prospecLs, und generuI pubIIc wILI equuI
respecL. AII LIe sume, you ougIL Lo spend your LIme IIsLenIng Lo LIe
IndIvIduuIs wIo you mosL wunL us cIIenLs.

¡IsLenIng muy (und ougIL Lo) occur everypIuce. TIuL beIng sLuLed, you
ure ubIe Lo Ione your IIsLenIng by uLIIIzIng purLIcuIur LooIs und

OIIIIne, you ougIL Lo be conducLIng cIIenL surveys und jusL be geLLIng
ouL und LuIkIng Lo cIIenLs und peopIe. Go Lo Lrude sIows und
conIerences LIuL ure IIkewIse uLLended by your IdeuI cIIenLs. ¡I LIere
ure none In your ureu, begIn one.

As your experLness grows, you mIgIL wunL Lo LIInk ubouL doIng u Iew
speukIng engugemenLs. TIIs Is un uwesome wuy Lo meeL peopIe und Lo
geL IndIvIduuIs Lo LeII you ubouL LIe probIems LIuL LIey Iuce.

OnIIne, LIe openIngs ure endIess. You ure ubIe Lo IIsLen on TwILLer
wILI LIe IeIp oI TwILLer SeurcI. You ure ubIe Lo Lruck key words und
pIruses ucross LIe neL uLIIIzIng GoogIe AIerLs.

¡orums ure u greuL pIuce Lo IIsLen. You ure ubIe Lo IIkewIse produce
your own IIsLenIng posLs wILI u bIog or podcusL. Sure, LIIs Is ubouL
you LuIkIng, buL IL wIII IIkewIse Iorce you Lo expIore und Ieurn ubouL
your cIIenLs. And you ure ubIe Lo encouruge dIuIog und reuder

Muke sure Lo IIsLen wIere cIIenLs ure LuIkIng. ¡I you wIII be ubIe Lo IInd
ouL wIere IdeuI cIIenLs congreguLe, onIIne und oIIIIne, LIen you Iuve
Lo be LIere Loo.

AcLIve IIsLenIng wIII IeIp you Lo beLLer compreIend und connecL wILI
your cIIenLs. ¡L wIII muke suIes und murkeLIng eusIer, us you'II be ubIe
Lo posILIon yourseII rIgIL beLween LIe cIIenL und LIe need.

BecomIng u greuL IIsLener wIII IIkewIse endeur you Lo LIe IndIvIduuIs
you wIsI Lo reucI. Everybody Ioves beIng IIsLened Lo. So cIose LIuL
Lrup, puL uwuy LIuL proIIL und Ioss sIeeL Ior u mInuLe, und begIn
expIorIng LIe worId oI your cIIenLs.


We uII suppIy vuIue In LIe workpIuce-eILIer by LIe work we InjecL us
un empIoyee, or wILI LIe producLs und servIces we seII In our

A greuL perIormunce revIew mIgIL noL be enougI Lo guurunLee u
promoLIon or even Lo keep your IIne oI work. ¡n uddILIon Lo LIuL, u
IIgI-quuIILy producL or servIce mIgIL noL be enougI on ILs own.



VuIue Is In LIe eye oI LIe observer (LIInk ubouL Iow mucI more you
muy puy Ior un umbreIIu on u sIowery duy). Workers wIo ure sImpIe
Lo geL uIong wILI und reIIubIe wILI ussIgnmenLs wIII be more useIuI Lo
LIeIr munuger LIun somebody wIo produces sLress In Leum meeLIngs
und on u reguIur busIs mIsses deudIInes.

¡n uddILIon Lo LIuL, u producL wIII be more useIuI Lo u consumer II IIs
or Ier IuvorILe Iumous person endorses IL, II IL`s on suIe, or II IL
IncIudes u conLrIbuLed bonus.

AL LIe sume LIme, we're becomIng desensILIzed Lo uds; we`ve goLLen Lo
be wury oI bonus oIIers, upseIIs und udd-ons. We`re seekIng
uuLIenLIcILy; LIuL's wIuL we vuIue Loduy.

GIven LIe expunded rIvuIry In LIe job murkeL, workers Iuve Lo
esLubIIsI LIeIr vuIue Lo LIe compuny In order Lo geL und keep LIeIr
IInes oI work, us weII us Lo move uIeud Lo IIgIer posILIons und
ucquIre cusLomers wIen IL comes Lo IuvIng LIe enLrepreneur mIndseL.

A IoL oI consumers ure IeeIIng wIIpped und worrIed und ure guurdIng
LIeIr buys cuuLIousIy. On LIe oLIer Iund, we`re In LIe mIddIe oI u
vIrLuuI IIood oI suIes oIIers (no deIIcIL LIere).

Consumers ure pIckIng ouL LIe producLs und servIce LIey perceIve Lo
be LIe mosL useIuI. You ubsoIuLeIy Iuve Lo muxImIze LIe sensed vuIue
oI wIuL you oIIer. BuL you IIkewIse need Lo supporL yourseII und your
Ioved ones. So wIuL do you do?

Seek LIIngs you ure ubIe Lo udd on Lo your producLs und servIces LIuL
won`L cosL you u greuL deuI buL ure sLIII reuIIy useIuI, e.g., u
downIoudubIe e-book or uccompunyIng CD.

ApproucI somebody wIo Ius u compIImenLury busIness LIuL servIces
your murkeL, und usk IIm or Ier Lo cIIp In un uddILIonuI producL or
servIce. ¡L`s u wIn-wIn, us LIey ucquIre LIe exposure Lo your cIIenLs or
cusLomers und you geL LIe exLru vuIue Ior your oIIer.

Add Lo LIe sensed vuIue oI your producL or servIce by IncIudIng cuse
sLudIes undJor recommenduLIons. TIInk ubouL wIo muy Iuve LIe
peuk IeveI oI ¨socIeLuI cupILuI¨ Ior your uudIence.

TypIcuIIy LIIs wIII be somebody wIom your Ieuds muy reIuLe Lo us
IuvIng IIke cIuIIenges und condILIons OR somebody LIey Iook up Lo
Ior IuvIng uccompIIsIed wIuL LIey're uLLempLIng Lo uccompIIsI.

Once you consIder wuys Lo ump up LIe sensed vuIue oI wIuL you
provIde, puL yourseII In your cusLomer`s sIoes. ¡s LIere someLIIng
ubouL your producL or servIce LIuL you brusI usIde, buL LIuL oLIer
peopIe IInd useIuI? ¡I you`re noL cerLuIn, survey suLIsIIed buyers und

Workers und busIness owners, muke yourseII essenLIuI Lo your Leum
by demonsLruLIng yourseII us u connecLor. ¡IsLen Ior muLLers LIuL
IndIvIduuIs requIre und muLcI LIem wILI IndIvIduuIs, producLs or
servIces LIuL Iuve LIem.

NuLuruIIy, do LIIs Ior work projecLs und uddILIonuI oIIIce Lusks, buL
IIkewIse exLend IL Lo personuI Issues.

¡or InsLunce, II somebody LeIIs you ubouL un uwesome IoIIduy spoL,
und somebody eIse Is pIunnIng LIeIr nexL LrIp, suggesL LIuL LIe z
IndIvIduuIs cIuL ubouL IL.

PoInL ouL LIe udded vuIue you`re uIreudy gIvIng Lo your cusLomers.
Muybe you reguIurIy cuLcI cIues LIuL everybody eIse mIsses. Don`L
sImpIy ussume your cIIenLs wIII noLIce: poInL LIem ouL In un emuII or
bIog posL.

¡n LIIs crowded murkeL, compeLILIve busIness murkeL und cIuIIengIng
economy, LIere ure cIunces Ior LIe creum Lo rIse Lo LIe Lop. Muke
cerLuIn you remInd IndIvIduuIs oI your vuIue; wIy you're LIe creum us
un enLrepreneur.

A menLor Is un IndIvIduuI wILI more experIence In busIness, or mereIy
In IIIe, wIo muy IeIp un enLrepreneur Ione Ier or IIs powers und
udvIse IIm or Ier on pIIoLIng IresI cIuIIenges.

A menLor muy be u boon Lo un enLrepreneur In u broud urruy oI
scenurIos, wIeLIer LIey suppIy poInLers on busIness LecInIque,
boIsLer your neLworkIng crusudes or ucL us conIIdunLes wIen your
work-IIIe buIunce becomes ouL oI wIuck. However LIe IIrsL LIIng you
need Lo know wIen seekIng ouL u menLor Is wIuL you're seekIng Irom
LIe urrungemenL.

WIuL IuvIng u personuI LruIner Is Lo your body, IuvIng u coucI muy
be Lo your mInd. ULIIIzIng u coucI uppeurs Lo be LIe IuLesL wuy Ior
some IndIvIduuIs Lo geL uIeud In Loduy's gugu busIness worId.

WIuL muy your menLor do Ior you? AscerLuInIng wIuL Lype oI
resource you requIre Is un ImperuLIve IIrsL sLep In LIe menLor IunL.
BegInnIng wILI u IIsL Is u good openIng. You mIgIL wunL somebody
wIo's u greuL IIsLener, somebody socIuIIy connecLed, somebody wILI
experLIse In, suppose, murkeLIng, person uccessIbIe.

¡deuIIy you muy IInd u menLor wILI uII oI LIese cIurucLers, buL LIe
reuIILy Is you mIgIL Iuve Lo muke u Iew compromIses. AILer you counL
LIe cIurucLers you're IookIng Ior In u menLor, spIIL up LIuL IIsL InLo
wunLs und needs.

TIe IoIIowIng sLep Is Lo ¨do un InIormuLIonuI InLervIew wILI muny
cundIduLes und LIen go buck Lo your sLundurds LIuL wuy you don'L geL
bIown uwuy by cIemIsLry und you remuIn cenLered on your busIness
or personuI reusons Ior needIng u menLor. By judgIng u combInuLIon
oI LIe quuIILuLIve und quunLILuLIve properLIes oI eucI oI your IIkeIy
menLors, u prIme cundIduLe wIII come IorLI.

Beur In mInd LIuL IL mIgIL be udvunLugeous Lo Iuve more LIun one
menLor. ¡I you LIInk LIuL you mIgIL monopoIIze Loo mucI oI your
menLor's LIme LIen severuI menLors mIgIL be LIe unswer.

TIe beneIILs oI IuvIng muILIpIe menLors Is LIuL you ure ubIe Lo geL u
IoL oI ussorLed vIewpoInLs und wIen you Iuve muny menLors uL u
LIme, II LIey're seuLed uround u LubIe, LIe synergy beLween LIe
menLors LruIy IeIps move your LIInkIng uIong.


BegIn wILI Ioved ones und IrIends - WIen seekIng u menLor, begIn
cIose Lo Iome. ReuIIy cIose Lo Iome. OccusIonuIIy you ure ubIe Lo LuIk
Lo your own reIuLIves or IrIends, IndIvIduuIs wIo you LrusL, wIo you
know, wIo you ure ubIe Lo sIL und suy 'gee, wIuL do you IeeI ubouL

TIInk ubouL LIose In your broudened neLwork - ¡I your IrIends und
Ioved ones provIde you enougI unsougIL udvIce uIreudy, und you
don'L beIIeve LIuL's LIe rouLe Ior you, your IeIL over opLIons ure
IndIvIduuIs wIo don'L know you us weII or don'L know you In LIe IeusL

How do you usk Ior sucI u Iuge commILmenL Irom u vIrLuuI sLrunger?
TIe openIng move Is Lo geL IoId oI your neLwork oI conLucLs. A
posILIve word Irom u common ucquuInLunce muy go u Iong wuy
Lowurd geLLIng u menLorIng reIuLIonsIIp oII Lo u greuL sLurL.

AddILIonuIIy, you sIouIdn'L pIck ouL u menLor overnIgIL, wIIcI
ImpIIes you ougIL Lo keep your unLennu poIsed Lo pIck up on IIkeIy
menLors uL conIerences, Lrude sIows, und so IorLI. MeeLIng wILI u
IuLure menLor In person IeIps consLrucL u rupporL und you muy wIsI
Lo wuIL LIII LIuL connecLIon deveIops beIore LossIng ouL LIe quesLIon.

TIInk ubouL LoLuI sLrungers - perIups none oI LIe IndIvIduuIs In your
neLwork seem IIke u greuL IIL Ior you. BegIn doIng u IILLIe reseurcI.
ProIIIes oI busIness owners In muguzInes und pupers muy key you In
Lo somebody wIo equuIs your sLyIe. BuL wIen you Iuve u Iew
prospecLs go Iorwurd deIIcuLeIy.

DIscover us mucI us you ure ubIe Lo ubouL LIe IIkeIy menLor und
uLLempL Lo scIeduIe u brIeI InLervIew by LeIepIone suyIng you Iuve u
Iew purLIcuIur quesLIons or sImpIy generuIIy wIsI Lo pIck LIeIr bruIn.

You ougIL Lo LruveI Lo LIem und, purLIcuIurIy uL IIrsL, muke IL us
sImpIe Ior LIem Lo IeIp you us you ure ubIe Lo. AL LIe end oI your
begInnIng InLervIew, II IL uppeurs Lo Iuve gone weII, you muy broucI
LIe Ideu oI speukIng once uguIn, wIeLIer by LeIepIone or In person,
someLIme In LIe LIme Lo come.

Over LIme, II LIey IeeI recepLIve, you muy brIng up LIe Ideu oI u more
convenLIonuI menLorIng reIuLIonsIIp wILI more purLIcuIur purumeLers
und gouIs.

TIInk ubouL LIe rIvuIry - WeII, noL your dIrecL rIvuIry. ¡or InsLunce, II
you're In reLuII seIIIng wIndsocks, somebody seIIIng kILes Isn'L In
dIrecL rIvuIry wILI you buL muy sLIII Iuve u Iew InsIgILs InLo LIe
ouLdoor producL IndusLry.

¡I you Iuve u brIck und morLur sLore, you muy even cuII somebody
wIo does precIseIy wIuL you do In u Iur uwuy IocuLIon, suppose you're
In New York CILy und LIey're In ArIzonu.

However LIe web Is IncreusIngIy pIucIng reLuIIers even on dIIIerenL
conLInenLs In rIvuIry, so sLep IIgILIy. A dIIIerenL IInL wouId be Lo seek
ouL counseI Irom somebody uL u busIness Iurger LIun yours wIo muy
be Iess IIkeIy Lo vIew you us rIvuIry.

Tup your IIeId - your suppIIers, your IocuI cIumber oI commerce, und
reIevunL Lrude pubIIsIIngs ure greuL sources Ior IIkeIy menLors. TIese
ure uII greuL pIuces Lo come by knowIedgeubIe IndIvIduuIs, buL Iow do
you IInd somebody wIo muLcIes your personuI IIuIr? ¡ook Ior u
menLor LIe sume wuy LIuL IndIvIduuIs seek medIcuI proIessIonuIs,
seek recommenduLIons.

Puy Ior menLorIng - BuL wIuL II you Iuve un uwesome Ideu LIuL you
wIsI Lo geL oII LIe ground rupIdIy, und you need u IusL joIL oI
experLIse? GreuL InIormuI menLorsIIps ure cuILIvuLed bIL by bIL und

muy IrequenLIy IusL Ior yeurs. ¡I wIuL you requIre Is u crusI progrum,
IL muy be LIme Lo brIng In LIe consuILunLs.

¡ndIvIduuIs uL uII sLuges oI proIessIonuI evoIuLIon need coucIes Lo
IeIp LIem. CEO's oILen uLIIIze coucIes Lo bounce Ideus uround,
enLrepreneurs uLIIIze LIeIr coucI Lo IeIp LIem LIInk sLruLegIcuIIy
ubouL LIe busIness, und coucIes IeIp oLIer peopIe sorL ouL cureer

TIInk ubouL LIe uIIecL you ure ubIe Lo Iuve by oIIerIng Lo coucI your
purLners, empIoyees und cusLomers. You ure ubIe Lo be u coucI Lo LIe
IndIvIduuIs uround you und IeIp LIem Lo uccompIIsI LIeIr gouIs IusLer
und sImpIer.

¡ndIvIduuIs seek coucIes Ior z busIc cuuses:

A Iew IndIvIduuIs Iook Ior coucIes Lo IeIp LIem dIscover u
buIunce beLween LIeIr personuI und proIessIonuI IIves.

OLIer peopIe wunL coucIes Lo IeIp LIem geL more producLIve In
LIeIr busIness or IeIp sLep-up LIeIr busIness.

¡ndIvIduuIs uren'L IookIng Ior speedy unswers uny Ionger. TIey're
seekIng wuys Lo produce IusLIng cIunge. TIe LrudILIonuI consuILunL
doesn'L LruIy brIng ubouL IusLIng cIunge. A coucI Is u sorL oI
consuILunL wIo works wILI cusLomers Lo come up wILI LIeIr own
cIunges LIuL ure IusLIng.

CoucIIng Is LIe nexL evoIuLIonury sLuge oI consuILIng. CoucIIng Is u
bIend oI busIness, IInunce, psycIoIogy, pIIIosopIy, LrunsIormuLIon
und spIrILuuIILy. ¡L IeIps IndIvIduuIs geL more oI wIuL LIey wIsI ouL oI
IIIe, wIeLIer IL's busIness success, IIscuI Independence, ucudemIc
exceIIence, personuI success, pIysIcuI weIIness, reIuLIonsIIps or
cureer pIunnIng.

CoucIes ure soundbourds, supporL sysLems, cIeerIeuders und
LeummuLes uII roIIed InLo one. BoLLom IIne; LIe job oI u coucI Is
IeIpIng oLIer peopIe reuIIze LIeIr LoLuI poLenLIuI.

CoucIes uLIIIze quesLIonIng skIIIs, IIsLenIng und moLIvuLIonuI
sLruLegIes Lo IeIp IndIvIduuIs buIId LIe skIIIs, knowIedge und
conIIdence requIred Lo beLLer LIeIr proIessIonuI und personuI IIves.

A coucI Is u coIIuboruLIve purLner wIo IeIps you ucIIeve LIIngs.
CoucIIng Isn'L u repIucemenL Ior personuI responsIbIIILy und personuI
uILeruLIon or cIoIce.


Your busIness Isn'L perIormIng us weII us you wIsI.
You IeeI you're workIng Iurder und ure Iess gruLIIIed.
Your busIness Is doIng weII und you're geLLIng sIck oI workIng so
A bIg downsIzIng In your compuny Is cuusIng bIg cIunge In LIe
work surroundIngs.
You LIInk your cureer Is upproucIIng u pIuLeuu.
You goL u subpur perIormunce revIew.
You're noL ubIe Lo moId und Ieud your sLuII.
You're noL eusy mukIng sLruLegIc concIusIons.

A coucI suppIIes you wILI u pIuce Lo geL u IILLIe perspecLIve. A coucI Is
somebody wIo Isn'L cuugIL up In uII LIe duIIy sLuII und wIo muy see
LIe bIg pIcLure.

Once ¡ decIded Lo IoIIow up on my enLrepreneurIuI urges LIe
conversIon Irom empIoyee Lo enLrepreneur wus eusIer becuuse ¡
InILIuIIy deveIoped LIe enLrepreneur spIrIL wIIIe workIng und uLIIIzed
LIe LIme Lo keep un eye on sILuuLIons und IormuIuLe LIe skIIIs ¡ wouId
need In order Lo be successIuI.

You ure ubIe Lo LrunsILIon Lo un enLrepreneur menLuIILy Loo und ¡ LrusL
you wIII.

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