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Budget 2008-09


Presented By:
Mandar Joshi
Nisha Nair
Growth of Software Industry in
Effect of stronger rupee on IT,
BPO & KPO sector
Decline of sales
Decline of
growth to 27%
average net
from 45%
profit growth to
22% from 48%

Failure to meet export More imports less

target by US$ 15-20 exports
billion. Fall of salary
growth to
25% from
Solutions from experts
Reduce its dependence on
conventional export markets

Negotiate their contracts in rupee

rather than dollars

Move up the value

Slowing down the rate of
salary hike
The government should give benefits
in the form of tax sops
Get a lot more India-
Tap hitherto untapped
Draw in work-force from the fringe
Contribution of IT sector to
exports and GDP

Source: Financial
Budget 2007-08
 Allocation for e-  Highlights of Central
governance to increase Plan:
from Rs.395 crore to Ø 285 crore for National
Rs.719 crore Informatics Centre.
 E-governance action Ø 719 crore for e-
plans at state levels to Governance programme
increase from Rs.300 to improve efficiency,
crore to Rs.500 crore. convenience, acc-
 Rs.33 crore to be essibility and
provided for a new transparency in
scheme of manpower Government.
development for
software export
Budget 2008-09
 Allocation to the department  Highlights of Central Plan:
of IT enhanced to Rs.1680 Ø 400 crore for National
crore in 2008-09 from Informatics Centre.
Rs.1500 crore in 2007-08
Ø 800 crore for e-Governance
 Two schemes for establishing programme.
100,000 broadband internet-
enabled common service Ø 100 for establishing the
centres in rural areas and National Knowledge Network.
SWAN with central assistance Ø 45 crore for Manpower
under implementation Development initiatives.
 Rs.75 crore provided for the Ø 33 crore for Cyber Security.
common service centres
 Rs.450 crore provided for
 Rs.275 crore for the State
Data Centres

2007-08 Budget V/S 2008-09

Our views
•The hike in excise duty from 8% to
12% on packaged software and
addition of customised software in
the service tax net is expected to
negatively affect application
development players in the
domestic software industry.

•With no comment on extension of

IT tax exemption(sections 10A and
10B),the overall impact is expected
to be marginally negative.
Thank You

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