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Yoga Perfect Balance Book

Yoga Perfect Balance Book

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Published by: drjperumal on Jan 04, 2012
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The Yogis ideal is a body strong in all its parts, under the control of a masterful
and developed Will, animated by high ideals.

In the practice of the Complete Breath, inhalation exerts a gentle pressure upon the liver,
stomach and other organs, which in connection with the rhythm of the lungs acts as a gentle
massage of these organs and stimulates their actions and encourages normal functioning.
Each inhalation aids in this internal exercise and assists in causing a normal circulation to the
organs of nutrition and elimination.

As mentioned, the internal organs also need exercise and Nature’s plan for this exercise is
proper breathing. The diaphragm is Nature’s principle instrument for this internal exercise.
Its motion vibrates the important organs of nutrition and elimination and massages and
kneads them at each inhalation and exhalation, forcing blood into them and then squeezing it

Any organ or part of the body which is not exercised, gradually atrophies and refuses to
function properly, and lack of the internal exercise afforded by the diaphragmatic action
leads to diseased organs.

“The stone which the builders reject is the real cornerstone of the Temple of Health.”

The Nervous System and the Yoga Connection

Our nervous system is divided into two great systems; the Cerebro-Spinal System and the
Sympathetic System.

The Cerebro-Spinal System consists of all that part of the nervous system contained
within the cranial cavity and the spinal canal - the brain and the spinal cord - together with
the nerves which branch off from the same. This system presides over the functions of
animal life known as volition, sensation etc.

The Sympathetic System includes all that part of the Nervous System located principally
in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities and that which is distributed to the internal
organs. It has control over the involuntary processes such as growth, nutrition etc.

Yoga; A Way of Life

Awakening the Body-Mind

Page 66

The Cerebro-Spinal System is sensory, it attends to all the seeing, hearing, tasting,
smelling, feeling etc. It sets things in motion; it is used by the ego to think – to manifest
consciousness. It is the instrument with which the Ego communicates with the outside world.
This system may be likened to a telephone system, with the brain as the central office, and
the spinal column and nerves as cable and wires respectively.

The Solar Plexus has been referred to as the “Abdominal Brain”, situated at the back of
the stomach on either side of the spinal column. It controls the main internal organs of
humans and is the great central storehouse of Prana. The Solar Plexus radiates strength and
energy to all parts of the body, even the upper brains which depend on it as a storehouse of

Yoga; A Way of Life

Awakening the Body-Mind

Page 67

Stairway to Heaven

The Whole Story

Yoga; A Way of Life

Awakening the Body-Mind

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