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Filkin Report: Relationship between Press and the Police

Filkin Report: Relationship between Press and the Police

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Published by Bren Ryan

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Published by: Bren Ryan on Jan 04, 2012
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The MPS has a widespread reputation for leaking but has not developed a coherent

prevention strategy. The difficult and complex task of investigating leaks has been the

primary response. The few results which are known about in the MPS have caused

many to assume that little else can be done to improve the situation. Now that improper

disclosure to the media, whether for payment or not, has been identified as a significant

organisational risk for the MPS, there is the opportunity to mount a comprehensive

prevention strategy. This should start with standard setting, effective management, and

monitoring supported by deterrence and enforcement. The public interest must, of

course, be protected by the MPS. However, it must not be used to prevent action in the

public interest, for example when a journalist’s source is suspected to be a police officer

acting corruptly.

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