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‘Ahead of His Time’

“Every Tridel building is
state-of-the-art and built to Jack DelZotto founded Tridel in the 1950s.
meet [residents’] needs,” He moved to Canada in 1927, and after a
the company says.
few years, moved to Toronto and began
building single-family homes. The company
built its first apartment complex in 1961,
which featured two towers with 260 units
each and a recreational center with a swim-
ming pool, as well as landscaped grounds.
“Jack was also ahead of his time in a lot
of things – construction, customer care and
urban living,” the company says. Tridel’s
first apartment complex “was the forerun-
ner of the luxury condominium lifestyle
that has become the hallmark of every
Tridel community.
“Innovation and family values are the
principles that guide us every day,” the com-
pany continues.
“They give us a voice to our commit-
ments that are second nature to us, defining
where we came from, who we are and
where we’re going. This is our culture. This
is who we are, with Jack in heart and mind.”

‘Above and Beyond’

The company says it became an industry
leader in condominium development and
has sold more units than any other builder
in Canada. By employing some of the coun-
try’s best designers, planners and construc-
tion experts, it has a long history of innova-
tion in construction and design. Most
employees are long-term, the company
adds. For example, many of its project man-
agers started at Tridel.
“Tridel goes above and beyond the build-
ing code and often sets the standard for the
condominium industry,” the company says.
“[We] ensure that every Tridel building is
state-of-the-art and built to meet the needs
of those who live in them.”
The company says it became an industry
leader by setting high standards and doing
what it could to meet them. It works hard
to ensure that all the features of a home –
“from the hinges on kitchen cupboards, to
the thickness and composition of the car-
peting underneath” – meet the company’s
standards. “For consistency, these quality
standards at each building are maintained
and managed by a dedicated project man-
agement team that is involved in the project
from conception to completion,” it says.
Tridel has become a preferred construc-
tion company because of its customer serv-
ice. Building a home is a big responsibility,