Trim the fat as you go along, since fat does not dry.

Marinate the meat Place in the refrigerator for 10 - 24 hours You can also mix with soy sauce or soy sauce powder and paprika for a teriyaki t aste Brown sugar is a great addition. Coat the meat in the seasonings. Don't be afraid to use salt. Salt will aid in dehydrating. (Use brown sugar also) In an oven, set the temperature to 165 degrees, any less may cause early spoilag e as it not hot enough to kill bacteria in the meat, and will only incubate the ba cteria already present in the meat, and allow it to preheat. (Heat is not intended to cook your jerky; gentle heat aids in the dehydration process by causing the moisture to evaporate .) Place your prepared meat on a wire rack. Making jerky is a quick process. Since temperatures, humidity levels, and slice thickness will vary, there can be no set time for the process to complete. Usually it will take betwe en 2 - 6 hours. Check the consistency of the jerky regularly after 6 hours until it meets your s atisfaction. Cut into the jerky to ensure that it is not raw inside. Jerky should turn a deep brown or burgundy color. (Give plenty of time to refrig up to two weeks.)

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