Compatibility Testing .

      Operating System Browser Database Backwards compatibility Compatibility of peripherals etc« . part of software nontesting. is testing conducted on the application to evaluate the application's compatibility with the computing environment.Compatibility testing. nonfunctional tests.

Compatibility testing is used to determine if your software application has issues related to how it functions in concert with the operating system and different types of system hardware and software. .

Why we Need? .

rendering your product inoperable. Compatibility testing can help you avoid that dangerous and expensive pitfall.Nothing upsets your customers more than breaking open that shrink-wrap (or shrinkdownloading the software from your site) only to find that a conflict exists with the software or hardware they have installed on their computer. .

Types Of Compatibility Testing Browser Compatibility Testing .

What causes browser display differences?        Different Browsers Different Browser Versions Different Computer Types Different Screen Sizes Different Font Sizes HTML Errors Browser Bugs .

How To Test & Track .

Compatibility Testing Process involves the following phases     Evaluation .identifying the customer's requirements and historical compatibility issues Planning .determining possible test scenarios and coverage measurements Execution .creating hardware and software configurations. and found defects and issues .reporting of used matrix. designing and running test cases against the created required hardware and software matrixes Delivery . test cases.

Tested. Not tested. . Not tested. Tested. Test run FAILED. Everything found to be working as expected. Issues have been reported.LEGENDS Tested. Not Applicable. Combination could not be arranged for.

1 2 3 4 Modules Downloa d Install Run Look & Feel Win Vista Win 2003 Win 2000 Prof.Operating System Compatibility S. No. Win 2000 Server Win XP Win ME Win NT Win 98 Win 95 .

0 Internet Explorer 7. No.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Login and Forgot Password Manage Members Manage Videos Manage Payments Manage Forums Manage Emails . Browser / Module Internet Explorer 6.Browser Compatibility Matrix S.0 Mozilla Firefox 2.

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