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*Jamilla will attend when she Munchies Sale Schedule Tree Lighting in Marion Square

doesn't have weekend groups at Friday, November 7th Saturday, November 8th December 6, 2008, 4:30pm-6:00pm
Metanioa. Fantasia Dayse ALL
no heather Kristin Jacques
no anwar Tristan Cara
Jen Jen

Friday, November 21st Saturday, November 22nd

no heather Dayse Fantasia
Jacques Kristin
Tristan Cara
Anwar Anwar
Jen Jen

Friday, December 5th Saturday, December 6th

Fantasia Dayse
Jacques Kristin
Tristan Cara
Heather Anwar
Jen Jen

Friday, December 12th Saturday, December 13th

EXAM WEEKEND- Sign up if you can!
Jen Jen

Bball Game Schedule

Friday, November 14th 6:30PM Sunday, November 16th TBD Friday, November 28th 6:30PM Saturday, February 28th 3:30PM
Anwar Anwar Anwar
Cara Cara Cara
Dayse Dayse Dayse
Fantasia Fantasia Jamilla Fantasia
Heather Heather and friend/family Jacques
Jacques Jacques NEED AT LEAST 4 MORE Jen
Jen Jen Kristin
Kristin Kristin Tristan
Tristan Tristan

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